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One of our best group of top 6 batsmen

When the St. George first grade bowling attack prepared to bowl to Gordon’s top 6 batting line-up in Saturday’s one day game at Chatswood they were probably not aware of the experience they would face. In the end Gordon scored 8 for 295 off their 50 overs with the top six providing 260 of those runs.

They probably didn’t know either that two of the batsman would reach first grade batting milestones that now makes this top 6 one of the most experienced in the history of the club.
For the record, their achievements are as follows:

  • Harry Evans with his 61 runs now has 5034 first grade runs and is in 9th position in the overall standings
  • Tym Crawford with his 35 runs now has 3013 runs and is in 22nd position 
  • Steve Colley with his 516 runs so far this season has also moved over 5,000 first grade runs with 5,309 and into 7th position displacing none other than Michael Cant on 5,285 runs
  • Cam Eccles with his 85 has now scored 4084 runs in first grade and in 13th position
  • Elliot Richtor with his 271 runs this season now has 3,555 runs and is in 17th position
  • Axel Cahlin with his 513 runs this season now has 2018 first grade runs

From top left clockwise: Harry Evans, Tym Crawford, Elliot Richtor, Steve Colley, Axel Cahlin and Cam Eccles

This means we now have 5 batsman with over 3,000 runs in first grade and two of them with over 5,000. 

With a club having such rich history it is important to compare achievements of current players with some of our greats of the past and there is probably only one group of batsman that might just top the number of runs scored by our current players.

They are the 1944/45 first grade team that included Sid Carroll (11.322 runs), Jack Potter (6,211 runs), Frank Fordham (5,528 runs) and Ginty Lush (3,119 runs). With the retirement of Frank Fordham that season, the other three went on to play in the 1945/46 premiership team captained by Ginty Lush.  

Sid Carroll, Jack Potter and Ginty Lush

There are no other groups of 3 or more batsman with over 3,000 first grade runs who played in the same team.

Congratulations to Harry, Tym, Steve, Cam, Elliot and Axel on your achievements and we look forward to an exciting finish to the season.

Paul Stephenson


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