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So close to a clean sweep against the Ghosts!

So close to a clean sweep against the Ghosts!

The Stags had a great day, winning four out of five grades and only missing out on the sweep in Second Grade, where Campbelltown passed them NINE DOWN! 

However, it was anything but an easy day at the office. 

Firsts and Fourths won decisively, but the other three games were thrillers, with very little between the teams at the end of the day. There were some strong performances and a new 4th Grade partnership record for Stuart Bromley and Manus Chauhan, who both completed fine centuries. 

1st Grade 

Over week score - Gordon 279 vs C'town 2-25 

Campbelltown made a steady start on day 2, adding 29 runs before Tym Crawford removed the dangerous Philip Wells. Tym struck again immediately and, with Glenn Winsor and Charlie Stobo both taking wickets, the Ghosts were reduced to 6-89. 

A handy partnership followed as Campbelltown fought hard to get back in the game. Then, the vital run out of Jarrod Bourke, and the win was in Gordon’s sights. The nightwatchman was still in and fighting hard but, at his dismissal, with the score at 151, the end was nigh. 

Glenn took that wicket and another and, with Charlie taking the final one, the Stags had completed an excellent win. Glenn’s four wickets and a run out was outstanding but all the team played well and deserved their win. 

Gordon 279 defeated Campbelltown 177 (Glenn Winsor 4-50, Tym Crawford 2-33, Charlie Stobo 2-53) on the first innings 

2nd Grade 

Over week score - Gordon 349 vs C'town 0-69 

Campbelltown continued to bat most belligerently, moving to 115 before Dan Sickland broke the partnership. The run rate did not abate however, and at lunch, the Ghosts sat on a very comfortable 1-198. 

Not long after the break, Ryan Meppem and Matt Wright shared a very good bowling partnership, taking four wickets and putting Gordon right back in the game. Ashwin Premkumar took one and then Matt another and Campbelltown went to tea at 7-299. Dan Stickland took one after the break but the next two batsmen added 35 and the game looked lost. However, a wicket – four to win…could Gordon snatch it? 

Alas, a lusty blow won the game for the Ghosts but a really good fight from the Gordon bowlers. 

Unfortunate, but a great effort. 

Gordon 349 lost to Campbelltown 9-353 (Matt Wright 3-65, Ryan Meppem 3-86, Dan Stickland 2-58) pn the first innings. 

3rd Grade 

Over week score - Gordon 7-207 vs C'town 

After having to bat last week on a moist deck, Gordon batted on. The first two wickets fell quickly but Ollie Sutton added a brisk 35* and Gordon declared at 9-253. 

Ollie struck early and then skipper Pat Effeney took three in a great spell and the Ghosts were 4-53. 

A partnership followed before Pat got another and then Chris DeKretser chimed in and Campbelltown were 6-150. As with a couple of the other games, a lower order partnership kept the Ghosts in the game and they passed the 200 mark before Will Calov struck. And then again. Surely game over. Nope! A 19 run partnership and then another to Will. A few more and then Chris DeKretser took the last one. 

A top effort, as the Thirsties continue to do well. 

Gordon 9 dec 253 defeated Campbelltown 228 (Pat Effeney 4-50, Will Calov 3-37, Chris DeKretser 2-52) on the first innings. 

4th Grade 

Over week score - Gordon 4-65 vs C'town 151 

This looked like a really interesting first half hour - anyone's game. However, no-one told Stuart Bromley and Manus Chauhan that it was on a knife's edge. They batted brilliantly from the start, hitting the loose ball and looking in little trouble. The score moved along smoothly and, well before tea, the game was won with no further loss of wicket! Both Stuart and Manus completed exceptional centuries in their partnership of 219. They comfortably broke the Gordon Fourth Grade 5th wicket record set in 1959-60. Well done! The innings was declared with a lead of 126. 

Danusha Seneviratne and Dylan Hood both bowled beautifully at the start of the Ghosts’ second innings. Three wickets fell quickly and several more could also have come and the outright was a possibility. However, the batsmen played well and Gordon were unable to get into the tail. A big win with Stu and Manus’ partnership a bonus. 

Gordon 5 dec 278 (Stuart Bromley 116, Manus Chauhan 105 no) vs Campbelltown 151 and 5-149 (Danusha Seneviratne 2-15) on the first innings 

5th Grade 

Over week score - Gordon 8-211 vs C'town 

Gordon batted on for a while, leaving Campbelltown 70 overs to chase their 232. Sam Schembri-Green finished on a composed 50no, a top effort. Campbelltown were in trouble early and, after 18 overs, were 3-48. Another wicket fell at 90 but the Ghosts put on another 94 before skipper, Dave Monaghan, made the vital breakthrough. Dave and Prahlad Iyer then shared the next couple of wickets and, at 9-197, it looked over. However, the last two Campbelltown batsmen dug in and slowly the target came into sight. Finally, with 8 runs to win, Prahlad took the vital wicket and the Stags had won a really exciting game. 

Well done to the team, particularly the younger lads having their first experience in grade. 

Gordon 232 defeated Campbelltown 225 (Prahlad Iyer 4-51, Dave Monaghan 3-51) on the first innings.

Top Day for the Stags with Five Out of Six Wins

Top Day for the Stags with Five Out of Six Wins

After an inconsistent start to the season, Gordon finally hit their straps with 5 wins for the day against Penrith (and Mosman in the Colts). Centuries to Axel Cahlin (1sts), his third for the season, Glenn Winsor (2nds) and Liam McElduff (4ths) were the highlights of the one day round. Glenn also backed up his amazing performance with the bat with 4 wickets. Not a bad day out!

It’s interesting to see that the teams who were able to bat around a century maker were all winners. Pretty thirties and forties don’t win games! 

1st Grade

Gordon won the toss and Axel Cahlin and Cameron Eccles got the side off to a solid start before Cam was out for 14. Tym Crawford then came to the crease and he and Axel shared an excellent partnership before Tym was out for a punishing 75. They had taken the score to 176 after 36 overs. Axel progressed to his third century of the season – a brilliant performance – before being dismissed for 102. Steve Colley contributed a forceful 38 (five sixes!) and Elliot Richtor also made a handy 26. After 50 overs, the score sat at 8-286. 

The Gordon bowlers started well and wickets fell consistently. After Penrith had collapsed to 6-90, one could be excused for thinking it was all over. However, on a very good batting deck at Chatswood, games are never over, and an excellent partnership ensued with Penrith moved to 199 and plenty of overs left. Finally, Tym Crawford got the breakthrough with a great delivery (ask him!). Elliot Richtor then cleaned up the last couple and Gordon had completed a terrific win over the competition leaders. Elliot finished with the best figures but all bowlers had their moments. 

Gordon 8-286 (Axel Cahlin 102, Tym Crawford 75, Steve Colley 38, Elliot Richtor 26) defeated Penrith 247 (Elliot Richtor 4-31, Tym Crawford 3-42). 

2nd Grade 

Gordon won the toss at Howell and immediately struck trouble, losing three wickets with only 22 on the board. Dom Thomson batted through the carnage and, with Glenn Winsor, resurrected the innings. They added 138 before Dom was out for a defiant 65. Glenn continued to hit the ball strongly and completed his first century for the club – an even 100 – before being run out. Josh Staines added 20 briskly and Nick Miller was at his aggressive best to take the score to 6-270 – a great recovery after a poor start. Nick finished on 56* and Matt Wright 9*. 

The Gordon bowlers started steadily and it wasn’t long before Ashok Premkumar struck. The spinners, Ryan Meppem and Matt Wright then got into the act and, at the half way point of the innings, Penrith were 4-78. Some small partnerships followed without being dominant. When Dan Stickland took a wicket, Penrith were 6-145 in the 38th and in trouble. Then, just to finish off a great performance, Glenn Winsor took the final four wickets in quick time to see the innings close at 189. A decisive win with a fantastic all round hand by Glenn. 

