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Player Application Form

Player Application Form

Harry EvansThinking of joining our great Gordon club for 2016/17? 

Are you interested in world class coaching to take your cricket to the next level? If so, please feel free to fill in the details below and submit the form to the GDCC if you feel you are capable of playing grade cricket in one of our teams this coming season. We will contact you shortly regarding your inquiry and when the first practice sessions will be. We look forward to having you on board this season.

With a number of sides going deep into the finals in the past few years, the club is looking forward to a strong and improved season in 2016/17 and a top 3 finish in the club championship.

There will be announcements soon regarding the continuation of our excellent coaches for the coming season and you can rest assured they will be the best batting and bowling coaches in the competition.

There are plenty of fantastic initiatives in place at the club. We have great playing facilities, top class grounds, a great club atmosphere both on and off the field. Take your time and have a look around the website to find out more information.

Scroll down to player application form below.


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Player Registration Form 2016/17

Player Registration Form 2016/17

At the GDCC, we try to do everything online, making it as easy as possible for our players. Therefore, registration is online version to make it quicker for you to complete all the details. Every player must complete this form to be registered to play for the Gordon District Cricket Club.

If you are a new player, and haven't completed the New Player Form, click here and then please wait to hear back from the club officials before filling in this form.

This form is not for the junior club. Please see their website for rego details.

If you have already registered and wish to pay your subs, follow this link to pay online now

In completing this form, you hereby -

(a) apply for registration with the Sydney Cricket Association to represent Gordon District Cricket Club (the "Club") in the Premier, Shires or Women's competition;

(b) declare that you have obtained permission from the Sydney Cricket Association to represent Gordon District Cricket Club, if you have represented any other Premier or Shires club previously this season;

(c) undertake and agree that you will not hold Gordon District Cricket Club or the Sydney Cricket Association responsible for any injury or accident you may suffer as a result of taking part in a match, or attending practice activities conducted by the club and that you will not make any claim or take any action against the club or the Sydney Cricket Association to recover any loss or expense incurred by you as a result of any such injury or accident;

(d) acknowledge that you understand and accept the Sydney Cricket Association Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it;

(e) declare that you are under no outstanding financial obligation to any previous club, and are not currently listed with the NSW Cricket Association as a defaulter to any affiliate of the NSWCA; and

(f) declare that you have advised the club officials if you are not an Australian citizen.

Privacy Policy: Your registration information WILL NOT be provided to any third party for any purpose. This information is for the purpose of processing your participation insurance, maintaining participant records for the purposes of resource allocation, facility development and providing you with information on fixtures, competitions and special offers.

If you wish to access or correct your information at any time, please contact


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Player Subscriptions

Player Subscriptions

Subscriptions for 2016-17 season

The cost of fielding six grade teams during this season is in excess of $200,000. These funds are primarily spent on Coaching, Ground Hire with the local councils, clothing and equipment costs (e.g. cricket balls).

These costs are covered by three key areas of funding:

  1. Player Subscriptions
  2. Grants from Cricket NSW & Cricket Australia
  3. Sponsorship & Fund Raising (e.g. Golf Day)


For the coming season there has been some minor adjustments to the fees and as you all are aware, for cash-flow purposes, subscriptions need to be paid early in the season.
This year all grade playing fees must be paid by 31st October 2016.

This season playing fees will include a playing shirt, a training warm up shirt and short and a cap. Under the agreement with Beastwear all players and officials are required to wear the club gear at all times when representing the club. If you wish to purchase additional clothing you can do this via the link on the website. As per last season a small amount that will be used towards our End of Season Players function, which will help reduce entry costs of this signature event for the club.

First Grade one day, T20 & Poidevin-Gray playing pants and shirts will be provided to players on an as needed basis at no cost as per previous seasons.

This year we are also offering an incentive for any grade player who can organise a Player Sponsor Package to the value of $1,100 (inclusive of GST) will have their subs paid for as part of the package and their sponsor enjoys a number of other benefits.

The Committee has determined that the fees for the 2016/2017 Season will be as follows.

Follow this link to pay online now

Please note that the new Subscription Rules will be strictly administered.






