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Bullecourt - The ultimate sacrifice

Bullecourt - The ultimate sacrifice

On April 25, 1917, nine Gordon cricketers were stationed within their AIF divisions near Bullecourt or recovering from their wounds in nearby hospitals. They would have observed a minute’s silence and for some a swig of rum was consumed to remember their fellow diggers who had fallen at Gallipoli.

The Australian "Digger" memorial at Bullecourt

Four of those cricketers Alister Maclean, Johnnie Moyes, George Swan and Ron Eaton had somehow survived the First Battle of Bullecourt from April 10 to 11, while another five, Frank Bamford, Henry Gordon, Harry Braddon, Charles Cook and Colin McCulloch were unaware that the British command were about to send them back over the same ground in a week’s time.

No doubt, defeat had flattened their spirits, having just endured one of the coldest European winters on record and two weeks earlier, 3400 of their fellow Australians had died or were wounded in one of the Western Front's bloodiest battles, the First Battle of Bullecourt.

This was Anzac Day, 100 years ago today, at Bullecourt, in France.

It was two years since the Gallipoli landing and the Australians, many of them veterans of those battles, had again been let down by their British command, this time with "new-fangled" tanks that did not perform. Now, licking their wounds and awaiting orders to attack again, they were unaware that one of their great victories was just a couple of weeks away. That victory would cost them dearly, leaving a total of more than 10,000 casualties from both Bullecourt battles, including about 3500 killed in action.

Major Johnnie Moyes

This sacrifice would "live in history as long as history exists", wrote the celebrated war correspondent Charles Bean. In the villages of France and Belgium, the bravery of the Australians is still commemorated. An Anzac Day service is held each year in Bullecourt where a proud statue of the Australian Digger has pride of place.

The Gordon "veterans", including the highly decorated Alister Maclean had been back in action after spending the winter ‘on holidays’ in Flers, while Johnnie Moyes was back after being wounded at Pozières and George Swan, who had fought at Gallipoli and Pozières, had again fought gallantly against immeasurable opposition at Bullecourt in the first encounter on April 11. They had been joined by new recruit, Ronald Eaton, who had played in both the 1913-14 and 1914-15 seasons for Gordon, having started as a nineteen year old. He played mainly Third Grade over the two seasons and was a very promising all-rounder, scoring 436 runs and taking 45 wickets in the two seasons. He was promoted to Seconds just when the war came and took 5 wickets in his two games. A promising start like so many of his friends who were taken away and not given the chance to play again.

Frustrated by a lack of support from the untested British tanks, the Australian troops proceeded nevertheless to attack the German lines at Bullecourt and both George Swan’s 47th Battalion and Major Johnnie Moyes, who was the commander of the 48th Battalion on that day, made inroads to occupy sections of the Hindenburg Line. As was customary, the battalions sent up flares to signal artillery support but conflicting orders were sent to Ron Eaton’s 12th Field Artillery Brigade that the support wasn’t needed. Now cornered without assistance, the Germans counter attacked and isolated the Australian battalions who became completely surrounded.

Charles Cook

Almost a quarter of the battalion troops were forced to surrender with a total of 1,142 soldiers taken as prisoners of war. Fortunately through some skillful maneuvering, some of the 47th and 48th Battalion, including Johnnie and George, were able to avoid surrendering and under heavy fire re-took the German trenches at their rear. Finally artillery from the British 5th Army arrived to provide support but they became confused and their bombs started to fall on the Australian battalions. What sort of luck is that to be bombed by the Germans and the British at the same time! No wonder we like to beat them at cricket!

In the chaos that followed, Johnnie Moyes was severely wounded in the right thigh but fortunately was able to get to an ambulance station for treatment.

As Anzac day came and went in 1917, the diggers couldn’t believe what they were hearing as the British commander instructed the Australian 2nd Division to relieve the 4th Division and again attack the Hindenburg line at Bullecourt. The five Gordon cricketers who had relieved their exhausted team mates were:

  • Frank Bamford – Agent from Clanwilliam Street, Chatswood
  • Henry James – Clerk from Middleton Street, Chatswood
  • Harry Braddon – Barrister from Cherry Street Turramurra
  • Charles Cook – Builder from Patrick Street Chatswood
  • Colin McCulloch – Solicitor from Lane Cove Road Warrawee

These cricketers had all played for Gordon in various teams in the years before 1915, but none of them would enjoy a day at Chatswood Oval again either through their injuries or in the case of Colin McCulloch his tragic death on April 11, 1918.

Colin McCulloch

Very disappointingly, the second battle became a repetition of the first except that the Australians held a 400 metre long section of the Hindenburg line, not previously broken, and after some sporadic fighting, by 15 May all action ceased. The battle had meant 7,000 more losses for the Australians and with the loss of life, horrific injuries and no prospect of any progress, the troops were now being pushed beyond their limits.

Colin McCulloch, who was a prolific writer during the war, best summed up the early morning of May 3, 1917. Quote:

I wonder, did I ever give you my impressions of this bombardment we put up just before the attack near Bullecourt, on the very early morning of the day on which we moved up? I had only joined the battalion the night before and from 2 to 3 was on gas guard. A little after 3, the gun fire suddenly grew terrific – all night it had been heavy, but I can’t describe what it was like when the final ten minutes opened. There were guns in the hundreds all round us and it was a most uncanny and awesome experience to watch and listen to a bombardment like this. The whole sky is a blaze with flashes from the guns – worse sheet lightning I have ever seen. The earth rocks, and seems to shudder as the guns fire. “Drum fire” it is called – You know how a kettle-drum is played – well try and imagine hundreds of guns firing at the same rate – it is simply indescribable – and just ahead of the ridge one sees the innumerable rockets and flares, which poor old Fritz is sending up, as if in anxious interrogation as to what is going to happen, although he knows it only too well – and then quite distant from the tremendous roar of 15 inch naval guns and howitzers etc. one can distinctly notice the short sharp bark of the 18 pounders and “pock” of the machine guns and the crackle of rifles. All these have sounds of their own and one can distinguish them at once.

Then, the uncanniness is increased by one seeing very distinctly a battalion of men moving up from supports – and hearing hoarse voices from goodness knows where – All this while the traffic of ammunition wagons etc. on the roads is endless – and finally with the first light of day one notices first the long string of horses – drawn A.M.C (Australian Medical Corps) wagons climbing slowly toward the clearing station over the rise and later men singly or in groups, who, though wounded and often badly, are still able to walk to the station. The whole sequence of sights and sounds a nightmare that one will never forget.