Gordon 6-270 (Glenn Winsor 100, Dom Thomson 65, Nick Miller 56*) defeated Penrith 189 (Glenn Winsor 4-44, Ryan Meppem 2-32, Matt Wright 2-38). 

3rd Grade

Gordon bowled first at Killara. Penrith got off to a solid start which was not helped by an injury to Sam Baker. Chris De Kretser struck twice and bowled well but the score moved on steadily. Charlie Booth took the next three wickets and Penrith were 5-176 with ten overs remaining. Unfortunately, the Gordon bowling struggled from this point and Penrith were able to push their way up to 262 at the end of the 50. 

Gordon started badly, losing three wickets with only 34 on the board. Max Papworth and Jack Plom shared a handy partnership but the latter was dismissed just as the game was getting back to an even contest. Another quick wicket and it was imperative that someone stay with max who was batting beautifully. Ollie Sutton played some big shots but the Penrith total was too far away and the innings closed at 186. A disappointing batting performance on a good wicket. The exception was Max, whose 81 was a very classy knock with many great shots. 

Gordon 186 (Max Papworth 81, Jack Plum 23, Ollie Sutton 22) lost to Penrith 8-262 (Charlie Booth 3-33, Chris DeKretser 2-34) 

4th Grade

Gordon won the toss and batted. The Penrith bowling was good and Gordon were 3-52 after 14 overs with Liam McElduff holding the fort for the Stags. He and Nick Andreou righted the ship with Nick moving on to 41 before being dismissed. Liam kept going and, with the assistance of Stuart Bromley, took the score to 4-197 with 5 overs to go. Liam was 91no and a score of around 220 was in the offing. The final 5 overs proved fruitful, with Liam moving to 103*, Stuart 53* and Gordon reached 4-237. A top effort and a fine reward for Liam, who has looked great this year without going on to a big one until today. 

The Gordon bowlers were very steady at the start. While wickets weren’t falling, the batsmen struggled to get the run rate going. At the first drinks break, the score was 2-42 from 19 overs. After another wicket, a solid partnership took the score to 111 before Lachie Burrows took a wicket. He then took another two and Penrith were 5-147 with only 13 overs remaining. At this point the bowling became a little ragged as the batsmen attacked. All of a sudden, they only needed 40 from the last 6 overs and were on top. Finally, Will Calov broke the partnership and, with three more wickets falling, 16 were needed from the final over. Will struck again and the Stags had won by 15. A very pleasing performance. 

Gordon 4-237 (Liam McElduff 103*, Stuart Bromley 53*, Nick Andreou 41) defeated Penrith 222 (Lachlan Burrows 3-31, Will Calov 3-36, Danusha Seneviratne 2-34). 

5th Grade

Gordon bowled first on a wicket that tended to keep a little low. Matt Keane picked up two early wickets before a solid partnership took Penrith to 2-57 off 22 overs. Wickets then started to fall with 

Dillon Amjad taking two and Shivraj Rana one. Then, after a few more overs, Prahlad Iyer began to go through the lower order and Penrith were all out for 93. 

Gordon started briskly and with Fraser Wilson and Naba Haider both batting well, it seemed the bonus point was on. However, Fraser was dismissed for a strong 39 and then a couple more wickets fell quickly and it was left to Steve Bristow to bring the Stags home. 

A comprehensive win with one of the highlights being the barbecue for both teams put on by Steve Bristow’s parents. Thank you very much, Mr and Mrs Bristow! 

Gordon 4-94 (Fraser Wilson 39, Steve Bristow 17*, Naba Haider 10*) defeated Penrith 93 (Prahlad Iyer 4-7, Matt Keane 2-10, Shivraj Rana 2-16, Dillon Amjad 2-18). 


The Colts started a little late at Balmoral and batted first. The openers added 30 before Riley Behlevanas was run out for 15. From there, Nick Astridge and Jayden Gray took the score to 85 before Nick was also run out for 41. Another wicket fell before Jayden and Lachie Donaldson added 39 further runs. Lachie was dismissed but Jayden reached his 50 just as the score reached 150 from 43 overs. The last few overs saw Gordon move to 8-192 with Jayden compiling an excellent 69. 

Mosman started cautiously and good, tight bowling really applied the pressure. Callum Bladen struck twice to have them 2-11 and then Nathan Sequeira took one and Mosman were in strife at 3-25 after 15 overs. A careful partnership followed but the run rate was mounting, and eventually the pressure told. Wickets again started to fall and Mosman were bowled out for 129. Callum was the best of the bowlers, taking 4-24, but it was a really good team performance. 

Gordon 8-192 (Jayden Gray 69, Nick Astley 41) defeated Mosman 123 (Callum Bladen 4-24)

Old rivalry renewed in a tense round

Old rivalry renewed in a tense round

A mixed round for Gordon, with three wins, two losses and a draw. Thirds, Fifths and Colts all had good wins, while Seconds and Fourths were beaten. First Grade had a hard fought draw, with Axel Cahlin scoring a century and Harry Evans and Steve Colley also playing very well. 

1st Grade 

North Sydney decided that their 378 the previous week wasn’t enough, so they batted on for a further 7 overs and gave Gordon a target of 408 from 87 overs. 

After losing an early wicket, Axel Cahlin and Harry Evans put on an excellent partnership of 172. Both batted exceptionally well and Axel completed his second century of the season before falling. Another couple of wickets went down before Steve Colley and Elliot Richtor got things back in order. Steve scored a most aggressive 75 but as further wickets fell, it was left to Max Newman and Alex Patterson to make sure that a loss was avoided. A pretty good chase by the Stags – unfortunate they were given 16 fewer overs than their opposition to score the runs. 

Gordon 8-369 (Axel Cahlin 104, Steve Colley 75, Harry Evans 74, Tym Crawford 33) drew with North Sydney 8dec 408. 

2nd Grade 

Gordon’s 188 was always going to be tough to defend and although Norths lost an early wicket, they passed the Stags total four down. They then batted on until around tea when they were finally dismissed for 350. 

Gordon batted for a second time and when the game was called they had progressed to 0-86, with Lachlan Barnsley and Dom Thomson both getting good practice. 

A disappointing result and the message continues to be for the batsmen to value their wicket much more (the exception was Lachlan Barnsley who completed a very good double). 

Gordon 188 and 0-86 (Dom Thomson 43*, Lachlan Barnsley 42*) were defeated by Nth Sydney 350 (Ashwin Premkumar 3-57, Dan Stickland 3-61, matt Wright 2-54, Ryan Meppem 2-104) on the first innings 

3rd Grade 

Gordon declared at their ‘over the week’ 9-319. Ollie Sutton took two early wickets before a good partnership took the score to 89 before a wicket to Joe Hart. Chris De Kretser took another and Gordon were on top. However, there was one batsman who was dominating and he continued to pose a threat. A strong century partnership followed and there were plenty of overs left. There was always the feeling that a wicket would change the game completely and eventually Chris De Kretser got the breakthrough. 

Chris De Kretser bowling an absolute gem

With still no problem with the run rate, Norths continued on their way but then… Charlie Booth struck! Three wickets in only a couple of overs, all to Charlie, saw Norths 8-253 

with 13 overs left and there could only be one winner. Six overs passed before Paddy Effeney clean bowled one of the batsmen. 9-265. Then, with only 4 overs to go, Max Papworth took a brilliant catch off the bowling of Sam Baker to see the innings end at 271. A really good fighting effort with most of the bowlers having their moments. 

