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Poidevin Gray Shield Match Reports 2012/13

Dan SmithThe Poidevin Gray Shield is an age competition for grade clubs for players under 21 years of age.

The Poidevin Gray matches are played on a Sunday, and consists of 3 T20 matches and 4 one-dayers, with the top 6 sides making their way through finals.

Poidevin Gray match reports for 2012/13 season are provided below:

Poidevin Gray vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 6 - 2012/13

Poidevin Gray vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 6 - 2012/13

ColleyThe same team that trounced the Rangers last week graced the shores of Raby Oval on Sunday. However, the euphoria that followed our defeat of ND’s was replaced by feelings of emptiness after 100 overs. Indeed, only three words could really sum up our thoughts at the end of the game; take me home.

Kris Colley... before missing a straight one... 

Our efforts with the ball did not start well. We struggled to find a consistent line and length, and allowed the Ghosts openers to add nearly 60 runs for the first wicket. 

Stobo finally brought the Stags in to a huddle, before snicking off the number 3 batsman the very next ball. He was well supported by Soper at the other end, who bowled good areas and was unlucky not to pick up a wicket. 

Stobes and Sopes continued to mount the pressure throughout their spells, with most of the batsmen’s runs coming from behind the wicket. “Ronny” Ieroianni also did a good job with the ball in hand, and Heaney came back strong in his second spell. Wickets were hard to come by on the flat Raby wicket, and at the end of their 50 overs the Ghosts had 268 runs on the board, with Stobes collecting 3 wickets. 

Once again, Kris “Virat” Colley and Corbin Edgar started things off with the willow, but their stand did not last long after Kris missed a straight one. 

This was the first time that Kris failed to make a start for the junior stags. Perhaps his mind was elsewhere on Sunday, as we soon realized that Kris’ future wife is now living under the same roof (albeit 7 floors below). Don’t be surprised if you see Kris shopping at Coles Westfield this week! Merry “Kris”mas mate!

1/14 quickly became 2/14 after Will “I don’t miss straight ones anymore” Phillips also missed a straight one. 

A partnership was desperately needed to get the Stags back in the match. Edgar and Smith did their best to steady the ship against some disciplined bowling. Loose (Pomersbach) balls were few and far between, but when they came they were dealt with accordingly. Just as Corbin was beginning to hit his strides, he was unfortunately given out LBW for a gritty 38 runs. 

Clem “borderline” Bromwich and Smith added 30 odd for the fourth wicket, before Smith skied one trying to hit out in an innings that was simply unpleasant. At 5/104, most teams would have simply folded under the pressure and the heat. However, the middle and lower order showed great resolve in the trying conditions. Bromwich was timing the ball beautifully, sometimes in to the gaps, while Ieroianni supported him well at the other end, before he was unfortunately given out LBW. 

Max and Chad both showed their class as they tried desperately to chase down the runs. Max’s running between the wickets was a highlight, while Soper was ruthless on any width offered. Max and Sopes have played a number of crucial knocks for us this season, a testament to the hard work they put in at training. 

Stobes also back up his efforts with the ball with a handy 29 not out off just 22 balls. Together with “Vernon” Soper, the two brought us to within 8 runs of victory. Although we weren’t able to get over the line, it was fitting that these two remained not out at the end of our innings. 

Obviously, it was not the result we were after. However, there are a number of things that we can take out of Sunday’s performance. Firstly, no matter what situation we are in, our bowlers have the skills to take control of the game. Secondly, we should be confident in chasing down (or setting) any total with the depth that we have in our batting line up. 

We currently sit 10th on the competition ladder and need a win against a strong North Sydney team and a couple of results to go our way if we are to sneak into the top 8. With Corbin, Max and Charlie unavailable for this crucial clash, we welcome Chris Spratt, Lachy Borg and my best friend Nick Coleman into the team. If we stick to the game plan with the ball, and show the same resolve that we did with the bat, I am confident that we will pick up the 6 points. 