Charles Bean summed up the second battle of Bullecourt as, ‘in some ways, the stoutest achievements of the Australian soldier in France, carried through against the stubbornest enemy that ever faced him there’. No one could ever deny that it had taken exceptional bravery, and great sacrifice, to break into the Hindenburg Line and hold on to a section of it.

As we commemorate all of the fallen ANZAC soldiers throughout history, spare a thought for those nine brave Gordon cricketers who were in that hell hole on April 25, 1917 facing a very uncertain future and wondering if they would ever come home. While eight of them did return, only one played cricket for Gordon again. Ironically that was the legendary Johnnie Moyes, who was wounded twice in France and went on to become a renowned radio broadcaster.

The Gordon District Cricket Club owes its very existence to these brave men and we won’t ever forget them.

Lest we forget.

Paul Stephenson

Colts vs Penrith - Grand Final - 2016/17

Colts vs Penrith - Grand Final - 2016/17

Cricket is a funny game. You win some and you lose some. It isn’t every year that you play 15 rounds of hard fought cricket to make a final. On this special occasion, the 2016/2017 Gordon Colts led by “Sir” Aaron Crofts featured in the Grand Final. 

Aaron "Ronny" Crofts - Premiership captain 

In weeks gone by the focus of the team was on the finals. A convincing round 15 win against UNSW confirmed top spot and a clash with Randwick Petersham who won a bare five matches all year in the semi final. The rain card was played in the semi and off to the final colts went.

Killara Park was the venue and the 2nd place Penrith Panthers were the opponents. After a mammoth week of preparing tactics that in fact had been organised at least two months in advance, creating a wicket and reminding the boys on the fundamental rules of cricket… (Yes Brady I am referring to you here) the weekend had arrived and the weather had cleared.
As expected a delayed start welcomed the two sides to the infamous dog park. The sluggish outfield was damp on the surface in patches, the pitch in good condition but all we needed was some heavy sun and it was game time. 

Nonetheless, it got to midday and play had not begun.

In retrospect, this gave the boys and Ken another chance to mingle in the change rooms. I must admit, teenagers and a sixty-year-old coach really do not mix. Immaturity on both ends if you ask me.

At 3:00pm play was abandoned for the day. Over the last week, we had spent a total of 24 hours waiting in the change rooms doing nothing… is that a record? The only bright side to the day was putting covers back on the wicket. I like to think as Captain I have taught the alliance of students in my team “how to put covers on and off the ground”. 

Let me just set the scene for you. We have about 6 players in the team who love standing within a 1m radius of each other. Therefore, instead of taking 5 minutes to put covers on the ground, it takes at least 15 minutes. I think it is time that each club hands out a mandatory “Guide to Covers” at the start of each season. 

Anyway… Day 1 abandoned and back to our girlfriend’s houses for a deep tissue and bubble bath after a strenuous day doing chores.

Play was scheduled for 10:00am on Day 2. The “lads” as Jory Cureton would say arrived 8:30am sharp to once again repeat the daily dose of removing and folding covers. The Dharmsala looking wicket was flat, not a tinge of grass was left. It had been rolled more times than a typical Georges River side in the 2016/2017 season…. Sorry Dayle.

The outfield was still moist but the conditions were perfect. Play was called to begin at 11:00am and a toss at 10:30am.

Captain Aaron Crofts had reminded the boys for the last three months that “all we need to do is to bat for 192 overs and we win the premiership, honestly it is that simple”. Well despite those spiteful tactics, Crofts heroically won the first battle of the match and won the toss and elected to bump Penrith out of the game.

Final words were exchanged in the dressing rooms and the realisation that the first ball of the Grand Final was under way in due course. The scene was set and thanks to the efforts of the groundmen and others involved we got to begin the Grand Final.

Let me take you to the commentary.

WICKET – OUT!!! (1/36) Dellis to Bull – Bull tries to loft one over cover but plays on the up and is caught by Crofts in front of point. A solid start by Penrith but once again Gordon continue to attack and a spirited Nick Dellis gets the breakthrough.

Brady Morrison - One to watch out for in the future 

WICKET – OUT!!! (2/37) Hood to Agius – Trapped in front on the full and the young and inexperienced green shield player goes packing for a Duck…. Quack Quack Quack. Hood find his rhythm.

WICKET – OUT!! (3/38) Nehru to Sullivan – BOWLED. Nehru has been causing trouble to Organ at the other end but his extreme sweating disease has brought about a sweaty and shaky shot from Sullivan who chops on for another quacker. Penrith have lost 3 for 2.

WICKET – OUT!! (4/41) Keane to Coyte – Caught Behind. Arguably the easiest wicket in the metro cup this season. The professional “hacker” has literally just hacked and snicked off to Oliver Williams with the gloves. This is cricket and this is pressure from the Gordon Colts.

WICKET – OUT!! (5/43) RUN OUT by R.Krishna. Suicide. Slipped on the second and Organ is run out for a well compiled 34. A gorgeous throw over the stumps from Rahul and Penrith are reeling.

WICKET – OUT!! (6/52) Dellis to Crouch – Back into the attack is Dellis and he strikes again. A healthy edge to Williams who takes his second. Penrith are in all sorts and have now lost 5 for 16.

Manus Chauhan - Unlucky with the ball in the Grand Final, but clearly kept the pressure up to the Penrith bats 

WICKET – OUT!! (7/79) Crofts to Lelliott – A healthy partnership was forming but on comes the captain with some tight bowling and Lelliot gets strangled to square leg where Rahul Krishna takes a sitter.

WICKET – OUT!! (8/79) – Crofts to Chowdhury – Crofts is on a hat trick. The battle of the captains is one by the Gordon skipper as crofts charges in and shatters the stumps first ball. In celebration, he runs off down towards his fans.

WICKET – HOWZATTT – OUT - (9/81) – Seneviratne has the last laugh as Smith plays around one and gets struck in front LBW. A pumped up Danusha gets his first.

WICKET – OUT!! - (10/87) – Crofts to Greogory – A massive shout from Gordon and Crofts has his third as Nick Dellis takes a catch at bat pad.

A phenomenal effort to take 10 wickets for 51 runs as Penrith crumbled for 87 all out.

Andrew Harvey and Brady Morrison had been cautious in recent weeks with the bat and had the best opportunity to seal the deal for the Colts side in chasing 88 runs to win the game and the Grand Final.

Harvey and Morrison were watchful and played their most elegant innings of the season. Harvey (30) left the ball with ease and punished the short and wide deliveries when he was offered them.

Morrison once again dominated bat and ball. He enjoyed clipping a ball for six over deep backward square that I am sure his Shire ladies will be hearing about during the week. Nice work Brady.