Gordon 9dec 319 defeated North Sydney 273 (Charlie Booth 3-65, Chris De Kretser 2-60, Ollie Sutton 2-25) on the first innings. 

4th Grade 

Gordon needed early wickets but although there were a number of half chances, they never quite got their noses in front. At 4-72 it was game on, but a good partnership followed which took Gordon out of the game. Despite working hard, they were unable to shift the batsmen on a very good wicket and the target was reached 5 wickets down. 

Another 30-40 runs for the Stags would have made a big difference. 

Gordon 160 lost to Nth Sydney 7-186 (Manus Chauhan 2-35, Raman Phoonie 2-40) on the first innings. 

Fifth grade celebrate a well-earned wicket

5th Grade 

It was hard work at Castlecove. Twenty tight overs from Matt Keane and Matt Keevers saw Norths 2-50. Lachie Burrows took a third and then Dave Monaghan took a fourth. A patient partnership followed and the score moved to 121 before Prahlad Iyer broke through. He took another and the Stags were well on top. Nothing much happened then until Jaiden Gray made a complete mess of the Norths tail. He took the last four wickets to see the innings end at 168 and a convincing win for Gordon. Well done and a great effort by the bowlers, particularly Aiden and Prahlad. 

Gordon 8dec 286 defeated North Sydney 168 (Jayden Gray 4-29, Prahlad Iyer 2-35 off 18 overs). 


With Randwick-Petersham on 4-75 chasing Gordon’s 168, it was so important that Gordon broke the excellent partnership early. This happened and further wickets ensued. Two became three as Randy-Petes slumped to 8-115. Asmall partnership took them to 130 before the ninth wicket fell and it was only a matter of time. Unfortunately, no-one mentioned this to the last two batsmen who hung in and fought very hard to get to within sight of victory. 

With only 5 to win, Callum Bladen finally broke the partnership and the Stags had won by 4 runs. A really good fighting victory. 

Gordon 168 defeated Randwick-Petersham Gold 164 (Callum Bladen 3-28, Nathan Sequiera 2-12) on the first innings.

Two wins to Poidevin Gray team on weekend

Two wins to Poidevin Gray team on weekend

On Sunday (21st October, 2018) our Poidevin Gray (U21) team displayed a wonderful strength of character, and desire to work together as a team, in a really polished and fighting performance to win both games, against tough competitors.

Glenn Winsor in action against Manly

First game vs Manly

This was an exceptional and exciting game against a very strong Manly side with several first graders.  Manly batted first and despite some good bowling, at one stage they threatened to score around the 170-180 mark. The bowlers lifted, the fielding was top drawer and eventually we kept the Manly team to 7-131. All the bowlers dug deep with Matt Wright (3-33), Ryan Meppem (2-12), Jack Plom our UK import taking 1-15 and Glenn Winsor 0-17 off his 4. Special mention must go to our exciting young 17-year-old keeper, Josh Staines, who was brilliant behind the stumps, allowing only 1 bye (nil in the next game) and taking a catch and a stumping. 

Our bowlers fought back admirably and now it was up to the bats and they did not disappoint.  Axel Cahlin was dominate early with 25 from 16 balls, however we lost some wickets and at 3 for 33 we needed a partnership. This was provided by Glenn Winsor (46 no in 40 balls and 3 sixers) and Lachlan Barnsley (43 off 40 with 2 sixers), who completely dominated the strong Manly attack. With both Glenn and Lachlan new to the club they were keen to impress and they certainly did with shots all around Manly Oval. Glenn sealed the win on the last ball of the game with a towering 6 – well done to the whole team on this win. 

Jack Plom and Josh Staines 

Scores v Manly: 

Manly 7 for 131 off 20 overs – Matt Wright 3-33 off 4; Ryan Meppem 2-12 off 3; Jack Plom 1-15 off 3; Ashwin Premkumar 1-26 off 4; Glenn Winsor 0-17 off 4; Vikrant Nehru 0-26 off 2 - Defeated by Gordon 5 for 136 off 20 overs – Glenn Winsor 46 no off 40 balls; Lachlan Barnsley 43 off 40 balls; Axel Cahlin 25 off 16 balls; Jamie Bekis 8; Ryan Meppem 6no.

Second game v Norths:

We moved to North Sydney Oval (No 2) for this game and Gordon batted first. Axel fell early and it was left to Jamie Bekis (31 off 25 with 1 six) and Michael Roberts (67 off 46 with 4 sixers) to restore order and set us up for an excellent score. They both batted with wonderful control in picking the right balls to hit. At the fall of Jamie’s wicket, Michael was joined by Lachlan Barnsley (35 off 22 with 2 sixers) continuing his form from the morning match. A couple of quick wickets fell going for the runs, but they took the score to a very defendable 7 for 160 off our 20 overs.

All the bowlers did their job admirably to keep Norths to 8 for 148 in their 20 overs. It was pleasing to see our other UK import, Ollie Sutton included in this game and taking 2-31 off his 4 overs. Glenn Winsor joined in with 2 for 24 in 4 tight overs, with Plom, Ashwin, Matt and Ryan all doing their job. 

Again, Josh Staines was brilliant, taking 2 top catches and allowing no byes. Thus, a tremendous day for PG’s with the two wins and we have unearthed some special youngsters. 

Lachlan Barnsley and Matt Wright

Scores v Norths:

Gordon 7 for 160 off 20 overs – Michael Roberts 67 off 46 balls; Lachlan Barnsley 35 off 22 balls; Jamie Bekis 31 off 25 balls; Josh Staines 7; Matt Wright 6; Ryan Meppem 3 no.


The Stags and Warriors share the honours on Day 1 of Round 2

The Stags and Warriors share the honours on Day 1 of Round 2

TThe first day of our Round 2 matches against Blacktown saw some enthralling cricket with both the ball and bat dominating across the grades. After an excellent exhibition of fast bowling by Charlie Stobo to collect 6 for 55 off 26 overs with 7 maidens and some fine keeping by Max Newman with 3 catches and two stumpings, first grade are in a strong position at Joe McAleer. 

The cameras are still on the great man. Welcome to the crease TC

Seconds chased the leather all over Chatswood to be facing a total of 434 runs next week, while both thirds and fourths can win their matches with a good showing next week. Fifths will have to dig deep to score the 66 runs needed with only three wickets left. Our Colts led by Trevor Chappell went down in a one-day match at Castle Cove.

It is always our policy to congratulate good performances from our opponents and particularly when it is also a former Gordon player. Bilal Qureshi who played for Gordon from 2001 to 2004 scored an amazing 208 not out in second grade at Chatswood to put Blacktown in a strong position at 6 for 434. 

Other fine performances for Gordon were from Tom Hamblin who was unluckily dismissed for 96 in fourths while Arvin Niranjan (54), Nick Andreou (49*) and Liam McElduff (48) helped Tom to score 6 for 303. 

A great shot from Damon Lesnie as first grade celebrate an early wicket

Ollie Sutton with 4 for 46 and Dylan Hood with 4 for 32 also did well in thirds and fifths at Whalan Reserve.

First Grade

Our firsts, led by Harry Evans with Steve Colley unavailable this round, decided to send in Blacktown to take advantage of some expected movement in the morning session. His expectations were right with Charlie Stobo taking two early wickets to have the warriors 2 for 13 after a very attacking 9 overs from Charlie and Alex Patterson.  

Charlie during his 6 wicket haul

A partnership developed, which while slow, started to bring Blacktown back into the game.A quick discussion with our roving boundary rider Alex Patterson when the score passed 100 with still two wickets down confirmed however that we hadn’t done a lot wrong and as long as we maintained pressure wickets would come. “If we had bowled this well last week we would have won” was his wise summation. 