Playing Member



Includes playing shirt, cap & training gear.
See below for conditions and rules


Tertiary & Student
Playing Member



Includes playing shirt, cap &
training gear.
See below for conditions and rules


Player (if not
playing Grade)



Includes playing & training gear.
If paying Grade subs, no additional Green Shield subs apply.


Playing Member


Plus $30 per game

Includes playing shirt, cap & training gear.
See below for conditions and rules







  1. ALL players are expected to pay subscriptions at the beginning of the season, including players who meet Condition 2, except those who were contracted to Cricket Australia, Cricket NSW or a Big Bash League franchise at any time during the previous season.
  2. ANY player who plays 10 or more 1st Grade matches (including regular round two-day, and limited overs matches and two day or limited overs finals matches but excluding T20 preliminary or finals series matches) or represents Australia, NSW in senior 1st XI matches or plays in the Big Bash League competition during the current season will receive a full refund of subscriptions that they have paid. 1st Grade players should pay their subscriptions at the start of the season and these will be refunded to them if they meet the criteria as stated.
  3. Grade players unable to pay their subscription in full by 31st October MUST arrange a payment plan with either the Hon. Secretary or the Hon. Treasurer PRIOR to 31st October. The player must then comply with the agreed payment plan (which will be in writing and signed by both parties) or the balance of all outstanding subscriptions will become payable in full immediately. Should this balance not be received within 7 days of the breach of the arrangement, the Selectors will, on behalf of the club, reserve the right to drop or not select the player for the next and subsequent matches.
  4. Grade players who neither pay the subscription by 31st October nor agree a payment plan will be treated as a non-paying member. A breach of this condition will be referred to the Selectors who, on behalf of the Club, reserve the right to drop or not select the player for the next or subsequent matches until the Annual Subscription is paid in full.
  5. Green Shield Player Subscriptions will be due and payable prior to Round 1 of the Green Shield Competition. Green Shield players who have paid a Grade playing subscription are not required to pay any addition subscription for Green Shield.
  6. Payment of subscriptions can be made via our secure online PayPal facility. They may also be made by cash, cheque or direct debit. Direct Debit is the preferred method.
  7. Should a player obtain a Player Sponsorship package to the value of $1,100, the player's subscriptions for that year will be waived or refunded.
  8. Some player clothing is included in the subscriptions. Any additional or replacement clothing is available for purchase.

Download the Subscription and Associate Membership Form here

Download the Registration Form here

The Treasurer will keep the Chairman of Selectors informed of the status of each player's subscription. If a player has not paid his subscription by October 31st the player may be added to the NSWCA defaulters list.

Please refer to other sections within this website for Rules and Regulations relating to Practices, Unavailability and Behaviour.

Player subscriptions include:

  • Playing Shirt
  • Cap 
  • Practice shirt and shorts 
  • One Day shirt (First grade, Poidevin Gray and Green Shield only)

Other items for Sale an be found on the Beastwear link


Payment options:

There are many options to pay fees and they are outlined below:

  • PREFERRED: Electronic Transfer by 'payer' from 'payer's' account for deposit to the GDCC account Westpac Chatswood. Account details - BSB : 032090, Account No. : 411845, Description '(name) sub'. 
  • Credit card (Visa / Mastercard) through our secure PayPal website - Follow this link 
  • Direct deposit at any Westpac Branch to the account of 'Gordon District Cricket Club Inc' (located at Victoria Ave Chatswood), Account Details - as above;
  • Cheque posted to the address given below;
  • Cash handed to the treasurer along with the subs form.

Cricket Club Postal Address:
Gordon Cricket Club,
P.O Box 379,
Roseville NSW 2069

Covers Duties 2016/17

Covers Duties 2016/17


As you are all aware, covers duty is a vital role we have to endure each season to ensure we get on the paddock each Saturday as well as adhere to SCA competition rules.

Over the years, we have always used one of two methods – each team looks after their own oval prior to match day or we have one team doing all the grounds. Although the covers always got done one way or another, it has usually been the same players from each team who come along each Friday which isn’t sharing the load fairly.

