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Match Reports 10/11

2010/11 was an extremely successful season for the Gordon club, with the Colts winning their premiership and 2nd Grade and 4th Grade finishing runners-up. To top this all off, we won the spirit of cricket award for the second time in its short lifespan.

The match reports for each grade can be found in the sections below.

First Grade Match Reports 10/11

First Grade Match Reports 10/11

First Grade plays for the Belvedere Cup and all grade points go to the Club Championship total.

For the First grade schedule go to Fixtures

First Grade match reports for 2010/11 season are provided below:



1st Grade Report vs Sutherland - Round 14 - Day 2

1st Grade Report vs Sutherland - Round 14 - Day 2

Harry Evans & James Packman1st Grade Report Day 2 vs Sutherland
Compared to the majority of 1st grade results last weekend, our result was one of the least exciting. Good I say. That's exactly what we set out to achieve. Next. We batted without 'ruth', ruthless in other words, and fort hard as batting unit to stay in control of the game from ball one.
James Packman congratulates Harry Evans on reaching 50 runs

Having made leaps and bounds with his nutrition last week, I decided to enquire about how Reece 'gun rack' Bombas prepared for last Saturday's match. This is how the conversation went:
Reece: 'I ate healthy again Bev but.'
Bevo: 'But what?'
Reece: 'I had a bagel with avocado and tomato'.
Bevo: 'Awesome Bomba! So pleased to hear it. Was that all?'
Reece: 'Na, it also had eggs and bacon on it but'
Bevo: 'Oh, that's OK, was the egg fried?'
Reece: 'Not sure, I got it from Macca's'
Well, still some work to do. Prior to ball 1, there was a collision between our favourite stick insect James 'I was a hit with the cougars in Wagga' Kennedy and Elliot 'Swedish House Mafia' Richtor in what Reece described as 'the greatest warm up game ever'. There were legs and claws everywhere. The only reason I raise this point is for that Els came off second best. Better luck next time Tiny Tempah. 
Harry EvansThe top 3 set the match up for the Stags. Greg 'You'll see me on the cover of Men's Health shortly' Lewis got the chase off to a great start. Determined once again to grind out the opening session, Greg 'Lew-da-cris' Lewis was positive throughout the first hour ticking the scoreboard over with singles.

Harry Evans looked in great touch as he brought the side home against the Sharks

We lost Steve 'Ive actually got 2 courto's at Tumbi' Colley to a ball that took the top of off stump. Steve 'She actually hurled a bottle of water at me' Colley was looking in splendid touch. Some of the greatest 'shape' was being produced off the front foot and it is only fair that we mention that 'cover drive'' that went for 3. The challenge was set for Blair 'Go away!' Lindsey, get to lunch with 'gettin' Lewis. In hindsight, this session probably defined the match. Batting was tough. The ball was moving around for the Sutherland attack, however our boys held tough, and with a brief rain delay we made it to lunch 1-61 with 'The Temple' on 30 odd and Linds 20 odd.
After the break, the boys were able to play with a bit more freedom. The grind continued, however the runs started to flow. 'The Adonis' Lewis started to free the arms and open his massive chest with some great shots over point off the back foot. Lindsey followed suit and took a liking to the spinner with some excellent sweep shots. Just as things looked settled things changed dramatically. Within the space of 10 minutes, both 'Bahai' Lewis and Linds picked up half centuries and both got out.
With the score now at 3- 130 odd and 2 new batsmen at the crease, the game was again in the balance. James 'gun skull' Packman was called upon in circumstances that required 'a captains knock'. Well Packers did not disappoint. Similar to Dan 'Dylans Apprentice' Smith's form at 'the Beery', James 'got lewis' Packman jumped on the front foot and took the game to the Sutherland bowlers. The skipper played some unbelievable strokes, not shots. Packman played with touch and timing, stroking the ball to the boundary.

James PackmanUnfortunately, Reece 'oi JK, what's your bowling average?' Bombas was not able to support his skipper with a partnership. Enter Harry 'mullet boy' Evans. Similar to his favourite dance floor move, 'the gun rack' looked in great touch, producing a near perfect sequence to full and short deliveries. Hitting the tea break we still required 100 runs or so to win the match.
James Packman played a 'skipper's knock' on his way to 92

For the final time Mr and Mrs Connell signed off in style producing a stella tea. All the greats were present. From scones and jam to the signature Connell dish of Gyoza's. The afternoon tea was brilliant as per usual. Thank you very much for your efforts throughout Dylan's career.
In order to win the match, we needed to push the run rate along. With wickets in hand and Packman and Evans at the crease, both victory and the 'Beery' were in sight. The boys dominated the final session. Harold got his guns out of the rack passing 50 with a massive 6 clearing the train tracks! At the other end, Packman was in a hurry. He took down the Sutherland attack as if he needed to be somewhere up the coast at 7pm.

At times 'gun skull' was impossible to bowl to. Some glorious cover drives. We passed Sutho 4 down. The run chase was well constructed set up by the top order. Last weekend we proved to ourselves what we are capable as a unit when we apply ourselves. Packers finished on 92 not out. A terrific innings which deserved three figures and very enjoyable to watch.

Good on ya Marcus, good on ya Stags.

Special mention must go to "The Moth" and 5th grade who came to cheer 1st grade over the line whilst Toddy cooked up a storm on the BBQ. Thanks boys, your support means a lot.


1st Grade Report vs Sutherland - Round 14 - Day 1

1st Grade Report vs Sutherland - Round 14 - Day 1

connellDay 1 vs Sutherland 1st Grade at Chatswood Oval

Before we review what happened on the first day, this reporter would like to make a few 'off field' observations about the Gordon 1st XI. The first being our coach was missing. That's right, Mark 'the juggler' O'Neill (not for his hand-eye coordination... well maybe that's got something to do with his nickname?) returned to 'the motherland' last week. I can't speak for my fellow team mates, however, I certainly missed his customary greeting in the change sheds.

Dylan "man of many nicknames" Connell continues to perform in his final year

The covers were put on the trolley in record time, well done boys. No thanks to Dylan 'number 11' Connell who was doing his best Justin 'my 10 pairs of Gordon shorts were ripped so I had to wear my Blues ones to training' Avendano help at all. Reece 'new number 1' Bombas consumed real food prior to the match. Yes it's true, he ate 2 pieces of fruit, instead of the routine Maccas' breakfast.

Finally, having speculated around James 'one knee' Kennedy's love life last time, this reporter was shocked to hear that last week 'one knee' became 'no knee's'. That's correct, James is off his knees, back on his feet and back on the market with a smile on his face. Congratulations James 'rebound' Kennedy, we are very happy for you.

Back to the day's play. Sutherland chose to bat on a fairly typical 2010/11 Chatswood wicket that was going to offer some assistance for the bowlers. Right from the outset Dylan 'what will the side do for entertainment next season without me?' Connell was a handful. Unplayable at times, Dylan let the ball do the work off the wicket, both ways might I add. He was unlucky not to pick up the prized wicket of Jacques in a close LBW decision. In the meantime, James 'plenty of fish...' Kennedy was toiling away at the other end. The first breakthrough came from a change at Kennedy's end. Dan 'down 3 spots' Smith found the inside edge and got the Stag's on their way in the first hour. We won't speak about 'what could have been', however Kennedy swapped ends and picked up our second wicket as the Stag's headed to lunch with the score at 2-80.

kennedyThe middle session, as so often is the case, would define how the day was going to turn out. Greg 'the temple' Lewis refuelled with his low GI meal in order to not only maintain his blood glucose levels but also his body fat percentage of 12.9%. Like Greg 'gettin' Lewis, Dylan was ready to go after his spicy Subway and a couple of routine warm up deliveries to Steve 'I have access to a courtesy bus for the coast night' Colley. Miraculously Steve survived Dylan's warm up, however Sutherland's number 3 Murphy did not.

James Kennedy picks up the wicket of Phil Jacques

Connell trapped him in front and the Stag's got the early breakthrough they were looking for. Elliot 'I juggle like our coach' Richtor entered the attack in order to create pressure. Elliot 'Punna' Richtor found his rhythm and soon after sixth wicket bowling in tandem with Steve 'I'm addicted to Thursday nights at the Greenwood' Colley. Steve picked up two crucial wickets in the middle session and brought the momentum of the game back in favour of the Stags at tea time, 6-180.

Special mention must go to Mrs Lewis who provided a spectacular tea for the players. Once again our reputation of having one of the best tea's in Sydney was upheld. Thank you very much.

The Stags were looking to close out the final session and restrict the next weeks run chase to around the 200 mark. Having had some early success after the break with Connell and Smith, we 'wavered' slightly and expected the last two wickets to just happen. Credit must go to the Sutherland batsman Hopkins and Fitzgerald who put on close to 90 runs for the 8th wicket. However, as a group we could have handled this situation with a bit more energy and vigour. As it turned out, we bowled our required 96 overs and only managed to get Sutherland 9 down in the process. I must admit that 287 is a very gettable target. We should take a lot of confidence into next week knowing that if we bat as a unit, we will come out on top.

'Beery' here we come.


1st Grade Report vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 13

1st Grade Report vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 13

Dan Smith1st Grade Match Report v. Fairfield-Liverpool

It's been an eventful two weeks for the 1st grade team with two of our ranks being selected for higher honours, Dylan 'Smoking' Connell taking another 5 poles as his son Reece so kindly pointed out in the sheds after Day 2; and Greg '12.4%' Lewis adding to his season tally with a patient and very necessary 75 not.

Dan Smith gets some good rise out of the Lions' deck

First of all, I'd like to congratulate James 'Greatos' Kennedy and Reece 'Works for you' Bombas on their Future's League and 2nd XI selection's respectively; which have come off the back of both hard work and good, consistent performance. JK is now one of, if not the most relentless and competitive bowlers every Tuesday and Thursday which is showing dividends come Saturday. Reece, although he can't make Tuesday training due to work commitments makes up for this with extra hits on the coast and with him finding himself this year has piled on the runs after Christmas.

But I digress, and so onto the action from Rosedale. From memory the weather was overcast come Saturday morning and the threat of rain loomed almost the whole day, much the same all around Sydney. With a relatively dry week preceding the start of the round we were expecting a dry and overall good pitch with which our skipper could hopefully win the toss and make a positive decision. Cricket is a funny game though and ultimately it was one of those good tosses to lose, in the end Fairfield won the toss and chose to bat.

 James Packamn drops catch

Dan's unlucky not to pick up this wicket after the skipper grasses a chance

Our bowlers were unleashed on what was a softer pitch than first thought and ridges lining it just short of a length. As mentioned Dylan bowled particularly well, forcing the top order into playing and missing more times than this author can count. His first wicket came from a good catch at 1st slip by Packers, our slippers practice coming into good use. Overall Dyl's 5 wickets came at a cost of 25 runs, most notably from 20 overs of effort.

Reece BombasLike any team game such an individual performance requires support all around the ground, and at the other end we had JK and Elliot Richtor keeping the Fairfield batsmen to fewer than 2 runs per over, each picking up a wicket. Smith, although he went for a few more runs. picked up two wickets for his efforts. I think a look through the score card speaks volumes of how well we bowled to our plan, which like any other team is in that 'corridor of doubt'. All but the last wicket fell to catches behind the wicket, or by the boys sending pegs in all directions.

Bombas in good form at the moment

JK and Bomber shared many things during our stint in the field, in particular was the banter that was being hurled from gully to fine leg. If only we could pen some of their quips for all to enjoy because the boys behind the stumps had a great morning listening to it. Now there is one more thing they shared, not a lady, a pizza or even a shower but it was the number sitting in their wickets column. Banter.

For our efforts we had Fairfield dismissed at tea for 127 and as the weather would have it no more play would be seen this week, with the exception of the poker played in the sheds which I'm led to believe Els cleaned up.

Day 2 saw a brighter day, a slightly different pitch and another love bite but that's another story. Greg as already touched on played a very patient innings and controlled the Stags run chase in a great show in tricky conditions. Steve Colley on the other hand belted the ball to all parts in a promising stint at the crease for 29 and showed the difference a positive start can make to a run chase, particularly a small one. As a team we've noticed the warm up habits of our opponents and while the soccer game warm up remains the Achilles heel of opposition, this author learnt a valuable lesson. Teams like this are likely to have good kicking skills; unfortunately for me said opposition sent a booming penalty spot kick into the top of off.

Run hard kids!

Greg LewisPackers continued Steve 'Buck's party' Colley's positivity towards his 32 and again showed positive things coming into our last two fixtures for the year. All in all a very polished performance from a team really starting believe in their ability and that of those around them, well done boys.

Greg Lewis stands tall to stroke the ball down the ground

This week we look to Sutherland in the last two day and home game of the season. In particular week two of the fixture and the organised 1st grade coast night. I'd like to take the opportunity to announce that James Kennedy has committed to the night and Bevo is likely to continue his self confessed addiction to the amber fluid and enthusiastic love of the 'Beery'.

Blair Lindsay

1st Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 12

1st Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 12

bombasGordon 1st XI v Penrith at Chatswood Oval

Following on from our good win against Northern Districts, we were ready to face Penrith.

Yes... your eyes are not deceiving you. That is Reece Bombas

After some very hot weather in Sydney all week, the temperature was predicted to reach over 40 degrees so one could say there was some interest from the team on what to do if we won the toss but after looking at the somewhat grassy pitch it was decided to put Penrith in and for us to battle the heat.  Our opening bowlers started very well despite the conditions, with Penrith being 3 for 30 in the early part of the morning but we still had some work to do.

With a drinks break every 40mins to help with the heat and our bowlers being rotated in short spells we were able to get Penrith all out for 126 just after the lunch break. Dan and Dylan were at their best taking 4 wickets each. It would be remiss of me not to mention Bevo's brilliant wicketkeeping (I think he has been doing some gymnastics training) and the rest of the team were energetic in the field taking some good catches. 

With the target set and pitch still a bit grassy we knew it was not going to be easy to bat, which for me, Steve, James and Blair proved unfortunately too true.

So at 4 for 18 we were in big trouble, in went Reece(play it under your eyes) and Elliot who after some very good and patient batting guided us past the Penrith score late in the day. Elliot was unlucky not to get his 50, just falling short, and at the end of Day 1 we were 20 or so in front. On Sunday the weather started off very similar to Saturday and Reece (play it under your eyes) continued on with Iain at the crease with him.

bombasAfter falling short last week against N.D.'s Reece(p.i.u.y.e) finally made a much deserved 114 and Iain making a great 71 we finished up with 284, a lead of 158 with 2 sessions to go. Penrith went in to bat again and we had them 6 down, Reece(p.i.u.y.e) continuing on from his batting also took 2 wickets in the Penrith 2nd innings but unfortunately we were thwarted due to the change in weather conditions and an outright win slipped away from us.

A more familiar picture of Reece 'Cletus' Bombas - he sure has been getting some focus in the latter half of the season

A great team effort by the Stags and let's see if we can make it 3 in row against a very strong Fairfield/Liverpool outfit.

Greg Lewis

1st Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 11

1st Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 11

kennedy1st Grade send the Rangers packing

1st grade provided a true team performance, and the first two-day victory of the season, against highway rivals Northern Districts.

Well bowled James Kennedy!

Day 1

Greg Lewis had been leaving training early all week (or is that all year??) to help JK's uncle roll the Waitara pitch. So, when the coin fell in Packman's favour, 'Buck' Colley and 'Mirrors' Lewis were sent out to bat.

Unfortunately Steve pushed at one early on and was caught behind. Blair Lindsay joined Mirrors, who was punishing anything over pitched and looking very confident. Unfortunately Mirrors then received the 'only ball that moved all innings' and managed to feather it behind.

At 2-51 we needed a partnership, Packman and Lindsay provided one. Neither batsman looked troubled in their innings, with Blair's six over square leg and James' driving being the highlights. Unfortunately a mix up saw both batsmen finishing at one end, with James the unlucky batsman to be dismissed.

Blair was out soon afterwards, caught and bowled for an excellent 68. From then onwards Reece 'Cleetus' Bombas combined with the middle and lower order for a series of relatively small partnerships. Only James Kennedy provided meaningful support. JK played his most aggressive innings... ever. JK's batting has improved out of sight over the last two years and two fours, both lifting the spinner over the infield, were indicative of his hard work. A partnership of 55 important runs saw Reece and JK get the score to 342. Unfortunately after JK's dismissal, Dylan 'Jonty' Connell was out first ball.

bombasDespite the score of 342 all out, the Stags could definitely have scored 400+ if a middle order player had stuck around with Reece. Still, this was a great batting performance from the top order. Reece finished on 87* a superb innings of patience and placement ' words generally not associated with Bomber. Hopefully there are many more runs to come.

Reece Bombas makes a big impact on the field, as well as off!

There were a couple of memorable off-field moments, all involving the supposedly banned mobile phone.

Reece thought tea was the perfect moment to update his facebook status to 'fighting hard'. Dylan Connell took it upon himself to assume the identity of a certain teammate and rekindle his courting skills, via text message. Needless to say he was called a paedophile ' true story.

Day 2

Although 342 is an imposing score, an excellent pitch and the fact a 2 day victory had yet to be achieved, meant 1st grade were not at all complacent. Marcus spoke concisely 'bowl line and length, and take your catches!'.

We began well, Dylan bowling an exceptional spell. Both Dyl and JK picked up one each to have the Rangers 2-17. A partnership of 40-odd developed, but at a very slow run-rate. Elliot Richter bowled very accurately at this point (and all day), building pressure with dot balls. He finished with 0-20 off 13 overs.

Dylan managed to find the edge of the opening batsman three times, with the final chance being snaffled by Iain Beverley.

Soon afterwards, Dan Smith picked up the valuable wicket of Nelson after an over of play-and-misses as well as edges, quickly followed by Rod Hokin. ND's were 5-58.

Despite a streaky partnership developing in the middle of the Ranger's innings, Gordon bowled very steadily. Dylan produced a gem of a delivery to clean bowl one of middle order players and break the partnership.

From this point onwards the Stags bowlers dominated (there was no ruth). JK came back to finish off the tail and the last five wickets fell for just 7 runs. Northern Districts were all out for 123 after 53 overs.

The Stags enforced the follow on but on a now very flat deck and with tired bowlers it was difficult to penetrate the opening partnership. With Evans next in line to bowl, the captains agreed to finish proceedings.

Finally a two-day victory and a dominating one as well!!

Our inconsistency has been our downfall this season so we must continue our hard work and step up next week against Penrith.

Finally, I couldn't finish the report without notifying Gordon players/supporters about the Central Coast enigma that is Reece Bombas.

Reece Cletus BombasAll year Reece 'Cletus' Bombas has been acting as dating coach for the single men of 1st grade.  You can't really argue with his record either:

- Blair Lindsay is now attached thanks to Reece's advice.
- Reece had '5 or 6' girls on their way to ladies day (there was a big crash on the F3 so none made it).
- Multiple Central Coast girls drove an hour down the F3 to see Reece at the Orchard

For those interested, Reece has three points which, if completed correctly, will ensure you 'pick-up' (this is legitimate):

  1. Be Nice & have manners ' Open doors for women, stand up to meet women etc.
  2. Ask Questions ' Keep them on their toes with relentless questioning ('New girl, new questions, new answers')
  3. Dance ' You have to be able to dance, and more specifically, twirl a young lady

Good luck.

Harry Evans

1st Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10 - Day 2

1st Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10 - Day 2

connellAn outright loss after being in a promising position

After a fiery encounter on Day One between the two teams the Stags were looking to consolidate after a positive performance in the first innings. With the two captains taken aside by the umpires before the start of play, both teams were reminded about the 'spirit of cricket' and the boundaries that were crossed the previous week. Although we had to be careful about what was to be said, the intensity and passion that we displayed on the first day could not be lost.

Dylan Connell, Kennedy's soft target

The first hour of everyday is critical, however on this occasion it determined who would gain the outright win. Although after addressing the way we bowled in the first hour of play last week, the bowlers could not execute their plans and failed with their line and length again. Combining this with some aggressive batting Manly put on 70 within the first hour. However to the bowlers' credit they came back really well and after collecting the first wicket of the day they went on to collect the remainder of wickets rather quickly before lunch to set up a chase. With James 'Tos' Kennedy and Dylan 'RAW!' Connell collecting five and three wickets respectively, each of the pace bowlers contributed well throughout the match.

The lunch break saw Dylan Connell bringing out his 'playing cards' to calm the batters before they went out to chase the 180 needed for an outright win. I know there is a trend developing with my reports in which Dylan becomes my bunny, but other then Reece 'Casanova' Bombas giving love advice to Iain 'the Gnome' Beverley little is said or produced within the change rooms these days. So with Casanova giving his love song dedications and Dylan displaying his prized possessions the opening bats were ready to take the journey their and back again. At the time l wasn't so sarcastic with the score being 3 for 3. With wickets continually falling and no partnerships really developing the Stags were embarrassingly dismissed for 70 runs in the second innings. This week's performance was passionless and lacking discipline which has been the story of the season so far. Although it continuously gets mentioned that we are a young side developing, the majority of this team has been playing cricket for Gordon for many seasons and by now should know how much their wicket is worth to their team mates and their club.

Sitting at 14th position on the ladder the 1st graders have a lot of work to do to achieve our goal of a top 10 finish. However with a strong performance against Northern Districts this weekend we can gain some valuable points to our cause. Off field in the coming weeks the Gnome will put Casanova's advice into action as he searches for a date, Blair 'Buffy' Lindsay will need a blood transfusion and Steve 'Baby Bash' Colley will give a tutorial on how to shave your legs to become a professional cricketer.

We'll take on the Districts, Waitara way!!!

James Kennedy

1st Grade Report vs Easts - T20 Round 4

1st Grade Report vs Easts - T20 Round 4

lindsay1st Grade T20 vs Easts

After the tiring excitement of the previous day against Manly, the Stags 1st grade team had a new challenge on the Sunday in a T20 contest against Easts.

Blair Lindsay performing with the bat after taking 3 wickets

Easts had the opportunity to set a total for the Stags to chase, on a pitch which only 24 hours prior had seen 23 wickets fall in a days play. They went about doing so with vigour despite the best efforts of the Stags bowling attack. It seemed the opposition batsmen always had the upper hand, regularly finding the boundary when needed.

The Gordon lads were not helped by the fact two of their bowlers succumbed to injuries whilst in the field with Emo dislocating a finger and BG straining his ribs.  Blair 'Buffy' Lindsay was the best of the bowlers picking up 3 wickets. Easts finishing with 166 runs from their allotted 20 overs.

Gordon started all guns blazing and after two overs, the scoreboard read 1 for 33. A very strong start was not capitalised on with many of the top order throwing their wickets away unnecessarily. Emo was unable to bat and BG was very restricted in his efforts, which did not help the Stags cause. Despite some superb ball striking from  Iain 'the Troll' Beverley,  the Easts total was out of reach, with Gordon being bowled out in the 18th over, 28 runs adrift.

It  was a game 1st grade could have won and from the position they were in probably should have.  A disappointing end to the T20 campaign, seeing the Stags winless from four attempts after making the semi-finals the year before.

Dylan Connell 

1st Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10 - Day 1

1st Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10 - Day 1

smithChristmas provides the catalyst for a sterling performance  

The first day of cricket after the Xmas break often provides plenty of excitement. However I don't think anybody would have predicted events to unfold the way they did at Chatswood on Saturday.