Alex was right as wickets to Tym Crawford and Ryan Meppem with his maiden first grade wicket and then a string to Charlie on his return to the crease saw Blacktown reach 9 for 187 before some last wicket hitting got them to 221 all out.

Charlie bowled with excellent pace and good line to be the pick of our bowlers on a good wicket that settled down after some early movement.

Max Newman with three catches and 2 stumpings against Blacktown

All of the bowlers worked hard with Matt Junk finishing with 2 for 40. Alex Patterson, Glenn Winsor Tym Crawford and Ryan Meppem all bowled to the captain’s instructions.

With 8 overs to bat, debutant Dom Thomson (10*) and Axel Cahlin (25*) saw the team reach stumps at none for 35. 

First Grade scores

Blacktown 218 (Charlie Stobo 6/55 Matt Junk 2/40 Tym Crawford 1/9 Ryan Meppem 1/44 vs Gordon 0 for 35 (A Cahlin 25*)  

Second Grade

Ashwin Premkumar and Matt Wright toiled hard at Chatswood

The seconds lost the toss and were invited by the Blacktown captain to be in the field for the day. The stags took advantage of the new ball to have the Warriors at 3/30. However, that was where the joy ended for the lads as some very good batting offered minimal chances to Gordon. All the bowlers toiled extremely well throughout the day for little or no reward. Ashwin was once again the pick of the bowlers taking 3 wickets as the Warriors ended the day at 6-434. A tough day but the match is not out of reach on an incredibly lifeless Chatswood wicket.

Second Grade scores

Blacktown 6/434 (Ashwin Premkumar 3/79 Dan Stickland 1/76 Matt Wright 1/59 vs Gordon

Third Grade

The thirds lost the toss and were asked to bowl on a firm wicket at Whalan that had some early movement. With the quicks bowling good lines early we were able to consistently take wickets and have the warriors 5 for 39 with Ollie Sutton and Will Rogers collecting two each while medium pacer Raman Phoonie picked up one wicket.

Ollie Sutton at Whalan

It was great to see Will return to the field for Gordon after succumbing to a back injury while playing in our Green Shield side and helping out with our first-grade team under the guidance of team manager Tim Cubbage at the end of last season. He looked like he had grown about a half a metre from last season.   

A fifty-run partnership then got the warriors back on track however two quick wickets to Nehru Vikrant had them in trouble again at 7 for 101.

The team then went very quiet as wickets dried up and a partnership of 110 enabled Blacktown to post a good score. Ollie Sutton got back in the action in the end with two more wickets and Blacktown were bowled out for 221. All of the bowlers tried hard, however the Blacktown No. 6 Waqas Tareen played well for his 111. 

Will Rogers makes his debut for Gordon in grade

The pick of the bowlers was Ollie Sutton with 4 from his left arm quicks, Will Rogers with 2 in his debut for grade and Vikrant Nehru with 2 also. Raman and Chris De Kretser collected the other 2 to fall.

With 19 overs left in the day, it was important to not lose too many wickets while keeping the scoreboard tricking over. Unfortunately, Chris Spratt was out for 10, however Mitch Kleem (25*) and Max Papworth (19*) saw us through to stumps at 1 for 60.

Third Grade scores

Blacktown 221 (Ollie Sutton 4/46 Vikrant Nehru 2/31 Will Rogers 2/45 vs Gordon1 for 60 (Mitch Kleem 25*) 

Fourth Grade

Finally, a great day with the bat for 4s. After winning the toss and deciding the deck looked ok, McElduff 48 and Fletcher 17 set the perfect base for the Stags. Hamblin then cruised to a solid 96 which saw him at the crease from the 12th to the 71st over. 

Tom Hamblin with a fine 96

Unfortunately, Niranjan was run out for a second week in a row but it was a quality batting display in his knock of 54. Andreou then pitched in with a rapid 49 not out which left the Stags at 6/303 after day 1.

After many matches where 4th grade's bowlers have had to either add runs to a poor total, or be forced to bowl a team out for 150, it is great to see out batsmen stand up this week. Blacktown do have one win under their belt already this season, so we'll need to bowl well to notch up our first win. 

Arvin Niranjan at Killara

Fourth Grade scores

Gordon 6/303 (Tom Hamblin 96, Arvin Niranjan 54, Nick Andreou 49 not out, Liam McElduff 48)

Fifth Grade

A solid performance again from our bowlers with the pick being Dylan Hood with 4/32 off 17 overs. One batter, Don Nash, the 40-year-old former NSW fast bowler with 37 first class games and 99 wickets got away from us with a quickfire 59 runs. Regardless he came out with aggression and intent and we struggled to react. Restricting the opposition to 133 however was a good effort.  (Matt Nicholson, where are you?)

Dylan Hood against Blacktown

With 27 overs left in the day the message was measured intent. Unfortunately, things didn't go to plan with a constant flow of wickets and no real partnership forming. Finishing up on 7 for 57, 5 of the wickets were caught behind the stumps it would appear our bats need to learn how to leave a good ball, with a lot of the bats too eager to get bat on ball. Another way to look at it maybe… we were good though to find the edge...? To Blacktown's credit they bowled with great precision and patience. 

Still very much in the game with Shiv always-looking-for-a-promotion Rana and Lachie the-wombat Burrows at the crease.

Fifth Grade scores

Blacktown 133 Dylan Hood 4/32 Shiv Rana 3/24 Kartik Khetarpaul 2/30 vs Gordon 7 for 57   


The Colts team had the privilege of playing with a former Australian Test and ODI player in Trevor Chappell which hopefully was an experience they won’t forget. 

Trevor Chappell running the show at Castle Cove

Batting first the Colts got off to a solid start on a slowish wicket, however none after them was able to stay in for long enough to build a decent score. Tommy Gohl top scored with 29 while Nathan Sequeira (27), Simon Read (20) and Adam Greenwood (19) contributed to get us to 167.

Adam Greenwood opening the batting for the Colts

The bowling wasn’t up to our normal Colts standard for some reason with far too many balls down leg side which were despatches often for 4. When a ball was put on line the batsmen were kept in check but not for long enough. Prahlad Iyer was the pick of the bowlers taking 2 for 22, while Rohan Watson and Sam Schembri-Green also picked up wickets. Blacktown turned out to be the much more disciplined side and passed our score 4 wickets down. 

Trevor tired desperately to not have a bat but eventually had to go in and got an edge first ball. The bowler at least can claim he got a Test player out.  

Colts scores 

Gordon 167 (Tommy Gohl 29, Nathan Sequeira 27, Simon Read 20, Adam Greenwood 19) were defeated by Blacktown 4 for 168 (Prahlad Iyer 2 for 22, Rohan Watson 1 for 32, Sam Schembri-Green 1 for 53)

The Wrapmaster

Two star performances not enough against the dogs

Two star performances not enough against the dogs

Two exceptional performances by Axel Cahlin in first grade and Ashwin Premkumar in seconds we’re not enough to get the stags home in the important first round of matches against the Bankstown bulldogs. A century to Axel helped us to score 270 at Bankstown Oval which wasn’t able to be defended by our bowlers and fielders, while a five wicket haul for only 23 runs by Ashwin helped us bowl out Bankstown for 196 which our bats were not able to get close to on a good Chatswood Oval wicket. 

Wins in thirds, fifths and colts got us some club championship points, however, overall a disappointing start to the season. Our colts were in fine form with a five-wicket performance by Rohan Watson (5 for 51) as well as runs to Riley Behlevanas with 68 to Arvin Niranjan with 61. 

Ashwin Premkumar in action at Chatswood

Other good performances (50 or over and 4 wickets and over) were a fine score of 66 not out to Scott O’Brien in firsts, 51 to Jay Naganayagam in 3rds, 4 for 52 to Dan Stickland in seconds and 4 for 31 to Lachlan Burrows in Fifths. 