This season we are going to trial a roster system to ensure EVERY player has his turn.

We are going to roster on 4 players each Friday to do all 3 grounds.

Here is how it will work….

Make a note of which Friday you are rostered on and meet at Chatswood Oval by 5.30 at the latest. If you want to arrange an earlier time or a different ground to meet at amongst your foursome that is fine. It is up to every player to either turn up on that day OR, if you can’t make it for whatever reason, it is totally YOUR responsibility to find somebody else to take your place.

We realise that everyone has either work, UNI or School to juggle but, with plenty of notice, we expect you to make whatever arrangements are necessary to fulfil your covers duty on that day.

We also realise that there are players who live some distance from Chatswood but we are only asking for one [or two at the most] Fridays throughout the entire season so it’s not a huge hardship to make the trip for that day.

There will undoubtedly be the odd week where rain is predicted midweek so I will be calling on your foursome first up to help out wherever it’s possible.

Gents, It’s generally been agreed that this is the fairest way of making sure everyone gets to enjoy the pleasures of putting down covers.

Please let me know of any legitimate reason why you can’t do the day you’re rostered on for ASAP so I can re-work the roster.

Thanks guys for your help and please, let’s make this work so the load is shared fairly.

Roster for 2016/17

23/09/2016 Grade Rd 1 Nicholas Andreou, Anshul Baruah, Tym Crawford, Manus Chauhan
30/09/2016 Grade Rd 2 James Brown, Rahul Krishna, Dermott Beattie,  Chris Spratt
7/10/2016 Grade Rd 3 David Burk, Axel Cahlin, Will Calov, Adam Cubbage
14/10/2016 Grade Rd 3 Sam Baker, Steve Colley, Aaron Crofts, Stuart Bromley
21/10/2016 Grade Rd 4 Chris De Krester, Nicholas Dellis, Max Papworth, William Phillips
28/10/2016 Grade Rd 4 Ash Doolan, Jack Doolan, Josh Doyle, Reagan Klemt
4/11/2016 Grade Rd 5 Cameron Eccles, Patrick Effeney, Matthew Wright,  Stephen Bristow
11/11/2016 Grade Rd 5 Stan Gaynor, Tommy Gohl, Tom Hamblin, Andrew Harvey
18/11/2016 Grade Rd 6 Darren Jayasekera, Matthew Junk, Matthew Keene, Max Newman
25/11/2016 Grade Rd 6 Matthew Keevers, James Kennedy, Mitchell Kleem, Corbin Edgar
2/12/2016 Grade Rd 7 Ben Leighton, Shayne Lin, Angus Dowey, Adam Wasyluk
9/12/2016 Grade Rd 7 Liam McElduff, Harry Middlebrook, Nick Miller, Jack Skillbeck
16/12/2016 Grade Rd 8 David Monaghan, Brady Morrison, Cameron New, Jonathon New
6/01/2017 Grade Rd 9 Vikrant Nehru, Scott O'Brien, Oliver Zannino, Kevin Huang
13/01/2017 Grade Rd 10 John O'Neill-Fuller, Nicholas Prell, Matthew Chamberlain, Jory Cureton
20/01/2017 Grade Rd 11 Elliot Richtor, Chad Soper, Dan Smith, Adam Cubbage
27/01/2017 Grade Rd 11 Michael Roberts, Scott Robertson, Danusha Seneviratne, Prashan Seneviratne
3/02/2017 Grade Rd 12 Sahil Sharma, Hugh Sherwood, Harrison Rees, Damon Livermore, 
10/02/2017 Grade Rd 13 Patrick Rice, Lachlan Stewart, Dan Stickland, Manus Chauhan
17/02/2017 Grade Rd 13 Chalie Stobo, Dom Thomson, Ryan Tullia, Anand Verma
24/02/2017 Grade Rd 14 Samuel Watts, Liahm Williams, Oliver Williams, Stephen Bristow
3/03/2017 Grade Rd 14 Fraser Wilson, Anthony Sherman, Sam Baker, Nicholas Andreou
10/03/2017 Grade Rd 15 Axel Cahlin, Rahul Kristna, Chris Spratt, Stuart Bromley

Covers instructions

As mentioned above, it is a requirement by SCA (Sydney Cricket Assoc.) that covers MUST be put down the night before a grade match, if not penalties apply (e.g. loss of points for the round). YOU don't want to be responsible for the club losing points and your club mates not getting on the ground on the weekend. In addition, the Club may require that covers be laid additional nights before a match in order that you and other players can play. You will be advised by your captain when covers are to be laid. 

