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Selection Policy 2016/17

The club has announced the selectors and selection policy for season 2016/17. The selection committee will consist of 3 non-playing selectors, selected by the club's Cricket Committee at the commencement of the season.

  • In season 2015/16 these selectors will consist of Mark Carmichael (Chairman), Tony Wilson and Ed Howitt.
  • The selection committee will be responsible for selecting the club's grade sides (1sts to Colts) and Poidevin-Gray Shield.
  • The A.W.Green Shield squad will be chosen by Michael Falk, James Kennedy and Ed Howitt.
  • The selectors will consult the captains of the various teams; their opinions will be encouraged and considered, however the captains will not be entitled to vote on the selection of their team.
  • All players who are promoted or dropped will be advised by the Selection committee prior to the publication of the teams.
  • The selection committee will not discuss the selection of teams and reason for selection with any players or officials other than those directly involved with a selection change (promotion and relegation).
  • If any players have complaints or would like to discuss their selection (not other players) they are encouraged to contact the Chairman of Selectors in the first instance.
  • In regard to selection the following factors will be taken into account when selecting sides:
    • Individual performances. The selection committee will focus on all-round performance, where we will look at all aspects of play that is batting, bowling and fielding. Players who consistently give their innings away playing loose shots will be noted and performance in the context of the game will also be noted (e.g. 1st innings verses 2nd innings runs)
    • Attitude. This includes players' attitude to the club, fellow players and administrators. This will focus on effort at training and match days, timeliness of attendance and their contribution to team spirit / performance.
    • Fitness.
    • Training attendance. Post day-light saving, training is compulsory. 1st and 2nd grade must train twice per week. Lower grades must train once per week.
      If players cannot attend due to work / study commitments they must advise their captain at the commencement of the week.
    • Unavailability. If any player misses a game, he will not be automatically re-selected in that grade on his return. The player who has taken his spot if warranted will retain his spot.
    • Team Balance. We will focus on ensuring teams are balanced and this may mean selection changes that may appear at the individual level to be unwarranted. We also will adjust teams depending on whether a game is a one day or two day game.
  • Rotation. Where we have an excess of players we will endeavour to rotate players through the Colts team to ensure "train-on" players also get an opportunity to play.

Mark Carmichael

Chairman of Selectors


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