First Grade

Steve Colley won the toss at Bankstown Oval and elected to bat on a good early season wicket looking to get a strong total and keep the dogs at bay with some tight bowling on a slower afternoon wicket. The concept was fine and with the score on none for 40, the bats were playing their part. Unfortunately the regular loss of wickets, including two run outs, meant we were 4 for 115 and in need of a partnership. This came in the form of opener Axel Cahlin and No. 6 Scott O’Brien who put on 112 runs in quick time against a strong Bankstown attack. Axel was in fine early season form batting as if last season hadn’t finished, hitting the ball to all parts of the ground and picking up the pace just at the right time. What a treat it is to watch Axel bat. 

Axel at Bankstown

After his 90 in the trial match last week, Scott was keen to prove his second grade form with the bat last season could be converted to first grade runs and he quickly got into his stride hitting anything in his zone. 

With the score on 227, Axel was out to a late one day innings slog after a fine knock of 116. A couple of cameos from debutant Glenn Winsor and Max Newman combined with some excellent hitting including three sixes in an over by Scott O’Brien saw us finish on 270 and we achieved the goal set by the skipper. 

Scott O'Brien hits a six on Saturday

The bowling started well enough with wickets to Charlie Stobo and Alex Patterson and with the score on 2 for 38 after 8 overs we were on track. A conversation on the boundary, however, with Alex Patterson after about 10 overs proved to be turning point in the match when he said. “We will win today as Junkie will get Solway out and as they depend upon his batting that will get us home” 

Unfortunately, neither Junkie nor any of the other bowlers were unable to remove Dan Solway who like Axel in our innings became the rock and his 118 not out off 159 balls and 209 minutes was the difference to allow Bankstown to plan their innings to get the runs in the penultimate over with 5 wickets down.

The bowlers tried hard, but the pressure was unable to be put on when it was needed and the dogs took advantage.

First Grade Scores

Gordon 7 for 270 (Axel Cahlin 116, Scott O’Brien 66 not out, Tym Crawford 26) were defeated by Bankstown 5 for 271 (Charlie Stobo 2 for 53) 

Glenn Winsor (the Duke) bowls his first ball in First Grade

Second Grade

Seconds won the toss and elected to bowl on a sticky wicket at Chatswood. A superb opening spell from Ashwin Premkumar and Dan Stickland and some fantastic catching from the Stags rocked the Bankstown top order to leave them 5 down after 14 overs. A solid partnership ensued and a couple of tough chances hitting the floor allowed the Bulldogs to climb back into the game. They reached 196 before being dismissed in the final over of the innings. All bowlers bowled very well, however, special mention to Dan Stickland for his 4 wickets and especially Ashwin Premkumar for a 5 wicket haul on debut.

Dan Stickland against the dogs

The stags got off to a slow start to their chase slumping to 4-32. A short 54-run partnership followed between Miller and Thompson, however, once Miller was dismissed wickets fell at a consistent rate. The match was all but over once Thompson was dismissed for a superb fighting knock of 37 that left us at 7-115. The last 3 wickets fell for 9 runs which topped off a bitterly disappointing day for the seconds. 

Second Grade scores

Bankstown 196 (Aswin Premkumar 5 for 23, Dan Stickland 4 for 52) defeated Gordon 124 (Don Thomson 38, Nick Miller 27)

Dom Thomson in action on Saturday

Third Grade

Thirds arrived at a low and dusty Jensen Park with everyone red hot and raring to go. One of the better third grade sides shows just how much depth the club has at the moment, with the team agreeing that finals are a must in 2019. 

Bankstown won the toss during a sharp Gordon warm up and elected to bat. Vikrant and Paddy Effeney were trusted with the new ball, but it became immediately obvious this was no normal pitch. It was a good deal lower than a normal deck, with balls struggling to get above stump height. Nevertheless, Vikrant struck early to give the Stags an early blow. While the quicks toiled hard, and Ollie Sutton bowled with good pace, it was Charlie Booth who would do the damage bowling first change. Seven overs of quality off spin yielded two wickets at two runs an over - a great spell.

Raman Phoonie and Chris de Kretser both bowled tightly, with Raman snagging two wickets to have Bankstown teetering. A good returning spell from Vikrant and two late wickets to Paddy, as well as a runout from the new man Ollie Sutton meant the Stags had Bankstown all out for just over 100 in 45 overs - a simple chase.

But on a low wicket and with it being Gordon third grade we had to have a few heart attacks. Ryan Tullia edged a good ball early, and Chris Spratt elected to play the pull on a pitch that didn't really suit it to have us two down with barely a run scored. Max Papworth consolidated for a while before being dismissed bringing Oli Zanino to the crease, but it was at the other end that the real story was unfolding. 15-year-old Jay Naganayagam had begun his grade cricket career. 

Showing no signs of the slow wicket, the low bounce, or the good Bankstown attack, he proceeded to bash the bowlers to all parts. At drinks, with Jay approaching 50, the Bankstown skipper Iain Ridley commented: "How is it that we are struggling to hit it, while a 15-year-old is switch hitting blokes over point for four." 

Jay in action for Green Shield last season

It was a great knock, that ended on 51 from just 39 balls with 7 boundaries and a 6. Welcome to grade cricket young man - may it be the first of many.

With Oli Zannino still at the crease, and Jay's wicket bringing a couple more in Raman and Oli Sutton, Charlie Booth was left with the job to finish off the bonus-point win, lofting one over cover in true Boothy fashion to seal it.

Oli Zannino finished as a rock on 30*, but the day really belonged to Jay and Gordon. A great first-up effort, with a big test this week with a few troops out of action. 

Third Grade Scores

Bankstown 106 (Vikrant Nehru 3 for 24, Charlie Booth 2 for 21, Raman Phoonie 2 for 17) were defeated by Gordon 6 for 108 (Jay Naganayagam 51, li Zannino 30 not out)

Fourth Grade

Stu Bromley in action against Bankstown

After winning the toss and deciding to bat, it was a rapid start for the Stags as openers McElduff and Kleem took 19 off the first two overs. Unfortunately, that was where the dominance ended as McElduff, Hamblin and Andreou fell in quick succession and left the score at 3 for 23. Kleem and Jayasekera put on a handy 64-run partnership and we were looking good before both wickets were lost with the score at 5 for 88. Bromley and Amjad put on 47 but also were not able to capitalise on their starts and the remaining batsmen were kept to single figures. Stags managed a possibly defendable 150. Top scores to the always dangerous Kleem 39 and Jayasekera 31. 

Unfortunately, the bowling innings was equally as tough for the Stags as Bankstown's 17 yr old Singh took advantage of a lightning fast outfield and was able to snatch away any chance for Gordon to get into the game. As Killara became a road in the afternoon, the young Bankstown bat took runs off all bowlers and raced to 94 off 20 overs before Seneviratne took away the chance of a century with a well-earned wicket. Unfortunately, it was too late and although the danger man was out, Bankstown cruised to the total in the 24th over. 3/151. Wickets to Chauhan 1/25, Calov 1/33 and Seneviratne 1/35.

A tough day for fours but hopefully a wakeup call particularly for the batsmen who need to capitalise on starts. 

Fourth Grade Scores

Gordon 150 (Mitch Kleem 39, Darren Jayasekera 31, Dylan Amjad 25) were defeated by Bankstown 3 for 151

Fifth Grade

All bowlers performed well on a flat and true wicket plus an outfield that provided value for shots. To restrict the young opposition to just 131 off 47 overs is a testament to good line and length bowling.  