Dan Smith is congratulated by his team mates

Packman won his first toss for 2011 and chose to bowl on a pitch that would offer the bowlers some assistance early and then flatten out later in the day. Manly began their innings aggressively, with some wayward bowling assisting their quick start. At 1 for 51, it appeared that the Stags bowlers were in for the long haul. Dan Smith however had other ideas.

Replacing Connell at the Southern end, 'Nintendo' began what was to be the best 8 over spell by a bowler this season. He bowled with excellent control and aggression, luring the Manly batsmen into false shots. They were seemingly unable to cope with a little movement and the extra bounce the Chatswood pitch was providing. Smith claimed 6 wickets in the space of an hour to decimate the Manly batting line-up.

Supported by Connell who had switched ends and was also bowling with plenty of aggression, Manly had crumbled to be 9 for 90 at the lunch break. The Manly innings was wrapped up quickly after lunch, they had batted for 30 overs and managed to put 101 runs on the board. Smith finished with 6 for 25. He was not the only bloke to take 6 wickets as such in the innings, as Iain 'The Troll' Beverly had performed superbly behind the stumps, taking 6 catches in the innings.

The job for the Stags was only half done (or a quarter as it now appears), with the batsmen required to dig in and withstand what was going to a fired up Manly bowling attack.

connellGordon began steadily, the score reaching 29 before the 1st wicket fell. Manly, as expected were throwing everything they had, both physical and verbal  at the Stags. At 3 for 74 it appeared Gordon would pass them comfortably and then begin to build a substantial lead. Cricket is a fickle game however and the half an hour leading into the tea break yielded 4 wickets and only 15 runs, with the scoreboard reading 7 for 91 when play ceased.

Dylan Connell gets the Manly batsmen playing false shots outside off-stump

After another fantastic Chatswood Tea, Nintendo and James 'the Mantos' Kennedy successfully negotiated the final Manly barrage and safely guided the Stags into the lead. With Gordon eventually being bowled out for 140.

Manly began their second innings nervously, with the Mantos claiming 2 early wickets and Roughley chiming in to have Manly 3 for 50. Their batsmen began to dig in and by stumps they had reached 102 for the no further loss.

Manly have a lead of 60 runs with 7 wickets in hand going into day 2. There is a lot of cricket left in this match with the young Stags needing to fight hard to maintain then upper hand on Day 2.

Dylan Connell 

1st Grade Report vs Sydney Uni. - Round 9

1st Grade Report vs Sydney Uni. - Round 9

1st Grade vs Sydney University

No report submitted by Steve Colley

1st Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 8

1st Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 8

beverley1st Grade are shown up by Parramatta in a T20 match

This report will be short and not so sweet. After what was a less than ideal preparation for the weekend the 1st XI put together one of its worst performances to date for this season. Our bowling lacked the necessary precision needed for 20/20 cricket on most occasions; Connell and Richtor being the exceptions.

Iain Beverley, the only shinning light with the bat

Parramatta got off to a flyer and were cruising along at 10 per over in the first handful of overs. Balls were being blasted to the boundary in all directions, which was an indicator that our line and lengths were not what they needed to be. After 20 tough overs in the field we managed to restrict the total to 186 which was a reasonable finish given that we were staring down the barrel of a 200+ chase at the half way point.

A positive belief and a commitment to the task were needed to chase down a pretty decent T20 total. Again we didn't walk the walk as the innings started poorly and failed to gain momentum with the top order failing to deliver what they are supposed to.

Iain 'The Troll' Beverley was the only one to put up a fight his gallant effort of 56 from 44 balls saved a little face for the team, starving us from certain embarrassment. Bevo batted the way he knows how and is fast becoming the mainstay of the batting order and the man to turn to when the chips are down. Keep showing the way Bev, the boys will follow!!!! More application and practice to improve our skills are required particularly given certain match/ game situations. Less talk and more action is required into Christmas and the New Year to ensure an enjoyable finish to the season.

James Packman 

Second Grade Match Reports 10/11

Second Grade Match Reports 10/11

The Second Grade team plays for The Albert Cup.

All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants. Points for all wins go to the club championship.

For the Second grade schedule go to Fixtures

Second Grade match reports for 2010/11 season are provided below:



2nd Grade Report vs Randwick - Petersham - Semi Final

2nd Grade Report vs Randwick - Petersham - Semi Final

garrattA semi-final win over Randwick - Petersham secures a Grand Final spot for 2nd Grade

The Stags B-siders saved their most complete team performance for the two most important days of the season to date. Hosting the semi-final at Chaaaaaaatswood, "senior Thornborough twin" Garratt won the toss and had no hesitation letting his four-strong wolf pack loose under swing conducive skies.

Garratt leads from the front with his blade, getting the side across the line

They did not disappoint. Adair "I consider myself a bit of a loner" Durie (3/20 off 17 overs) set an ever high bar, bowling through the entire first session and never allowing the Randwick Petersham bats to settle into their work. The pack quickly grew by one with James "I changed my facebook name too... to Jimmy" Campbell (3/15 off 11.4) producing as miserly a spell as ever before wait a second, could it be? there was a third in the pack with "Banana bending" Beau Sadler (3/13 off 11) ripping through the Randy Petes middle order. The pack was superbly supported by a committed fielding display, highlighted by an excellent early catch at 3rd slip by "Mr" Beau Sadler and four handy (including one very special) graps by "the younger Thornborough twin" Thornborough behind the sticks. Randwick Petersham 86 all out in 45.4 overs.

With more than half the day's play remaining, the Stags top order set about building a platform for a long stint at the crease, with the skipper Garratt (45 off 182) and "Jordie's missus" Liddle (31 off 100) putting their heads together for 31 overs to put on 56 crucial runs. The highlight of this match securing partnership was undoubtedly the patience exhibited and the willingness to outbore each other and the Randy Petes' fielders. Here's hoping for more of the same this weekend! First innings points were secured for the loss of three bats, before the fourth wicket fell at the overnight score of 4/99.

jordan liddleAfter a stuttering start to the second day, Craig "Busboy" Thornborough (56* off 75) showed his potential with the blade by mixing defence and controlled aggression to score 47 of the last 60 runs, securing a first innings lead of 94 (Gordon all out 180 in the 80th over). Ever hard to suppress, the contributions of wolf pack leaders Campbell (a 28 ball duck) and Durie (2 off 18) cannot be overlooked in enabling CT to do his thing and build the lead. If all ten wickets were sold at such a price the captain wouldn't be losing so much of his hair.

Jordan Liddle stuck around with his skipper, before striking out on the second day

With only 54 overs of play remaining, Randy Petes threw everything at the B-Stags, piling on 9(dec)/ 149 in 22 overs, with Adair "Kong" Durie collecting yet another triple (3/ 60 off 9) and "JC-Bomb" Campbell (2/55 off 9), Ben "Benjamin James" Garratt (2/ 19 off 3) and Beau "Beau" Sadler (1/10 off 2) all chipping in to stem the flow of runs by taking wickets. With the exception of a howler of a drop from an unnamed left arm opening swing bowler, the fielding and catching standards were maintained in tricky conditions and this is sure to be a key ingredient in the trophy tilt. With 56 runs required in 30 overs for outright points, Cameron "Captain Waterproof" Eccles (38 off 42) was having nothing of merely seeing out the day, smashing the ball to all parts to bring home the win in style inside 14 overs.

And thus the seconds roll on to face North Sydney in the ultimate match of the season at Hurstville Oval this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 1 vs 2 from the end of the regular season. Nothing to lose and everything to gain in a match that the Stags have not competed in for over 15 years and have not won for nigh on 85. Cometh the hour cometh the Stag.

Ben Garratt

2nd Grade Report vs Blacktown - Round 15

2nd Grade Report vs Blacktown - Round 15

durie2nd Grade have a hiccup on their way to the finals

It seems I have the unfortunate task of reporting on one of the very few losses that the Stags second grade has endured this season and therefore may be a rather short report. It seemed an odd game right from the start. We arrived on a pleasant saturday morning at Chatswood to find the grass roughly shin high due to the approaching rugby season, and continued on out to the middle where we discovered a brand new wicket which felt a little soft. This situation would not have been predicted by many.

Adair Durie charges in on a deck that provided assistance to the bowlers

We lost the toss and no surprise we were sent into bat. Cam and myself were given the instructions to be more cautious than usual given the uncertainty of the wicket. I failed to do this at all and was out in the third over. Cam played some good shots however he fell in reasonably quick succession, Which was followed by Justin, which was followed by Garratt, which was followed by Harry Turner and before long we were looking in a very uncomfortable position at 5 for 29. 'Missy' Higgins and Will Sweeney put up some resistance to take the score to 52 before Missy was out. The tail did wag a little with some big hitting from Sadler, but without doubt the most comfortable bat of the day was Will Sweeney who topscored with 25. We finished all out for 92 0ff just 35 overs, easily our lowest total this season.

At the break Garratt told us that despite the total we put on the board we should give it 100% with the ball and in the feild, and I believe for the opening part of thier innings we did that. The bowlers tried hard and there was good energy in the field, however you know when the end is near when Missy gets a bowl, with Blacktown needing only four runs to win missy bowled his first, and dare I say last ball in grade cricket which ended at the mid wicket boundary and game over. With considerably better batting condtions, in the end Blacktown passed our total four wickets down.  

After the game Garratt stressed to the boys that we shouldnt lose confidence after this game, I know all the lads will train hard during the week and be ready for our preliminary final against Sydney at Chatswood, for what is the biggest game of our season to date.

Jordan Liddle 

2nd Grade Report vs Sutherland - Round 14

2nd Grade Report vs Sutherland - Round 14


2nd Grade have a solid win against the Sharks

With the prospect of securing 2nd position or even chasing down leaders North Sydney the reserve graders made their way down to Caringbah to net us some sharks. Mini Missy (Liddle) and Mini Sadds (Avendano) had an especially long trip ahead of them especially after their cosmetic surgery to look more like their idols.

Will "Manatee" Sweeney flounders around the field

Losing the toss on what seemed like a flat and true pitch we knew we needed to work hard to bowl a underachieving Sutherland side out. With the likes of Murphy the Sharks had the potential to hurt us early on with some big hitting. Early wickets were the key to unlocking their batting. 'Morpheus' Campbell got us off to a flyer, snicking off the opener for a gentle catch to 'Lowndes' Thornborough. Some questions were asked if he did hit it but Missy believed it would get squared up later. 'Morpheus' continued to trouble the batsmen and was rewarded when he broke through the deference's of the Sharks no. 3.

'King Kong' Durie also toiled away at the opposite end with a couple of lbw shouts being turned down. Kong after throwing down some heavy barrels got his man Mario with a catch to point. 'Chippy' Sadler was the next to get a breakthrough with a catch to 'Mini Sadler'. There was still a bit of danger with Murphy still occupying the crease and still looking aggressive. In stepped the sea creature of the hour; the famous Manatee.

Is it a Dugong, is it a Seal, no it's a 'Manatee'.

sadlerWith six wickets required to get the Stags into bat, 'Manatee' Sweeney saw his opportunity and floundered (I don't think Manatees can pounce or even do anything a speed). Murphy gone stumps scattered everywhere like limbs in a Saw movie. He then teamed up with 'Poco' Thornborough, 'Heels' Avendano and the occasional solo effort of obliterating the sticks, to finish off the Sutherland middle and lower order to finish with 6 for 24 off 6. In the context of the game he was able to snatch player of the round, that's the 1st one for the season for 2's.

The real Beau Saddler strides out as he sends one down

With only 30 overs bowled in the day so far a lot of cricket was still to be played. The plan was to bat for the rest of the day and pile on the runs. Did our game plan happen, wouldn't have thought so. Chasing down these small totals needs a good start and that's what 'JA's mate' Liddle and I set out to do. Unfortunately 'Mini Missy' Liddle took a leaf out of his messiah's handbook and left one a little too close to his stumps and was bowled with the score at 1 -10. In stepped our heroic leader to steady the ship and build a partnership. We added 20 to the score until BG poked at one outside off stump and was caught in the cordon for 0.

'Knees' Avendano limped his way out to the centre and after his usually greeting of 'no quick singles' we set out trying to build on our total. Yet again we couldn't get any momentum with our batting losing both JA and myself with the score at 56, still 50 to get. 'Hootch' Turner was joined by 'SS Cargo' Higgins and put together a little partnership to get us past the Sharks total before Hootch was cleaned up by a part time spinner and Cargo smashed one to the wicketkeeper. It was left up to the tail to salvage something of the day and they did disappoint (harsh?) only adding another 30 runs ending our innings at 136 and still 13 over's to play. The highlight of our batting performance was King Kong's innings of 4, 4, Out (very entertaining).

With 6 points and 2nd place on the ladder secured the motivation to grab 10 points wasn't there. The second innings saw the sharks set us 240 runs to chase in 40 overs. We didn't attempt to chase down the runs, instead opting to get some valuable centre wicket batting under our belts. In the end it was a nothing day. Big club, 2 grandstands,


Cam Eccles

Player Profile: This weeks player of the round
Name: Manatee
Height : 3.5m Long
Weight : Pretty Heavy
Likes: Tennis, sushi, the Aquarium, smashed crabs,
Fears: Ships and propellers, and Rex Hunt
Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid

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Jordan Liddle next Charlie Sheen???
Justin Avendano gives a quick lesson in jogging.
Beau Saddler: The Dangers of domestic abuse.


2nd Grade Report vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 13

2nd Grade Report vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 13

Will Sweeney2nd Grade Report laden with nicknames and great individual performances

The two days of Round 13 against Fairfield-Liverpool consisted of two very different days of weather. The first day was cloudy with intermittent showers. The second day was sunny and warm. The pitch on the first day was also wet with a consistent covering of green grass. As such, Parrot decided to bowl after winning the toss.

Will Sweeney takes a different approach after an off day with the ball

To the credit of Fairfield, the first day ended for rain after 64 overs at 4-170.

That said, Gordon bowled without luck. All 5 seamers bowled good persistent lines and lengths, with many balls beating the bat. The fielding was also near faultless. James 'Ninja' Campbell snared the first wicket, 'Donkey Kong' Durie the second (Cashy), 'Parrot' Garratt the third (1/17 off 1) and 'Queenslander' Sadler the fourth.

Of additional note was the even greater than usual verbal garbage resonating from the slip cordon. Justin 'SuperStar' Avendano arguing with Jordan 'MiniMissy' Liddle and Craig 'Bus Boy' Thornborough that one lands on their heels when they run was ridiculous!

Beau Sadler

Beau Sadler, ever proud of his average, hits down the ground

Gordon bowled 32.1 overs on the second day. The bowling highlight of the morning was Ninja's 14 overs straight reaping an additional 3 wickets (4/72 off 32), with the left-handers being his preferred meal as usual. It has been satisfying seeing the consistent, accurate, swing bowling that Ninja has performed for us all-throughout the season starting to have better results. However, a Michelle would have more appropriate this round.

'Queenslander' Sadler didn't bowl the consistency of the first day, but sporadically generated good pace and picked up another wicket (2/51 off 23).

Will 'Manatee' Sweeney had an unusual off day, thrown off line by the lefties, but his figures didn't reflect his pressure bowling on the first day (0/50 off 13).

'Donkey Kong' Durie only bowled 4.1 overs on the second day due to a stomach virus, having lost 6kgs in the 24 hours before the morning's play, but still sneakily picked up 2 wickets, the 10 and 11 of course. This left Gordon requiring 271 to win off 87 overs on the extended second day.

Cam 'X' Eccles and MiniMissy opened as usual. These two batsmen are giving the team more and more confidence as the season is progressing. Today was no different, until MiniMissy was out caught down legside for 20, the score at 25. Despite undoubtedly having the most complete technique in the team, MiniMissy has a tendency to get out in unusual ways.

Jordan LiddleIt is worth noting that MiniMissy was absent at subsequent team talks once dismissed, preferring the more consoling and intimate company of a certain blond. Ian 'Cargo' Higgins in defence of his prot'g' said, "Fair enough!"

Snapped!!! - Jordan Liddle's blonde is not impressed by the action on the field

Parrot was back at his team's favourite position for him, No. 3. He was looking good until he lazily drove one to short cover on 11.

X and SuperStar took the score from 63 to 166, with SuperStar out after tea off a full-toss on 41, caught at mid-wicket. He once again looked comfortable, his innings being typically offensive and laden with glorious drives on the ground and in the air.

X unfortunately fell not long after on 96, providing slips practice off a wide full delivery from an off-spinner. X is obviously in good form. His innings was flawless, only getting a little loose just before tea on 74 and again on 75. His drives and cuts were scintillating. Of greater note was:

  1. The patience X showed by waiting for 'his ball' to punish, and
  2. X started slowly (X was only 5 when MiniMissy was out for 20), allowing his 'eye to get in' before settling back into 'business as usual' and reaping the rewards of time at the crease.

Cargo joined Harry 'Hooch' Turner on 174 but was out lbw on 4 with the score at 188. While making his way to his cricket kit, Cargo rather aggressively asked the green plastic chair next to the change-room door, "Is there any danger of a good decision?" Whilst cringing in pain, I am sure I heard the sore plastic green chair say, "I thought you smashed it as well".

Harry Turner Harry Turner Harry Turner

Harry 'Hooch' Turner shows the rest of them how it's done during his masterclass

Manatee joined Hooch on 188 and left on 215, out lbw to a full-toss for 13. His innings was highlighted by two lofted 4's over the off-side.

Bus Boy helped Hooch take the score to 247 when he was bowled by the very slow-medium bowler. His innings consisting of his usual, busy running between wickets and occasional successful cross-bat swipe.

As expected, the game was soon over when Queenslander joined Hooch. His 14 not out consisted of 3 powerful 4's including the match-winning runs. This now takes his average to 121 and it is likely his new bat is going to stay in his kit until next season!

Hooch ended on 61 not out. His innings was chanceless. Hooch has brought a significant level of maturity to our middle order. At no time did Hooch seem pressured by the fact he was holding our innings together, as well as our chance of 6 points. His cuts and drives were very precise. His attentive running between wickets gained a few pressure-relieving runs (that is, pressure off the spectators) and he always put pressure on the fielders, some time too much!

So another 6 points, keeping us second on the ladder, 9 points ahead of third. Unfortunately, the 1st place North Sydney achieved an outright, moving them 8 points ahead of us. The draw has reasonably meant that we would need to have an outright win against the 16th placed Sutherland and North Sydney would need to lose against the 5th placed St George in the next and penultimate round for us to achieve an unlikely 1st place. I'll go to bed now to dream about similarly likely things!

Adair 'Donkey Kong' Durie

2nd Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 12

2nd Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 12

eccles10 points in 40 degrees for the 2nd Graders  

With a long drive out to Penrith, the Wolverines were not too excited to play in 42 degree heat. But with the start we got off to, the heat didn't bother the pack. The deck had a lot of life in it and we had to take the most of it. Adair 'Donkey Kong' Durie and James 'Foxing' Campbell got us off to the dream start picking up early wickets have them 5 for 30. Judge and JC have been doing a great job all year of keeping the spinners off.

Cam Eccles pumps the Panthers

The slip cordon is always in the game with the Penrith batsman playing and missing most deliveries. 'Chunks' Sweeney and Beau '107' Sadler came on with instant success with Chunks striking with his 1st ball. The fast bowlers bowled great lines with a moving ball. 'JA' finished the innings off with Beau always looking comfortable under the high ball.

With a small target required the boys were confident we would chase the runs down before the end of Day 1. Cam and Jordy didn't get off to the best of starts with a mix up with the score on 6 Jordy was run out for 2. Soon after Harry was LBW for 0. With the score 2 for 11, Cam and JA got the score to 48. Cam, JA and Missy fell within 15 runs of each other. We needed a partnership to get us over the line.  Ben 'Fingers' Garratt toughed it out with Sadler and declared at 7 for 127 so we would have 8 overs at them. Day 1 finished with a victory to the boys and the score 0-13.

avendanoComing back on day 2 we needed early wickets and Chunks did that for us. Will bowled at pace with great lines picking up 5 wickets. He has improved a great deal during the season and is a key player for us getting to the finals. BG introduced himself in front of 'Missy' Higgins and bowled a good spell of bowling taking 2 wickets in 2 balls. The field came in for the hat-trick ball. Ben must have thought the batsman had a weakness with the cut shot, bowling it short outside off, but got us right back in the game for a outright win.

This humble author snaffles a catch in the slips

Chasing 77 for victory Jordan and Cam got us to 38 before the 1st wicket. Harry and Justin fell soon after before Cam and Sadler getting us over the line. With a controversial finish with Beau been bowled after we passed the score, it meant it would half his average. But the game was over so it still remains as the best average in 2nd grade at 107.

Another great win by the Wolverines. This puts us into 2nd position, and a good shot at the finals.

Justin Avendano

2nd Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 11

2nd Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 11

avendano2nd Grade stick to their guns against the Rangers  

3 Weeks ago after breaking down at Manly oval both physically and mentally and giving myself a self diagnosis that I was going to be out for 6 to 8 months with a torn spinal cord I found myself on the roster this week 'playing.' All that hard work and exercise really paid off during the week.

Justin 'Fox 8' Avendano - A movie career beckons

When you're winning you don't want to miss games and also there was no chance I was going to miss out on seeing Sweeny's hansom face, and going for a ride in that funky smelling car. If one was to describe the aroma that smacks you across the face upon entry, you could say it was a mixture of food sorts, cream donuts, cheese burgers, and yogo gorilla puddings. Sween's likens the smell to that of breakfast.

You got to love a home game at Chatswood Oval, especially one where you have the honour of partnering 'Judgy' Durie in the opening spell of the morning. Everyone who has the opportunity to take the new ball at Chatswood Oval should feel privileged as there is always plenty in it. And as 'Ted' Durie likes to explain, each ball is worth $60 so by taking the new rock he and I are making a mockery of our cricket fees. It was also great having the big 4 back in the team having missed Beau who was pumped to bowl to his old team, he definitely had a twitch in his eye and was in great form having taken 4 wickets the week before.

ecclesWith a great team vibe, a wolf pack mentality and a string of victories the energy in the field is good and it definitely shows. Everyone is behind the bowling and wickets tend to fall regularly. Another reason we haven't dropped many chances this year. Craig 'Thorny' noted at the end of the 1st day, that you could see the differences in the teams and I quote Thorny 'you could really see the differences in the teams,' Thorny, 'Saint' to some and 'George' to others has really brought a new culture to this young Gordon 2nd grade team. He must have learnt a lot playing for that other club ' who was it again?

Cam Eccles posts 148 to keep the Ranges at bay

With short boundaries and a true playing wicket 270 was probably not a bad result although I think we deserved better, there were times where we did bowl too short however this was mainly due to intimidation tactics. Intimidation has been a big factor in the 2nd grade team this year, we offer intimidation with a four pronged attack of pace bowlers, with our aggressive batting, our enjoyment of the male camel toe and the fact that a few of us are involved in the bikey gang 'the wolverines.' It isn't hard to spot a fellow 'wolverine' off the field, they wear matching scarves, drink Semillon and love good cheese. One of these wolverines Adair finished with a modest 3 wickets.

The batting this year apart from the game against Sydney and Manly has been a pleasure to watch its always good knowing that when you have bowled first, day two is my weekend off. And to analyze our success I will break it into stats. For those that don't like stats look away spoiler alert.