In hindsight, I probably wouldn’t have thrown those 4 overthrows. My bad. 

Dan Smith

Poidevin Gray vs Northern District - Round 5 - 2012/13

Poidevin Gray vs Northern District - Round 5 - 2012/13

HeaneyFirstly, apologies for the lateness of this report. Not many of you can understand the tribulations of unemployment. Much of my days are spent liking Facebook statuses and photos from 2007, and the occasional “who’s this?” comment on Clem Bromwich’s wall, and consequently it is difficult to find time to do a match report.

Scott Heaney leading the PG's attack against the Rangers 

However, as we say in first grade, it’s ok to make a mistake, just don’t make the same mistake twice. So for the selectors who have appointed me back-to-back match reports (cheers…), I assure you that the report for this Sunday’s fixture against Campbelltown will be in nice and early (subject to a Sunday night circuit). 

Now onto more pressing matters… The enclave rocked up to Stag Park eager to continue with their winning ways and raise the metaphorical performance bar. The covers were done in record time and the top 6 once again dominated “10 Touches”, despite a number of questionable tactics from “Soper’s Swindlers”, who are at $1 to come last in the Spirit of Cricket award. 

The toss was lost and the Stags were ordered to make first use of the ball. As the bowlers finished rolling the arm over and headed towards the sheds, our coach finally showed up. For a moment, I thought he was simply employing a “that government is best which governs least” approach to coaching. However, it soon became clear that he was merely fresh off the circuit. Looking forward to Saturday’s court session!

CorbinThe game plan with the ball was simple; bowl 6 balls on a good line and length, dry up the runs, and watch the Rangers batsmen throw it away. With the advent of Twenty 20 cricket and the recent “leaking” of Cricket Australia’s dossier on the Proteas, such a simple game plan can bemuse the minds of the modern cricketer. But it works… 

Corbin Edger, fresh from 92 the day before, knocks the Rangers' side all around the park 

Line and length bowling from Smith and Heaney immediately had the Rangers on the back foot at 2/5. However, a number of 5 ball overs let the pressure off, with ND’s Mitch Farag cashing in on any width and, with Green, pushed the total to 80 runs off not many overs. 

The introduction of Alex Ieroianni proved to be the turning point of the match. Running into the Fremantle Doctor, Alex was ruthless, producing his best spell for the Stags yet. After stringing together a couple of tight overs, he eventually forced a Loose Pomersbach from Farag, which was well taken by Heaney at mid-off (good captaincy). 

The next over, he snicked off Hayward, and the Stags were on a roll. From here, wickets began to fall periodically, and it was simply a case of the Rangers trying to grind out as many runs as they could, eventually reaching 166. 

Overall, despite a number of 5 ball overs, this was a very clinical display of bowling, superseded only by the first-class display of fielding. Long story short, we fielded the house down. In fact, there is no house there anymore. 

AlexMuch of the lunchtime discussion focused on “Stags” and “Highlanders”. This is where Henry’s input into the day was imperative, as he explained that a Highlander is not actually some distant brother to the Stag, but something to do with Scotland or something (I dunno… Yahoo it… said no one ever). So where did Gordon Rugby’s Stag come from? Those are tales for other times. 

Alex "too many vowels" Ieroianni turns the match in the favour of the Stags 

Kris “Colbut” Colley and Corbin Edgar opened up our innings. Despite missing a straight one off a no-ball, Colley looked assured at the crease, as he has done all season. Corbin started nervously, but soon found his groove when the Rangers bowlers offered him a couple of half trackers that were dispatched of accordingly. 

After making a start, Col departed for a well-fought 22 runs. A couple of overs later, Smith was robbed of a century when he padded one down the leg side into the keeper’s gloves. At 2/60, a rising chorus of doubt swept over the enclave, but the partnership between Corbin and Will quickly quashed any uncertainties. 

Corbin was now on borrowed time, and began dishing out tickets to the Rangers. With each ball his confidence grew. He produced a number of textbook cover drives, and continued to murder anything short. 

