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Well done Patty, the spirit of cricket lives on

With Mosman 7 down and still 60 runs behind a wicket was important for both sides.

Pat Effeney was fielding in the deep at Killara near the maintenance shed...I will let Bernie Smith from the Mosman club tell the rest of the story below in his email to Gordon President Andrew Falk and Ian Field at the SCA. 

Pat Effeney in action



After watching last Saturday's thrilling 3rd grade match between Gordon and Mosman, I wanted to say thanks to your club on a couple of fronts.

Firstly, the commitment to be able to produce a wicket that was playable last Saturday was a credit to your grounds team. With so many games called on the day, this was a huge effort.

With both teams so keen to play, and with the tense and tight nature of the game throughout the day it was good to see the game played in a positive spirit throughout. As the cliche goes, sometimes it is a pity that one team wins and one loses - both sides played well and with a positive attitude throughout.

Ian, on that note we should also pass on our thanks to the umpires for taking such a positive attitude towards keeping the game going when both teams were keen to do so.

Andrew, the second point I wanted to make a specific mention of was the exemplary conduct of one of your fielders late in the afternoon.  As you know, with the wet area near the equipment gate being deemed unplayable, a small garden hose was put on the ground to denote the temporary boundary area.  This was hard to see for anyone more than a few metres away, and the umpires were reliant on the fielders call on this boundary.

It was a close match...Not out

When your young player took a catch on the long off boundary late in the afternoon when Mosman was 7 down and 60 behind, we thought that was a game changing moment. For him to then put his hands up and advise the umpires that his foot was over the hose for a boundary  was a credit to him and to everyone involved in Gordon Cricket. The fact that this was his first and automatic reaction is a refreshing example of why Cricket is such a great game when it is played hard and fair.

Could you please pass on our thanks on behalf of Mosman Cricket Club for this, and for the efforts of the grounds staff last week. I didnt get the young fellow's name - I think you may be aware of who he was.

Best  Regards

Bernie Smith

Mosman Cricket Club


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