In 2nd grade this year 3 of our players are in the top 10 for batting and runs scored.

7th is Justin Avadano 372 runs
9th Jordan Liddle 364 runs
10th Cameron Eccles  357 runs.

When you look at batting averages we have one person up there.

9th Beau Sadler!?! %&*$ He is averaging 75 this year.

Cam Eccles played a great innings scoring 148 runs, POW! If you wanted to know the secret to his success you would have to look to Friday night where he spent most of his night at the 'rape dungeon'. Yes he did miss the 2nd grade Friday 3am team meeting at Cargo but he scored runs so all can be forgiven. Cam and Jordi have really built up a great relationship in the top order, I wouldn't be surprised if Jordi isn't joining Cam on his Friday nights. Gone are the old days were the opening bats would see off the new ball these two are real run scorers and have the ability to stay out there all day Jordi scored 51 and both shared an opening stand of 110. If they can keep this up we will stand a really good chance come finals!

campbellOther highlights of the innings was Harry 'Hooch' Turner getting timed out as he was to busy 'talking' to these birds at Chatswood in the Cedrik Pike stand. Some call it talking, others call it sharing sandwiches, lucky they were good sorts otherwise we he would have had to have a drink from the cup. 'Pockets' Avendano also did well to score 48 runs, I'll also mention that Pockets will be the new face of the cricket superstar show on TV. What does this mean, it means he gets to hang out with none other than your mate Allan Border. We wish Pockets luck with this great opportunity. For the team let's keep the momentum building into the finals!!!

The author, 'Hernandez' Campbell, continues to excel in the top grades

Here's a little song that will keep us going through to the finals


Jimmy 'Hernandez' Campbell

2nd Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10

2nd Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10

turner2nd Grade gets pipped by Manly

After a large festive season from a number of the lads (no Wilbur, I'm not saying you have put on an extra few kilo's nor Brian am i implying that Jordy drank anything but lemonade over NYE) it was almost a start of season feeling for 2's who had gone into the Christmas break performing very well and sitting in third spot. Some solid wins in the latter games of 2010, the Stags were gaining confidence and playing some very good cricket.

Harry 'Hooch' Turner plays a commanding innings to nearly get the boys home

When Missy finds a computer and completes his match report, you'll be able to read more about it. With plenty of rain around during the week, Manly Oval looked green which led the skipper to say "we'll have a bowl" after correctly selecting which side of the coin would be facing up.  After a solid warm up and the muscles finally feeling better after Thursday's training (ok, that may have just been my muscles after coming back to cricket a year older), the lads headed back to the dressing room to get ready to take the field.  

With 'BG' Garratt giving his usual inspirational words at the start of play, this weeks speech included the word facet, the boys hit the field keen to continue our winning streak. 'Judge' Durie led the wolf pack from the front with a superb spell of bowling. The only problem being that it was almost too good for the Manly openers who kept playing and missing or having a slog.  This didn't last too long with Judge breaking through and with 'JC' Campbell chipping in, we quickly had Manly in all sorts.

durieAs can be seen by one of the photo's displayed on the website last week, the bowling from Judge commanded an impressive slip cordon, even if 'Pockets' Avendano at first slip was hiding behind  the keeper because he had a sore left thumb. A good period in the field with plenty of talk (BG said he almost heard Eccles talk) and some good catches by the boys, including 2 by Elliot Richtor at second slip, Manly were in trouble at lunch 5 down for just over 100. Lunch allowed Judge to talk (for the first of many times) about his bowling to the English cricket team on New Years day at the SCG net session which clearly led to Paul Collingwood's retirement.  After hearing this for the third time in 30 minutes, i was grateful that Judge bowls and I keep wickets.

Adair 'Judge' Durie takes apart the Manly batsmen

After lunch, the Stags continued to take wickets and with good energy in the field led by Missy, we pretty soon had Manly at 9-162. Sweeney, BG, 'Els' Richtor and Pockets all provided solid support with Judge collecting a 5 for. With JC injuring his back, someone's mate Brad helped out on the field while JC had a lie down in the grandstand. Even with JC's spikes giving Brad the appearance of wearing clown shoes, he fielded well and even completed a very handy bit of fielding which cut a certain two runs to one and enabling Pockets to pick up a caught and bowled next ball.

Unfortunately, Manly's final pairing, batsman 10 and 11, decided they would show us how you bat with discipline on Manly oval and proved quite stubborn to remove. They defended good balls and dispatched poor ones.  Pretty soon the score crept towards 200 and then they went past. With tea delayed by 30 mins to allow us to get  the final wicket, it was a long hot session and with little joy.  Finally after tea we managed to sneak an LBW and finish the Manly innings at 226.

Jordy and Cam started the Gordon innings off in fine fashion and at stumps we were 0-66 chasing 226.  Looked like an easy win at this stage didn't it?

Unfortunately, the second week did not go to plan at all. From a great start the week before, Stags were now in big trouble losing 6-16 to be 6 down for 82. This meant Harry 'Hooch' Turner was batting much earlier than expected (he was hoping for a bit of recovery time after apparently a night of passion) and joining him at the crease was Els who said he only bat if required because he had a sore finger.

ecclesI don't know about the two Bevo's and Shayne, but us keepers generally play each week with broken and bruised fingers and there is none of this whingeing.

Great camera work, but perhaps something Eccles may want to forget

Hooch and Els batted superbly and saw us get to lunch still 6 down.  After lunch they continued the solid batting and with Judge counting the runs required to win down, victory was back in Gordon's grasp. The partnership had taken the score from 6-82 to 6 -201. Unfortunately, with a new ball taken and some decisions not going our way, the game went Manly's way. It is still amazing we lost the game and I even thought we had the game when batting with JC and needing 13 to win (even if JC was commenting on how his helmet was way to big for his head and maybe he shouldn't have swapped lids with Judge), but that is cricket.

Overall, we should take away some excellent performances, namely Judge's bowling and the batting of El's and Hooch and look forward to winning more matches on the way to the final series.

Craig 'Thorny' Thornborough

2nd Grade Report vs Sydney Uni. - Round 9

2nd Grade Report vs Sydney Uni. - Round 9

2nd Grade vs Sydney University

No report submitted by Ian Higgins

2nd Grade Report vs Campbelltown - Camden - Round 7

2nd Grade Report vs Campbelltown - Camden - Round 7

sadler2nd Grade scare the Ghosts  

1st of all sorry this is not a 2000 word report like last round from Adair but here we go. We travelled to the amazing complex of Raby on a perfect Saturday morning. The boys knew that a win would get us into the top six. As soon as Adair walked out to the wicket he signalled to Ben we were going to bowl. Ben won the toss and sent Campbelltown into bat. Adair 'King wolf' Durie (3/27) started this innings off well collecting 3 early wickets with James 'never in doubt' Campbell taking a great catch moving backwards and forwards to claim it.

Beau Saddler in fine form, keeping it tight and picking up a pole

In the huddle after his second wicket, Adair suggested we needed to bowl as a pack of wolves. We did so, with James Campbell (1/19)collecting his first wicket for the match. JC and Adair bowled with great accuracy and were constantly beating the bat which set the game up for the supporting bowlers.

Will 'beef' Sweeney (3/23) bowled with great precision with a swinging ball to collect 3 wickets well supported with beau Sadler bowling with great pace collecting one himself. Justin (2/5) chipped in with 2 late wickets to finish the innings with Campbelltown only managing 104. The enthusiasm in the field was 100% better than last week, we were always on top. Keep it up boys.

Cam Eccles and Harry 'Justin?' Turner started off the innings well putting on 30 before the 1st wicket. Cam got off to a good start but played one shot to many to lose his wicket for 16. Ben 'let it bounce' Garrett batted very well with some beautiful lofted drives before he lost his wicket in unusual fashion when the ball slipped from the bowlers hand and went straight up in the middle of the pitch. Ben ran towards the ball and attempted to hit it on the full when he top edged it back to the bowlers hands for 30. With the bonus point in sight at 30 overs, Harry decided to finish it a little earlier with a four to bring up a well deserved 50 not out.

It was another great win by the boys with all players contributing in different ways. If we keep up the spirit of this team we will have a great shot at the finals.

Justin Avendano

2nd Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 8

2nd Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 8

2nd Grade vs Parramatta

Inaugrual T20 match washed out.


Third Grade Match Reports 10/11

Third Grade Match Reports 10/11

The third grade team plays for Mitchell Cup. All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants.

Points for all wins go to the club championship.

For the third grade schedule go to Fixtures

Third Grade match reports for 2010/11 season are provided below:



3rd Grade Report vs Blacktown - Round 15

3rd Grade Report vs Blacktown - Round 15

livermore3rd Grade vs Blacktown at Blacktown Olympic Park No. 2

Arriving at the ground early Saturday morning, the Thirsties were looking to end the season with a second win on the trot, and go out on a high over their lower placed opponents Blacktown.

'Reg' Livermore finishes on 73 not out after a great innings

Howitt had some luck with the toss calling correctly and electing to send Blacktown in on a good wicket that would prove to take both spin and seam. Pat Effeney and Alex Lines got the Stags of to a good start with Pat claiming the first wicket with a well directed bouncer. The catch was taken behind the wicket by Beverley, who would go on to claim six dismissals for the game.

Not long after, Pat went down with a rolled ankle which needed some treatment. Pats injury gave 3rd grade debutant Ben Armstrong his opportunity. Ben bowled really well and despite this author putting a tough chance down he was able to grab a wicket to continue to put Blacktown on the back foot.

Howitt then introduced spin and it proved to be a good move as the wicket was gripping and turning. With some purchase in the wicket all the spinners bowled well to claim a combined 6 for 86 including 8 maidens.

Pascal bowled well to claim 2 wickets, including two excellent stumpings behind the wicket by Tom Beverly. Howitt was as usual extremely tough to get away and claimed a wicket, whilst Tjaard bowled well in claiming 3 wickets and helped to wrap up the tail.

howittAn excellent team effort highlighted by Beverley's 6 dismissals meant the Stags were left with the small total of just 156 for victory.

Howitt, Player of the Year, makes sure he gets a good bowl in the final round

Howitt was the first to go in the run chase for 13, but from then on it was all the Stags with Mark Fonseka and Damon Livermore batting beautifully to put on 105 for the second wicket. With smart running between the wickets and some brutal shots square of the wicket by Reg these two took the total to 121 before Fonseka was out caught.

Reg went on to post 73 not out and guide the Stags to victory just 3 wickets down.

Well done boys on a good win and ending the season on a high even if we did finish a disappointing 8th on the ladder.


3rd Grade Report vs Sutherland - Round 14

3rd Grade Report vs Sutherland - Round 14

lines3rd Grade come through unscathed as the Sharks circle  

After weeks of constant frustration watching all the other grades win while we constantly faltered, the Thirds finally got back onto the winners list after a game in which substantial individual performances got us over the line. After arriving deliberately late in order to hopefully miss the folding of the covers, Hoppa merely asked the opposition what they would prefer to do and we were in the field. Sutherland promptly signalled their intentions by dispatching Pat over square leg for six in the first over. However quickly rebounded to nick off their opener and should have had a couple more if it wasn't for some somewhat laughable catching.

"Your Hero" Lines hits "the best cover drive in history"

Fortunately Hoppa once again turned up with the ball and bowled good lines while varying his pace well, keeping it tight and picking a crucial wicket of someone who hit boundaries for fun. Kurt was well welcomed into the third grade bowling crease bowling a random mixture of leg spinning wicket taking deliveries that were sent over the midwicket fence but removed Sutherland's solid looking opener well caught by Chappo. Pat 'I'm a rubbish bloke' Effeney then returned to pick up another deserved wicket before tea however Sutherland went into the break well in front in the game.

The post tea session was more productive with Your Hero bowling consistent half volley throw-downs, to which somehow the batsman got themselves out. and Pascal, bowling some decent stuff as opposed to his usual dribble. Wickets kept falling at regular intervals and with some more horrible catching from the usual suspects (Tjaard 'I'm never going to the Orchard again until Hoppa gives me a bowl' Tait) we managed to capture the last 6 wickets for 54 and had a manageable chase to look forward to with 8 overs to bat out overnight. Fortunately for us, typically pessimistic Reg's 'easier to get rid of than a common cold' prediction of two down overnight was not to eventuate. However we lost newcomer Fonseka, unluckily caught down the leg side for one.

pascalDay two saw overcast skies and hope of the international cricket card game returning with on and off showers during the warm-up. Fortunately the weather cleared and we were to have the complete complement of overs to hopefully run down the gettable total. We started poorly with Tom 'Cymbals' Beverly losing his off stump early to a seaming ball and Kris 'I don't deserve a nickname' Colley nicking off early.

Pascal provides some substance to the middle order

Taity came in and looked solid and once Reg got himself out, combined well with Pascal to put on 50 before he chased a wide one that kept low and was caught behind for a well made 36. Taity then missed a straight one and Kurt got bowled off his elbow and we were suddenly 7/102 and looking to be in trouble with the bat for the umpteenth time since Christmas.

Andrew 'Cartman' Chapman and Ed 'How have I not won a player of the round yet?' Howitt combined at the crease and started carefully against some decent bowling. Chappo got his innings started with his customary loft over long on off the spinner and Hoppa started to punish anything full. Ed has been in supreme form lately and looked good as he hit numerous times over the infield and all of a sudden the Sutherland team were worried. Unfortunately, he fell short again of a well deserved hundred and was caught behind on 77, with 30 still to get.

chapmanLuckily Chappo was still batting patiently and showed his faith in Your Hero, trying to run me out without facing a ball. We slowly worked the singles while trying to hit the bad balls for four, and with an added rain break for suspense, we only needed 10 with two wickets still in hand. Your hero then hit the best cover drive in history, and then decided he had had enough of batting and was hit on the foot off the last ball of the 80th over leaving 6 needed with one wicket in hand.

The real "hero" at the end of the innings, Chapman gets the side across the line

Luckily Chappo has mastered the art of the glide through third man under pressure, and after refusing a single off the first ball of the over with Pat up the other end, calmly hit the next two balls for four and ended a spectacular run chase. Chappo's 52* was very mature and showed his class in a difficult situation. Pat proceeded to lead the song but I think everyone had forgotten the words.

Finally, victory at last.

Your Hero, Alex Lines


3rd Grade Report vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 13

3rd Grade Report vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 13

dowsley3rd Grade Report: Fairfield Liverpool

I can't tell you what happened in the first five minutes of the warm up because, well, I just wasn't there. Arriving at 11:21 on the Samsung, I must have missed whatever it was we did wrong because the first day at Fairfield was nothing short of a disaster for the Thirsties.

Nick Dowsley hits out on Day 2

The customary laid back warm up, complete with men hanging their legs over the fence pretending to stretch was followed up by a quick jog then into some intense ground fielding. Just as the bowlers started bowling and the batsmen started batting, the captains started tossing and it was decided that Fairfield should bowl first on a green wicket. It seemed that once again Ed had decided against winning the toss, putting the pressure on the opposing captain to make the tough decision. Tough it wasn't, as we found out throughout the first 32 overs of day one.

Not much to say about these overs really. Charles Bangs and I sat down, 11 and 10 respectively, looking forward to a day of Zooper Doopers and lazy banter. A couple of hours later I watched from the non strikers as Charles was bowled first ball, and we were all out for 87. Howitt top scored with 26, but overall it was a day dominated by the Fairfield bowlers.

Just as our turn for retribution came, it started to rain. So without use of the bowler-friendly wicket, Gordon were left disappointed and somewhat disenchanted with the game as it stood.

Week two presented a new challenge: 120 overs in a single day. Ouch. With most arriving at 8:30 this week we looked to have a good attitude in everything we did. If we lost on first innings, said the captain, we should gun for the second innings points. With Fairfield one man down, this too looked to be in our favour. The pitch, however, seemed a little changed from the one a week previous.

The openers, in a normal run chase, bowled fairly well. Given the context of the game, however early wickets were required. Effeney picked up one early and Charles toiled hard at the other end, but unluckily went without reward. Enter our inspirational captain, the best performer in 3rds, and maybe even the club, for the last month, and Gordon were right back in it. Ed bowled 21 overs, with only one break to change his end, for 25 runs. He also managed to pick up 5 wickets along his merry way.

Of the other bowlers, Alex 'Boogie Board' Lines also bowled tightly and snared a critical wicket, while Effeney's second spell was rather better than his first, and he finished with 3-33 of his 18 overs.

Fairfield had to work hard for their runs, but eventually the Gordon total proved to be insufficient and Fairfield passed our score six down. A well earned first innings victory, but the game wasn't done yet. Bowling them out with a scant lead of 13, Gordon were determined to get six points out of this game.

Again, there really isn't a whole lot to talk about in the top order, with the exception of the resurgent Nick Dowsley, who hung around with Ed and Alex lines to make Fairfield chase 130 odd for the outright off 26 overs. Once again, Ed played some nice shots, as did Al, but the star was Digger, who smashed his way back into form with some stylish driving and ferocious pull shots.

Game on! Fairfield needed the ten points, Gordon needed the six. Charlie opened up and went on to get the rewards that deserted him in the first innings. He bowled 10 overs straight, with the figures of 3-42. This really was a great effort in the context of the game. Alex also picked up a wicket, and Effeney was the beneficiary of some late game hitting, ending up with three dismissals, all caught off attempted slogs. Though Ed went wicketless, again he showed serious class with the ball.

Although he was denied player of the round because of 'the context of the game' this round, as well as the round before, surely the context of back-to-back five fas, as well as a 'four-fa' and an eighty will ensure him player of the month? I suppose we'll find out in the context of the next club meeting. Chin up Ed.

Overall, it was a very disappointing loss for the Thirds in a game that was very winnable. Now out of the six, the Thirds need to rediscover the ability to put on a decent total, and our bowlers need to keep plugging away and striving to achieve that consistency of line and length. We just need to improve.

Yes Taity.

Patrick Effeney

3rd Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 12

3rd Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 12

d'elpineThird Grade vs Penrith

Day 1

The Killara wicket has been reasonable to bowl on first over the last few weeks but with the extreme heat on Saturday, winner of the toss was always going to bat. The odds were stacked against us with Ed only winning 1 out of twelve tosses this season, not surprisingly Penrith won the toss and elected to bat.

Pascal continues to contribute with bat and ball

With the Stags bowling consistently although with some occasional short and wide crap, the batsmen steadied and moved to 2-120 at tea. After tea there were a few near things but unfortunately it wasn't our day and none came off. The two Penrith batsmen continued after tea and a very large score was on the cards before a couple of wickets had things looking up. Charlie Bangs (1-44) and Alex Lines (2-41) bowled well with good lines but not length. Ed, who had bowled only 2 overs before the break, began a long and successful spell where he took 5 wickets with his well-flighted offies, the action he got off Pat Symcox. He probably could have had 6-for if we took our catches.

It was a long hot and frustrating day in the field, with Penrith finishing on 9-298. Pretty sure most of us don't want to relive it, so I don't have much more to say on day one, particularly as I wrote this report on Saturday night after spending the whole day in 49C.

Day 2

Chasing a total like Penrith's has certainly been possible at Killara over the years. An hour or so after the beginning of play on Sunday saw the score at 6-38. With only Reg ('there's no better feeling than blocking a bloke for 6 balls in a row') managing to fight through the difficult period, it was not looking good. Then things went from bad to worse when Reg got unlucky and was declared out LBW for 20 off 200 balls, leaving the lower order with a lot of work left to do, particularly after a disappointing performance by the top 5. However, from adversity comes achievement when Pascal and Howitt got together to improve the situation. Batting very sensibly, they added 95 before rain and bad light saw players off the field for an extended period.

As the rain started to fall and after having to do the covers numerous times, thanks to the cold southerly breeze (dearly missed on Saturday) we decided it was time to put our heads together and think of a new game to occupy our time in the sheds. Moments later Tait and Beverley came across a deck of cards, not just any cards, but Australian cricket player stats cards from 1994. So a new game began and within moments with the whole team getting involved with more enthusiasm than they'd mustered that weekend. Taity took the first game easily thanks to sneakily studying the cards before play commenced and of course making up the rules as he went along.

bangsThat was also the last time he scored that day, going on to get his first ever duck at Gordon. Henry was a standout finishing in second place every time, and second behind Tait for a TFC award. The remainder of the players had one win each after realising that Shane Watson is the worst player in the deck with Alan Border being ten times better than the kid who gets his medal, but I suppose they were from 1994. We can safely say that it will be called the Watto medal soon.

Charlie Bangs persists in the dreadful heat

Also for the first time ever Pascal couldn't believe it when his hero leggie Warnie lost to Stuart MacGill, as he had a better bowling average than the great one. If there's any cricket memorabilia that MacGill owns it'll be those 1994 stats cards.

As Henry came close to winning his first game the rain stopped and covers needed to be removed to continue our run chase.

Howitt and Pascal went out needing 8 an over from the reduced 25 overs and added a total of 142 before Pascal was dismissed after yet another useful contribution of 52. Alex (sidekick9) Lines strode in looking good to his form in stick cricket on the iphone, while the skipper moved towards what might have been a memorable match for him ' 5-for and a ton. Unfortunately, he was dismissed for a fantastic 88, Alex then deciding that he could get 15 an over instead of playing out 7overs for the draw, which lead to the final 2 wickets crumbling soon after. This saw the Stags falling 84 runs short of Penrith's total being all out for 215.

A very disappointing outcome for the Stags, which means we now have to win our remaining 3 games to make finals. Perhaps we should look no further than the determined manner in which our skipper approaches the game or maybe just play 1994 cricket stats trivia instead.

Tjaard Tait

3rd Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 11

3rd Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 11

carruthersA shakey batting performance made it hard for the bowlers 

Howitt astonishingly won his first toss of the season and opted to bat at Asquith. The first hour of the game belonged to ND's as we lost 3 wickets for no runs with the score on 26. Colley and Tait began to rebuild, taking the score to 67, until Kris lost his wicket on 23 after batting for 75 minutes. Tait fell soon after, top scoring with 25.

A 'measured' Tom Carruthers adds valuable runs to the total

The steady loss of wickets meant our innings could not gain any momentum or rhythm to it. Pascal de l'Epine chipped in with 21, but again a third grade batsman failed to reach the magical number of 30 in two consecutive rounds. Tom Carruthers batted in a measured manner and was able to add valuable runs to our total. The innings came to a close with the score on 145 and Tom on 22 not out.

There were some signs of things starting to come together, however the continuous loss of wickets meant that we could not link a quality partnership together. We were in need of a big score from the top order to anchor our innings.

With 14 overs remaining on Day 1, and the Asquith wicket keeping low, Effeney, Carruthers, and Howitt all toiled hard for their wickets, and with the score at 3/18 at stumps, there was a glimmer of hope that this match could be ours.

On the resumption of Day 2, we kept fighting to try and swing the match back into our favour, and the with the score at 6/88, we were still a chance, however a strong partnership saw the Rangers pass our total 6 down. Howitt was the standout taking 4/22 off 21. Our bowling was a positive that we can take away from the match, yet our total of 145 was never enough runs to work with.

We are currently sitting in 6th place on table, with many teams hot on our tail. This forthcoming round against Penrith is a must win for Thirds to avoid the chaos of the middle table. We are not far away from our potential. A batsman to kick on after a start and partnerships are crucial so we can take the 6 points in our next round.