It is important that they are laid in the following sequence and securely so they can withstand wind and rain.

NO SPIKES are to be worn when laying or removing covers.

Remember 'folding the covers neatly onto the trolley makes it easier to roll the trolley and for next time!

Chatswood Oval

1. Hessian on strip to be used - lay it FLAT
2. Small green cover over hessian (use a peg at each corner ONLY if needed to hold tight)
3. Long white cover, which covers the run-up's. Pegs at ends
4. Square white cover, pegs around edges noting wind direction to ensure that edge has most pegs
5. Use trolley as extra weight if necessary

Beauchamp Park

1. Hessian on strip to be used - lay it FLAT
2. Small green cover over hessian (use a peg at each corner ONLY if needed to hold tight)
3. Long blue cover over green cover to protect runups
4. Square white cover overlapping blue cover and remainder of square or favoring side where strip is
5. Pegs around edges noting wind direction to ensure that edge has most pegs
6. Use trolley as extra weight to straddle the overlapping covers seam
7. NOTE ' trolley and trolley cover need to be removed from the ground during play and left ON the ground after play with gate locked.  

Killara Park

1. Hessian on strip to be used - lay it FLAT 
2. Small green cover over hessian (use a peg at each corner ONLY if needed to hold tight)
3. Square white covers (2) overlapping using double covering over strip to be used and to the edge of the turf of the entire square (to allow water runoff)
4. Pegs around edges noting wind direction to ensure that edge has most pegs.
5. Use trolley as extra weight for overlapping edge plus benches from side storage of grounds man's shed.

Message from the President 2014-15

Message from the President 2014-15

This season we have had a strong increase in the number of young players who wish to turn out for the Club. There has been some exciting young talent on show in the pre-season nets and a number of players from the past couple of years look fitter and stronger and appear to have matured considerably as cricketers.

The Club’s Selectors will have their work cut out for them before the start of the new season. No doubt there will be some disappointed players when the teams are announced. However, I encourage any player who believes he should be selected in a higher grade to prove the selectors wrong with solid performances on the field in the early rounds of the competition.

Welcome to all new players. I encourage you to get involved in your club. Come to training sessions whenever possible; help take the nets up and down at training; help your captain on match days; get to know your teammates; attend social functions; play within the “spirit of the game” and, most of all, enjoy your cricket. The Club is making an investment in you by offering the best and most comprehensive coaching available throughout Sydney Grade Cricket. Don’t waste this opportunity to improve your game.

The “purpose” of Sydney Grade Cricket is to prepare players for higher, representative, levels of cricket. At Gordon, we believe that our primary task is to prepare players for 1st Grade cricket and, to this end, we have expanded our Academy over the past three seasons with two important groups. The first of these is our Junior Development Squad where we attempt to identify and develop talented players who we hope will represent the Club at Green Shield (Under 16) level in future years.

The second new group is the Under 19 section where we provide coaching and mentoring for former Green Shield players during their final years at high school and prior to their introduction to playing regular Grade seasons. The introduction of these new sections is further confirmation of our philosophy of developing our “home-grown” players rather than attempting to “buy” established 1st Graders.

I wish all new and returning club members a successful and enjoyable season. After an excellent season last year with two Grade Premierships, let’s see if we can add the Club Championship to the trophy cabinet.

Andrew Falk


GDCC Player Survey

GDCC Player Survey

Elliot RichtorThank you for your contributions to the GDCC in 2011/12. We had a successful season, particularly in the lower grades, and our aims are to put in place ways to improve in 2012/13.

As part of this, we would like you to take some time to share your views on last season and future seasons. 

Please find below a series of questions for your completion. As a player, your input is crucial in ensuring we are providing the best possible environment for each and every player to enjoy their cricket, both on and off the field.