At 0/40, Gordon looked comfortable. Morrison eventually fell for 20 but Harvey was class and anchored the innings right until the score reached 80. Williams, Crofts and Krishan all chipped in a few runs to see us to the end but it was Manus Chauhan (3 not out) and Matt Keane (18 not out) who had the honour of seeing us to a 5 wicket victory and the Metropolitan Cup title.

Andrew Harvey makes a great start to the small target chase 

What a season…. What a team. 165 wickets later and over 2,500 thousand runs scored, the Gordon Colts proved that experience does not mean everything and that a strong and relentless bond is what truly counts to any success.

Beers were shared and stories were told but a big thank you must once again to our manager Jenny Williams who has worked tirelessly all year to ensure this team reached its peak.

As captain I would like to thank those who attended the match and supported us this season. Ken Wilcox you are an ideal and your enthusiasm was immense in tutoring these boys on how to sustain pressure on and off the field. Ha!

Finally, congratulations to all of those who were a part of this squad this year. I am proud of you.

Captain and Champion Player out!!

One title, three bow out, one remains in the hunt for a premiership

One title, three bow out, one remains in the hunt for a premiership

Well, all good things must come to an end eventually. Sadly for three Gordon sides, they'll probably feel as though that end came a week too early. First, second and fifth grades, who were fantastic all year and earned their semi final spots, will think that they left the competition a week early. 

They are all hard games at this stage of the season though, and there has to be losers as well as winners. All three teams who left the finals race this year performed with great spirit and camaraderie. And from the whole club, I'd like to pass on a big congratulations to our women's first grade side, who managed a premiership. Well done to all involved!

Matt Keever's helps take 4th Grade into the Grand Final.

Let's spill the details of what went on over the weekend.

First Grade

At 3/23, and with James Kennedy with his tail up and Bankstown in trouble having been sent in, it was looking terrific for the Stags.

From there, not a lot went right in the field.

The bowlers toiled away, bowling aggressively, and then tightly, but just couldn't take a trick. Catches went down, half chances were spilled. First grade will feel as though they didn't back up in the field as well as they could have, and it didn't help that Cam Eccles, Ash Doolan and Elliott Richtor all copped blows.

JK led the way with the ball with 3 early wickets.
Matt Junk and Josh Doyle both bowled with great control, while James Kennedy was the standout all day, continuing to create chances with the old ball.
But the day just kept getting away from the Stags, with Mitch Brown playing a very classy knock for 161, being supported by Kerrod White and Nathan McAndrew.

At 5-290 odd and day 1 called for light and rain, it was a matter of batting out the next day on a good Chatswood deck.

After piling on a few more in the morning, Bankstown sent the Stags in. 

Josh Doyle picks up his first 1st Grade wicket and Ash Doolan shows some resistance with the bat.
No one was ever quite able to patch together an innings of substance. There were a lot of starts, with all of the top 6 finishing in double figures. But no one went on to be the glue for the innings, with Ash Doolan the top scorer with 35.

Bankstown fought well, and battled through a tough early period. They took their chances better than the Stags, and that was the difference between a grand final for our men and an early bath.

Well done to Steve Colley and the team for a great year. The best thing is this team has great spirit, and plenty of the blokes should be around next year to repeat the dose, and hopefully go a couple better. We know you have it in you.

Commiserations on a tough loss, but great effort all year.

Gordon 155 (Ash Doolan 35) def by Bankstown 9/317dec (James Kennedy 6/93)

Second Grade

Sent in at Mark Taylor, the 2s were always going to be up against it to put on a good score. 

With play not starting on time due to rain over the previous weeks, there would inevitably be a bit in the deck for the seamers.

But at 3/109, and with Max Papworth on 49 after valuable runs from Cam New, it was looking alright for Gordon.

Max played exceptional for his 49.
There wasn't much alright after that, however, as the innings crumbled, with some resistance shown by Corbin Edgar and Reagan Klemt. 

All out for 139 wasn't what the captain had in mind after a promising start. But with a good bowling attack at his disposal, there was still belief.

NDs went about their work methodically after losing a wicket to Nick Miller with the score on zilch, and slowly edged their way to the target.

It would be Reagan Klemt who'd bring the game back within reach for the Stags, going bang bang to give everyone hope.

3/46. Game in the balance.

From there, a couple of partnerships ensued, but with the score at 6/96, then 7/114, and 8/128, it was still possible.

Reagan dominated with the ball with great support from Scott and Skilly.
That would be the end of Gordon's wicket taking, though, NDs tracking the score down 8 down. 

A great, fighting effort from the Stags, but not enough to earn them a grand final. Well done to Max and the team.

Gordon 139 (Max Papworth 49) def by Northern District (Reagan Klemt 4/25, Scott O'Brien 2/39)

Fourth Grade

Yes, we get to talk about fourth grade now. What a game!

To say that some of the wickets in the lower grade fixtures this week were difficult might be the ultimate understatement. Not many scores in excess of 100 were registered.

Charlie Booth traps a batsman on the crease.
So it was in this game, with 100 probably a good score at Asquith.

All the batsmen battled hard, with Liam McElduff very impressive in difficult conditions. 

24 mightn't sound like a lot, but it was worth plenty in these conditions. 

Liam McElduff and Matt Wright batted with class and patience.
Wickets fell consistently, but with the outfield slow and the going difficult, the Stags managed to last 73 overs, getting to 104. A good score, so it would prove. As they say, never judge a wicket until both sides have batted. 

Judge away. All out for 41 from 32.5 overs. 

Matt Keevers was outstanding, as was Charlie Booth. Matt captured 4/7 off 11 overs, while Boothy had 3/7 off nearly 8 overs.

Boothy in action!
Sam Watts was 2/11 off 6 overs. Almost 2 an over Sam! Pick it up!

Gordon were made to bat again, but with the score on 86 after 68 overs the game was called, and the Stags were in the grand final. Well done boys - keep it up next week.

Matt Keever's hitting the perfect line and length.
Gordon 104 (Liam McElduff 24) and 8/86 (Mitch Kleem 21) def Northern District 41 (Matt Keevers 4/7, Charlie Booth 3/7, Sam Watts 2/11)

Fifth Grade

Well well well... Sadly for our all-conquering fifth grade side, not a lot went right. The conditions were against them, sent in on a damp Tunks Park wicket.

25 all out testifies to a tough pitch but also some poor decision making.

Really though, there's not much to be said other than the Randwick Petersham bowlers put the ball in the right areas, and the Stags couldn't match it.

The game gone, Randy Petes managed to get to 115 before sending the Stags back in. Once again the batsmen struggled, managing 103.

That was chased down, and the fifth graders' dream was crushed.

Tough luck lads. It was a great season, and you'll be in a very good spot next year.