Tom Beverley

3rd Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10

3rd Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10

sadler3rd Grade fail to string partnerships together

Another game starts in the opposition's hand as Howitt loses the toss. 0 wins from 10, he is looking to break records.\

Beau Sadler tries to make his mark with the willonw

In the bowling department Beau Saddler 4 for 49 of 17 and Pascal 3 for 57 of 21 were the standouts. With a long day in the field a good result to keep them 9 for 228 at the end of play.

The declaration of the Manly side 10 minutes before the start of the second day gave Gordon 80 overs to score 228, which is under 3 an over and was a good test for the 3rd Grade batsmen. With an early wicket in the first over, Kris was sent back to the pavilion and Nick Dowlsey went out to join Damien Livermore.

Both did the job of getting us off to a good start and we started to gain a bit of momentum. However, both getting in the early 20's shifted the responsibility on to the other batsman who also got a start. Crosland looking very determined playing in his 'V' and taking charge to the spinner (top score 29). Beau Saddler also scoring in the 20's but disappointed he didn't go on with it. Howitt and Tom had a good partnership but yet again both getting out in the 20's.

A disappointing loss for the Stags, falling only 50 runs short against the team at the top of the ladder. We needed at least one person to go on with their score and there would have been a different result. One positive to take out though is that we are a definite semi final team and are determined to finish in the top 6.

Kris Colley

3rd Grade Report vs Sydney Uni. - Round 9

3rd Grade Report vs Sydney Uni. - Round 9

howitt3rd Grade vs Sydney Uni

The Stags all arrived on time at Sydney Uni, for the first T20 of the season. Conditions were slightly overcast. Hoppa cleverly lost the toss for a record 8 times in a row, to save having to make the decision to bowl or bat, and the Stags were sent in to bat.

Ed 'Hoppa' Howitt takes apart the Students' attack early

We lost a wicket early, but that did not stop Ed Howitt accelerating through the early overs with some quick fire runs. Most notably, hitting successive sixes over mid wicket in one disastrous over for the students, he finished with 40 off 21 balls. Crosland kept the runs ticking over while punishing the bad ball to the boundary, scoring 15 progressing the score to 60. We looked in a very dominant position until we lost 4 for 9 runs.

Pascal watched on as the middle order were slowly collapsing, but when Beverley came to the crease they built a partnership, looking determined to get the team back on track. Beverley was then caught behind for a well played 16 getting the score to 111. Pascal scoring at more than a run a ball showing good cricket shots are still effective in this shortened version of the game, finishing up with 39. Lines went in at the end, looked to hit some boundries, and added 13 runs off as many balls to bring the total to 142, which was considered a par score on this ground.

Opening bowlers Fleming and Lines both bowled on the spot keeping the runs down in the early overs. The students opening batsmen got off to a steady start, although the Gordon bowlers could not find that much needed wicket to slow their run rate down. The first wicket came with an excellent run out to break the opening stand of 88. Sydney Uni kept scoring at a run a ball which was below the required run rate, thanks to some tidy bowling from Dowsley, Al Cambell and Ed Howitt.

Although with wickets in hand they it would always be possible to chase at ten an over. With three overs remaining in the game we had to stop them scoring 30 runs. Despite tight bowling we were not able to contain them as they were still getting a boundary an over which helped their cause. Flem had the last over, he was able to take one wicket although they managed to find the boundary and score the final 11 runs needed.

All in all it was a great effort for the first T20 of the season, with most of the boys not having much experience with this shortened version of the game.

Enjoy the Christmas break! Don't over do it, and let's all look forward to the first game back in January.

Tom Carruthers

3rd Grade Report vs Campbelltown - Camden - Round 7

3rd Grade Report vs Campbelltown - Camden - Round 7

anderson3rd Grade secure a bonus point against the Ghosts  

Killara Oval again proved a mystery to this Author. With a reputation for being a fast and high scoring ground, Killara again proved to be anything but, with the outfield again relatively slow and the grass not being cut all the way to the fence.

So' with out of control grass along the fence line the use of cones was in order to provide a make shift boundary. Despite the wicket having a little more grass on it this week it again proved to be slow, variable and hard to score freely.

Hugo was definitely the pick of the batsmen on a slow Killara Oval

But' with the sun shining we were hoping to make first use of the wicket and put on a big total for Campbelltown to chase, but alas as mentioned in the weekend wrap this would not be the case and Ed would be 0 from 7 with the coin flip and the Stags found themselves bowling first.

The day started well for the stags with Alex Lines getting a wicket in his first over for the second straight game in 3's and the third straight game this season, and after a couple more quick wickets Campbelltown were in big trouble at 3 for 3. A small partnership put them back on track, but with a regular fall of wickets they found it difficult to build any momentum. Tom Carruthers, Ed Howit and Nick Dowsley all bowled well picking up a wicket each.

The innings was closed in emphatic style by Adam Fleming, who continued his great form with the ball this season to knock over the last 3 Campbelltown batsmen cheaply and have the Ghosts all out for 109.

The only sour note out of the bowling was the donation of 3.1 overs and 19 runs worth of wides. We will need to tighten up next week in the 20/20 or it will prove costly.

The Stags went out to bat with confidence in knocking off the target, and despite not putting too much emphasis or chat on the possibility of gaining a bonus point it was always going to be on the cards.

Damon and Hugo got us off to a solid start getting the score to 31 before Damon was out LBW. Nick Dowsley then joined Hugo and helped to take the score to 43 before a misjudged pull shot had him back in the pavilion.

The in-form Kris Colley then went to the crease and together with Hugo they took the score confidently to 70. However after Kris fell for 12, Pascal and Andrew both fell to forgettable cut shots off half trackers, and at 5 for 70 things were getting shaky. However Tom Carruthers joined Hugo and together they finished the job off with a mixture of excellent running between the wickets and shot making.

Needing 5 runs off the 30th over for a bonus point Tom played a beautiful flick of his pads through mid wicket to bring up the winning runs. The pick of the bats without doubt was Hugo who held the innings together with an excellent 33 not out.

Well done Boys.


3rd Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 8

3rd Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 8

3rd Grade vs Parramatta

Inaugrual T20 match washed out.


3rd Grade Report vs UNSW - Round 6

3rd Grade Report vs UNSW - Round 6

Nick Dowsely3rd Grade grind down UNSW in a grueling two days

As I arrived at the ground for our battle against UNSW, I was eager to have a bat, but with the 'unprecedented' loss of the toss by Ed Howitt we were forced to field for what was one of the most enjoyable fielding experiences of my cricketing career! The riveting game consisted of UNSW scoring 7-169 after 80 overs and on the second day just 6 runs in 11 overs for a total of 175. The highlights in the field included an old woman unfortunately being asked to leave the field and Alex Lines' first ball of the UNSW innings.

Nick 'Digger' Dowsely plays one off the back foot

With UNSW opting for a cricketing war of attrition, our bowlers nonetheless bowled line and length all day forcing mistakes from each batsman, Ed Howitt (1-28 from 20), Alex Lines (4-29 off 18) and Adam Fleming(2-28 off 17.4) ensured the scorebook looked like an Aboriginal artwork, with Nick Dowsley (1-38 off 18) and Pascal de l'Epine chipping in with much needed wickets. With 28 maidens and some excellent fielding by Carruthers ,Taylor and Tait and Beverley taking two catches in hard keeping conditions, the UNSW team began to lose interest in the game of cricket currently being played thus a new game had begun on the pathway in front of the Killara sheds.

Damon Reg LivermoreThis captured the fielders' attention as each ball bowled in the middle had become to me, as if my post high school career was sinking further and further into a landscaping one, as the grass became more interesting than the batsmen.

Traditional Livermore, caught more than once in this dominating pose

The second day of play began much like the previous week. But with some fine bowling from Fleming and Lines, Gordon was finally sent into bat chasing 175. Our opening stand of 57 was well fought by Hugo Anderson making a classy 26 at the top of the order and Livermore whom finished with a well constructed 46. Nick Dowsley approached the wicket with Gordon at 1/57 and began to continue laying the framework for Gordon victory in the clash. With the loss of Livermore, and Tait soon after to an unlucky runout, we were looking a bit worse for wear as the smokescreen hovering above the ground could affect the light later in the day thus forcing a draw against UNSW.

This was not to be! Pascal de l'Epine entered the crease steadying the Stags ship alongside Dowsley who was dismissed for 24. Tom Carruthers played a supporting role finishing on 12 due to a rush of blood. Gavin Taylor (15*from 20) entered with the score at 5/138 and just a few overs left in the day's play. He established a key role in assisting de l'Epine to 42*from 67 and therefore saw Gordon to a deserving victory!

 Pascal delEpine       Nick Dowsely

Pascal and Nick taking control out in the centre of the ground

All in all a great team effort with everybody contributing with the bat, the ball and for long hours in the field. Good luck next week fellas!

Gav Taylor

Fourth Grade Match Reports 10/11

Fourth Grade Match Reports 10/11

The fourth grade team plays for the Reid Cup. All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants.

Points for all wins go to the club championship.

For the Fourth grade schedule go to Fixtures

Fourth Grade match reports for 2010/11 season are provided below:



4th Grade Report vs Sutherland - Round 14

4th Grade Report vs Sutherland - Round 14

retallick4th Grade Match Report vs Sutherland

I'm often teased about the lack of suitable events and nightlife available in the Canberra precinct from certain people in the club.

I am pleased to say this weekend the Canberra Festival will get underway this weekend with a host of flagship events including a balloon spectacular, Enlighten featuring George Benson ( famous cigarette maker ), Chris Issak ( Baby did a bad bad thing ), Franki Vali and INXS.

Chris Retallick plays some expansive shots on his way to 50

On to other things, 4th grade progress nicely into this week's match against Blacktown sitting 3rd on the table.

The team has bonded into a solid unit with everyone playing a part.

On the weekend against Sutherland, the side rapped up the six points with an impressive half century from Chris Retallick and five wickets each for Charlie Bangs and Adam Cubbage the previous week. James Kidd continued to shake the batsman up a bit and Cubby continues to catch well at slip. The Sutherland batsman struggled early with LBWs given for the first 4 wickets.

Chasing small totals in the 160's is never easy, as Kleem found out last week being fired LBW for 8. Gav Taylor chipped in with a handy 20, Hugo Anderson didn't trouble the scorers but Retallick stood firm.

Other handy contributions from Tom Carruthers and Shayne Lin pushed the score passed the required total.

Shayne is currently paranoid about his new bat. I tell you, Shayne, it is all in the mind. Often cricketers get these little superstitions in the brain, such as pads, but having the money to pay for these non essentials is also very important.

Mitchell Kleem


4th Grade Report vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 13

4th Grade Report vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 13


The Stags were back at Killara to face Fairfield in round 13 wondering if the rain would hold off and if Andrew Crosland would contribute this week. Coming off a good win we knew that we had to be confident but not complacent given

Fairfield position on the ladder.

Kleem looks the goods in the run chase against the Lions

We won the toss on a greenish wicket that would offer a bit to the bowlers early on. James Kidd took the first wicket of the day in his second over, however we were unable to capitalize with the new ball and Fairfield were off to a good start at 1/50. Will the ball wet and doing very little the plan was to bowl straight and full with the ball skidding on. Tommy Curruthers bowled very well claiming a couple of wickets with Deva supporting him well at the other end and claiming a wicket with his first ball. After 50 over the heavens opened up and the day was called off. Overall it was a disappointing day the fours not bowling or fielding to our best standards. Fairfield finished the day at 5/130.

On day two of the match we needed to improve our attitude from the previous week in order to prevent Fairfield from posting a large total. We started the day well with Hugh Sinclair bowling very well picking up a couple of crucial wickets and bowled with excellent pace and control. The Fairfield total was increasing vey slowly. The batting was very frustrating at times but we knew we had to stay patient. James Kidd bowled vey well, as did Cubby claiming the last couple of wickets.

kidd208 was the target with 48 overs to get them. The message to the batsmen was to stay positive and keep doing what had been working for us. Mitch and Hugo got us off to the perfect start batting for 20 over together and putting on close to 130. Both showed excellent patience as well as the ability to put the bad ball away. Chris Retalick and Jack Colley in his first 4th grade game got us close to the total before departing just before the winning runs were hit. In the end the Stags cruised home in 43 overs.

James Kidd starts well in trying conditions

The win puts the 4th graders in third place in a very tight competition. It's off to Sutherland next week to continue our late charge towards the finals. It's important that we continue to improve on each performance as we get down to the business end of the season.

Good luck against the Sharks, lets take all grades!

Shayne Lin

4th Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 12

4th Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 12

carruthers The long trip out to Penrith presented 4th grade with an opportunity to crack the top six in what was to be a 40+ degree day. 2nd placed Penrith had only lost 1 game all season but Gordon had stormed up the ladder on the back of consecutive big wins, so confidence in the camp was high.

Tom Carruthers punches one through the infield

The toss was lost by the skip but the goal was achieved on what looked to be a tacky surface for the first hour. Gordon was sent out into the heat to spend some time in the field. James Kidd bowled a fast and accurate opening spell, beating the bat more often than not on his way to best match figures of 3-24 off 13 overs. Supporting at the other end was Hughy Sinclair who finished with figures of 2-26 off his 11 overs in the heat.

Good tight bowling from Tommy Carruthers (1-14 off 9) and Deva Nirthanakumaran (1-17 off 8) helped Gordon work their way through the Penrith batting line-up as they continued to falter in the heat. Adam Cubbage (1-52 off 10) bowled more half trackers than not but got a vital breakthrough as runs started to flow for the Panthers. A special mention should also go to Cubby's slip catching, taking 2 vital catches early doors to really put the pressure on. 'Gavman' Taylor was introduced at the end of the innings and somehow claimed 2-11 off his 7 to rap up the Penrith innings, all out for 147.

taylorMitch Kleem continued his good form getting Gordon off to a rapid start with a well made 37 to settle any nerves that were in the camp. Meanwhile Gav Taylor was slog sweeping the openers on his way to a classy knock of 84 to see Gordon into the top 6.

Gav Taylor plays once off the back foot

Handy support to Gav was provided by Tommy Carruthers (19), Shayne Lin (27), who bombed some ridiculous straight sixes to establish his dominance as a fence clearer, Cubbage (21) who managed to clear his name as a nerdler with a big six over square leg and Hugh Sinclair with a hard hitting 36 not out to boost the average for the season.

A good win by the Gordon lads, storming home in the final straight.

Andrew Crosland 

4th Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 11

4th Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 11

cubbage4th Grade in a massive outright win  

Day 1

Fourth grade are running into contention for finals this year following a huge win over NDs. Shane 'I never lose tosses' Lin lost his 3rd toss for the year and the ND's skipper chose to make use of what appeared a good Killara wicket.

Cubbage in vintage form with the ball

As most of us know, the first hour is crucial as any life in a pitch is generally early on in an innings. That being said, Bangs nicked off the opener 6th ball into the first over and then got another a few overs later. With a great start, the Gordon bowlers really stuck to their task and cleaned up ND's for 139.

Pick of the bowlers by far was Charlie who picked up 5/40 with some classy out swingers and was supported well by James Kidd 2-22, Hugh Sinclair 2-29 and Adam Cubbage 1-18. Hugh, in his grade debut, is a great find for us as we push towards the finals. He bowled with great control with his in swingers and was unlucky not to have picked up a few more.

After scoring 170 in the T20 then chasing down Manly's 170 in 26 overs the week before, the flood gates opened as we finished the day 7/238 of 26 overs. It would come as no surprise to anyone who's been a part of the Gordon Cricket Club over the past 9 years to know that it was Mitch 'don't bowl length' Kleem who's early onslaught of 85, including an effortless 4 sixes, kept us going at nearly 10 an over with brilliant assistance from Shane 'fence clearer' Lin who slammed 48 with 5 sixes.

Everyone in the middle order helped continue the run rate at just over 9 an over with Medcalf 17, Crosland 24, Retallick 27, Franklin 11 respectivly. A special mention must go out to Will 'rather do it in singles then sixes' Medcalf who has copped some flack over the week being the only one of the top 6 not to clear the fence. In his defence, he didn't need to as his partnership with Mitch yielded 60 plus runs.

linDay 2

The second week saw just as much excitement as the first week on another good Killara deck. Shane declared first thing and gave the new ball to the first innings hero Charlie and Sinclair who again kept things tight.

The skipper Shayne Lin keeps a watchful eye on proceedings

This brought about the first wicket to Hugh (1-36) caught 3rd slip with Charlie (3-43) and Kidd (1-37) both picking up one and keeping their ends tight. This allowed Cubbage to attack from the other end and pick up his best figures for the year of 6 for 58 off 15.1. His decision to listen and pay attention to a Higgins leg spin clinic during the week actually paid off! Having bowled ND's out a second time for 190 gave the Stags a total of 92 to get achieve the outright in 22 overs.

Kleem was out early and was followed by Medcalf but Gav and 'Retro' Retallick finished the innings off in about 14 overs with Gav notching up a well compiled 56 not out and Retro an unbeaten 21. An awesome win that had us jump from 13th to 8th on the ladder and only 3 points out of the top 6. Bring on the Rif!

Up the Stags

Adam Cubbage

4th Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10

4th Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10

cubbageAn outright win and the Mal Hall Trophy remains with the Stags

Day 1

With the weather turning during the week, the pitch had some obvious signs of under preparation which captain Lin looked to take advantage of with his infallible toss record. He won the toss and elected to bowl on a long green deck.

Cubbage plays the boys right back into the 2nd innings

The day started slowly with few runs scored, but more vitally, wickets failed to fall. However, just when doubt began to envelop us, Charlie Bangs struck and continued to strike with 4 quick wickets, while continuing to dry up the runs as he finished with figures of 4 for 9 off his 13 overs. Tommy Carruthers was then introduced and continued to pepper the batsmen with great bowling, beating the bat regularly as he went about his 4 wicket haul. With manly 9 for 81, before tea, we were hoping for a quick finish and some good time in the middle in the afternoon, however a long partnership from the last 2 batsmen saw a further 24 runs being added, which as so happens turned out to be crucial.

The afternoon saw Gordon off to a disastrous start losing 4 wickets for next to nothing. This brought Tommy Carruthers and Gavin Taylor to the crease, who steadied the ship for a short time. As more wickets fell Shayne Lin came to the crease and got us within a whisker of first innings points scoring 47 in quick time, while being well supported by Adam Cubbage.  However, with 11 runs needed for the first innings points, Charlie Bangs left a full one on off stump and the innings was over.

Day 2

Having bowled 3 overs the previous week to no avail, and having already lost an innings, the morning saw the Stags go through the motions and a number of catches were put down during the day. This was to the detriment of some good work once again from Bangs and Carruthers who at times were unplayable, both finishing with 3 apiece. Alex Campbell also bowled well and deserved more than 1 for his efforts.  The Manly declaration came with the Stage requiring an unlikely 177 for victory off 26 overs.

linHaving scored 170 in a recent 20/20 fixture, we thought we were in for a shot. Mitch Kleem and Gavin Taylor started strongly smoking 24 off the first 2 overs and adding 50 in quick time before the first wicket fell. Two more wickets fell shortly after before Taylor and Adam 'nurdler' Cubbage put together a good partnership, staying at or above the required run rate, punishing the full and wide balls and put us in a great position with wickets in hand.

Shayne Lin plays a great cameo to get the boys home and retain the trophy

Taylor eventually fell for 52 and Cubbage for 44, but not before Shayne 'fence clearer' Lin came to the crease clearing the boundary and dispatching the bowling for his 29, leaving Will Medcalf needing 5 off the last over of the day for the win. With the field set, Will receives a generous half tracker down leg which he dispatches down leg for FOUR before clearing the infield for 2 the next ball to seal the win and a great fight back from fourth grade.

Chris Retallick

4th Grade Report vs Sydney Uni. - Round 9

4th Grade Report vs Sydney Uni. - Round 9

kiddChristmas comes early for Feisty Fourths

On arrival at the ground the day started with the news of a big win in 2nd Grade over a strong Sydney University side on a slow, difficult Chatswood deck. After the usual procrastination, the warm up started which did not receive a warm welcome from one Chatswood local who was screaming and moaning. There was a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air as it was the first chance for most of us to play in a competitive twenty20 match. A sharp, effective warm up was followed by the news that we were batting first.

James 'Billy' Kidd playing his part in the T20 match against Uni

The once described slow, difficult Chatswood deck had now hardened up to be perfect for batting. It was now up to the openers Mitch 'MITCHY' Kleem and Will 'insert ironic name' Medcalf to put on a show for the packed Chatswood oval stands, and they did not disappoint. As Will nurdled the ball around turning over the strike, Mitch teed off.

Like Happy Gilmore at the Waterberry open he continually skipped down the wicket and hit the Sydney University bowling to all parts, without failing to swing and miss at a few as well. After Mitch's wicket fell for a blistering 44 off 20 odd balls, will's wicket followed soon after, however there was no need for the Gordon batsmen to panic as the score had rocketed to 60 off the first 6 over's. Small partnerships between myself, Chris 'retro' Retalik, Shane 'motherlovin' Lyn, and Andrew 'Chapo' Chapman kept the score ticking along through the middle over's. After a small frustrating rain delay in the 18th over we finished off the innings to set Sydney University an imposing 173 for victory.

Once the short inning interval was completed the feisty Gordon fourths took to the field with a sense of urgency and spark that had been missing from the teams fielding efforts for the past few games. Some good batting and luck got the young Sydney university batsmen off to a rapid start. Enter Charlie 'Tom' Bangs, after being comprehensively spanked over the Cedric Pike (soon to be renamed 'Pockets Avendano') stand, forcing a ball change.

Charlie followed it up with a peach to remove the opener and start a steady trickle of wickets. Adam 'Ya Mum calls' Cubbage bowled economically, James 'Please for the last time stop it' Kidd bowled intelligently and the rest chipped in. In this match we really stuck to our game plans that never allowed the Sydney University team back into the match after the fall of their first wicket.

Nic Franklin

4th Grade Report vs Campbelltown - Camden - Round 7

4th Grade Report vs Campbelltown - Camden - Round 7

cubbageA poor batting display gives away 6 points 

8 wicket loss to 16th place - not what I had in mind when I crawled out of bed to make the trek down the M5 early saturday morning. Batting frailties surfaced again in 4th grade after a string of strong performances.

Adam Cubbage is one of the few that stood up on the day

El Capitano S. Lin won the toss and batted first. Not great viewing, I'll keep it short as it was a pretty forgettable day with the blade for over half of us. Some rather soft dismissals had 4th grade 4-17 after 10 overs and 5-32 soon after. Kurt 'Zyrtec' Roughley thought he'd take it easy on the lower grades and only use the top of the handle with his dismissal. Best bowling conditions were in the first period before drinks - but of course an opening batsman removed for 0 is going to say this. So 172 from those circumstances was a great effort. The main reason was the performance of Chris Retallick (64) mostly dealing in boundaries as wickets fell around him. With great support from Adam Cubbage (31), showing great resistance and effectively navigating the square shape of the field by avoiding the ridiculous length of the corners.

The two put on a valuable 7th wicket stand that gave us a competitive total that got us right back in it. Deva and Dan Lake also showed the top order how it's done with some useful contributions.