Fraser Wilson and Michael Fletcher against Bankstown on Saturday

Pick of the bowlers was Lachlan Burrows with 4 wickets and Shiv Rana who only conceded 6 runs in his last 8 overs. Fraser Wilson was faultless behind the stumps with 4 dismissals including a stumping. 

With a bonus point being the objective, Fraser and Fletcher got us off to a brisk start with a risk free 60 run partnership at 5 run per over. 

A cracking drive from Fletcher saw Naba unlucky run out with the bowler claiming a touch (*more running between wicket training from Trevor ...?)

As we approached 30 overs, a few wickets fell and ultimately left us just one run short of the bonus point.

Regardless a good comprehensive victory to start the season.

Fifth Grade Scores

Bankstown 131 (Lachlan Burrows 4 for 31, Dave Monaghan 3 for 23, Dylan Hood 2 for 25) were defeated by Gordon 5 for 132 (Michael Fletcher 43, Fraser Wilson 34)


The Colts boys arrived to a very moist and green wicket and were shocked when the Sydney University side won the toss and elected to bat. 

Rohan Watson on Saturday at Castle Cove

Prashan Seneviratne and Kartik Khetarpaul were given the new pill, with Kartik striking in the 3rd over to claim the first wicket. Nathan Sequeira followed up with a pacey attack, striking the other Uni opener lbw to leave them struggling at 2-19. Uni then made a slight recovery before young leg-spinning bowler Rohan Watson trapped the Uni number 3 lbw to leave them at 3-59 after the 17th. Some further tight bowling from the Gordon boys built pressure, which led to a run out, leaving the score at 4-61.

The Students skipper then started to find some runs, bringing up his 50 as his side reached 100. However, Kartik then broke through at the other end claiming the 5th wicket. Rohan Watson then came on for his second spell, claiming 2 wickets in the first over of it to leave Uni at 7-128. With wickets quickly falling Uni’s tail-end began hitting out, however Rohan continued to show his composure, claiming a wicket in each of his next two overs, leaving Uni on the ropes at 9-172. At this stage, Rohan unfortunately ran out of overs, finishing the innings with figures of 5-51 of 9. 

Gordon then turned to their opening bowlers to claim the final wicket. Kartik bowled another incredibly economical spell, finishing with incredible figures of 2-9 of 9 overs, 6 of them being maidens. However, it was Prashan at the other end who claimed Uni's last wicket to leave them all out for 190 after 44 overs.  


Nathan Sequeira takes a wicket and Kartik Khetarpaul in action

Gordon opened the batting with Riley Behlevanas and Arvin Niranjan. The two boys exhausted Uni’s bowling attack, leaving the ball well early and punishing anything too full or short to leave Gordon at 0-123 after 24 overs. Riley was the first of the two to bring up his 50, and continued to attack the Uni bowlers before he was caught out for 68. Jaiden Gray was next to the crease and worked the ball around the park to turn over the strike to Arvin who soon brought up his 50 before he was run out for 61. At 2-153, Jaiden and Josh Rigon quickly chased down the remaining runs, resulting in a convincing 8 wickets victory by the Gordon boys!

Colts Scores

Sydney Uni 190 (Rohan Watson 5 for 51, Kartik Khetarpaul 2 for 9) were defeated by Gordon 2 for 192 (Riley Behlevanas 68, Arvin Niranjan 61, Jaiden Gray 27)

Teams announced for Round 1 vs Bankstown - Glenn Winsor to make 1st grade debut

Teams announced for Round 1 vs Bankstown - Glenn Winsor to make 1st grade debut

The GDCC selectors have announced the teams for the first round of the season against Bankstown. First grade is away at Bankstown Oval and will feature the debut of former Gordon Green Shield player Glenn Winsor. The team also features the return to first grade of Max Newman who apart from one game last season played the full 2015-16 season as our first grade wicket keeper. Congratulations Max.

Glenn Winsor in action for Gordon Green Shield 

Apart from Max and Glenn the team contains our regular first graders with the exception of Cam Eccles who is unavailable until Round 3.

Glenn, who lives in Singleton, was initially recruited as one of two country players allowed to participate in the 2016/17 AW Green Shield Competition for Gordon. He produced dominant performances with both bat and ball, before succumbing to a stress fracture of the back, which prematurely terminated his season.

Josh Staines in action

After a successful rehabilitation programme with Cricket NSW, Glenn returned to the field last season and gained selection in the Australian U17 team. In a cruel twist of fate, Glenn was struck down again with a serious knee injury, which Iimited his appearances for the Gordon Poidevin Gray side. Eventually he was again cruelly forced to curtail his season.

Another rehab programme with Cricket CNSW and an offseason in the gym, has seen Glenn return to the field fully fit and relocated to 'Stag House' for the forthcoming season. With his selection in the first grade side for Round One, a deserved triumph of 'attitude' and 'desire' has been achieved.

It is a great story for any aspiring young player to emulate and very impressive that, despite serious injuries along the player, from Green Shield to First Grade in two seasons is a great example to us all. Glenn has also been selected in the squad for the Country NSW/ACT team for the Australian Under 19 Championships.  All the very best Glenn!

Our second grade side also contains some exciting new talent with two more country players and a fast bowler from Macquarie Uni First XI.

Josh Staines has joined the club as a 17 year old keeper/batsman who played first grade for Wagga RSL and captained the Country NSW/ACT Under 17 team. Josh is also in the Under 19 squad with Glenn.

Lachlan Barnsley

In addition to Josh, Lachlan Barnsley has also been selected in Second Grade. Lachlan is doing Year 12 at Trinity CC in Lismore and is also in the Country NSW/ACT Under 19 squad. He is an opening batsman and last season played first grade in Lismore.

Rounding out the newcomers in seconds is Ashwin Premkumar who took 20 wickets in Macquarie Firsts last season and also scored 330 runs @27 batting in the lower order. Ashwin has shown excellent form in the trials.

There are also several new players in the lower grades including Raman Phoonie, a top order bat from Coffs Harbour and Ollie Sutton who has joined us from the Formby club in England where he scored 1095 runs and took 34 wickets over English summer. Ollie played with Nick Miller for Formby.

Also great to see Liam McElduff return to Gordon after a season away. Welcome back Liam and we look forward to a mountain of runs.

The legendary Richard Stobo came down to practice on Thursday to present Glenn with his First Grade cap

More details of the other new players will be provided in the weeks ahead. Also for those not aware, Beauchamp Park is undergoing an upgrade with a return hopefully in the new year before the end of the season. Our Fifth Grade and Colts sides will be playing at Castle Cove Oval in the meantime.

The captains selected in each team are as follows:

First Grade: Steve Colley

Second Grade: Nick Miller

Third Grade: Pat Effeney

Fourth Grade: Stuart Bromley

Fifth Grade: Dave Monaghan

Colts: Josh Rigon  

The teams are:


1st Grade

2nd Grade 

3rd Grade

Bankstown Oval


Chatswood Oval


Jensen Oval


1) Tym Crawford

Lachlan Barnsley

Ryan Tullia

2) Axel Cahlin

Dom Thomson

Jay Naganayagam

3) Steve Colley ©

Jamie Bekis

Chris Spratt

4) Harry Evans

Michael Roberts

Max Papworth

5) Elliot Richtor

Josh Staines w/k

Oli Zannino w/k

6) Scott O’Brien

Nick Miller ©

Raman Phoonie

7) Glenn Winsor

Matt Wright

Ollie Sutton

8) Max Newman w/k

Ryan Meppem

Charlie Booth

9) Charlie Stobo

Ashwin Premkumar

Vikrant Nehru

10) Alex Patterson

Sam Baker

Paddy Effeney ©

11) Matt Junk

Dan Stickland

Chris De Kretser    

4th Grade

5th Grade

Colts v TBA

Killara Oval


Graham Thomas Oval


Castle Cove  Oval 


1) Liam McElduff

Michael Fletcher

Arvin Niranjan

2) Mitch Kleem

Fraser Wilson w/k

Riley Behlevanas

3) Tom Hamblin

Naba Haider

Jaiden Gray

4) Nick Andreou w/k

Marcus Miller

Josh Rigon ©

5) Darren Jayasekera

Jack Davis-Rice

Lachlan Donaldson w/k

6) Dillon Amjad

Steve Bristow

Prashan Seneviratne

7) Stuart Bromley ©

David Monaghan ©

Sam Schembri-Green

8) Manus Chauhan

Lachie Burrows

Nathan Sequeira

9) Matt Keane

Shiv Rana

Kartik Khetarpaul

10) Will Calov

Dylan Hood

Conor Clift

11) Danusha Seneviratne

Matt Keevers

Prahlad Iyer


Rohan Watson



Tommy Gohl



 (Note: Playing 12)                       