Gordon 25 and 104 (Nick Andrea 23, Lachie Stewart 21) def by Randwick Petersham 114 (Dave Monaghan 3/23, Pat Rice, Nick Prell, Dave Burk 2 wickets each) and 0/15


Let's finish with... a premiership if you don't mind! 

Aaron Crofts and his team have been in special form all season, producing fantastic performance after fantastic performance.

Skipper Aaron Crofts leads the way with the ball.
Never a side to disappoint, they produced more of the same in the final game of the year. 
Possibly the strongest Colts side I've seen since being involved with the club, it was a terrific effort from everyone who played in this side this year.

At 0/36 on a Killara wicket that does a bit early on, Penrith must have been feeling pretty good. 

But Colts has terrific bowling depth, and they banded together to snag wicket after wicket. Everyone chipped in, with Aaron Crofts once again the middle order destroyer picking up 3.

Manus bowled superb, improving out of sight this year.
Set 87 to win, Colts set about the chase with plenty of confidence. Brady Morrison and Andrew Harvey played their shots, and Oli Williams and Rahul Krishna kept up the momentum when they were called to the crease. 

Brady and Andrew set up the run chase beautifully.
Rahul and Manus saw us over the line for the title. The game ebbed along, Matt Kean clubbing a few, before the fate was accepted.
Gordon are champions, and deservedly so, of the Metropolitan Cup.

Well done Aaron and team. A win to savour from a team deserving of a championship.

A hearty congratulations from everyone at the club for what you've achieved this season.

Gordon 5/107 (Andrew Harvey 30, Brady Morrison 20) def Penrith 87 (Aaron Crofts 3/7, Nick Dellis 2/25)

Pat Effeney

Five Stags go into Finals, week 1. Five Stags come out

Five Stags go into Finals, week 1. Five Stags come out

There's something about those Stags. Five teams in the finals. All well-positioned, sitting at or near the top of the competition table. One team, however, was not. The weather threatened to give another week of life to four of our teams, without the price of sweat and hard work, but at the cost of one. The one who had scrapped so hard to earn it the week before, and all season long.

The first and second graders belt out the Gordon song at Chatswood. 

Weeks of deluge led into the weekend. But thanks to the work of the fantastic groundskeepers at both Chatswood and Drummoyne Ovals, both the premier and reserve graders got on for results. And would you believe, after the weather threatened to kill of their hopes, our seconds responded in the best possible way. Call it fate. Call it a well-deserved break. Whatever it is, there were plenty of Gordon fans cheering after this weekend.

Let's get behind the five sides this weekend, including Colts who have their Grand Final against a strong Penrith side.

First Grade 

With a day lost due to the weather, Sydney won the toss and inserted Gordon on a good, if a wee bit green, Chatswood deck. With the amount of water on the outfield, the boundary was brought in by about 10 metres and the whole practice area roped off. It was like returning to the Under 10's.

There would be plenty of hard work for the batsman, but Cam Eccles responded to play a fantastic finals cricket knock for an opener on a tough wicket. After Axel helped to get to get the shine off the ball, Cam teamed up with Steve Colley to get the score to 1/87. Very respectable on a pitch doing a bit.

The seconds at Drummoyne before watching the finish at Chatswood

Three quick wickets fell, and then a couple more, and the Stags were looking a little dicey. But Dan Smith and James Kennedy would put on a terrific partnership to really take the game from Sydney. Once Gordon were all out the score was an imposing 198, with only 17 overs to get the runs. Sydney decided there was no point in faffing about, and though wickets fell consistently, they also were piling up runs at an alarming rate. At one point it almost seemed like the impossible could happen. But early wickets proved crucial, and the Stags bowlers again showed wile and guile.

Dan Smith takes a wicket, Matt Junk in action and Cam Eccles at Chatswood.

The result? An astonishing all out for 110 off just 13.1 overs. Crazy cricket, but at the end of the day it's a dominating win for Gordon, and another step in the march. Elliott Richtor and Matt Junk took the bowling spoils, with three and four wickets respectively.

Gordon 198 (Cam Eccles 42, James Kennedy 28, Steve Colley 27) def Sydney 110 (Matt Junk 4/29, Elliott Richtor 3/29)

Second Grade

Again, it would be Sydney the opponent in the final, but on this occasion Gordon won the toss at a fantastic Drummoyne Oval and sent the hosts in on a good pitch. Dan Stickland, who had made his first grade debut on this ground just a matter of weeks prior, had thankfully abided by the Higgins Law of light beers after 2am and was ready to rip and tear.

Dan Stickland has good memories of Drummoyne Oval

It's a good thing Missy was such a good teacher, because Sticky would go on to bowl what could be the most impressive spell of his life. There was enough life in the pitch to keep the seamers interested, but it was by no means a minefield. But Dan bowled with precision and pace on his way to a career-best haul of 6/46. He was ably supported by all the bowlers, who kept it tight and ensured there was no let-up from the other end.

Nick Miller chipped in with two wickets, with Anand Verma and Sam Baker each taking one. But it was the Dan Stickland show - reward for three seasons of concerted effort to become a better cricketer. Well done Dan. The runs, just 102 of them, would have seemed to be a formality. But what's the fun in that? The top order, including the captain himself, was dedicated in making everyone give a little gulp. losing four cheap wickets. But Reagan and Corbin Edgar, then Reagan and Anand, got together to make sure the game was won. It was a mature innings from Reagan, and another reward for a player who's worked very hard to achieve what he has. Well done seconds. Let's keep that roll going, hopefully with sunnier weather this week.

Gordon 5/103 (Reagan Klemt 31*) def Sydney 102 (Dan Stickland 6/46, Nick Miller 2/13)

Fourth Grade Match abandoned - they progress through to the semi finals

Fifth Grade Match abandoned - they progress through to the semi finals

Colts Match abandoned - they progress through to the grand final

Pat Effeney

Six from six gives the Stags five out of six

Six from six gives the Stags five out of six

Confusing title? Be confused no longer - five out of the six teams fielded by the Gordon Cricket Club for the 2016/17 season have reached the finals. I've only been at the club for nine seasons, but that's just about the best result I can remember in that time.

Firsts finished as joint minor premiers with Sydney Uni on 67 points.

Elliot Richtor had a fine match

Seconds nabbed sixth spot with a bonus-point win over Wests this weekend to pip Sydney Uni into that crucial spot. Third grade managed to get to eighth, having sat close to last at Christmas. Fourth grade closed out in third spot, with a massive opportunity to go places in the finals. Fifth grade are minor premiers, because of course they are, as are Colts.

How good. Is that.