Scroll down to the GDCC Player Survey below.


* Required
 Personal Details


 Next Season


 On Field


 Off Field


Captcha Image
Selection Policy 2016/17

Selection Policy 2016/17

The club has announced the selectors and selection policy for season 2016/17. The selection committee will consist of 3 non-playing selectors, selected by the club's Cricket Committee at the commencement of the season.

  • In season 2015/16 these selectors will consist of Mark Carmichael (Chairman), Tony Wilson and Ed Howitt.
  • The selection committee will be responsible for selecting the club's grade sides (1sts to Colts) and Poidevin-Gray Shield.
  • The A.W.Green Shield squad will be chosen by Michael Falk, James Kennedy and Ed Howitt.
  • The selectors will consult the captains of the various teams; their opinions will be encouraged and considered, however the captains will not be entitled to vote on the selection of their team.
  • All players who are promoted or dropped will be advised by the Selection committee prior to the publication of the teams.
  • The selection committee will not discuss the selection of teams and reason for selection with any players or officials other than those directly involved with a selection change (promotion and relegation).
  • If any players have complaints or would like to discuss their selection (not other players) they are encouraged to contact the Chairman of Selectors in the first instance.
  • In regard to selection the following factors will be taken into account when selecting sides:
    • Individual performances. The selection committee will focus on all-round performance, where we will look at all aspects of play that is batting, bowling and fielding. Players who consistently give their innings away playing loose shots will be noted and performance in the context of the game will also be noted (e.g. 1st innings verses 2nd innings runs)
    • Attitude. This includes players' attitude to the club, fellow players and administrators. This will focus on effort at training and match days, timeliness of attendance and their contribution to team spirit / performance.
    • Fitness.
    • Training attendance. Post day-light saving, training is compulsory. 1st and 2nd grade must train twice per week. Lower grades must train once per week.
      If players cannot attend due to work / study commitments they must advise their captain at the commencement of the week.
    • Unavailability. If any player misses a game, he will not be automatically re-selected in that grade on his return. The player who has taken his spot if warranted will retain his spot.
    • Team Balance. We will focus on ensuring teams are balanced and this may mean selection changes that may appear at the individual level to be unwarranted. We also will adjust teams depending on whether a game is a one day or two day game.
  • Rotation. Where we have an excess of players we will endeavour to rotate players through the Colts team to ensure "train-on" players also get an opportunity to play.

Mark Carmichael

Chairman of Selectors

Club Practice

Club Practice

Players have chosen to play grade cricket in a premier competition to improve their overall cricket skills. Practice is a vital component in this process and the Club policy, which will be strictly followed, requires first and second grade players to attend at least two practices per week and third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade to attend at least 1 practice per week. Failure to comply will mean automatic demotion to a lower grade unless extraordinary extenuating circumstances are proven.

  • Official club practice is conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Chatswood Oval starting from 4.15pm pre-daylight saving and from 4.30pm during daylight saving.
  • Nets are graded to ensure maximum benefit to players.
  • Net practice is followed by team break-out practice where players are prepared for the coming weekend's cricket. This session will be for 2 hours pre-daylight saving and for 3 hours during daylight saving.
  • Specialist skill sessions are also run during these practice sessions.
  • All players are to wear Club attire at all training sessions.
  • Unless it is raining torrentially, training is on. If the turf wickets are too wet, either a) practice will be transferred to the artificial wickets at Artarmon, or b) activities will be organised at Chatswood.
  • Players are expected to participate during the entire session (i.e. no sitting around).
  • Players are expected to attend the complete session unless work commitments prevent them from doing so.
  • Club practice is the opportunity to work on improving your strengths and work on eliminating your weaknesses. The more you put in, the more you will get out.
  • Club practices should be demanding but enjoyable and rewarding.

COACH: Ed Howitt Junior (0422 329 657)

Clubman of the Year Award

Clubman of the Year Award

This award is made to the member who, in the opinion of the General Committee, has made the most significant contribution to the Club, either on or off the field.

The award is the "Charles Harris" Award named after one of the club's legendary players and administrators.