Early wickets were the key when we took to the field. Charlie Bangs and Dan Lake were incredibly unlucky not to grab at least a solitary wicket in their opening spells consistently beating the outside edge of both batsmen. Frustrating to say the least, those behind the stumps were astonished not to have a chance come our way. A couple of catches were grassed when the game was still well within our reach.

Adam Cubbage bowled well but found it difficult to keep things as tight as usual with the short and fast square boundaries. Deva was Deva, never disappoints and was reliable as always. The breakthrough eventually came courtesy of Nic Franklin. Forget any natural abiliy, the 'Placebo effect' of these $12 'Powerband' knock-offs, those I copped an absolute ear-bashing about, was the only reason he trapped our first victim halfway up in front of middle. Obviously our total wasn't competitive. The Ghosts passed our total only 2 down with 9 overs up their sleeve.

I hate to use the word 'disappointing', but the overall attitude, I think everyone will admit, wasn't at what was needed to have chance to grab the 6 points. After the season was resurrected against Bankstown S. Lin declared that 4th grade could easily go undefeated until Christmas and as it stood before round 7 we had 4 of the bottom 5 teams in that period, which is more than an achievable task. All is not lost but a win over Sydney Uni in the T20 this week is a must. 

Will Medcalf

4th Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 8

4th Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 8

4th Grade vs Parramatta

Inaugrual T20 match washed out.


4th Grade Report vs UNSW - Round 6

4th Grade Report vs UNSW - Round 6

colleyMatch Report 4th grade vs UNSW

Day 1 began with 'Shane-o' Lin being a little cranky at a few certain somebodies arriving slightly later than expected. Whether or not this mood influenced Shayne's decision to call heads instead of tails we'll never know, but it worked and we won the toss and chose to bat on a road accompanied by small boundaries with a quick outfield.

Kris Colley blasts the students' attack to all parts of the ground

Mitch Kleem opened his account with 4 boundaries in the first over getting us off to a blazing start whilst Tom 'Sizzle Dick' Cockburn watched on in awe from the other end and me and my team mates did so from the sideline. However the run fest for Mitch was short lived after he spooned one straight to a fielder, who was shortly followed off the field by 'Coach' Cockburn bringing Nic Franklin and Kris Colley to the crease.

These two formed a good partnership with Franklin blasting a decent 30 with good running between the wickets supported by the lightning fast outfield. Nick was unlucky not to go on with his innings however after his wicket fell Andrew 'Alberts Tavern' Crosland waltzed out to the crease. At 3/80 odd we still weren't in any trouble as the run rate was still ticking over nicely.

croslandThe next wicket took 234 runs to come and the students did not look like they were the best time in the field having to chase the ball over the boundary and under fences at least once an over. Colley showed his class playing every shot in the book, off the front and back foot, proving to be impossible for the young bowlers to tie down. The fielders' heads were down and at the other end was Crosland casually smashing boundaries here there and everywhere further upsetting the boys on the opposition.

Crosland soaks up the moment of his grade hundred against UNSW

By tea it was obvious that the opposition didn't want to be there and Shayne set us a target of 350 to get before the 65th over. With both batsmen on surpassing triple figures a further punishing of the bowling figures of the students was accelerated. Both Colley and Crosland didn't feel like being out in the middle any longer so decided to let some of our other batsmen enjoy some time at the middle'

Colley finished his innings on 144 and Crosland on 104 after their record breaking 4th wicket partnership. Shayne came in to hit a few fours before he was dismissed bringing Andrew Chapman in who put us past the 350 mark and beyond a couple more wickets fell and we declared after 65 overs for a modest 7 for 376 with 13 overs left in the day for us to have a crack and try to get a couple of cheeky wickets before the end of the day.

cubbageThe pitch still had a bit of life in it for the two opening bowlers Dan 'Disco' Lake and James Kidd with the new ball testing out the two opening batsmen with some short deliveries. A few exciting runs came off the edges but Lakey proved the winner with a decent short ball at the head of the batsman being hit straight to the fieldsman at midwicket for the first wicket. The second wicket came only the next over and as the students were having trouble playing anything short it was another bouncer that saw the ball being skied straight above his head proving an easy catch for Shayne.

Cubbage takes a catch off his own bowling - why would he bother off anyone else?

Deva 'Hustler' Nirthanakumaran bowled extremely well supported by Adam 'Frodo' Cubbage unlucky not to be given another wicked.

No more wickets fell on the first day but we had achieved what our captain had asked us to do and the students went home with their spirits crushed as they were 2 for 36 at the end of play knowing they had a lot of work to do next week.

Day two saw some punctuality being exercised' in most cases. Mitch had some car troubles and Nic Franklin just had some trouble.

Before we set foot on the field we were given a stern speech by the Captain to not go through the motions and to be energetic in the field. An early wicket came our way after Dan Lake took the 3rd wicket on his first ball clean bowling the batsman. However, after that we found ourselves watching a partnership unfold and before we knew it the students were getting themselves back in the game with the score at 3 for 150 and plenty of overs to spare.

Deva again bowled well but went unrewarded for his efforts and Adam Cubbage also going unrewarded. For the most part of the session the fielding was rather flat and the energy was lacking but a run out was taking before tea bringing the score to 4 for 220. A stern talking to from the captain at tea was sure to rouse the spirits of the Stags, as we were in a position in which we could potentially let the game slip. We didn't, the fielding improved after tea and a fiery intensity was felt amongst the boys.

franklinA bowling change after tea saw Nic 'Fumbles' Franklin come into the attack, the apparent part time bowled extremely well and aggressively and took a well deserved 2/20 in his spell , a small partnership was brought about as another of our part time bowlers Andrew 'what the hell are you doing bowling' Chapman was brought into the attack, unlucky not to get a wicket he did bowl well and he was supported by Deva bowling straight and full at the other end ending up with good rhythm taking 2 wickets finishing with the figures of 2/25.

Nic Franklin using his tongue-out approach effectively

The students were now on the back foot and the Stags had taken the reigns once again. Adam 'I only take catches off my own bowling' Cubbage was brought back on to extinguish any hopes the students might have still had of winning, taking two wickets in his final over. One of which was a brilliant diving caught and bowled.

The students were bowled out for 284, a great game from Gordon, the second day proving a bit tougher than we had thought, a good fight back from UNSW with some good batting and a few mishaps in the field gave them a sniff back into the game but we were able to re-establish our dominance in the match and the competition. A great win for the stags.

Get fah you bah! 

James 'Billy' Kidd

4th Grade Report vs Mosman - Round 5

4th Grade Report vs Mosman - Round 5

lin4th Grade come away without a win, or a loss

Fourth Grade is improving every week, and on Saturday against Mosman we put in our most complete performance of the season. However, we were unable to take the final two wickets and secure a much deserved win.

The skipper, Lin, clears the fence with a big blow

In an odd move we were put into bat on what could only be described as a belter (Editor's note ' This normally happens in these shortened 'two day' matches as the team bowling second MUST take all 10 wickets to win). However, we didn't take full advantage of this early on and found ourselves precariously placed at 4-80. Despite this, all the top 3 looked in good knick and made starts and it is only a matter of time till they hit a big score.

With the loss of the 4th wicket Andrew Crosland joined Hugo Anderson at the crease, the two batted sensibly before lunch steering the team to 4-130 at the break. After the break runs started to flow more freely as the Mosman bowlers tired in the heat. Crosland was eventually dismissed trying to push along the scoring for a well compiled 61, he and Anderson put on a pivotal 120 run partnership to place Gordon in a very strong position.

The loss of Crosland brought Captain Shayne Lin to the crease, and with declaration on his mind, Shayne proceeded to clear the boundary on 3 occasions on his way to a quick fire 45 not out. When Shayne declared the score was 5-266 off 58 over's with Lin and Anderson combining for a 70 run partnership off 10 over's. Hugo finished on 87 not out, a determined knock which was much needed time in the middle.

With 63 over's, and an impressive bowling attack at our disposal we were confident that we would be able to dismiss Mosman and take the points. The bowling started well with Dan Lake and James Kidd bowling tight lines, Dan was rewarded with the first wicket, a sharp catch to Anderson in the slips. After 17 over's Mosman found themselves at 1-37. It is this slow start that was much to the detriment of Gordon. It meant that Mosman had very little chance of winning, and though they didn't play for the draw, from here they batted with very little intent to chase the score which gave us limited wicket taking opportunities.

However, we continued to push hard and some impressive bowling from Alex Lines (3/16) and Adam Cubbage (2/80) gave us a sniff with Mosman 8 down with 8 overs to play. However their tail enders batted with good determination and we weren't able to take the final two wickets, Mosman finishing at 8/195. We were by far the stronger team on the day and there are only positives to take out of the game for the team despite taking no points.

Hugo Anderson

Fifth Grade Match Reports 10/11

Fifth Grade Match Reports 10/11

The Fifth Grade team plays for the Dave Sherwood Cup. All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants.

Points for all wins go to the club championship.

For the Fifth grade schedule go to Fixtures

Fifth Grade match reports for 2010/11 season are provided below:



5th Grade Report vs Blacktown - Round 15

5th Grade Report vs Blacktown - Round 15

cooper5th Grade have a close shave against the Warriors

Round 15 saw the mighty 5th Graders make the early morning trek out to Mt Druitt to take on the winless Blacktown. Victory was necessary to have any chance of snaring an all-important home final at our Beauchamp 'fortress'.

Ouch... Cooper is dismissed after saving the Stags' innings

The massive Whalan ground was in less than ideal condition. A wet patch on the pitch delayed the start of the game and allowed for a greatly appreciated trip to McDonalds. Gordon batted first and were soon in trouble at 3-1 with extras being the main contributor from some wayward Blacktown bowling.

Will "outdated nickname" Medcalf and Tom Cockburn found themselves trying to resurrect the innings. Patiently waiting for the inevitable 'boundary ball' the score got to 73 before both batsmen were dismissed in quick succession (as usual) leaving their team in trouble. The under-prepared, crumbling pitch, after little more than 10 overs, resembled something you would find on day 4 in Mumbai. After a fightbackfrom the Blacktown spinners the scoreboard read 7-90 and a home final looked like it might slip through our fingers.

We were rescued by Tristan 'Tom' Cooper (62) and David 'Masterchef' Monaghan(18) who got us to 8-155 and back in front. 'Coops' was putting on a show for his travelling family, taking a liking to to the Blacktown bowling attack. Dave showed his hardwork isn't only found in the kitchen, running hard and playing a typical 'Joel' innings. The pair ran plenty of 3's on the expansive, slow, ordinary outfield it must be noted. We scraped together 179 to defend. With the pitch only going to turn and crumble more and with our arsenal of experienced and improving spinners we were confident of collecting the 6 points.

A bright start by Blacktown was soon dulled by Paul Deitz (4-28) who grabbed two early wickets in his impressive first spell. Dave Monaghan constantly beat the bat with his savage outswingers and was unlucky not to grab a wicket early. Matt Todd was vocal in the field and was thrown the new ball on a raging turner. It became obvious that spin was going to do the damage through the middle overs. Cockburn(1-19) and Cooper(3-15) bowled in tandem and really put the brakes on the run chase with some quality offies.

Although we were on top throughout, Blacktown always had a sniff. Andrew Coleman was awake to this and was rather vocal and forward in reminding us. We eventually got the points with 23 runs up our sleeve. Finals are finally here and an increase in intensity is exactly what we need as we have been coasting and going through the motions at times recently.

With team chemistry arguably our greatest attribute, some great banter in the sheds and a bit of talent the 5's are a huge chance of hoisting the David Sherwood Cup. As Tim Packman reminds us "There is no other team you would rather play for"

Will Medcalf 

5th Grade Report vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 13

5th Grade Report vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 13

Josh Goldsmith

Many thoughts and inspiration words came to the forefront during our match against Fairfield-Liverpool, including;

'A game influences by a couple of key moments'

'A bump in the road'

'A game of two halves'

'A loss to keep us focused on the goals'

Josh Goldsmith makes his photographic debut on the Gordon website

Coming into this match with just one loss in 12 rounds, confidence was obviously high and when Fairfield won the toss and sent us into bat, we were looking for a good start and the creation of partnerships.

Cricket however being 'the great equaliser' it is, after 35 overs we found ourselves red-faced and all out for 74, with number 11 Matt Todd top scoring with 24. With a hint of shock, a cup of poor batting and a pinch of low bounce, this is one recipe I would not like to dish up.

With finals cricket looming and the 3 team goals embedded in our minds, we went about our defence/attack with clear and cohesive plans. An early wicket rallied the stags only to be dampened by the rain, which set in for the remainder of play.

Day 2, 120 overs of play ahead and the message for the day, 'grit'. This seemed to resonate amongst the lads producing effective bowling partnerships, plenty of energy in the field and a reward of 8 wickets in 35 overs with only 54 runs conceded. With only one wicket required to secure first innings, Fairfield's tail wagged and to their credit played smart cricket strokes under high pressure.  

Matt Todd Dave Monaghan Tom Gooch

Matt Todd, Dave Monaghan and Tom Gooch test out the Lions' batsmen

All out for 116 after 49 overs, it was a valiant effort by all Stags but as in the case in other matches, the final wicket(s) proved to be as, if not more, important that the first. Wickets taken by Monaghan (3), Dietz (2), Todd (2), Gooch (1) and Cockburn (1) supported by catches from Coleman (3), Packman (1), Goldsmith (1) and Cockburn (1).

With approx 80 overs remaining, we had the belief we could turn this game in our favour. This positive thinking translated into a declaration at 3 down for 207 runs in 50 overs and a great partnership of 139 between Cockburn (64no) and Coleman (80no).

This set a target for the home team of 165 runs in 24 overs. Unfortunately, their 'test-match' application was made clear early and after 14 overs, 1 for 21, the ball was thrown to Coleman (who has not bowled since under 10s just in time for the game to be concluded.

We played great cricket for all except 30 overs in the match and despite losing the game, we can draw a lot of positives as a team and as individuals. We will take our lessons learned and momentum into our next match at the fortress.

Dave Monaghan

5th Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 12

5th Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 12

colleyA celebratory BBQ after a win against Penrith  

Day One

With heat and humidity at disturbingly high levels, the Pupae were delighted to see our inspirational captain Tim 'Moth' Packman motion a cover drive after a successful toss. Despite this distinct advantage on a deck which looked great for batting despite some grass, we knew we were in for a tough battle against a side fighting for their finals lives. After tight bowling and aggressive fielding by the Panthers, we lost James Dedman in the 4th over which brought Will 'Pony' Medcalf to the crease with the aim of steadying the innings. Josh Goldsmith toiled hard seeing out the new ball, but was ultimately unable to convert his form off the field into runs, succumbing to a catch behind the wickets leaving the score at 2-14 after 13 overs.

The youngest Colley, Jack, turns it on at Beauchamp

A partnership was needed desperately for the Pupae, and Tom 'Shaft' Cockburn joined Pony to tough it out. Both players batted with tremendous application as we were up against an attack which contained a first grade bowler coming back from injury, who had taken 6 wickets in a semi final and had his keeper standing a pitch and a half's length from the wickets. After surviving his spell and progressing the score to 71, both Shaft and Pony had what most would call brain snaps, bowled in the same over for scores of 30 and 36 respectively. This brought upon a mini collapse with two more wickets falling in quick succession to leave the Pupae at 6-83 going into the tea break.

When play resumed, Jack 'Precious' Colley and David 'Joel' Monaghan sought upon turning the match back in our favour through attacking yet sensible shot play, combined with sharp singles which continually frustrated the Panthers on a steamy day. Precious was particularly devastating, living up to his name by guarding his wicket carefully and waiting for the loose ball to put away - which he did on a regular basis. Their partnership of 68 stabilised our innings and left us in a reasonable position at 7-151 after it looked like we would fall cheaply. Tom 'Hooch' Gooch then came in and was able to block as well as he does on nights out with mates who are with a girl, holding up an end while Precious dismantled the Panthers attack with an array of lofted drives. His dismissal for a classy 63 saw Hooch and one half of the Bang Brothers, Tom Bangs, provide some brief lower order hitting to see the score to 186, with Matt 'Fester' Todd the last man out.

With 45 minutes to bowl at Penrith before the close of play, Moth had a glint in his eye knowing that although we fell for a low total by our standards, we had the chance to bowl to a side that had been in searing heat the last five hours. Tom Bangs produced immediately with an LBW, showing that the Bang Brothers don't mind a bit of grass on the wicket, with movement both in the air and off the pitch. Following this, the Panthers sought to see out the rest of the day with numerous leaves and blocks following. With our primary tweaker Fester feeling a little crook and Shaft keeping stumps after Andrew 'Elton' Coleman pulled out with a mysterious injury (although numerous undisclosable theories put forward by Moth and Fester exist), the ball was tossed to the humble author who produced flight, drift, turn and bounce to produce wickets in successive deliveries (Humble? ' Ed.). With no more wickets falling, the day ended with Penrith at 3-29 and the match in the balance.

Day Two

The Day started with the revelation that the Panther's number five was also a first grader who had just come back from holidays, and the Pupae knew we had to be at our best if we wanted victory. After the score progressed to 49, Joel struck the first blow, with his consistent bowling finally rewarded with the number three chopping on. The introduction of Fester produced immediate dividends with wickets on consecutive balls, leaving Penrith at 6-48 and facing their second hatrick ball of the innings. A big shout followed for LBW but the umpire's finger unfortunately stayed put. A special mention must be made to Shaft who took a sharp catch in his first day of wicket keeping in over a year. Fester continued to bowl great lines to the Panther's batsmen, finally being rewarded with his third wicket of the innings after trapping the first grade bat LBW with one of his trademark wrong'uns. Another wicket soon thereafter to the author saw the Pupae well in control with the score at 8-71 at the drinks break.

After words by Moth reminding us of previous matches which have gone down to the wire due to our inability to claim the final wickets cheaply, we were keen to end their innings abruptly. This did not eventuate however, with Penrith seemingly adopting a reverse order as their tail showcased considerably more grit and application than their upper order. While we continued to bowl decent lines, the Panthers nonetheless scored quite freely, with the score suddenly creeping upwards. It was not until the introduction of Hooch that the match swung back in our advantage after he claimed the wicket of the number 8, leaving Penrith teetering at 9/120 still 67 short of our total. Another rearguard partnership ensued with the 10 and 11 looking in control and rarely playing false strokes. Our fielding did not help our cause with fumbles and dropped catches leading to leaked runs. Fired up by news that his lady would be coming down to Sydney next week, Hooch bowled with great heat to take the last wicket after 36 was put on, with the reliable hands of Fester snaffling a sharp chance in the gully.

Penrith attempted to gain quick wickets, and were successful, as we slumped to 2-12 before rain soon came with the match called off with the score at 2-24. The Gordon Club Song was sung loud and proud, with the Pupae affirming our status as premiership heavyweights after our 10th win of the season placed us 4 points off first place. A special thanks to Moth from the boys, as he brought his Weber Q down to Beauchamp and provided us with a celebratory post match barbecue, along with beers and the always quality 5th grade banter.

Tristan Cooper

5th Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 11

5th Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 11

cooper5th Grade defeat the Rangers inside Day 1  

Day One

On a scorching day at Somerville the Pupae quickly secured first innings points against an inexperienced Northern Districts side. After our now traditional pre-game banter session, the Stags took the field confident of maintaining their good run of form in the New Year. Tim 'Moth' Packman's tactical loss of the toss on a wicket that looked a good deal better than it played, allowed our opening bowlers to get off to a great start. The pick of the bowlers was a fiery Deva, who executed a relentless spell of seam bowling at good pace to finish with figures of 4-25 off 10 overs. Dave 'Joel' Monaghan also bowled a strong uphill spell, breaking through the ND's top order with two more wickets.

Tristan Cooper fires with the bat against the Rangers

With ND's now 6/36 the first hour had set the tone for the entire match, however the opposition total could have been even less had we held onto several early chances. Josh Goldsmith complemented his off-field form down the road at Tracks with two very sharp catches in the slips ' setting the standard for the team. Tommy 'Side-bar Shaft' Cockburn made a great cameo with the ball, floating a full toss to catch the back of the No.7's bat and land in the outstretched arms of Fester. After a well disguised wrong-un by Toddy and a clean run-out by Joel took care of the tail, the Stags were back in the sheds with 69 to chase for the win.

Despite some early attacking play we soon found ourselves two wickets down with Jack and Tristan coming in to steady the ship. Jack wasted no time in getting on with the chase, unleashing a brutally aggressive 23 on the ND's medium pacers before coming unstuck with the score at 37. Tristan 'So upright its almost a gee-up' Cooper showed no signs of frustration after his dry tour of Japan, combining powerful hitting with a calm temperament to make an impressive 86 that secured the win and set up a possible outright on the second day. He was well supported by 'Elton' Coleman, whose aerial drives down the ground were a highlight of the afternoon.

Meanwhile on the sidelines' An innocent questioning of Jack's sandwich choice caused Mrs Colley to exclaim 'Aw, he's just my precious little number 3 batsmen!' Moth and Fester's eyes lit up instantly, and the ensuing quips caused Jack to quickly return to the change room. A new nickname was born'

A strong 54 by Paul 'Don't bother running' Campbell finished off the day with the Stags 7/231 at the close of play.

campbellDay Two

The second day began with the author dismayed at the decision to declare overnight, robbing him of his maiden grade half century. Spirits were soon lifted however by a vocal Dietzy on the sidelines and the possibility of claiming an outright win.

Paul Campbell makes light work of the ND's bowlers

The task was ahead was a tough one however, with fresh resolve from the ND's batsmen, who were watchful and patient on a very solid batting deck, and worked hard for their opening partnership of 131. It just wasn't the Pupae's day unfortunately, as the bowling was consistent but chances often flew wide or short of the fieldsmen. Toddy once again led the way with the ball, combining with Elton for two clinical stumpings before the game was called with ND's 4/181.

5's should be encouraged by last weekend's performance, as although the outright escaped us, we were able to put together a patient, consistent effort. Moth, Fester and Elton continue to provide valuable leadership to the more junior players and keep spirits high in what is turning out to be a very successful season for fifth grade.

The pupae march on.

Tom Gooch

5th Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10 - Version 2

5th Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10 - Version 2

deva5th Grade vs Manly - Version 2

This report will be short but sweet.

Moth Packman is an absolute legend in my opinion. He runs a tight ship in 5s. We probably don't do things in the conventional way but we get results, and ultimately that's all that matters.

This photo of Deva has made the Facebook photo of the year candidates

Moth lost the toss against Manly & we were sent in on a green wet wicket. Shaft Cockburn fell early but as per team policy did not sulk & returned from the sheds to support the lads. Speedblitz Goldsmith was dusty after a heavy night on the grog, but hung in there for a 20. I don't remember much else about the batting but Jack & Tim also got a few. The star however was Elton Coleman. He blasted the attack to all parts of the Beauchamp stadium. He got dropped 8 times but they were all hot chances & he rode his luck well for 70. At the end of our innings we had 222 on the board. More than enough.

Enter Skilly Skilbeck & Deva for a final 7 over assault on the Tahs. The result was 2 for 12 at stumps. Skilly is definitely a future shield cricketer. At 16 he already has unsettling pace, & he impressed this old bastard immensely with his attitude both on & off the field. Deva had been suffering from dizzy spells of late but a pep talk from Moth had him firing. Yes my friend the Dizzy rascal is BACK.