Somehow, after all that, we're fourth in the club championship, but I'll leave that one to the mathematicians to work out for me.

For now, I'll just move onto the wrap of a six from six round against Wests. Thanks for the Jagerbombs, Hicko.

First Grade

Batting first, and with the openers departing early, it would be the skipper Steve Colley and Elliott Richtor who would be the steadying hands for the Gordon innings. Once Steve left the crease, Tym Crawford picked up where he left off, hitting the ball to all parts on his way to a well-compiled 67.

Matt Junk bowled well again

Elliott made another great 50 before he was run out, and though the lower order knocked it around, no quick late runs came and the firsts finished up on 221. A competitive score all things considered on a good Pratten wicket.

With plenty of Stags fans in the stands, James Kennedy gave them something to cheer about, striking in the first over.

From there a partnership would ensue for Wests, but as he has been all season, Matt Junk proved a crucial player bowling a very economical and effective spell. His three wickets, along with a cheeky four to Elliott Richtor, slowed Wests down and put the Stags in charge.

By the time Kennedy came back to finish the innings off, providing a neat bookend, Wests had only managed 146. An emphatic win to finish the season for the Stags, who finished the season on equal first with Sydney Uni.

Good luck in the finals

Gordon 221 (Tym Crawford 67, Elliott Richtor 56, Steve Volley 39) def Western Suburbs 146 (Elliott Richtor 4/42, Matt Junk 3/29, James Kennedy 2/21)

Second Grade

A standout performance was required from Max Newman's men to get into the finals after what had been a terrific season, and that's exactly what they delivered.

Max Newman led his team well

Max elected to bowl first on a good wicket, and both Chad Soper and Dan Stickland started really well but bowled without luck. Nick Miller proved to be immediately effective, however, coming on and taking a wicket with his first ball.

Bowling with Sam Baker, these two changed the game for the Stags. All quicks were great throughout the entire innings, with Chad (1/28 off 10), Dan (1/12 off 7), Nick (3/26 off 8), Sam (2/23 off 9.1) bowling quickly and accurately.

Not to be forgotten about, Anand Verma also bowled brilliantly through the middle overs to take 3/28 off 10.

In a stifling, grinding performance, Wests were all out for 117.

Dom Thomson (35) started strongly for Gorgon taking 16 off the first over, and when he came together with Max Papworth (52) the chase really got going.

Sam Baker and Anand Verma snared wickets while Reagan Klemt took a great catch at second slip

It was never in doubt. A couple of wickets fell as the target neared but the seconds got the win as well as a crucial bonus point 4 wickets down inside 23 overs.

Having snuck into the six on quotient, the twos will believe they can do plenty of damage to the rest of the top six.

Gordon 4/118 (Max Papworth 52, Dom Thomson 35) def Wests 117 (Anand Verma 3/28, Nick Miller 3/26, Sam Baker 2/23)

Third Grade

Well... what do you say about a game like this. Welcoming a few new faces, including Jared Clulow driving down from Mudgee that morning, thirds faced a finals-bound Wests team.

Jack Skilbeck took another three wickets

When Darren Jayasekera went down to an allergic reaction early after the skipper elected to bowl, it wasn't looking great for the Stags.

But a wicket in the second over, and two in the third (including a genuine bat pad to Jack Skilbeck) had the Stags rolling.

Wickets kept tumbling. One more to Skilly, then two to Effeney. Liam Windell, one of the new faces, came on and snagged three with his brisk pace, then Jared finished it off.
In a blink of an eye, Wests all out for 44.

The runs were chased down within the hour (Shayne Lin belting a huge six over cover off his first ball), with Jared Clulow getting 19, and the 10-man Stags had beaten finals-bound Wests with a bonus point. Just shows what could have been.

Gordon 4/48 (Jared Clulow 19*) def Wests 44 (Liam Windell 3/3, Patrick Effeney 3/15, Jack Skillbeck 3/18)

Fourth Grade

Captain Bromley made a little bit of a risky call early in the day to have a bat at Killara, even though the deck was a bit sticky. But the great man must have had something in his Wheaties because it all turned out okay, with the Stags grinding and toughing it out to make a solid 200 against a good Wests bowing attack on a slow lush outfield.

Stu Bromley took on the Wests attack

All the batsman chipped in, but the standout performance was Matt Wright with 54. He really is developing into a terrific cricketer with both bat and ball. Other notable scores came from Mitch Kleem with 28, Liam McElduff with an 30, and Hugh Sherwood making an important 28.

With Wests sitting primed at 0/67 and the deck flattening out, the fours began to get a little worried. As has been the spirit of this team all year, the bowlers and fielders picked up the intensity and Wests were all out for 150 in the 40th over. An astonishing turnaround, with Matt Wright again the key protagonist with the ball, taking 3/35 off 10. Bustling Steve Bristow finally got a bowl this year and rewarded the captain with 3/34 off 5.3, and Pat Rice managed a very miserly  2/11 off 6 overs.

Matt Wright had a fine match with bat and ball

A fantastic way to finish the year, with yet another fighting showing.

It all points to great signs for the finals!

Fifth Grade

Fifths batted first at Punchbowl and got off to a great start thanks for a couple of great partnerships between Jack Doolan and Ryan Tullia, then Ryan and Damon Livermore.
Damon, Ryan and Tom Hamblin both batted well for 30s, but the middle order and tail failed to fully capitalise on the good start of the top  order to get Gordon to 196.

Tom Hamblin in action

But have you seen the bowling line-up fifth grade have at their disposal?

All the bowlers then just did as the fifth grade bowling line-up does and completely tear apart the opposition innings, with David Burk and Nick Prell the main destroyers with three wickets each.

Lachie Stewart bowled well for two wickets, with contributions from Vikrant and Tim Ferrero.

Wests all out for 84, meaning Gordon get the bonus point and the minor premiership.

What a season it's been so far for the mighty fifths - let's keep it going into the finals boys!

Gordon 196 (Damon Livermore 35, Tom Hamblin 32, Ryan Tullia 38) def Wests 83 (Nick Prell 3/12, David Burk 3/23, Lachie Stewart 2/19)


Gordon Colts have claimed the minor premiership (I've lost count of how many that is since I've joined the club) after a thumping win over UNSW by 153 runs at Beauchamp.

Winning the toss and batting on another slow outfield, Gordon started steadily without making any major progress. Andrew Harvey was steady and saw the new ball off, which saw Gorgon get to 40 with the loss of only two wickets.

Minor Premiers - Colts take another photo opportunity

The platform laid, it was the stand of 144 runs between Aaron Crofts and Rahul Krishna that won the game. Crofts (76) and Krishna (72) batted for 35 overs to ensure Gordon made a mammoth 253 in those conditions. Both batsmen were cheeky between the wickets and punished the bad ball. It was a fantastic partnership that flourished from the moment both came to the crease.