Will “I have 6 notifications” Phillips provided good support at the other end. Will looked Confident, Lively, Assured, Reliable, Illustrious, Solid, Sublime and Awe-inspiring. He continued to knock the ball around to take the Stags pass the 100 mark, when he was adjudged to be caught behind… by the square leg umpire. I’m not sure what was said on the field, but I think it went something like this:
Square-leg umpire: Billy! 100%. I’m 100% sure he nicked that. Clear as. 
Northern Districts Player: Just walk mate! Just leave!
Will Phillips: I do walk mate! Alright… just chill!

When questioned whether he hit the ball or not, Will replied, “I might have”. In the end, the right decision was made (although Will still sought clarification from the umpires after the game). 


The PG's side celebrates the wicket of a Rangers' batsman by Scott Heaney 

Corbin and Clem continued to work hard at the crease. Clem was particularly dominant against the spinners, hitting the ball to all parts of the square for no run. That said, he also provided good support to Corbin, who continued to dispatch the loose balls. It was at this point that his game clicked into another gear, and he began to punch the good balls into the gaps for 1 or 2 runs – a sign of a player with a promising future ahead. 

Corbin brought up his run a ball century with a glorious on drive for four, but was unfortunately dismissed trying to end the game with a bang. Max Newman finished things off with a textbook straight drive through point in the 39th over. 

Special mention to Henry Carmichael who got 2 wickets for 1 run off 0 overs. Work that one out… 

Overall, the most pleasing thing from a captain’s perspective is that we executed exactly what we talked about. We were ruthless with the ball, ruthless in the field, and for the most part, ruthless with the willow. It was not the performances of one or two individuals that secured victory for us, but the collective efforts of each and every Stag. 

ColleyThis Sunday, we leave the unassuming mien of the North Shore and travel to the psychologically alien and sensorily austere lands of Campbelltown. Though we head in to this fixture as underdogs, we should take a lot of confidence out of our performance against the Rangers and strive to raise the metaphorical performance bar once more. 

Kris Colley contributes at the top of the order 

Before I go, I would like to thank Jamie Soper for carrying out the scorers duties over the past 3 games, as well as Rob Carruthers for his exceptional efforts as manager. Lastly, I would also like to thank Harry Evans for his honesty in deducting 1 hour from Sunday’s remuneration. 

Dan Smith

“relentless 09”
(P.S. Apologies if any of these usernames abused you on Sportal between 2008-2010)

Poidevin Gray vs Penrith - Round 4 - 2012/13

Poidevin Gray vs Penrith - Round 4 - 2012/13

Kris ColleyGordon Under 21’s arrived at Chatswood Oval on Sunday morning, keen to push on from last week’s victory against Sydney Uni, with a win against Penrith. The team were greeted by a fantastic spread from Rob, the gaffer. From last week’s side, three changes were made, with the now eligible Charlie Stobo and all-rounder Alex Ieroianni (a tester on the spelling) coming into the victorious side.

Kris Colley comes into form as the hard work at practice pays dividends 

Unfortunately Gordon legend, Marcos, was absent on a cruise to New Zealand, hope you’re having a good trip Marcos. 

On what looked like a good Chatswood pitch, skip Daniel Smith won the toss and put Penrith in to bat against a strong Stags seam attack.

Smith and Scott Heaney took the new ball and despite some close calls, Penrith got off to a good start, putting on 41 for the first wicket. The junior Stags were perhaps a little bit guilty of going through the motions early on, however they were sparked into life when “the Greyhound” Smith found the edge of the Penrith opener’s bat. 

Keeper, Max Newman, then banished the demons of yesterday’s dropped catch (the first in 2 years apparently), by leaping like a salmon in front of first slip, taking a one handed beauty, this really set the standards for the next 5 overs where Heaney and Smith pegged the opposition back, with Charlie Stobo bowling some good areas after being introduced into the attack. 