Train-On: Nick Astridge,
Unavailable:  1) Tim Ferrero (injured) 2) Austyn Nugent (injured) 3) Corbin Edgar (NZ until Xmas) 4) Dan Chillingworth (PG’s only) 5) Hugh Sherwood (injured) 6) Liam Windel (US until New Year) 7) Rahul Krishna (injured) 8) Nick Prell (injured) 9) Simon Read (injured back Xmas) 10) Adam Cubbage 11) Jack Plom (UK ok from R4) 12) Will Rogers (ok R2) 13) Joseph Hart (back R2) 14) Callum Bladen (back R3) ) 15) Cam Eccles (back R3) 
Plus we have the following only available during School holidays: 1) Adam Greenwood 2) Noah Olejniczak 3) Nikhil Ahluwalia 4) Felix Barbeler 5) Thomas Chapman 6) Thomas Reicher 7) Hugo Fraval 8) Ayush Joshi 9) Trystan Kennedy 10) Marcus Miller 11) Jay Naganayagam 12) Arvin Niranjan 13) Daimon Pin 14) Harry Vale 15) Rohan Watson 16) Jack Davis-Rice

Final update from Tony for our UK tourists

Final update from Tony for our UK tourists

With our English tourists returning from their winters in the UK, Tony Wilson wrote a final summary during the week, but then couldnt resist and update from their final performances. So the first part is as at 28th August for each player, followed by a quick review from Saturday 1st September performances.

Our tourists are only one more game away before they return to our shores. I believe that all of them are going to return as superior cricketers for their UK experience. They have performed brilliantly and I am sure they will all show us this rapid improvement in Sydney grade. Here is a a summary.

Nick Miller at Holmesdale CC in the Kent Division One League:

Nick has had an excellent experience at Holmesdale despite the problem with his back. It has restricted his bowling since end June and he will have the necessary scans on his return. Despite this and being the typical Club man that we all know he is, he has still scored 398 runs@27 in only 17 innings with 29 fours and 5 sixes. This did not include his massive 156no in a friendly. In his early bowling he took 13w@24 off 69 overs. A fit Nick will have a big impact on our Club this season and we all remember his excellent debut 1st grade game v Saints last season. He apparently has settled into the UK social scene rather well and although (as you all know) I am not one to gossip, there are unconfirmed reports that he may bring back (or will be visited by) some of the fruits of his labour at some stage this season.

Final update from weekend

Nick Miller: Scored 35 on Sat, which takes him to 435r@27 plus 156no in a friendly - for a total of 591. Come back soon Nick and get that back sorted out. 

Ryan Meppem (19yo) at North Petherton CC in the Somerset West England League:

This young man has had an excellent all-round performance for his UK Club. He scored 622 runs @ 26 in 26 innings with a top of 83. Ryan also took 37w@19, which was 22% of his teams wickets with a best of 4-18 and 4-22. It was noticeable when given a good early bowl, the wickets mounted. Thus what a tremendous experience and confidence booster this will be for Ryan on his return to Gordon – really well done. 

Final update from weekend

Quiet day on Sat with 2-72 and 2 runs and has now finished his season with 625r@25 and has taken 39w@20 and that is a fabulous all-round performance. 

Cameron New at Worthing CC in the Sussex League:

A really memorable season for Cameron who opened for a team that won only 3 matches. He scored a wonderful 725 runs @ the top av of 40 in 22 innings. During these knocks he hit a massive 100 fours and 10 sixes, scoring 19% of his teams runs. We won’t talk about his leggies at this stage. Another player who apparently really enjoyed the social UK scene, or so I am told on Facebook. What a great experience for Cam and a perfect forerunner for Gordon grade this coming season. 

Final update from weekend

37 runs on Sat has taken his season total to 762r@40. This is a magnificent effort from Cam and includes an incredible stat of 104 fours and 11 sixes – which equates to 482 runs in boundaries. I think Cam you had better meet up with Millsy and Shooter to look after them before you return. 

Daniel Chillingworth at Stokesley CC in the North Yorkshire/South Durham Central League.

This 18yo youngster has had a sensational season in the UK. How many times do you hear that leggies always struggle in English conditions. Before the left-arm nothings point out, I realise that it was an  unusually dry Summer over there. However Dan took an incredible 53 wickets at the amazing av  of only 14, off 221 overs and this was 27% of his teams wickets. He took two 5 wicket hauls including  a 5-36 off 15 overs. He also managed to score 298 runs @ 15 in 23 innings. Yes I am excited to hear  about a young leggie securing so many wickets in the UK and can’t wait to watch him on his return. Dan will play for his Newcastle club this season however will be playing in all our PG games – bring it on.

Final Update from weekend

Dan Chillingworth: Took 4-47 off 15 overs of leggies on Sat to bring his seasons total  bag to 57 wickets @ only 14. He then scored 51 runs for a total of 349@17. I am sorry but I will keep saying what a magnificent effort from this exciting youngster – bring him down soon to Gordon please Thommo.

Fraser Wilson at Rowledge CC in the Hampshire Southern Premier League:

This really talented youngster had a frustrating wait to have a regular hit, due to early washouts.  Then in only 17 innings he still managed to score 353 runs @ 21 with an excellent 45 fours and 6 sixes and a top score of 66. This experience will do wonders for him and the very interesting aspect is that he has kept wickets for the second part of the season. This could be very useful for his return to grade as apparently he kept for reps in the U15/16’s. Of course my lips must be sealed, however I have heard from a very reliable source (no not Facebook), that Fraser has done a Nick Miller over there and really enjoyed the UK social life – enough said and so he should enjoy life as an 18yo.

Final Update from weekend

Wow what an innings from Shooter on Sat, scoring 119 off only 128 balls with 16 fours and 2 sixes - plus 2 caught behinds with the gloves. That now takes him to 472r @ 26 hitting 61 fours and 8 sixes. If we include the 30 runs that he scored for the Pres X1, he then moves to that much sought after 500 run season milestone. What chance did this poor youngster have when christened Shooter as a middle name at birth. There is a strong rumour from a very reliable source, that Millsy was on the phone last night to organise a break out on the social side to celebrate the ton and get very loose within this week. Remember you are taken Shooter and have attached a shot just in case you forget.

Tony Wilson

Match report for trial at Mandalong Saturday September 1st

Match report for trial at Mandalong Saturday September 1st

We witnessed an exceptional day of cricket played in the right spirit under beautiful weather.With some rain falling yesterday, Stirling Hamman did a magnificent job to cover and prepare the deck, after returning only on Thursday from the UK. We were only delayed by 45 mins and obviously it was a good deck to bowl on for the initial early couple of hours. The bowlers did not let Paddy down.