Matt Keane (20 not out) and Manus Chauhan (17 not out) played cameos to ensure the score surpassed 250.

Nick Dellis (2/16 off 6) had two wickets in his first over - an ideal start for the Stags. A short ball nabbed a caught behind and a clean bowled set the tone for the rest of the innings innings. In conjunction with Dylan Hood, who took 2/20 off 7, had University in all sorts of trouble.

Aaron Crofts and Rahul Krishna in fine form at Beauchamp
Some excellent catching and a run out by Oliver Williams saw them struggling at 6/30.

Kevin Huang then had his best bowling performance of the year, taking 2/8 off 5, assisted with some great catching by Manus.

Some great fielding from the lads topped off a great day to see UNSW all out for 100.

An emphatic win. A minor premiership. A great team.

Bring on the finals.

Gordon 5/253 (Aaron Crofts 76, Rahul Krishna 72) def UNSW 100 (Kevin Huang 2/8, Nick Dellis 2/16, Dylan Hood 2/20)

Pat Effeney

GDCC Communications team

Sydney wash out or burn out – either way no cricket

Sydney wash out or burn out – either way no cricket

The last few weeks have certainly been extraordinary for a cricket follower. First the weather is so hot a cricket ball can’t be bowled and then in a whisker too wet to end up with the same result. Either way the accumulation of points at the pointy end of the season has been non-existent.

Leading run scorer Elliot Richtor with 700 runs will be keen to maintain his form at the end of the season.

While it has meant our efforts to get near the top of the Club Championship table have passed with a top five probably our best chance, the fortunes of 5 of our six teams are still strong for a quarterfinal finish to the season.

The Club Championship is probably the closest result for many seasons with four clubs within 30 points of each other with leader Sydney on 1231 points and 4th spot Northern Districts on 1200 points. With bonus points available in the one day last round, anything could happen and probably will. Gordon is on 1127 and hence the inability to gather more points than our opponents over the last two rounds has definitely hurt us.

On the other hand in First Grade we remain on equal points with Sydney University in second spot with a lower quotient. To get to top spot we need Bankstown, who are in third spot, to defeat Sydney Uni next week and at the same time we have a win against Western Suburbs at Pratten Park.

In second grade we remain in 8th spot but only one point from 6th. Obviously a win is crucial, however other games will have to go our way to sneak into the quarter finals.

Scott O'Brien with 642 runs and 23 wickets will be looking to get the second grade team into the quarters.

After a no result, the prior round and another no result the weekend gone means thirds can’t make up the 11 points to get to 6th position. Their match will however be very important to elevate our Club Championship position.

Fourth grade are in fifth place going into the last round with a six point lead over the 7th team and currently with a better quotient, so a reasonable performance should see them at least in 6th place. A win can conceivably put them into 3rd place and a home quarterfinal.

Fifth grade are in a strong position leading the table, however the three teams below them are within 6 points, so there can be no complacency against Wests.

Colts are still leading the competition and should finish in that spot after the final round.

Most importantly it would be nice to play some cricket.

Paul Stephenson

GDCC Communications team

End of Season Awards Night - 2017

End of Season Awards Night - 2017

All Gordon supporters - This is a reminder that we're less than two months away from our End of Season Awards night. Do whatever you have to do to save this date! This year's Awards Night will build on last year's and is going to be massive.

On Saturday 29 April 2017, we've booked out the Kirribilli Club in Milson's Point. Bring your partners along for some very special red carpet treatment and some fabulous entertainment”.

This will be a ticketed event, where you will be treated to great food and drinks throughout the night.

Singles @ $95, Couples @ $190 and Tables of 10 @ $900 (savings!).

Check out our order form here: 

All's square in rain and shine

All's square in rain and shine

A shortened wrap this week, with rain giving grades one, three and five an opportunity to watch Steve SOK it to the Indians in Pune. For our seconds and fourths at Bensons Lane, it was listening to the carnage on the radio on the way home after relatively even days in both grades. Here's the action from the weekend:

Anand Verma who took 3 wickets in seconds

First Grade

No play possible due to rain

Second Grade

Gordon lost the toss and bowled first at a surprisingly dryish day at Bensons lane. The first hour saw a bit of rain fall, which made it difficult for the Gordon bowlers to grip the ball, but not enough to make the pitch get up to any tricks.

An early wicket to Chad Soper was followed by a solid partnership, but when Scott threatened to break the game open with a couple of wickets, and it was looking. good for the Stags. This was backed up by further wickets to Nick Miller, Chad and a brilliant direct hit run out from Josh Doyle.

6/90 then turned into 6/131 before Anand Verma took 3 wickets in 7 balls. Some lower order hitting from the Hawks, including a handy half century to their number 8, took them to 170 all out, with all 7 bowlers brilliant.

Chad Soper, Dan Stickland and Scott O'Brien in action at Owen Earle

In reply Dom (25) and Scott started well to get us to 46 before we lost 3/2. A few batsmen walked from the wicket disappointed, then Scott fell leaving Newman and Reagan the task of trying to make it to stumps. Max (15) fell a couple of overs before the close with the Hawks putting plenty of pressure on.

Reagan played well to finish 28* and Chad held up to finish at 0*. Second Grade sit 5/92 with a fair bit still to do to keep our season alive. Game on next week!

Gordon 5/92 (Reagan Klemt 28*, Dom Thomson 25) in reply to Hawkesbury 170 (Anand Verma 3/27, Scott O'Brien 2/43, Chad Soper 2/15)

Third Grade

No play possible due to rain

Fourth Grade

Fours won the toss and chose to bat on a drizzly day in the North West of Sydney (yes Chris De Kretser, I said North West). The Hawks were threatening and bowled tightly, but Steve Bristow (87) and Matt Wright (66) put the Staggies  into a really strong position, all out for 243 off just 63.1 overs. The two played great knocks, and it was good to see big Steve back to his bullying best.

A great partnership between Steve Bristow (top) and Matt Wright (Bottom) enabled 4's to post a good score

Will Calov and Sam Watts then took one each to have the Hawks at 2/33 off the 14 overs we bowled in reply. The Fours take plenty of confidence in to next week, believing they can get the job done.