The winner will receive a trophy and a prize to be determined by the Committee.

The winner for the 2015-16 season was Tym Crawford


Gordon Club Song

Gordon Club Song

Many Gordon opponents over the years have had the misfortune of being in the adjacent dressing room when a Gordon team has sung their 'Gordon Song'. Listed here below are the words to the famous song.

We're proud to be part of the Gordon CC,

We're fond of Bacardi and a Schooner or three,

We play all our cricket in true Gordon style,

Trying always to win by a proverbial mile.

We'll take on the Districts, Waitara way,

Then off to Merewether at the finish of play,

There's ....... and ........., and Little................

It's great to be Gordon down old Chatswood way.

We've even got members from most other States,

And all will agree, that we treat them as mates,

So to finish the song, let us all sing the words

Of the famous old chorus, all opponents have heard.






Player Behaviour

Player Behaviour

All players, officials and office bearers are expected to abide with the Code of Conduct as laid down by the SCA and NSWCA in the Competition Handbook.

Any person reported by any member of the club for breach of the Code will be subject to disciplinary action by the Club Committee, irrespective of whether the person is officially reported under the Code of Conduct.

The Club's Committee and/or the Chairman of Selectors has the power to discipline a player by dropping him to a lower grade, fining or suspending him if it is deemed that he has brought cricket and/or the GDCC into disrepute in whatever shape or form.

Team and Club Captains

Team and Club Captains

The GDCC has both a Club Captain as well as captains of individual teams.

Club Captain Responsibilities

  • The main roles of the Club Captain are:
  • Create a player committee to manage the affairs of the players as they relate to cricket at Gordon and report to the general committee. The goal of the committee is to involve the players far more in the club’s operations to make them feel some ownership of club development.
  • Use this player committee to organise and advertise social functions
  • Take initial responsibility for player behaviour and report to Committee if unable to resolve
  • Attend committee meetings and report on the activities of the players, the performance of the club both on and off the field and present any views of the players in regard to areas to be improved or opportunities to be taken up.
  • Assist with planning of the Golf day as main fund raiser and seek assistance from players
  • Liaise with Facilities committee of general committee and attend when required meetings with groundsman/council to put the opinion of the players in regard to state of grounds and practice facilities
  • Provide the first line of club support for players in need of assistance
  • Communicate with players through whatever means is best available such as facebook, Club app to make players feel more part of the club


For the 2016/17 season the club is pleased to announce Tym Crawford will be Club Captain.

Team Captains

Team captains are appointed as they are perceived to have leadership and inter-personal skills. Their responsibilities are not confined to on-field activities but include management off the field as well. However, should a manager be appointed to a Grade team these duties would be shared accordingly.

Their responsibilities include the following:

  • Providing firm but fair leadership
  • Ensuring team members attend practices
  • Providing a scorer when necessary
  • Promoting good team and Club spirit
  • Submitting match reports promptly
  • Phoning match results to club officials or press for publication
  • Entering scores into
  • Observing the Code of Conduct
  • Knowing all the Laws of Cricket
  • Knowing all competition rules
  • Ensuring availability of on-field drinks
  • Catering for afternoon tea in two-day matches 
  • Completing SCA match report forms at the myCricket website and sending them to the Sydney Cricket Association before the Wednesday after each match
  • Completing (or delegating) GDCC Match Reports and sending them to the webmaster after each match
  • Completing team report on the season concluded for inclusion in the Annual Report - to be sent to Jim Cattlin no later than 1st May after the completion of the season

All players are expected to provided their captains with support and assistance. Expressions of frustration, disappointment and anger are best conducted away from the team and spectators. Players should keep in mind the potential negative effects that their actions may have.

If players have a problem, consult your captain - complaining to team mates doesn't solve the matter. Captains are to communicate any concerns to responsible officials for resolution or action.

Players are expected to arrive at grounds at least 1 hour before the match commences.

Wet Weather

Wet Weather

If, following wet weather, a player is unsure as to whether a match will be played it is his duty to telephone his captain or ring the SCA wet weather recorded message line below, after 5.00pm on Friday 1900 950 592




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