Henry CarmichaelPenrith were scoring at a good rate, despite losing two of their better batsman to some careful and well thought out half trackers from Ieroianni and Phillips respectively. At this point their innings could have gone either way, but Henry Carmichael (1-37), who is fast getting a reputation for bowling long spells, hit some great areas, with many of runs conceded being off the edge of the bat.

Henry Carmichael acknowledges the crowd and his team mates as he reaches his ton in quick time 

The opposition were still going along nicely, running some quick singles despite inform fielder Jack Colley being in the covers. The Stags bowled well for the last 15, with birthday boy and instagram legend Chad Soper (1-50) bowling especially well in his second spell, despite perhaps recovering from a “musical hangover” after seeing Coldplay the previous night. Mentions must go to Smith (3-29) and Heaney (1-50), who also finished strongly as well as Kris Colley and Charlie Stobo for good catching.

Penrith finished on 249/8, which was considered by the Gordon lads as being a par score on a lightening outfield and a flattening pitch

After indulging in a platter of pies, subway rolls, banana bread and Up’ N’ Go it was time for the junior Stags to bat, with Kris and Jack Colley taking to the crease for the second successive game. Colley Jnr, clearly being affected by the absence of good pal Alex Jackson, was out on 8, bringing inform Smith to the crease on the back of last week’s match winning 97. However, last week’s heroics couldn’t be repeated and quick wickets meant the Stags were in dire straits at 38/4 (or 4/38 depending on which hemisphere you are from). At this point of the game you could say that Gordon were not favourites, the boys needed someone to step up to the plate and score a match winning knock, as coach Harry Evans had stated before the innings.

Dan SmithThese quick wickets turned out to be a blessing in disguise, bringing Carmichael to the crease, along with Colley Snr, who looked as if he was settling in for a big score, despite suffering from “pink eye”. They started cautiously, however soon got after the newly introduced spinner, hitting him hard and straight. This unleashed the two batsman, with Colley playing the anchor role, with a few massive sixes dotted around. 

The skipper, Dan "Greyhound" Smith, leads from the front with the ball in hand 

Carmichael was seeing the ball well, playing some outrageous shots, including a Sehwag-esque cut shot onto the railway line. These two carted the Penrith attack, to all corners of Chatswood Oval, putting on a mammoth 169 for the 5th wicket. Kris departed for 92, with 40 still to get. However, Carmichael remained out there, moving to 98 with a huge six into the grandstand, hitting his own mother’s foot in the process. 

There is no confirmation of how Mrs Carmichael’s foot is, however, it has been confirmed that Henry did not get dinner that night. 

Henry reached three figures in style and polished off the rest of the score with some clean hitting, 4,6,4,4 to win the game in style for the Staggies!

Special mention to Kris Colley (92) who applied himself very well after wickets fell around him, anyone who is at training can see how hard Kris works on his game, so well done mate you deserve it. Also to Henry Carmichael (121*) who batted carefully when he needed to, and hit the ball hard pretty much the rest of the time. Special thanks also to team manager Rob for always laying out a fantastic spread and helping the team prepare. 

The second win in a row for the PG’s side, on to the next one!

Will Phillips

Poidevin Gray vs Sydney Uni - Round 3 - 2012/13

Poidevin Gray vs Sydney Uni - Round 3 - 2012/13

Chad SoperThe Gordon Poidevan Gray boys eagerly met on Sunday morning for two reasons. One for the love of the game of CRICKET!! and the other to discuss the details of why their left arm finger spinner was unavailable for this game, with that story to be left for another time...

Chad Soper, with a big pre-season under his belt, works well for his skipper and his side 

After a marvelous covers display led by Kris Colley, who obviously was keen to achieve some browny points with his team mates after receiving a nickname the previous day that would shatter the entire universe of even the hardest of cricket players, the Gordon adolescents went about preparing to take down a strong Sydney Uni outfit on a green but hard deck. 

Captain Smith decided to flip the coin in favour of the students and the boys were sent out in the field. 