Gordon 243 (Steve Bristow 87, Matt Wright 66) lead Hawkesbury 2/33 (Will Calov and Sam Watts 1 wicket each)

Fifth Grade

No play possible due to rain


No play possible due to rain

Pat Effeney

GDCC Communications team Wrap writer

Photos courtesy of Paul Stickland and Jim Wright
Teams for Round 14 vs the Hawks announced

Teams for Round 14 vs the Hawks announced

The teams have been announced for the vital Round 14 against the Hawks with two returns in first grade and some shuffling for semi-final eligibility.We still have 5 teams well in the running for the finals, with 2 rounds to go against Hawkesbury and Wests.

Charlie Stobo returns from Futures League match

1st Grade: After Saturday’s brilliant win Gordon are now equal 1st with Syd Uni  on 61 points - then comes Bankstown on 57; Sydney on 54; Parra on 47 and Penrith on 46 make up the top 6.

2nd Grade: We are 7th, just 1 point out of the 6 on 43 points – with Parra in 6th spot on 44 points. In a bunched field, only 6 points separate 5th to 12th spot and obviously we must win the remaining games.

3rd Grade: Now dropped to 11th spot on 38 points and 11 points out of the 6 – a tough ask from here.

4th Grade: We now lie in 4th spot on 54 points and only 2 points off 3rd spot. Need 2 wins to host a semi.

5th Grade: Despite the loss we are still in 1st spot on 56 points; then Saints 54; ND’s 50; Blacktown 48. Hopefully Saturday’s poor loss was the reality check we needed and in particular to the bats, who must build on their innings.

Colts: After an exciting nail biting win, this side showed true grit and toughness to just cross the line.They are clear leaders on 64 points and 10 points ahead of 2nd place Penrith on 54 points - clearly the two best sides in the comp, although Syd Uni would dispute this comment.

Club Championship: Now in 6th spot on 1127 points and only 104 points behind the new leaders in Sydney on 1231. 2nd spot is ND’s on 1200, then Syd Uni on 1191 in 3rd spot; Penrith in 4th place on 1177points and Manly 1143.

*Please note that the selectors have shuffled lower grades to try and ensure maximum qualification criteria. We welcome back Charlie Stobo and James Kennedy in 1st Grade, with Scott O’Brien and Dan Stickland (after his top performance in 1st grade last week) moving back to 2’s to really strengthen them for this must win game. 

Grade .v.

Hawkesbury – 2 day matches.

Colts .v.

Randy-Petes Gold – 2 day match Sat.


Grade Saturday 25th Feb & 4th March 2017

Colts Saturday 25thth Feb & 4th March.


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade


Owen Earl





1) Steve Colley ©

Max Newman w/k ©

Paddy Effeney ©

2) Axel Cahlin

Sam Baker

Jamie Bekis

3) Mason Crane

Josh Doyle

Adam Cubbage

4) Tym Crawford

Reagan Klemt

Chris De Kretser

5) Ash Doolan w/k

Nick Miller

Darren Jayasekera

6) Cameron Eccles

Scott O’Brien

Shayne Lin

7) Matt Junk

Max Papworth

Cameron New

8) James Kennedy

Chad Soper

Michael Roberts w/k

9) Elliott Richtor

Dan Stickland

Jack Skilbeck

10) Daniel Smith

Dom Thomson

Danusha Seneviratne

11) Charlie Stobo

Anand Verma

Chris Spratt




M/R = Axel Cahlin

M/R = Anand Verma

M/R = Cameron New

4th Grade

5th Grade


Benson Lane No 2






1) Stuart Bromley ©

David Burk ©

Aaron Crofts ©

2) Charlie Booth

Nick Andreou w/k

Manus Chauhan

3) Steve Bristow

Jack Doolan

Andrew Harvey

4) Will Calov

Tim Ferrero

Dylan Hood

5) Mitch Kleem

Tom Hamblin

Kevin Huang

6) Liam McElduff

Damon Livermore

Matt Keane

7) Pat Rice

David Monaghan

Rahul Krishna

8) Hugh Sherwood

Vikrant Nehru

Brady Morrison

9) Sam Watts

Nick Prell

Sahil Sharma

10) Matt Wright

Lachie Stewart

Oliver Williams w/k

11) Oli Zanino w/k

Ryan Tullia

Liam Windel







M/R = Matt Wright

M/R = Nick Prell

M/R = Sahil Sharma

Train on: Jarad Clulow

Unavailable:  1) Adam Wasyluk 2) Liahm Williams 3) Oli Isles-Mann 4) Tommy Gohl 5) Nick Dellis 6) Fraser Wilson 7) Harry Middlebrook 8) Prashan Seneviratne 9) James Brown 10) Corbin Edgar 11) Matt Keevers

An apocalyptic storm & Duckworth Lewis combine to ruin the day against ND's

An apocalyptic storm & Duckworth Lewis combine to ruin the day against ND's

Cricket can be a cruel, a generous, or sometimes just a confusing game. Someone work out the Duckworth Lewis method, for a start.This was a weekend that would be remembered more for the apocalyptic storm that threatened cars and impressed passers-by more than the cricket, but sometimes the weather can be more spectacular than the great game.

It wasnt snowing at Chatswood

As it stood after a Saturday and Sunday of hard-fought games against local rivals Northern Districts, the weather and the maths got the better of some teams, but helped out others.

To try to iron out any confusion, here's this week's wrap with precisely what happened.

First Grade

Northern Districts were inserted by skipper Colley, and immediately he got his reward, with Dan Smith snaring two early wickets, including the prize scalp of the classy Dan Hughes.

Dan Stickland's first 1st grade wicket, caught behind by Ash Doolan

Dan Stickland, after a baptism of fire against Sydney, found his groove and also claimed two scallops, both bought behind by Ash Doolan, who was getting plenty of work behind the stumps.

From there both wickets and runs came at a rapid pace, with Elliot Richtor bowling very usefully to get three, and Dan Smith also picking up another to finish with three. NDs made it to 197 from 47 overs - a great bowling effort from Gordon.

Steve Colley, Elliot Richtor and Dan Smith against ND's at Chatswood

In reply, Axel Cahlin and Cam Eccles started resourcefully, before Axel fell in the 13th over for 24.

Cam was next to go with the score on 82, bringing Steve Colley and Elliot Richtor together for another useful partnership. At 3/150, the rain came down and the game was called in Gordon's favour on the Duckworth Lewis system, with skipper Colley 2 short of a half century. Another great and well-earned win for the Stags which keeps them in second spot, level on points with Sydney University.

Gordon 3/150 (Steve Colley 46, Cameron Eccles 33, Elliot Richtor 38) def Northern Districts via Duckworth Lewis 197 (Dan Smith 3/28, Elliot Richtor 3/37)

Second Grade

The seconds put together a poor batting display again. Shayne and Josh Doyle fell early, with Dom Thomson and Max Newman following. At 5/64, it was looking troubling but pleasingly managed to scrounge their way to 169. This was mainly thanks to Max Papworth, who stuck out a difficult period early before playing some outrageous shots towards the end to be last man out for 85.