Day 2 started slowly on a green deck which played easy. Moth rotated all the bowlers but it was run outs that won the day. Three in fact, to take the Tahs to 5 down. For a team that does not practice its fielding this blows me away. All the run outs were tight & achieved through precision execution. Unbeleivable!

skilbeckSo 5 down at lunch. I was cooked, it felt hotter than 29 & the humidity must have been nearly 100%. All the lads took in fluids apart from Jack who consumed a foot long Meatball Subway, the very thought of which had me dry retching! I had a quick chat to Moth & thought maybe Shaft could  be the man to get the breakthrough. He agreed as he usually does. That's the great thing about Moth, he always listens to Fester & he respects my experience in the game.

Jack 'Skilly' Skillbeck impresses this author no end

Shaft gets the danger man second ball after tea. High 5s allround. A big unit comes in and hits a few sixes & Shaft continues to throw them up. Shaft then unleashed a delivery that will long be remembered by anyone who saw it when he threw down a 'Doosra', no lie this ball turned from leg to off, it was amazing. The ball caught the big rigs edge and I took a sharp chance. Now 7 down.

I came on and got the next two and Manly were 9 down with 78 to get. In the huddle Dietzy could already taste that first beer, I however have played for the Stags long enough to know the its not over till the fat lady sings & we still had to get the last pole. This little guy came out with a harrow bat & no thigh guard & I thought it would be a matter of balls before we'd be singing in the sheds. How wrong was I as this little fella batted with great maturity & along with the experienced captain at the other end guided Manly within 30 of victory.

Enter Skilly and the relieving sight of rattled stumps and a win for the stags. Next a beer with the opposition, umpires & support staff. It was a good win & keeps us in contention for the semis but I can't help but emphasise something that everyone can learn from this win. We had an opening batman in Shaft who got a second ball duck but stayed positive & ended up winning us the game with 2 massive wickets. We had other batsman who failed but who executed perfect throws to secure 3 important run outs. What am I trying to say? Well cricket is a game of three distinct attributes being bowling, batting & fielding & just because you fail in one does not mean you can't make an impact in the other two. That's what happens in 5s & it happens cause we are led by a positive encouraging leader who is our inspiration.

All the best


5th Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10 - Version 1

5th Grade Report vs Manly - Round 10 - Version 1

todd5th Grade vs Manly - Version 1

The pupae returned to their home at Beauchamp Oval after the break for what was an important match kicking off the second half of the season. Before round 10 the top three were all separated by bonus points, with Gordon 3rd and Manly 2nd the win was essential as the team start to build up to their finals campaign.

Matt Todd - author of the second 5th Grade article - applies the pressure

After all the rain in the previous week it was no surprise that the deck was soft and green, and the outfield long and slow. After losing Tom Cockburn 2nd ball of the day, Josh and Jack Colley set about rebuilding the innings. The loss of quick wickets however saw Andrew 'Elton' Coleman come to the crease, who immediately set about making an impact on the game. He bludgeoned the attack to all parts of the ground, and for his first 49 runs looked very solid. Elton combined with the Moth as the deck started to flatten and both set about building the vital partnership that would be needed to reach 200+, what we thought we be a par score on the slow outfield. After some luck (being dropped twice on 49) Elton made his 50 in style with a cover drive for four, and continued to torment the bowlers on his way to 70, being dropped another 5 times ' or hitting balls to the boundary.

Packman ended his innings on 39, while Dietz kept on pushing for more runs and held the lower order together until our innings closed on 222 after 70 overs. This gave us 7 overs at the Manly bats and we knew if we reached our goal of 2 wickets we would be well on top. Jack Skillbeck and Deva did not disappoint - both bowling tight lines in the channel and picking up a wicket each.

Throughout the week more rain fell and the wicket looked greener then the previous week. Manly resumed at 2-12 and in the first session looked to be on top, slowly compiling runs and getting closer to our total. However three quick run outs saw them at 5-52 at the first drinks break. In the period of play before tea we were unable to take a wicket, however all bowlers bowled accurately and tightly, and it was only a matter of time before the break through occurred.

cockburnToddy as usual bowled exceptionally without the reward he deserved, consistently beating the bat with his vast array of tricks and building pressure. 2nd ball after drinks saw the inform Number 7 depart for 38, and although a few balls disappeared over the fence, the  Number 8 departed in the next couple of overs. It wasn't long before the Stags had one wicket to take and felt like on top as Manly needed 70 to win the game. We thought the spirit of cricket beers were close however some defiant batting from the skipper and the Number 11 bat saw the score creep closer and closer towards our total, and the pupae started to get nervous. Jack Skillbeck took the final wicket and Manly were all out for 193.

Tommy Cockburn - author of this version of the 5th Grade report - takes two crucial wickets

The Stags sung the song, and finally enjoyed a few beers with the opposition in the changerooms. In round 11 we take on the lowly placed ND's, and an outright win could see us move into first position.

Tom Cockburn

5th Grade Report vs Sydney Uni. - Round 9

5th Grade Report vs Sydney Uni. - Round 9

todd5th Grade vs Sydney University

Fifth grade arrived at Sydney University for the feature event of the day, also the last round of the 2010 and our first T20 of the season. Skipper Tim Packman won the toss and elected to bat. Tom Cockburn then took the responsibility of getting quick runs as he bombed shots all over the park. Tom had a great cameo of 27, opening partner Josh Goldsmith also had a great innings which involved turning the strike over and hitting the lose ball. Others chipped in with quick fire tens and twenties to finish with a total of 5/150, which was a par score.

Matt Todd comes to the party and helps secure the win

We then went out to field and with a fast start from Sydney University they looked to be in the box seat, however we realized that tight bowling and more fielders allowed outside the ring we could pull the runs back and put the pressure right on them. The game was still evenly balanced when the Moth handed the ball to Toddy, which turned out to be a match winning bowling change as Toddy produced two amazing flippers which left two Sydney Uni batsmen bamboozled and no choice but to walk off. Paul Dietz then bowled nicely taking two wickets and some good fielding to finish the game of.

A win to the good guys in their first T20.

Jack Colley

5th Grade Report vs Campbelltown - Camden - Round 7

5th Grade Report vs Campbelltown - Camden - Round 7

packmanTop order batsmen set up the win against the Ghosts

Unfortunately due to 'work commitments' the captain was late which allowed Matt (Fester) Todd to go out and win the all important toss. Fester elected to bat on a belter of a wicket which proved to be an intelligent move.

Todd, Packman, Dietz with a couple of eager supporters

Mark Fonseka and Josh Goldsmith gave us a solid start with a 60 run opening partnership. Then young Jack Colley joined Josh and these two put on a further 130 to set up a big score. Unfortunately we then lost a couple of quick wickets and this brought Andrew Coleman to the crease and he reeled off a quick fire 45 which included the shot of the day ' a flick 6 over cow corner. At the end of our 50 overs we had 265 on the board and Campbelltown had it all to do.

The two Davids ' Leiboff and Monaghan ' opened the bowling and put Campbelltown under the pump in their run chase. 'Joel' Monaghan added to the pressure with an early wicket. As the Innings wore on Campbelltown's upper order staged a bit of a recovery with some risky shots which paid off. Until 'Moth' Packman made a courageous move and brought on Matt Todd who added to his heroics at the toss and broke a promising partnership with a spitting cobra of a leg break that took the outside edge.

Dietzy came on and continued the good work of the early bowlers and took two middle order wickets which took Campbelltown right out of the game. At times the boys were sloppy with the fielding and our throwing (just ask Andrew) and at the end of the day Campbelltown only lost six wickets but were 55 runs in arrears of our formidable total.

This win meant that 5ths are now well placed inside the top six and only a few points away from the top of the ladder. Next week we look forward to taking on the students at Camperdown, which is setting up to be a grudge match seeing as it was Sydney Uni who took the final spot of the top six in front of Gordon last year.

Josh Goldsmith

5th Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 8

5th Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 8

5th Grade vs Parramatta

Inaugrual T20 match washed out.

5th Grade Report vs UNSW - Round 6

5th Grade Report vs UNSW - Round 6

Dave MonaghamA strong win to 5th Grade against the Students

There is a very famous poem from the 19th century that sums up most games of cricket to perfection.

Dave Monaghan, the author's pick of the bowlers

It captures that moment late in the day when the game could go either way. When the captain and team must step back and have faith in their fellow players.

It is called Vitai Lampada and goes as follows:

'There's a breathless hush in the Close to-night --
Ten to make and the match to win --
A bumping pitch and a blinding light,
An hour to play and the last man in.
And it's not for the sake of a ribboned coat,
Or the selfish hope of a season's fame,
But his Captain's hand on his shoulder smote --
'Play up! play up! and play the game!''

And while I would like to write as if this was one of those games, in reality round 6 wasn't left to the last minute or an inspirational talk. In fact I don't think anyone in fifth grade has ever said 'play up' or wore a ribbon on their coat (with perhaps the exception of Tom Gooch whose captain's hat is a little worrying).

And so, instead of keeping the match report nice and short, and ending on the words of Henry Newbolt, it is left to me (the reluctant author) to present to you, the audience of Stags, the (mostly) true and accurate history of Gordon the 5th in two parts.

Gordon the 5th:

Part 1:

Enter, in order of appearance:
Josh "Speedblitz" Goldsmith - an ex-baseballer with a penchant for the run-out
Mark 'Fonzy' Fonseka - the court Jester
Jack "Pistol" Colley - the young heir to the kingdom of Gordon
Christopher "the Rat" Retallick
Tristan "Upright" Cooper - a fine batsman with a ramrod gait and far too much practice on a treadmill
Paul "Romeo" Dietz ' because there is no way I am going to call him Adolf
David "Joel" Monaghan - whose antics on the field are often as worrying for the opposition
as the Raiders off it
Andrew "You better not call me Elton as I'm narrating this" Coleman
David "Tall" Leiboff - whose skill is derived from his height
Tom "Graeme" Gooch - to bowling what the English are to batting
Sir Matthew Todd - the wise captain
Timothy "Falstaff" Packman - the old captain, graceful (on occasion)

Sir Matthew: The grass is green and pitch is set

Tom GoochRomeo: To bat or not to bat? That is the question

The coin is tossed, and Sir Matthew does not lose . And so, into the Battle of Beauchamp strode Speedblitz and The Fonz.

Tom Gooch snakes in before delivering a thunderbolt

Fielders to the left of them, fielders to the right of them, and one by one they fell. First Speedblitz, then the Fonz whose score of 30 was less than he deserved, and young Pistol to a mistimed pull.

Scene 2: the dressing room, score 3-56.

Toddy (to Upright): Once more unto the pitch my friend, once more;
Or close up the gap with your English pads.
Mid-week there's nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility:
But when the stitch of seams blows past our ears,
Then imitate the action of the moth;
Grasp up your willow, summon up the courage,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage;
And play yourself into the books
Or lest ye fall with Fonzy to the Colts!

Scene 3: Pavilion

Enter Falstaff
Falstaff: Good morrow my good men
Romeo: And to you fair Captain Falstaff
Graeme: What brings you to this game but as a spectator?
Falstaff: A sad but necessary wound.
Oh but would I give to stride into the battle once again,
Feel the leather of the ball within my hand,
The fear upon the batsman's face'
Sir Matthew (aside): Methinks that fear is from the risk of beamers to the head!
Falstaff: But alack, Young Graeme, Pistol too,
I was but WAK'd and cannot take the field with you.

Exit Falstaff and the Shakespearean prose.

Just like the attempt at iambic pentameter, eventually the Stags grew weary of UNSW's attack and began to take the initiative. Led by Upright Coops, who has a lovely drive and a run that looks like something from a Baywatch intro: lots of graceful movement but ridiculously slow motion.

Coops batted well, seeing off the brunt of the UNSW attack and deftly moving to 96 before a rash swing saw him fall four short of his maiden grade ton, and ensuring that he has to do his turn on the scorebook for at least one more game.

Matt ToddRat and Dave Monaghan also contributed nicely with 30 and 24 respectively, and the Stags were finally all out with 6 overs to go for a very reasonable 234.

With just a few overs left in the day's play Gordon took the field and, more for intimidation than in the expectation of a wicket, brought Romeo Dietz under the lid at short leg.

Matt "Fester" Todd keeps it tight from one end

The first few balls brought a lot of banter and some nice plays and misses before a short one at the body brought a leg glance from the opposition captain. Unfortunately for him, the ball went much squarer then intended and Romeo pulled off the catch of the season so far with a diving effort to his right to prove that no matter how many cigarettes you have, there are always at least an over of reflexes left in you.

Day 2 progressed in much the same fashion as day 1 with Gordon completely on top. While a few of the UNSW batsman managed to occupy the crease, with one batsman even managing to bring the 80's back with a very accurate rendition of Ijaz Ahmad's axe like stance, none managed to look comfortable and with the score at 5-68 at tea on day 2 it was clear the game was in the bag.

The UNSW batsman finally showed some desperation and threw the willow for a few overs until the Rat was thrown the ball. 1.5 overs later he had 3 for 6 and the game was over ' proving yet again that some people just have all the luck when bowling to the tail.

From this author's perspective the bowling display was the best of the year by the Stags, with a mere 3 wides and 3 no-balls in 62 overs, however the fielding was a little disappointing and we know we will have to do a little better come the back end of the season.

Pick of the bowlers were Dave Monaghan who bowled a very tight 18 overs for 2-41, including 6 maidens and more missed drives than successful shots; Tom Gooch who bowled 15 overs, 3-34; Dave Leiboff 13 overs, 1-30; and Toddy whose 13 overs went for just 9 runs and included 7 maidens but only the one wicket.

Andrew "Elton" Coleman 

Gordon Colts Match Reports 10/11

Gordon Colts Match Reports 10/11

The Gordon Colts team is a side selected after the 5th Grade side and plays in the Metropolitan Cup.

For the Colts schedule go to Fixtures.

Colts match reports for 2010/11 season are provided below:

Colts Report vs Blacktown - Round 14

Colts Report vs Blacktown - Round 14

Colts win by forfeit against the Warriors

No report submitted after Blacktown forfeited

Colts Report vs Sydney University - Round 13

Colts Report vs Sydney University - Round 13

dedmanColts secure the minor premiership with a win over Sydney Uni 

The Colts arrived at St Pauls expecting another competitive match against 3rd place Sydney Uni, with the boys hoping to keep the undefeated season going after just stumbling across the line in the last round against Bankstown.

Dedman opens the shoulders and drives down the ground

Skipper Dave 'Mega' Millar won the toss and instantly realised he hadn't discussed with anyone whether we wanted to bat or bowl. This reporter was slightly confused as Mega waved in our direction and motioned both a batting and bowling action to the boys, were we batting or bowling? A number of cover drives were signalled back and not to long after Benny Armstrong and James Dedman made their way out to the middle.

After a promising start Benny fell with score on 29, enter Nick 'I'm really an angry fast bowler' Franklin. Nick appeared to be in a massive hurry as he went 4,6,4,6,4 then unfortunately chased a slightly wider one which was well held at second slip to send him on his way for 24 of about 9 balls. Paul Dietz then joined James at the crease and the two of them went about building the innings. James brought up his half century as the team total passed 100 and soon after their partnership reached 50 James fell on 62, to another really sharp catch.

Another quick wicket saw Hugh Selby join Dietzy in the centre.  Again a promising partnership of 30 odd was broken with the total at 163 when Paul was bowled for 42, Dietzy had played a really patient and important knock on a day where the batsmen had to work hard to score runs, a good show of what is going to be required in the next weeks. Hugh continued to play his shots and keep the runs ticking over as wickets continued to fall around him and when he got out for a well-earned 32, we felt we were in a little bit of trouble and still quite a few runs short at 8/194.

The fall of Hugh's wicket brought in the skipper who joined this reporter at the crease. After getting off the mark with a 4 Dave remarked 'I've just doubled my aggregate for the year', he now had 8 runs for the year. When this reporter departed a few runs later we were 9/217 and Tom Bangs joined the party. It was a great effort from Tommy who hung around very patiently and fed the strike to Dave who was belting the bowling to all corners. Dave was bowled four runs short of what would have been a well-deserved half century and the Colts were all out for 259. Tom was not out on 7 and played a vital role in that 42 run partnership.

We arrived on the second day to be greeted by some overcast conditions and just a little bit of rain before play got under way. While we had recovered quite well to get to 259 we still felt it was a little bit short and knew we were going to have to be patient and bowl and field well. Dave Leiboff and Tommy Bangs opened up the attack and started quite well keeping the Sydney Uni batsmen quiet with only 16 runs off the first 10 overs. Bangs kept hitting his line and length and soon had the opener on his way edging through to Matt Turner.

An inspirational bowling change by the Skipper saw Benny Armstrong enter the attack and he picked up a wicket in both his first and second overs with Nick taking a great catch at first slip, followed up by a caught and bowled. Nick then took over at the other end and he too picked up a wicket first over with the opener skying a short ball which was taken by the keeper, leaving Sydney Uni in trouble at 4/42. Ben and Nick then both continued their great spells and the wickets kept falling. Nick picked up his second with a clean bowled, followed by Ben getting another edge to Matty Turner, finishing his very impressive spell with 3/20. Nick then picked up an LBW to claim his third, 3/31 and was unlucky not to have got 1 or 2 more with a couple of edges just out of reach of the slips but got good reward for some aggressive and fiery bowling.

A partnership of 31 took the score to 7/108 at tea but soon after Paul Dietz got the reward for some good tight bowling, with another bowled. Skipper Millar then picked up a wicket in the next over with another edge to Matty who claimed his 4th catch brining the last batsmen to the crease. After writing his name in the score book last week as 'Little Kid' (he was just 13), Paul Dietz decided to not to let rip fully at the youngster, however  after missing the first ball, the youngest proceeded to get well behind Dietzy's next 4 and the 'Little Kid' suddenly saw the last ball whizz past his face. Brendan Gray then got chucked the ball to try his offies and picked up the last wicket with the first ball of his 2nd over to finish with 1/0. Sydney Uni had lost 3/0 and were all out for 115, our 259 had been more than enough.

A good result for the Colts that sees us march on into the last round still undefeated, top of the table and a minor premiership secured. Three wins to go.

Dave Leiboff

Colts Report vs Bankstown - Round 12

Colts Report vs Bankstown - Round 12

fonsekaColts crawl home in a nail-bitter against the Bulldogs 

What a difference a week makes in sport.

Having sweated out a dominant display against Randy-Petes in Maroubra the week before, the Colts boys returned to Beauchamp in anticipation of a tough fought match against the 3rd placed Bankstown. The late 30'C heat was replaced with the threat of rain towards the end of the day's play. Inspirational captain Dave Millar won the toss and chose to bowl on a deck that looked as though it would do a bit early.

Mark Fonseka makes the most of some loose bowling

Dave 'Boff' Leiboff and Owen 'Beans' Hynes opened up and got on top early, each with an opening scalp to his name. It quickly became apparent that reward for shots was not going to be the order of the day as the length of the grass frequently pulled up balls that on any other day would have raced to the boundary. This, however, is not to say that the batting was overly attacking.

Nic Franklin was thrown the ball as first change and was relieved the 1 bouncer per over rule was no longer enforced with this being a 2-day game. As it happened, a sharp catch from Benny Armstrong at catching cover gave Nic a well-deserved wicket. Andrew 'Chappo' Chapman, having recounted the various tales of his exploits from the last 2 weeks in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos came on to bowl and immediately made an impact, bowling a tight line and length and picking up 3 wickets.

At 6 down for not many we thought Bankstown were in massive trouble. Benny, having taking that catch, came on and found the outside edge of one of the set batsmen and another sharp catch, this time from Luke Ham, removed him. When they lost this 7th wicket, a young chap who'd made 60 of their 80 runs, we thought we should have this innings wrapped up for less than 100.

The tea break, however, changed their fortunes, with two prime opportunities going down in slips, that would have had them 9 for 80-odd.

Throughout the day we had been told that an over 40s match was due to take place on the Sunday and the brains trust of the GDCC was keeping a keen eye on the radar. Unfortunately, the rain started to come down, lightly at first but before long the day was called off with Bankstown in trouble at 7/118, but having made the most of the chances we gave them.

We returned to Beauchamp the next Saturday looking to clean up the tail and chase the runs early. The Boff was on fire early and in 12 overs had managed to do exactly that. This reporter would like to note that our perennial fumbler Mark 'Fonzy' Fonseka once again fumbled a catch but fortunately managed to regain it before it hit the ground, later claiming he was the 'team entertainer' and that it was 'always under control!' Bankstown ended up on 149, which under the conditions was probably worth 230.

armstrongKnowing it was going to be a tough chase but wanting to show why we currently lead the competition; Fonzy and the newly promoted Benny Armstrong opened the batting and formed a solid partnership before Fonzy was removed. Benny was looking good and the key member of our batting line up, Nic, came in looking to dominate from the start. Unfortunately, one came onto him a little quicker than he had thought and he too was removed.

Our other opener, Ben Armstrong, adding a significant string to his big, heavy bow

This reporter would like to let the next batsmen in know that the idea of the game is to protect the stumps and that playing a shot when the ball pitches on off stump will help next time. Chapman came in and the game was looking 'in the bag' as he and Benny took control each with well-made 30s.

However, Ben was removed with the score on 71. Adam came in and battled his way through some good bowling while playing some outstanding cover drives. By this time, this reporter had moved into the middle to umpire from one end, which as it turned out was a very exciting place to be. Brendon Gray came in and looked in touch early. He and Chapman took the score to 138 before both were removed. We needed 12 runs with Boff, Beans and Dave to get them. Boff and Hynesy fought hard against some quality bowling.

The Boff was unfortunately removed with the score at 146. Four to get. As had been the case throughout the entire innings, the bowling was slightly wayward and 4 byes gave us the win. This reporter would like to note that although the scorebook shows Millar on 1 not out, he instead remembers that run going to the name of 'Beans' Hynes. However, this reporter was later accused of being 'old,' 'grey-haired' and forgetful!

In all likelihood we will meet Bankstown again with the top 4 in our competition 12 points above the rest with 2 rounds to go. But let it be known that the Gordon Colts are on the march to the finals, and the boys are all getting excited, shown by the intensity with which the club song was sung.

Next challenge is the now 3rd placed Sydney University at St. Pauls which is yet again, likely to be another tough game.

Paul Campbell

Colts Report vs Randwick - Petersham Green - Round 11

Colts Report vs Randwick - Petersham Green - Round 11

leiboffA bonus point win against Randwick-Petersham Green

The Colts side, looking as strong as it has been all season, made its way out to Snape Park on a semi-warm day to take on what looked to be a fairly formidable Randy-Petes side. While sitting in the change rooms, many wondered about what we should do in the sweltering heat if the toss was won. Unfortunately, despite Fonsey's legitimate suggestion to bat first and go home, it was the home side that decided to have a stick.

Dave Leiboff works hard on a very hot day out at Snape

After much delay due to the opposition skipper being unhappy about the amount of grass on the deck, and calling up the groundsman to mow the pitch, we set out to get the early breakthrough an hour and a half later.