Mandalong Cricket Ground

Will Calov and Ashwin Premkumar took quick wickets to have Monas side struggling for 3-16. At this stage Sam Schembri-Green joined Lachlan Donaldson and in an exciting partnership from these two Greenies, they took the score to 54. We must remember that these youngsters were against an experienced attack on a bowler friendly wicket. Lachlan scored an excellent 33 with 6 fours and really looked the part in difficult conditions, facing a very handy attack on a tough deck. In particular I must mention our new young 20yo quick Ashwin Premkumar who took 3-14 off 5 overs Tall, fit, athletic and strong, with a very easy action, he showed much promise in the early net trials. It was even better to see him today in full flight under match conditions and maintaining a very brisk pace throughout.

Nick Andreou in action last season

Manus Chauhan also bowled superbly for his 2-5 off 5 overs and hopefully this may be the start of a big year. Special mention must also go to two young bowlers again from the Greenies. Jaiden Gray took 2-17 off 5 overs of really promising leggies and Kartik Khetarpaul a very tall (and growing) young quick, who bowled 5 overs at a brisk pace for 0-12.A top cameo knock was also played by Prashan Seneviratne towards the end of the innings. He scored 29 and it included 2 sixes and 2 fours. After lunch the wicket was now dry and settled and the bats relished the change. Michael Fletcher (24 ret) and Riley Behlevanas (also 24 ret) opened and set the foundation for the win. Michael in particular struck the ball beautifully for so early in the season. In strode Nick Andreou who punished anything loose for his 33 ret, with 2 sixes and 4 fours. Joining the fray came Will Calov with 25 and Manus Chauhan 19 ret, completing a good double. The bowlers deserve praise as well, with Danusha Seneviratne 1-12 off 6 and the young tall Greenie, Callum Bladen 1-9 off 4, the most successful. 

It was really exciting to see a now injury free Callum bowling at a brisk pace with such accuracy. Callum missed all the Greenies games last season due to injury and is definitely one to watch this season in both Grade and Greenies, particularly as he continues growing. Also special mention must go to our new young LA finger spinner Conor Clift, who bowled extremely well in his debut game for 0-5 off 4 overs. I am sure he will be much relieved and we will ask Michael Falk to coach and monitor his progress. 

Another good performance came from Lachlan Donaldson who kept very tidily after his excellent innings and the beauty here is that he is prepared to work very hard on both his game and his fitness. Special thanks must go to Stirling Hammon, for providing the ground and a beautiful lunch and the Club will follow this through after next weekend. 

Also thank you Michael Falk for organising and umpiring all day. He also offered the players an excellent summary at the end of the game of how to improve their running between wickets and which hand to hold the bat in, whilst backing up.

Will Calov in action last season

Club coach Trevor Chappell would have endorsed these words of wisdom – thank you Michael. And thank you to the senior captains in Paddy Effeney and David Monaghan, who controlled both the bowling and batting to perfection and ensured everyone was involved all day. One last thank you goes to all those in attendance, from the players to the supporting parents, who blended in so perfectly. 

This ensured the game was played in a most enjoyable spirit and it was an absolute delight to see everyone mixing so well, throughout the day. This is the culture that the Gordon Club is promoting and it made us all so proud to see the smiling faces from both the players and supporters. The Mandalong ground definitely promotes this atmosphere and to have a good deck and a perfect outfield  in early September is a perfect start to the season – thank you Stirling. 


Monas X1: 156 all out in 40 overs: Lachlan Donaldson - 33, Prashan Seneviratne -  29, Callum Bladen - 12, Sam Schembri-Green - 10  (2nd innings Arvin Niranjan - 17, Mitch Kleem -12). Ashwin Premkumar 3-14 off 5, Manus Chauhan 2-6 off 5, Jaiden Gray 2-17 off 5, Will Calov 1-8 off 4, Paddy Effeney 1-8 off 2, Naji Haider 1-14 off 3.

Paddys X1: 5-163 off 40 overs: Nick Andreou 33 ret, Will Calov 25, Michael Fletcher 24 ret, Riley Behlevanas 24 ret, Manus Chauhan 19 ret;  Danusha Seneviratne 1-12 off 6 , Callum Bladen 1-9 off 4, Shiv Rana 1-31 off 4, Conor Clift 0-5 off 4.

Teams: Saturday 1st Sept Internal Trial at Mandalong 
1)Mitch Kleem 
2) Arvin Niranjan 
3) Naba Haider 
4) Lachlan Donaldson w/k 
5) Sam Schembri-Green 
6) Dave Monaghan © 
7) Shiv Rana 
8) Conor Clift 
9) Lachie Burrows 
10) Callum Bladen 
11) Danusha Seneviratne 
12) Prashan Seneviratne 

1) Riley Behlevanas
 2) Michael Fletcher 
3) Nick Andreou w/k 
4) Jaiden Gray 
5) Manus Chauhan 
6) Will Calov 
7) Ashwin Premkumar 
8) Paddy Effeney © 
9) Naji Haider 
10) Prahlad Iyer 
11) Kartik Khetarpaul 
12) Nathan Sequeira

Where Are They Now? – Here!

Where Are They Now? – Here!

Next time you young guys see all those ‘old blokes’ standing behind the nets or hiding behind trees and watching games at the various grounds around Sydney and you think, “Did they ever play?”, there’s a pretty fair chance that they did!

Bob and Paul arrive in Los Angeles on way to West Indies

 Take, for example, three of the present Gordon officials - Trevor Chappell, Bob Thomas and Paul Stephenson.  You see them at training or on Saturdays, assisting in many ways.  If Bob rings you, he may have some good news about a promotion (or not!).  What might they have in common?

Well, before most of you were around, all three of them went to the West Indies in December 1969 with the Australian Schoolboys Cricket team.  This team included many outstanding players, a number of whom went on to represent at the senior level – Gary Gilmour, Ian Davis, Gary Cosier and Trevor Chappell all played for Australia.  Andrew Sincock and Peter Clements also both played Sheffield Shield for South Australia.  Most of the other players had long, illustrious 1st grade careers.

Trevor waits his turn in Barbados

Trevor played with Gordon in the late 70s/early 80s, having come to the club from South Australia and Western Australia.  He then went on to represent NSW and Australia, playing three Tests and twenty ODIs for the national team.  A highly talented all rounder, Trevor was also considered one of the finest fieldsmen in Australian cricket.

Bob came to the club from Orange.  He was a highly successful, aggressive batsman and medium pace bowler at Gordon.  At one point, he was opening the bowling in the 1st Grade side.  Two seasons later, when Brian Taber and Marshall Rosen were both playing for NSW, Bob took the wicket keeping gloves and promptly broke the 1st Grade record for dismissals.  A pretty fair effort!  He topped the batting average and aggregate on the tour to the West Indies.

Bob Thomas after scoring a century in Trinidad (with Gary Gilmour going out to bat) 

Paul played his grade cricket with Manly before seeing the light and coming across to Gordon when his son Julian joined the club.  Paul was a highly successful opening bowler for the Seasiders, taking 359 wickets (262 in 1st Grade).  At Gordon, he has made a huge contribution in a wide range of administrative capacities.

Interestingly, two other members of the touring team also played for Gordon.  Ian Davis came to the club from Northern District in the early 70s for a couple of seasons.  He was in fact first chosen for both NSW and Australia while playing for Gordon.  Arthur Jessup, a talented wicketkeeper, had a couple of seasons with the club in the 80s.

So, if one of these gents suggest you may be able to improve your performances with some sort of change to your technique, listen to him – he may know what he’s talking about. 

(Footnote:  While the tour was occurring, the National Schoolboys Championships took place in Melbourne.  Captain of the NSW Team?  Former club president and current 1st Grade scorer, Andrew Falk.)

Dan Frogan (Former NSW Director of Coaching)  


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