The boys began strongly with Big Scotty Heaney (2/40 off 10 overs with 2 maidens) and Skip Dan Smith (0/57 off 10 overs and 1 maiden) leading the way with some tight bowling early, bowling in the right channels with the new ball. A change was made with the new 2nd slip Soper (2/28 off 7 overs) being given the opportunity to bowl from the "wickets end" where 14 wickets fell the previous day and continued to prove this by removing both openers with sharp catches to the debutant Coleman and keeper Newman.

With the score at 2/34 after the first session and the Gordon teens on top, a partnership was then formed by the Students with the two experienced Uni batsmen working to rebuild the innings. The skipper decided it was time to introduce spinner Phillips (1/50 off 10 overs) and Carmichael (1/28 off 8 overs) into the attack. These two combined well with tight bowling and were able to bring about the wicket of the danger man Larkin and remove another quick wicket in succession before the final 10 overs. 

The innings was then in the balance with Sydney Uni looking to set a big total with wickets in hand. Here the Gordon youth showed great composure bowling full and straight and fielding well and thus restricting Sydney Uni to 237. 

Special mentions to Scotty for his dangerous first spell of 0/5 off 6 overs and for his burgling skills in the final 10 overs picking up 2 big wickets and the man-child Jack Colley leading the way in the field with 3 run outs and a solid catch on the boundary. 

Change of innings.

The underaged Gordon's were confident in chasing down the target especially after being fueled constantly with banana bread and Up'n'Go by manager Carruthers. 

Despite losing both of the Colley boys early, the target was always within reach thanks to a number of small partnerships and a memorable innings by Captain Smith. 

Dan SmithDaniel showed great character and maturity in the way he batted, playing straight and running hard between the wickets and showing what a true all rounder he is. He was unlucky not to reach 3 figures and see the boys home getting dismissed for a well made 97 off 91 balls. 

Dan Smith plays an incredible captain's knock and leads the side with maturity 

Keeper Max also showed his class in carrying on the responsibility after the captain was dismissed and was unfortunately run out for a patient 45 off 69 balls, by that 2nd slip bloke who continues to scream out loud "WAIT.. NO" in his sleep since.. 

With quick wickets falling due to some attacking bowling by the students the game began to swing in the students favor, but like the big swing in momentum, a big swing by opening bowler Scotty ended the game in the 48th over and gave the Poidevan Gray Gordon's their first victory of 2012. 

From the eyes of the writer well played boys, a great fight back and excellent win , we still have lots to work on at training with our execution but all in all this side is on the right track and I'm looking forward to seeing us improve and dominate this competition.

Chad Soper

Poidevin Gray vs Hawkesbury - Round 2 - 2012/13

Poidevin Gray vs Hawkesbury - Round 2 - 2012/13

Kris COlleyAfter a disappointing start to the season the PGs boys were looking to turn in an improved performance in round two against the Hawks. Upon arriving at Bensons Lane we were greeted by the familiar pervasive stench and accompanying flies that have made Richmond Flats the infamous cricket location that it is. 

Kris "Middle" Colley looks for runs at the top of the order

According to one of the Hawkesbury boys, Sunday was the first day of the season where these conditions have been apparent. They suggested that the local farmers had put together their combination of pesticides and blood’n’bone just that morning. Good timing Gordon!

The Stags won the toss and chose to bat, seeking to build on the solid performance with the bat against Wests. Unfortunately the innings did not start well with Jordie ‘lights on, lights off’ Liddle and Clem ‘West’ Brom[ich] cleaned up by the opening bowlers. 

Middle Colley (19) again looked solid and confident at the top of the order, demonstrating that he is a much improved batsman this year with great potential for the season. Kris, in true Colley style, even dispatched a short ball well forward of square for six in the fourth over, proving that Steve’s incessant dinner-table coaching has not been futile. Sadly this was arguably the sole highlight of our batting performance, as we kept losing wickets which meant that a partnership rarely formed and any momentum gained was always lost through poor decision-making. 