It was Dan Lake who managed to force the opposition skipper into a false stroke and picked up an early first wicket for the Stags. A few overs later, Dave 'Boffy' Leiboff collected his first for the day. After a much awaited drinks break, it was Armstrong and Millar who had a go at trying to break a steadily building partnership and, after some tight bowling, Skip picked up his man. Nic Franklin then came about bowling his quick bumpers and was rewarded with 2 wickets with a great catch to Skip in the slips.

Unfortunately, as has happened in several previous games this season, the Colts side was once again on the wrong end of some suspect umpiring decisions, including an edge that our clubmates sweltering out at Penrith were likely to have heard. For some of our players who've not played in Colts this season, they quickly realised how hard you have to work for your wickets.

Their innings finished with some great death bowling by Boffy and Nic, and they finished with 7/204.

Our opening pair had no intentions to have to stay around longer than they needed to, and set about chasing the total quickly as the outfield was running fast and the deck fairly flat. Unfortunately, Tim Van Zuylen was dismissed early, so Nic was at it again, batting sensibly but putting the bad ball away.

Ben ArmstrongHis quick scoring attitude was passed on to Fonseka who unfortunately had a swing at the wrong ball. Enter Paul Campbell, and he immediately looked as though he'd been batting all day, quickly hitting some nice shots to push the score to 2/93 off 15 at drinks, keeping comfortably ahead of the required run rate. Soon after drinks, both batsman took the liking to the spinners, and absolutely pumped them all around the ground, with Franko bringing up his well earnt 50, closely followed by Paul.

Benny Armstrong does a great job, whist his father and brother watch on

A 20 run over, breaking the shackles of their best bowler ' and batsman - and the bonus point was in sight for the Stags. At this point, we still needed over 8 runs an over and Nic and Paul were well aware of the skipper's wishes to pick up an extra point after the disappointment of the previous week's match against UNSW.

It came down to the 29th and 30th overs, where we needed 16 runs to win. The first 5 balls of the 29th over went for singles and then Paul Campbell strode down the track, his team's interests ahead of his, and tried to knock the ball long down the ground. Unfortunately for Paul and the team, the ball cannoned into the stumps and he was dismissed for a well-constructed 59.

The 30th over saw the Stags needing 11 runs to pick up the bonus point. Nic tried to do it in two balls, and succumbed to the first of these, spooning it to cover and departing for 83. Red ink would have been his preference, but the bonus point was his first goal and, similar to Paul, was selfless in his pursuit.

A Paul Dietz single from the next, followed by a Brendan Grey single, followed by another Dietz single. The stage was set 8 runs from 2 balls. Two clean hits. Two new batsmen, fresh from the sheds.

The bowler charges in and Brendan takes an almighty swing, but misses the ball. 8 runs from 1 ball. It's all over.

Or so we thought.

The final ball of the 30th over was sent down. Down the leg side. Down to the boundary for a total of 5 wides.

Suddenly we were back in the game. 3 runs from the final ball of the 30th over. Brendan didn't miss this time. Smashing the ball down to long on for a boundary and securing the bonus point victory!

All in all, it was a solid fielding and bowling effort that allowed the batsman to play their own games, and with a solid key partnership of 137 between Nic and Paul, the win always looked inevitable with the Stags almost doubling the Randy- Petes run rate. Another good win boys. Looking forward to taking on Bankstown next week.

Ben Armstrong

Colts Report vs UNSW - Round 10

Colts Report vs UNSW - Round 10

dedmanDedman stars in a poor draw against UNSW  

Round 10 had the Colts travelling out to UNSW to face a Bumblebees side fighting for a finals spot. Mega Millar won the toss, and on an absolute belter elected to bat. It became clear that the Stags were in for a good day. James Dedman and Tim van Zuylen made a cautious start and took about 15 overs to settle in before starting to play some shots.

A fantastic display with the willow nets James Dedman 198 runs!

The UNSW bowlers slugged away in the heat but simply had no answers to the sublime shot making. Deadman quickly reached 50 while van Zuylen was dismissed for 42 setting an extremely solid platform for the batsmen to follow. The UNSW skipper persisted with spin from both ends despite the ball regularly clearing the rope (very regularly). JD was supported by Brendan Gray (28) Matt Turner (29*) and Nick Sheehan, who on debut for the Stags, scored a quick and well compiled 54.

However, the day went to JD, who was eventually dismissed for 198. It was an exhibition of batting, making it a very entertaining day of cricket for all at the ground. Mega eventually declared at 6 for 369, leaving the UNSW opening pair a very awkward 7 overs to close out the days play. Leiboff (Snr.) made a valuable breakthrough before the day's end, and the Bumblebees were to resume at 1 for 7, Gordon well and truly in the Mayor's Office.

With UNSW sitting just outside the top 4, chasing a finals birth, one would assume they would go about their run chase with intent and positive shot making. We did, and we were wrong. 83 overs of negative and boring cricket followed. At no stage did UNSW look like even getting close to anywhere near the total. All the bowlers bowled good lines and breakthroughs did fall at fairly regular intervals. However at 8 down, and 28 overs left in the day, the batsmen decided to shut up shop (even more so) and on what was practically a slab of concrete and the ball looking very tired, it was easy for them to do so. This was made even easier with two team mates umpiring, who for all we knew didn't actually have index fingers.

10 overs with the new ball bought about wicket number 9, but the 10th wasn't to be and UNSW finished 9 for 136 off 90 overs. I hope the Bumblebees have plans for March because they certainly won't be playing finals cricket.

Even though we didn't get the six points, we can certainly take a lot from this game with our spot in the top 4 secure. We were the better side throughout the match. Our batting effort was near faultless and our effort with the ball and in the field, under tough conditions was extremely promising heading into finals time. Hopefully we can continue to improve and be there at the very end.

Tom Bangs

Colts Report vs North Sydney - Round 9 - Day 2

Colts Report vs North Sydney - Round 9 - Day 2

Adam AaronsGordon Colts Match Report ' Round 9 Week 2

The mood going into week 2 was very positive, and this was evidenced by the skipper overlooking a certain latecomer and leading us in a spirited warm-up of touch footy and some throwdowns, before Edgar and Fonseka resumed our inning, 30 short of the Bears' total. The plan was as follows, collect first innings points and go nuts building a big lead. The plan actually WENT as follows, collect first innings points then collapse in a flaming heap.

Adam finds himself castled, going for quick runs

Batting started well enough, with the Colts gaining a first innings victory without losing a wicket on the second day, and Fonseka soon bringing up his 50 as well. When the time came to hit out, it appeared as though forces were working against us, with Corbin's bat breaking clean in two after smashing a straight drive attempting to up the tempo. With an unfamiliar bat, his innings soon came to an end. Adam 'close your eyes and swing' Aarons joined Fonseka at the crease, and lasted 3 overs before being bowled trying to play one shot too many. Shortly after, Fonseka guided one to first slip to end on a match winning 61, while Millar and Selby both departed for ducks, leaving Brendan stranded on 0. With a lead of only 15, Gordon declared, and went back into the field.

Things only went downhill from there. For starters, it got hot, the wind stopped, and the pitch got even flatter. This lead to the Bears deciding that they didn't like the sound of an outright loss, and that they would rather stick around. This led to an extremely frustration session of cricket. As all readers are aware, the Colts side is at the mercy of the opposition umpires when in the field. Armstrong and Millar were the only bowlers to register wickets on the scoresheet' 1 each ' although both took at least 3 each. The tea break was just another addition to the frustration, with the Colts being provided with a chocolate cake. One. Chocolate. Cake.

The webmaster wrote about the hospitality of Manly in his weekend wrap. There wouldn't have been so much as a sentence if he was reporting on the Bears.

After the break, captain Millar tried everything, even bringing on Fonseka with his surprisingly good legspin. As the day wore on, it became clear that there was never going to be an outright result, and the captains agreed to call it off. Despite the way the second day panned out, round 9 remained a victory for Gordon, and the singing of the team song still ensued, with the Colts looking forward to taking on UNSW next week.

Adam Aarons

Colts Report vs North Sydney - Round 9 - Day 1

Colts Report vs North Sydney - Round 9 - Day 1

armstrongGordon Colts Match Report Round 9 Week 1

Upon arriving at my first match after a stint overseas, I was delighted to hear that the mighty Colts were still undefeated (although had a somewhat lucky escape against Blacktown), and were gracing the top of the table. The weather forecast claimed it was going to storm, but there was no evidence of this as we awaited our late start of 12:30 in the heat and humidity of the Australian summer. The pitch looked typical for Tunks Park, flat as a pancake and good for runs.

Benny Armstrong performed well with the ball on a flat track

As usual, the warm up jog and stretch happened to coincide with Dave 'Clean up the tail' Millar heading off to do the toss, which he lost anyway. North Sydney chose to have a stick, which played right into the hands of Millar, who would have chosen to have a bowl in an attempt to force an outright result. Into our whites we got, and out onto the field.

There was a breeze blowing off the water, which helped Owen 'Beans' Hynes and Tom 'Bang Bang' Bangs to combine their excellent line and length with a bit of swing, causing the opposition some serious scoring problems. Despite a few close chances being missed early, the Bears didn't manage to progress, and at the first drinks break they were 1/51 off 25. Dave assured us that all we needed was two quick wickets to get back on top, and our newest recruit from the Green Shield side, Corbin 'Offie who doesn't overstep' Edgar delivered, bowling North Sydney's best batsman around the legs and beating the next man in for Matt 'Gloves' Turner to secure a stumping. The Colts were back in business.

Enter Ben 'McGrath' Armstrong. Taking the words 'corridor of uncertainty' to new meanings, Ben ripped through the Bears' middle order with his steady line and bag of tricks, including having the opposition skipper sky one off a slower ball, and hitting the off stump so delicately that half the team was appealing for an edge before realising a bail was off. In combination with Luke 'Baby-faced' Ham and his pressurising of the North Sydney Batsmen, the middle order crumbled, and we had them at 5/90 by tea time.

millarDue to age restrictions, Ben and Luke were unable to bowl long spells, and in ran the tail expert himself, currently standing 3rd on the club's player of the year table for his efforts. It was 'Beans' who struck the next blow however, showing that height doesn't worry him when executing a brilliant display of ground fielding to gain a valuable run-out. Of course, the captain got his reward, picking up two wickets, including a great catch by Corbin in the gully, to end the Bears' innings at 103, an all-around great bowling and fielding performance on what should have been at least a 200+ track.

Dave Millar puts himself on to clean up the tail

The day wasn't over yet though, as we still had 24 to bat before the close of play. Armstrong was at it again, opening the batting with Mark 'Give me a bowl' Fonseka. Both batsmen looked instantly in touch, and North Sydney's modest total was being eaten up very quickly. Nothing spells cricket like on field drama though, and there was confusion when Armstrong edged one to slip, who proceeded to drop it, only to have it bounce off his boot and back into his hands, out of view from either umpire.

Showing true sportsmanship, Ben decided to walk and avoid an altercation, which is certainly a difficult decision, especially when he was looking in such good nick. Corbin made his way to the middle, and kept up the pace with Fonseka until the close of play, with Gordon only 30 runs behind, 9 wickets in hand, and a whole day's play ahead.

Close of Play

North Sydney 103

(Ben Armstrong 8 overs ' 3 maidens, 4 for 13,

Corbin Edgar 10 overs ' 2 maidens, 2 for 23,

Dave Millar 13.2 overs - 5 maidens, 2 for 19,

Tom Bangs 12 overs ' 3 maidens, 1 for 26,)

vs. Gordon 1 for 74

(Ben Armstrong 16, Mark Fonseka 36*, Corbin Edgar 18*)

Adam Aarons

Colts Report vs Wests - Round 8

Colts Report vs Wests - Round 8

millarMagpies left battered after a solid Colts performance  

The Mighty Gordon Colts team turned up to Punchbowl Oval ready for a 50/50 over format on a overcast and miserable Saturday. Everybody seemed pumped and ready, especially Mark 'Fonzy' Fonseka who was still feeling the effects of a big work party the night before ' even if he doesn't drink. With all the boys arriving on time, it was a first for the Colts and I reckon should defiantly get a mention on the next Thursday meeting.

Millar consistently hits a line to take his first 5-for

The warm up was probably one of the highlights of the day. Warm up consisted of  a game of touch footy. What was even more surprising about every one turning up on time was that 'DM' MIllar was actually involved in the warm up. I wonder why? (The highlights of the game were Luke Ham's blistering speed from his intercept an 'Beans' Hynes chip and chase effort to score.)

With everyone all warmed up - it was time for the toss. Dave came up with the goods winning another toss and putting Magpies into bat on a wicket that looked to have some life to say the least. Beans struck early having the Magpies 1/0 and it went from there, eventually bowling out West for a small 65 off 33.3 overs.

Despite the helpful pitch, our bowling was right on target the whole day with Beans, Bangs and Benny Armstrong all taking 1 for not many. The stand out was DM's 5/20 off 9.3. His bowling was on the spot all day and deserved to get a bag and goes to show what happens when you bowl consistent lines and lengths leading from the front.

Going in to the change rooms for a very early lunch we were all quietly confident about chasing down the thoroughly getable total. At lunch, half the boys decided to find the nearest Subway, and, with Beans in the car, it wouldn't be hard for him to sniff it out. The boys that stayed behind were involved in great discussions about backyard cricket high scores and the different rules at each 'venue'. The comparison regarding the contents of the lunches was also rather amusing during the break.

When everyone returned and all Subway was devoured, it was time to put on the pads. Fonzy and Timmy van Zuylen opening - both confident..ish about getting the total themselves. Fonzy got us off to a great start, hitting anything full. Timmy played a support role down the other end. Fonz was dismissed for a nice 15 which got us off to a brisk start and set the tone for the rest of the batsman. Fonz's departure brought Hugh Selby to the crease and with some lovely 'late cuts' through slips he got us some valuable quick runs.

Unfortunately he was bowled by a ball the cut back a mile. Next to the crease was Paul Campbell. After coming off an excellent innings last week against Blacktown, Paul didn't look like getting out again. He punished anything that was just a little too full, ending with a tidy 19* to help his average even more. With only a few runs to get Tim played at a wide one and was caught, bringing in Brendan Gray to get the few runs needed. Grey was not impressed to say the least about going in, but managed to get a superbly crafted 2 n.o.

The end result saw us leaving with not only another victory but a very handy bonus point! (Chasing the total down in under 30 overs.)

Well done boys for a comfortable win - which wouldn't have happened without tight bowling and some sharp fielding. Hope all the Gordon boys have a good Chrissy and don't put on too many kilo's over the break.

Luke Ham

Colts Report vs Blacktown - Round 7

Colts Report vs Blacktown - Round 7

hamColts have a draw against Blacktown after a poor performance in the field  

Playing against Blacktown out at the massive Whalan Oval is a road trip that's difficult to get excited about and this game has done nothing to change that view. However the mighty Colts are still undefeated, although not in their typical conquering fashion. It was hardly an ideal start from the get go with a disrupted warm up with two players arriving 35 minutes after the first ball was bowled. However captain courageous Millar fluked another toss and elected to bowl knowing full well that 10 wickets were required during the day to win due to the unusual 2 day format jammed into a 120 over 1 day game.

Luke Ham in action

The opening combination of Owen "Heinz" Hynes and Tommy Bangs was tight and restricted the batsmans' runs, who failed to capitalise on the missing fielders early. Both wickets and runs were hard to come by early as the batsmen continued to play and miss and frustrate the bowlers to no end. Bangs eventually got the breakthrough against the opening bat literally half his height. From there, the game continued to meander along and at the first drinks break Blacktown were 1 for 40 off 20 overs. The Stags then continued to pick up the odd wicket but couldn't really get any momentum going due to an abysmal fielding effort.

When Blacktown were 4 for 80 we had an opportunity to roll them for under 150. Unfortunately, we let ourselves down in the field grassing more chances then a whole family of octopuses could count on their tentacles.


The bowlers all toiled hard with Millar and Bangs the pick along with solid support from Luke Ham and Selby. The sun continued to beam down and the runs started flowing and the catches kept going down. All this led to one long hard day in the field. Blacktown kept batting and batting until mercifully they declared at 4-251 from 67 overs with one bloke notching up 110 (106 of those all ran) who I dare say is still dehydrated.

Chasing down 250 from 53 overs was always a tough ask especially on a gigantic ground comparable to the MCG which turned 6's into 3's and 4's into 2's.We got off to a slow start with the youngster Lachlan Charles feathering one to the keeper. Wickets continued to trickle just as partnerships were gathering momentum. Selby couldn't match his superb knock from last week this time making an untimely and perhaps unlucky exit.

With Brendan Gray and Luke Ham both out cheaply - the latter to a suicidal 2nd run from the other end - we were sitting at 6-118 and had to shut up shop and play for the draw. The only resistance came from Dedman and soon to be Dr Paul Campbell back from the land of academia making a classy 69 unbeaten including some majestic drives and a hell-of-a lot of running.

Heinz then pigged out on some loose bowling to help boost his average and show the selectors he's a bowling all rounder with a vast array of shots. We ended up at 6 for 182 taking the draw and with it the consolation prize of remaining undefeated. All in all a disappointing game for a team which should have really put up a significantly better sowing against the opposition. Plenty of fielding practice needed at training and we should come up with the good against Wests next week.

James Dedman

Colts Report vs Randwick - Petersham Gold - Round 6

Colts Report vs Randwick - Petersham Gold - Round 6

grayColts on a roll against Randwick-Petersham   

Another well fought win by the Stags and the undefeated Colts continue to roll on.

We arrived at Snape Park on a nice sunny day for cricket. The oval looked to be in good nick, a nice long boundary but a greener pitch than we were expecting. As we head into the change rooms and sit down I looked around to realise that nearly half of the players were juniors from Gordon with the likes of Jim 'junior' Ham, Cam 'Camo' Davis, Sam 'Cool-Headed' Mart amongst the regular youngsters.

The author, Brendan Gray, smokes one through the covers

The warm-up went ahead as usual with Dave 'Skip' Miller leading the way of course... well maybe not, Skip once again joining the jog late. With the stags looking just a bit unorganised and startled, Skip asks ''does anyone know how to keep?'' with every looking around and heads in the sky Brendan 'Breno' Gray stepped up out of retirement and let Skip concentrate on his bowling. As the boys were unsure of whether to bat or bowl we left it in the experienced hands of Skip. I believe he lost the toss. Which is unusual for Skip due to his fine form with the coin, so Randwick Petersham decided to have a stick?

It was clear that the new ball had a bit of swing and varied bounce in it early so it was important that the Stags used this to our advantage and sure enough Skip and Luke 'Lukeyy' Ham didn't disappoint with Skip grabbing a few early wickets while Luke bowled his usual tight line to keep the batsmen scoreless until he bagged his first senior wicket for the Stags making the batsmen play a shot he would have regretted hitting it straight down the throat of James 'Lanky' Dedman at point. Lukeyy ending up with figures of 1/32 after 10.

The ball was then handed to Matt 'Junior' Selby and Ben 'Ginger' Armstrong to try and work their magic; Matt reluctantly came out of retirement to bowl a great line and length, considering he hasn't played for a while it was great effort. At the other end Ginger was running in as usual of his 50 metre run-up bowling his usual top of off balls but unfortunately wasn't able to grab a wicket and left the wicket taking to 'Junior' Selby who finished up with figures of 2/36 after 14 which is a great effort.

selbyBefore we knew it Randwick Petersham was 5/38 and we were well on top. However, this deck was a belter and we knew that many runs had been scored here in the previous weeks. A fight back was gathering momentum with Randwick Petersham starting to pile on some runs. Cam 'Camo' Davis was handed the ball to try and spin RPs back to the beach, bowling some great balls but couldn't keep his consistency. The ball was then handed back to Skip for the answer and luckily enough well of course it came with Skip bowling a teaser outside off for the batsmen to edge to Brendan 'Breno' Gray at keeper to take a screamer of a catch.

Hugh 'The other' Selby shows his younger brother how it is done

Wickets then began to fall, as we knew they would, but it wasn't until they made 220 that 'Camo' snaffled a good return catch to bring their innings to a close.

Chasing 221 for victory, the Stags were sent into bat for 5 over's, unfortunately we lost the 1 wicket of Ginger and were 1/19 after our 5 overs with James 'Lanky' Dedman showing his intentions for next week hitting the ball with ease.

Dedman kicked off Day 2 where he left off, smashing fours to all parts of the ground to bring up a great 50, unfortunately shortly after this Dedman was bowled playing over the top of a straight delivery. This brought Brendan 'Breno' Gray to the crease to try and re-settle the ship with Hugh 'The other' Selby, who looked to be in good nick at the other end.

As 'The Other' Selby and 'Breno' looked to be building on to something big, Brendan was out for 21, only to bring Luke Ham to the centre. Unfortunately he was dismissed for 6 and in came Sam Mart, the dark horse of the Stags, to try and restore the Stags' middle order.

hamHugh looked to be the key for the Stags as he worked his way to 50 and onwards with Sam playing a wonderful supporting role tapping singles wherever he pleased. Hugh and Sam kept on ticking the runs away after lunch and comfortably steered the Colts to victory.

Luke Ham looks stylish in his brief stay at the crease

A special mention to Hugh for his wonderful 90 not out, displaying his class to the juniors and that patience is the key and not to throw your wicket away and (if we hadn't learnt enough by this point) that you don't have to score off every ball. Well done Hugh and Sam for an excellent batting performance. Also a special mention to Skip, for his great bowling performance of 4/39 after 20 overs including bowling 7 maidens.

To wrap it up the Gordon Colts grab another win to the tally and are ready to continue the Colts train to success.

Bring on Blacktown!!!

Brendan Gray

Poidevin Gray Shield Match Reports 10/11

Poidevin Gray Shield Match Reports 10/11

The Poidevin Gray Shield is an age competition for grade clubs for players under 21 years of age.

The Poidevin Gray matches are played on a Sunday, and consists of 3 T20 matches and 4 one-dayers, with the top 6 sides making their way through finals.

For the PG schedule go to Fixtures.

Poidevin Gray match reports for 2010/11 season are provided below:


Poidevin Gray Report vs Easts - Round 6

Poidevin Gray Report vs Easts - Round 6

evansPoidevin Gray report vs Easts  

The Stags' younger brigade arrived at Chatswood determined to put on a better showing than their previous encounters by chalking up a win against top of the table Easts. Skipper Evans lost the toss but was not fussed when Easts elected to have bat, on a wicket that would offer something if the bowlers could put it in the right areas. Dan Smith and Jack Skillbeck opened up, bowling some good lines and restricting the opening batsmen's scoring opportunities.

(Harry Evans sends the BBQ area into a panic behind the Trumper stand)

This allowed Alex Lines to come on and pick up 3 wickets in his 1st over immediately putting the pressure back on the East's batting lineup he continued to bowl good areas throughout his spell and finished with the impressive figures of 3/17 off 4 overs. The stags continued to bowl well with Tom Carruthers and Justin Avendano continuing to mount pressure. Kurt Roughley was brought into the attack and bowled extremely well  bowling in the crucial final stages he picked up 2/17 off his 4 overs to ensure that the Dolphins were restricted to 130 off the 20. One of the areas the stags improved on dramatically was the fielding, ensuring that the Dolphins were not able to rotate the strike easily, and forcing them to take risks to score.