Brett Papworth during his 85 on Saturday.

In direct contrast, the Stags were brilliant with the ball. Chad Soper was the destroyer with 2 early wickets, with Sam Baker and Nick Miller taking it to the batsmen afterwards. Both brought the scoring rate back down with tight spells (0/17 off 7 and 0/10 off 5 respectively).

With the rain looming and NDs ahead on Duckworth Lewis at 2/60, captain Newman turned again to Chad who got the breakthrough (stumped!). A cheeky run out to Josh Doyle brought the Twos ahead of the DL equation.

Sam Baker giving it his all against ND's

At the start of what turned out to be the last over, the Stags were ahead by 1 run, but after 2 runs off the first 2 balls the hail began to come down. NDs finished 4/89, a loss by 1 run on Duckworth Lewis. A bitterly disappointing result but it was a great effort, with plenty of fight shown through the day.

Cricket can be cruel sometimes.

Gordon 169 (Max Papworth 85) lost to Northern District 4/89 by Duckworth Lewis (Chad Soper 3 wickets)

Third Grade

Confronted with a good-looking Killara wicket, there was no option but to bat once the toss was won for the Third Graders.

The skipper shows his batting prowess at KIllara

Cameron New and Liam McElduff got the Stags off to a promising start before Cameron was out. Liam followed in similar fashion, caught behind the wicket, as did Hugh Sherwood.

Jamie Bekis and Darren Jayasekera looked to be positive with three wickets down, but once Darren was out two more quickly followed.

There were echoes of the event wicket partnership between Scott O'Brien and Michael Roberts to come, though, with Jamie Bekis and Pat Effeney coming together. Unfortunately Jamie was out trying to deflect down to third man, but Chris De Kretser picked up where he left off and looked comfortable at the crease.

He compiled a well-made 33 in a 60-run partnership, sticking it out with the captain before holing out in search of quick runs. Will Calov accompanied Effeney to the end of the 50 overs, giving the Stags something to bowl at with 161 on a slow outfield.


Jamie Bekis, Pat Effeney and Chis De Kretser at Killara on Saturday

Effeney took an early wicket, but a couple of chances went by and the NDs batsmen capitalised in their reply.

With 22.3 overs bowled, however, the apocalypse arrived, and with no chance of play and not having reached the minimum 25 over mark for a match, the game was abandoned. A draw.

Other results means that the season could be over, but you never really know until the final ball is bowled.

Gordon 9/161 (Pat Effeney 43, Chris De Kretser 33) drew with Northern Districts 1/92

Fourth Grade

Fours won the toss at Asquith and decided to bat.

Mitch Kleem shows his style on Saturday

The bowling was really tight from the high-flying NDs outfit, and the boundaries were huge, so it was always going to be a battle to put on a good total.

Gordon lost Tom Hamblin (6) quite early, but Mitchy Kleem (65) and Matt Wright (27) knuckled down and played really solid innings, getting us to 1/101 after 26. Both departed within a couple of overs of each other, and from there everyone pitched in against some good bowing and got the fours to a very solid 8/200... probably worth 260 at a venue like Killara.

The quicks bowled well from the start and NDs just never got away from us. Sam Watts set the tone with his 1/8 off 7 overs, then Charlie Booth spun them deviously, finishing for 2/20 off 5, with fellow spinner Matt Wright also containing handily to have 0/20 off 7.3. Both Boothy and Matt kept things tight and rushed through enough overs to ensure the Stags could get the result via run rate, which Gordon were far ahead on at that stage.

Sam Watts took an early wicket at Asquith

The game finished in predictable, hail-induced fashion with NDs stranded at 4/75 off 28 overs. It was a great win, and most importantly was a return to form for 4s who went off the rails a little last week.

Gordon 8/200 (Mitch Kleem 65, Matt Wright 27) def Northern Districts 4/75 on run rate (Charlie Booth 2/20)

Fifth Grade

Gordon might still be running first, but losing to a traditionally strong club like Northern Districts will be a big wake up call to Dave Burk's men.

It was a promising start for the Stags, sitting relatively comfortably at 2/55, then 4/92 off just 15 overs. The run rate wasn't a problem, with Jack Doolan showing his ability with 26 quick runs.

David Burk at Beauchamp

Lachie Stewart was there throughout, making 61. But aside from that, no one stepped up and when Lachie was dismissed, it all fell in a heap, with Gordon dismissed for just 142.

NDs had no real issues tracking down that score, despite some good bowling from Nick Prell and skipper Burk. They would get the runs six wickets down.

There's still plenty to play for fifth grade in the next two games, and no doubt they'll want to bounce back strongly from this one.

Gordon 142 (Stewart 61, Doolan 26) lost to ND's 6/143 (Burk 4/43, Prell 2/25)


Gordon won the toss vs Sydney Uni on the Sunday and batted first. After a satisfactory start, Oliver Williams (21) and Aaron Crofts (24) put on 50 to get Gordon to 2/73 off 23. However, the Stags lost 3/3 and things were looking rather shaky at 5/73.

Danusha Seneviratne at Beauchamp

A magnificent partnership between Danusha Seneviratne and Sahil Sharma saw Gordon reach 120 only 6 down. Sharma (27) and Seneviratne (33) were then dismissed and so was the innings shortly after, finishing on 148. It was a sub-par performance on a very very slow Beauchamp outfield after the carnage the day before.

Not to be dissuaded, Gordon's attack, as always, proved to be tight and attacking.

Danusha (4 wickets) was on two hat tricks that proved to be the most threatening. He bowled the spells that determined the result of the game. James Brown (2 wickets) tossed them up, and at 7/110 it was anyone's game. Dylan Hood, Aaron Crofts and Matt Keane had all chipped in but with 11 required and 1 wicket remaining it was all happening.

However, a touch and go second run from Uni saw Crofts get a run out to seal the game for the Stages by two runs in a thriller.

A great game of cricket, played in the right spirit. Well played to all. Colts are now 10 points clear in first, and deserve to be after a show of character like that.

Gordon 148 (Danusha Seneviratne 33, Sahil Sharma 27) def Sydney Uni 146 (Danusha Seneviratne 4 wickets, James Brown 2 wickets)

Pat Effeney

GDCC Communications Wrap Writer


It seems there is an English tradition that on your birthday you have to run from the dressing room to the centre of a cricket ground and back while it is hailing wearing a helmet. Mason Crane (see below) in true Stags spirit kept his part of the bargain at Chatswood on Saturday.He was getting in practice for his return to the homeland. 




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