Henry (22) endeavoured to keep things together and after he was dismissed Charlie Stobo (15*) and debutant Dan Stickland batted sensibly to (almost) add some respectability to our score. All out 93 off 16.1 overs on a good wicket. While their openers certainly bowled well and were ably supported by the spinners, we gifted most of our wickets away and allowed an offie to pick up 5/16 without doing much. A simply inexcusable batting performance that highlighted the consequences of giving away cheap wickets in T20s.

HenryTo the boys’ credit, we performed far better with the ball this match. Charlie bowled exceptionally well with the new ball and was unlucky to only find the edge once to pick up 1/19 off his 4, including the only maiden of the day. He was ably supported by Stickland (0/10 off 2) and later Jack ‘no-real-justification-for-supporting-ManU’ Richardson (0/21 off 4) as the seamers stuck to their plans of bowling straight far more consistently than in the previous match. 

Henry Carmichael provided some stability in the middle order 

This is a testament to their development over the past few weeks and improved temperament in the T20 format, and it certainly made it far easier to set fields! 

Will ‘fair-enough-for-supporting-the-Saints’ Phillips (2/17 off 3) was also handy with his straight-breaks and deservedly picked up two wickets to very good outfield catches. He was also unlucky not to be credited with a run-out that appeared to be fairly close. Alex Jackson (0/20 off 3.2) also bowled well and was unlucky not to have a wicket. However the Hawks chased down our meagre total with 16 balls remaining. With a few more runs on the board and had a couple of catches not gone down, the match could have been very different. 

Nonetheless it was a far better performance in the field this game, the enthusiasm was there and the boys did well to turn the game from 0/37 to 3/39.

KrisDespite another loss the team agreed that we put up a greater fight this time around. The morale remains high heading into the one-dayers and the much-awaited return of the first graders. The team is slowly improving their ‘English (UK)’ vernacular thanks to the tripartite contingency of JR, Will and Dan, while Jacko – ‘an interesting character’ – and Missy’s ‘4th favourite Colley’ Jack have taken initial steps in mending their tense working relationship. 

A far more usual photograph of Kris Colley, looking to pull the ball well in front of square 

Glancing quickly at the table only six teams managed to pick up wins from both their matches so with four points for a T20 win the Stags can easily threaten the top ranks with a couple of solid wins against Sydney Uni and Penrith over the next two Sundays at Chatswood. 

If you could make it down for an hour or so to show your support it would be greatly appreciated. We only have three home games this summer and a vocal home crowd really makes a difference when mobilised.

Max Newman

Poidevin Gray vs Wests - Round 1 - 2012/13

Poidevin Gray vs Wests - Round 1 - 2012/13

Kris ColleyIt was a slow start to the day with a few late arrivals to Wests' home ground. However, Alex Jackson was on time. Jacko was, for once, at the ground early after previous poor excuses such as “car problems” and an “RBT”.

Kris Colley stands tall against the Wests' bowlers 

He looked a little dusty after his standard Saturday night being a DJ at the Cross. The team moved past this as Max won the toss and elected to bat on what was a good batting track. It wasn’t the ideal start to the game with Henry snicking of early for yet another 3. Kris Colley was trying to go a little hard early but however him and Jordan Little started to hit the ball crisply and rotate the strike.

Jordy soon fell with a nice innings of 17. 

That bought Jack Colley out to the crease, who joined his brother and hit the ball ok. Kris and Jack put on a little partnership until Kris was caught at cover for 52. Jack didn’t last long after that when he was clean bowled in the 18th over for 25.
Chris Spratt, Max Newman, Darren and Lachy Borg all put in their efforts to end the innings with a total of 121. 

There isn’t much to say about our bowling and fielding effort, as there was no pressure built, and our game plan was far from executed. 

Wests soon raced to 121 without losing a wicket reaching our total comfortably in which was a demoralizing loss.

Jack Colley


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