Before heading out to bat Skipper Evans set us a challenge to not only chase down the target but do it in a dominating way within 17 overs. Though this did not start well with Jordy Liddle out early, Harry Evans then joined Steve Colley at the crease and put on 40 before Steve lost his off pole. Justin Avendano then joined Harry at the crease and the pair put on 35, with Harry nudging singles but also being very severe on any lose bowling to ensure that the runs continued to flow.

 lines  roughley

(Alex Lines who took three wickets in one over and Kurt Roughley who kept the scoring quiet at the close of the Easts innings)

Justin was out trying to push the scoring making the stags 3/85. Henry Carmichael then joined Harry at the crease, with the aim of trying to finish the game inside the 17 over target, he fell with around 10 runs remaining and it was left to Dan Smith and Harry to finish over the win in the 16th over. 

Special mention must go to Skipper Evans who put on a great display of 20-20 batting not trying to hit everything for 6 rather nudging 1s and 2s and waiting for the bad ball and punishing it finishing on 73 Not Out.

Hopefully this group of stag's youngsters will be able to finish of their season well with a win in the final game in 2 weeks time.

Henry Carmichael

Poidevin Gray Report vs Wests - Round 5

Poidevin Gray Report vs Wests - Round 5

Poidevin Gray vs Wests

No report submitted by Dan Smith


Poidevin Gray Report vs Hawkesbury - Round 4

Poidevin Gray Report vs Hawkesbury - Round 4

avendanoPGs outclassed all around the park

The long haul out to Richmond saw the PGs side confident of a win following strong performances across most grades the previous day. The morning didn't start as planned with team organisation and warm up being rushed.

Avendano attempts to re-build the Stags' innings

After losing the toss and being sent out to field, a good bit of bowling by Adam Flemming caught the edge and a sharp catch was held in slips by Andrew Chapman. Following this success, Gordon never made it out of first gear as the runs came too easily for the Hawkesbury batsman.

Tight bowling in patches wasn't enough as their batsman managed to put away the loose balls keeping the run rate high. At 2-150 off 30, Gordon were looking at a possible chase of over 300, but the introduction of Justin Avendano slowed the scoring rate as he bowled a good tight spell to help restrict Hawkesbury to 7-265 off their 50 overs. A good scramble by Gordon to restrict the runs at the end.

Gordon went out to bat fairly confident of chasing down the total on what looked like a good track to bat on. A less than desirable start ensued, as both openers were out cheaply, leaving Harry Evans (28) and Justin Avendano (28) to try and pick the run rate up against the new ball. At 2-40 off 20 overs, Gordon never managed to catch up and the game rapidly slipped out of reach.

Solid knocks by Kris Colley (25), Dan Smith (22) and Andrew Chapman (36 no) saw Gordon limp home to 9-176 ensuring that Hawkesbury didn't take away the bonus point.

Andrew Crosland

Poidevin Gray Report vs St George - T20 Round 3

Poidevin Gray Report vs St George - T20 Round 3

Poidevin Gray vs St George

No report submitted by Harry Evans

Poidevin Gray Report vs Randwick - Petersham - T20 Round 2

Poidevin Gray Report vs Randwick - Petersham - T20 Round 2

evansPoidevin Gray Report vs Randwick - Petersham - Twenty20 Match

After a week in which Sydney endured a substantial amount of rain, (enough to wash out all games on Saturday), the PG boys arrived at Coogee with uncertainty about what the ground and wicket condition would be like. And after spending around 45 minutes trying to get parked somewhere in the same suburb, upon eventual arrival I think everybody was surprised with the good condition of the ground.

(Harry Evans during his excellent innings)

The wicket was hard and flat, the only fault being dampness on the edge of the square. The umpires decided to delay the start of the game 45 minutes.

Given that this was the first game of the season after the Round 1 washout, bowling first in a twenty 20 was never going to be an easy task. The Randwick team got off to a good start scoring quickly, however all the scoring was coming from one end and after we grabbed the prize wicket the boys really tightened things up. From this point on the bowling and fielding was generally very good with all bowlers being economical, Jack Skillbeck (1 for 24 off 4), Tom Caruthers (0 for 4 off 2) 

But Kurt Roughley was the standout with the ball, taking wickets and drying up the runs to finish with 2 for 16 from his 4 overs, most of which was bowled towards the end of the innings. And in the field everyone contributed well, with Gavin Taylor doing an excellent job stopping runs in the ring and Justin Avendano foxing beautifully to grab a couple of run outs. Overall after a bit of a sloppy start the boys did well to pull things together and restrict Randwick to 9 for 126.

roughleyAfter our efforts in the field we were all quietly confident of chasing this score down and, after losing Jordan Liddle early, Steve Colley (40) and Harry Evans (56) put together a fantastic partnership mixing soft hands and good running with some clean, powerful hitting (which was demonstrated when Harry smashed a six straight through a car window) and took the score to 103, at this point the game looked ours to lose.

(Kurt Roughley who showed his skills as a T20 bowler)

Which is exactly what happened.

Both Harry and Steve were out in quick succession. The middle order put in a good effort but it was not at all easy to come in and score quickly in these circumstances. I think many of us learnt the hard way, that in Twenty 20 the last few overs can go in the blink of an eye.

It was a disappointing loss for the Stags; however it must be noted that prior to the game Harry and Bevo called us together and set the team a few small goals. They were to get a run out(we got 5) to not bowl any no balls (we didn't bowl 1) and to have a partnership of 50 or more which Steve and Harry comfortably exceeded. So in that respect the boys did well; we just fell at the final hurdle. At the end of the day as a group I think there are many positives that can be gained from this close loss, and all the boys will take away something we can work on at training to make sure we improve, and win our next game.

Jordan Liddle

A.W. Green Shield Match Reports 10/11

A.W. Green Shield Match Reports 10/11

The A.W. Green Shield is an age competition for grade clubs for players under 16 years of age. The Green Shield matches are played either on Sundays or on weekdays during the school holidays. The competition includes semi finals and a final.

A. W. Green Shield match reports for 2010/11 season are provided below.

Green Shield finish season in 3rd place

Green Shield finish season in 3rd place

colleyGreen Shield finish season in third place

Review of season and report on quarter final match

The Green Shield team succumbed to the strong Western Suburbs team on Tuesday in their Quarter Final match on Tuesday, however have come out of the season with their heads held high after some excellent wins against strong opposition. In the preliminary rounds they ended up playing 5 of the top 9 teams and in keeping with this tough draw certainly had a roller coaster ride.

(Jack Colley in action during qtr final)  

With a poor first game they turned ourselves around and showed a lot of grit and determination to make a statement in round two against Blacktown. They went into the Xmas break with a win and continued our good form for the next 4 matches. Five in a row was a top effort. 

The team played on some challenging pitches and came through strongly. Unfortunately the team didn't play to our potential against Wests and this meant there was no second chance after Norths defeated Blacktown in their Quarter final.

leeThe team coach, former NZ test batsman Bruce Edgar had the following to say to his team after the final match:

'Overall you can take away some very valuable experiences that many players are not exposed to. Green Shield is a tough competition and I'm sure you will be richer for the experience. 

(Thomas Lee shows his style against Wests)

As the coach I've thoroughly enjoyed working alongside a group of fine young men. It's been wonderful to see such personal development. But equally important has been the way you all came together as a team. The team spirit just got stronger by the game.

As I've said a number of times we've been very privileged to have such strong Club support right across the board. From the selection process to training, grounds, sponsorship and match days etc.  Just take a look at the website!!  Gordon has a great history and some very committed Club members ensuring that the foundations remain robust. We have been the beneficiaries of that support'.

Bruce went on to thank the great support provided by manager Peter Klemt and the parents for their great work to allow the team and coach to concentrate on the job at hand.

In addition Manager Peter Klemt addressed the team and said:

edgar"You displayed many strong traits throughout the season -  outstanding sportsmanship, respect and support for each other and a determination that only a champion team can claim".

Peter also thanked Bruce for his leadership, words of wisdom, encouragement, strategies and tactics which were second to none.

(Corbin Edgar who took wickets in qtr final) 

At the pre-season meeting of the team and their parents a brief history of the club was explained to the players to let them know that they would be wearing the same colours as players like Victor Trumper, Charlie Macartney, Bert Oldfield and Adam Gilchrist and to respect their legacy.

This they did with great team spirit and respect for their opposition.

The webmaster

The final report for the Quarter final written by Charlie Stobo against Wests now follows:

Green Shield match report

Gordon vs Wests - Quarter Final

leightonGordon commenced the quarter-finals at Killara Park with high hopes of beating a strong opposition from the Western Suburbs. Although Gordon were beaten in their last match against Wests, we were confident we could win on this good batting track.

(Ben Leighton smiles after bowling a Wests player through the gap)

Gordon lost the toss (Ben's first loss in five matches), and were told they would field. Due to Lachlan Borg's injury, Jack Colley stepped up to open the bowling with Charlie Stobo. Early pressure helped to give Gordon confidence, and an early wicket from Charlie saw Wests at 1-8.

However, a large partnership made the going tough, and Wests were soon 2-86. There were periods when the strong batting started to crumble, however they fought hard and scored a total of 6-209 after 60 overs.

Special mention goes to Ben Leighton (3-33) and Jack Colley (2-38), who were the pick of the bowlers.

Chris Spratt and Connor Jackson walked out to bat, facing a fearsome opposition bowling attack, and Gordon were soon struggling at 5-29. A small partnership between Jack Colley (31) and Charlie Stobo (20) saw the team through to the tea break.

stoboAfter tea with the partnership broken Gordon went on the score 120. Ben Leighton (27) and Jack Colley (31) were the top scorers.

Due to Blacktown's defeat against North Sydney, Gordon's hopes of reaching the semi finals were ruined.

(Charlie Stobo in action)

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Bruce Edgar for his wonderful coaching and support throughout the season, and to Peter Klemt for the tireless organising of trainings, covers and practice matches.

Also, thanks to the parents and supporters who came to watch throughout the Green Shield season, and to those who helped with the scoring and afternoon-tea.

Lastly, congratulations and thanks to the boys in the team for making the finals in this year's season. Every player contributed with either the bat or ball, and helped to make the 2010/11 season one to remember. Good luck to those boys playing next year, and to those who go on to play more cricket with Gordon, or elsewhere.

Charlie Stobo


(The team celebrates their last round win against Sutherland with the club song)

Green Shield Report vs Easts

Green Shield Report vs Easts

colleyGreen Shield Report vs Easts

Report by Regan Klemt

Today's triumphant win against Eastern Suburbs gives us very good momentum heading into the last game before the finals.

Things started positively, with yet another win of the toss (great calling Ben !) and us sending Easts into bat on a slightly green wicket.

(Dom Thomson and Jack Colley lead off the team after their winning partnership...with Charlie Stobo providing the security)

Gordon started strong, building pressure through our opening bowlers - Stobes and Borgy. Stobes beat the bat constantly while Borgy took 2 early wickets.

'Swing master' Rajy and 'Mr Reliable' Jack continued the solid start with tidy spells from both of them.

A rain delay brought an early lunch with Easts sitting at 3-49 off 19 overs.

 green   edgar   leighton

( Suraj Laha, Corbin Edgar and Ben Leighton take up the attack against Easts) 

After lunch our spinners Corbin and Ben took charge. Corbin had the opposing batsmen mesmerised with his offies and finished with outstanding figures of 4-14. There was no let up at the other end with Ben and his refined action (thanks Mark !) turning the ball heaps. He finished with great figures of 3 for 5.

All bowlers were ably assisted by our wickie Nick 'Hadds' Coleman, with 3 catches and one stumping.

Easts were bowled out for 92 after 45 overs. It was now our turn to bat...

 thomson  colley  spratt

(The bats that got us home Dom Thomson, Jack Colley and Chris Spratt in action at Waverley)

Strong partnerships between Spratty (24) and Dom, then Dom (not out 30) and Jack (not out 26) saw Gordon make light work of East's total, passing their score 3 down after 32 overs.

A great effort from the lads puts us in a strong position heading into the last round.

We are looking forward to continuing to do our best...

Reagan Klemt 

Webmaster's note

This win now puts us in fifth position going into the last round against Sutherland at Sutherland on Thursday. The table is:

Bankstown 36, Blacktown, 30, Wests 30 Sutherland 24, Gordon 24, St. George 24, Norths 24.

We are currently in fifth position based on our net run rate of 0.31 compared to Saints 0.24 and Norths 0.08.

Norths play Saints in the last round so a win will put us through while a loss will mean a calculation of NRR to determine 6th. The three teams on 18 points below the top 7 appear to have too low NRR to get in...but you never know... 

To look at the Green Shield Table with one round to here...


Gordon 3 for 94 (Dom Thomson 30 not out, Jack Colley 26 not out, Chris Spratt 24) defeated Easts 92 (Corbin Edgar 4 for 14 (12), Ben Leighton 3 for 5 (5), Lachlan Borg 2 for 5 (5)  Suraj Laha 1 for 23 (8)   


Green Shield Report vs St George

Green Shield Report vs St George

colley jGreen Shield match report vs Saints

Win takes us to sixth sport after three wins in a row

The Gordon team was confident leading into the match against St George, and with a hard and faster wicket to bowl on, it was pleasing to win the toss and elect to field.

(Jack Colley hits a straight drive for four)

The opening batsmen of the Saints' attack looked very solid, as the opening bowlers failed to find an early wicket. The combination of Charlie Stobo and Lachlan Borg helped to minimise the run rate, and due to a combination of Lachlan Borg and Chris Spratt, the Gordon team had an early wicket.

This helped to give Gordon confidence, and they soon found that they had reached the tail of the opposition's line-up. These last wickets came soon after, and Gordon was pleased to chase a total of 179 after 60 overs. The standout bowler was Corbin Edgar (2-31), although all other bowlers chipped in with the wickets.

 edgar  jackson  borg

(Corbin Edgar bowling his offies, Connor Jackson showing great technique with his driving and Lachlan Borg punishes one through mid wicket against Saints)

In the mid afternoon session, Connor Jackson and Chris Spratt walked out to face the St George bowling attack. After a surprising in-swinging delivery first up, Chris Spratt was given out lbw, and the Gordon team found themselves under pressure. After the first wicket, partnerships were formed, and Gordon was soon back in control. Connor Jackson (37), Reagan Klemt (34) and Lachlan Borg (22*) all batted sensationally, but the inspirational performance of Jack Colley (64) helped to secure the win for Gordon. Charlie Stobo hit a single through mid-wicket to pass the opposition total and secure the win, six wickets down.


(Some work needs to be done on the song but they are getting the hang of it)

Charlie Stobo

Webmasters's note

This was a fine win against a typically strong St. George team that was built on team discipline in the field to restrict a strong batting line-up and then some inspirational batting under pressure by Jack Colley that was backed up exceptionally well by Connor Jackson, Regan Klemt and Lachlan Borg. The team was also well led by Ben Leighton.

Charlie Stobo set the tone again with his consistent bowling on a good length at good pace and his start gave the others the confidence to fight hard all the way. Corbin Edgar is showing his development as an offie with another good spell while all of the bowlers performed to the teams goals for the innings.

The batting performance showed how coach Bruce Edgar is starting to mould this team to believe in themselves and to take disappointments in their stride (Chris going first ball) and to make sure it didn't stop them from winning. No-one in the team left it to someone else to perform and all did their best under pressure with good skills.


(Bruce Edgar congratulates all players as they come from the field for a great team effort)

Jack's innings was special with some fantastic driving and hitting through mid wicket off his toes as highlights. He decided the win would depend upon him, just as other batsman had done in the previous two wins.

The team is also playing with great spirit and are a credit to the Gordon colours.


Gordon 6 for 180 (Jack Colley 64, Connor Jackson 37, Regan Klemt 34, Lachlan Borg 22 not out, defeated St. George 8 for 179 (Corbin Edgar 2 for 31 (10) Charlie Stobo 1 for 24 (11) Jack Colley 1 for 27 (9), Ben Leighton 1 for 33 (8), Lachlan Borg 1 for 34 (10)  

Link here to match scores on SCA website:

The webmaster

Green Shield Report vs Randwick - Petersham

Green Shield Report vs Randwick - Petersham

edgarGreen Shield match report ' Gordon vs. Randwick 4/1/2011

After winning the toss and electing to field, the Gordon team was confident that they would have a good day of cricket. Due to rain, the match would be reduced to 34 overs a side.

Gordon started well, taking a few early wickets, and saw the opposition struggling at 6-34. After only 34 overs, Gordon had bowled Randwick out for only 57. The pick of the bowlers were Tom Lee (3-13) and Suraj Laha (2-6).

(Corbin Edgar leads off the team after their win)

Gordon's fielding set the positive tone for the innings, with all catches held in the outfield. Although the pitch was damp and hard to bat on, the constant pressure from the bowling attack would have been a fierce attack anywhere

After the great start to the game, Gordon went into bat, knowing that Randwick would put up a fierce fight. The constant chat from a chirpy opposition didn't help the opening batsmen. This became apparent when Gordon also lost early wickets and were 4 down for only 13 runs. Reagan Klemt looked solid in the middle, but was bowled soon after. The match was becoming a close match, and a small partnership between Charlie Stobo (14) and Corbin Edgar (12*) gave the rest of the team confidence. Ben Leighton hit the winning boundary through square leg to pass the opposition's total 7 wickets down.

Well done to the whole team for what was a close and exciting match.

 stobo  lee  edgar

Charlie Stobo, Tom Lee and Corbin Edgar in action against Randwick Petersham 

Charlie Stobo

Tony Wilson additional comments: The author was too modest to comment on his major contribution with ball and bat. Charlie bowled 6.1 overs of accurate meds with a return of 2 wickets for 9 runs. He then joined Corbin Edgar at 6 down for only 37 runs and the side in big trouble. He stayed with Corbin for 31 minutes scoring 14 off 31 balls and took the score to a safer 47. Much credit must also go to Corbin Edgar, who was the rock they needed, coming in at 2 for 12 and staying for 72 minutes, to steer the side to victory on a difficult deck.

The Gordon side concluded the game with  a rousing rendition of the song. They now sit equal 7th, just one win out of the semis and face a vital match against Saints on Thursday at Killara.


Gordon 7 for 59 (Charlie Stobo 14, Corbin Edgar 12 not out, Regan Klemt 11) defeated Randwick Petersham 57 (Tom Lee 3 for 13, Charlie Stobo 2 for 9, Suraj Laha 2 for 6, Lachlan Borg 1 for 12)

Green Shield Reports - Update

Green Shield Reports - Update

edgarGreen Shield Update  

A tough start but the Greenies will be a force in the new year

The Green Shield team has played three matches with a win and two losses. One of those losses was very close and the team is bouyant going into the new year. We will be providing reports for each match in January, so to catch up the skipper Ben Leighton has put his thoughts together on the first three rounds. 

(Corbin Edgar in action)

Round 2 included an excellent century to Corbin Edgar as the team got very close to a Blacktown side holding a favorites tag for the championship with a number of NSW Under 17 players.

Round 3 also included an excellent 89 by Dom Thomson and a 67 to Lachlan Borg)

Reports for Rounds 1, 2 and 3

Rd 1 vs. Western Suburbs

We lost wickets on a green pitch that moved early and at one stage were 5-38. We never recovered and were bundled out for 56.

The highlight was a great bowling effort from Stobes and Borgy who beat the bat on a number of occasions and we were unlucky not to get more than 2 wickets.


Gordon 56 (Chris Spratt 19, Lachlan Borg 14) were defeated by Wests 2 for 57 (Lachlan Borg 1 for 13) 

 stobo borg

(Charlie Stobo and Lachlan Borg gave it everything however the total was too msamll to defend)

Rd 2 vs. Blacktown

Blacktown are one of the top teams in the competition, stacked with NSW Emerging Blues and Australian U16 players. We thought it would be a tough match but were up for the challenge after a disappointing Rd 1 performance.

colleyThe tone was set right from the first over after the Australian opening bowler Daya Singh hit Spratty on the shoulder. Spratty 24 and Connor 24 took it to them and we got to 58 off 9 overs by the time Dom and Corbin arrived at the crease. Doma's cameo of 19 and Jack Colley's fantastic effort of a run a ball 42 set the platform for a fantastic score. Borgy's 25 rotation of strike for Corbin helped us get a move along. However it was Corbin Edgar's tremendous maiden greenshield ton that secured us a score of 274 against an almighty bowling attack.

(Jack Colley in action for the Green Shield team)

A great opening spell from Stobo and Borgy set us up for a great bowling innings. At 2-17 Blacktown were on the ropes until jag and grant set about a chase. At halfway Blacktown were still 160 runs behind and needing 5 runs an over. The next 10 over's only brought them 20 runs. We were cruising and in a fantastic position as they needed 140 off 20 over's. We thought the game was won, and that's where we lost it. We kept them tight but couldn't bring about a wicket. We missed a couple of catches and run outs and the odd ball bowled too short were punished for 4 or 6. 

One bad over turned the game around and we were back on the ropes. A fantastic effort from their no. 4 grant who scored 146 secured them the win with 8 balls's to go.

thompsonWe were so disappointed but after reflection we put in an amazing effort to come within so close of a win. This would set us up for the rest of the season.


Gordon 7 for 274 (Corbin EDgar 105, Jack Colley 42, Lachlan Borg 25, Chris Spratt 24, Connor Jackson 24) were defeated by Blacktown 5 for 278 (Charlie Stobo 2 for 49, Lachlan Borg 1 for 28, Thomas Lee 1 for 24) 

(Dom Thomson during his 89)

Rd 3 vs. Hawkesbury

The highest innings score in Greenshield this year. After losing the toss on a green wicket that seamed and turned we were sent into bat.

A fantastic opening partnership of 51 between Spratty 35 and Connor 26 again laid the platform for a great score. Dom came to the crease and after batting really well with Corbin 13, Jack 21, and a great cameo from Reagan 31 our score was 5-181 with a bit of work to do. Borgy came to the crease and with Dom set about destroying the spin attack of Hawkesbury, so much so that the left arm orthodox bowler changed to chinaman's. Borgy's amazing effort of 67 took us to 6 for 283, and with 5 over targets mapped out by Bruce we were set for a big score. Doma's scintillating performance of 89 as well as some late hitting from Stobes 18 took us to 321 the highest total in greenshield this year.

 coleman  klemt   suraj

(Nick Coleman makes a valiant dive to catch a ball, Regan Klemt hits a four past point while Suraj Laha show his style in taking one wicket) 

We couldn't have got off to a better start, a wicket on the second ball from Stobes set the tone for Hawkesbury's innings. A solid partnership of 40 wasn't enough to bring about a good chase and with wickets falling regularly to great bowling from Suraj, Vidura and a fantastic effort from Jack (1-3 off 5) and Corbin (3-23 off 10) secured us a winning position. Of course we wanted to bowl them out and after a late partnership of 35, Borgy came back on and took the last 2 wickets.

A fantastic effort from the boys with the bat and ball and it was fantastic to chant the club song and get the first win under our belts.


Gordon 9 for 321 (Dom Thomson 89, Lachlan Borg 67, Chris Spratt 35, Connor Jackson 26, Regan Klemt 31, Jack Colley 21) defeated Hawkesbury 175 (Corbin Edgar 3 for 23, Lachlan Borg 2 for 23, Charlie Stobo 2 for 25, Suraj Laha 1 for 28, Vidura Perera 1 for 24, Jack Colley 1 for 3)  


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