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The Gordon District Cricket Club signed an agreement in 2007 with Macquarie University in which Macquarie University Cricket Club became an affiliate arm of the GDCC.

This effectively means the Gordon family includes a Grade club, Shire's Club, Women's Club and Junior club. It is the only cricket club in NSW that offers these four divisions of the game to its members.

While the Macquarie University Cricket Club is a stand alone entity it reports to the GDCC General committee on its operations. Assistance is also provided by the Gordon club in administration, coaching and sharing of players in the lower grades where permitted under SCA rules. Facilities for playing and practice are also shared by the clubs where possible including last season's Macquarie 4th Grade semi finalists who played their semi final at Killara Oval.

Macquarie University Scholarships & Academy

The affiliation of the Macquarie Cricket Club and Gordon came about following the success of the original Alliance established between the sporting body of the University known as 'U@MQ Active' and the Club which was signed in 2005. The alliance was established to encourage Gordon members to attend Macquarie University and to provide a combined sporting and academic pathway for cricketers who study at the University. As part of the arrangement, Gordon members have utilised the Macquarie University ovals as a game and training venue and players who attend Macquarie University are eligible to apply for a cricket scholarship. In return, Gordon assists Macquarie University Cricket Club in improving its cricket and coaching standards by providing access to Gordon coaching resources and programs.

The mutually beneficially relationship is managed through the Gordon Cricket Academy and allows the Academy to provide education enhancements as well as high level cricket skills coaching through its operating structure. The Gordon Academy has now provided 6 of its members with Macquarie University Scholarships.

The highlight of the Alliance was no doubt the match played under lights at Macquarie No.1 Oval in 2007 between the University Club and the Gordon Academy. (See picture)

Deidre Anderson, CEO of U&MQ explains that the alliance is part of the University's commitment to a strong and improving sports program across all sports:

"The development of alliances in numerous sports will see major benefits in the performance of teams under the Macquarie banner. The exposure that this brings is a major tool in encouraging students to participate in sport during their University studies."

"The Gordon Cricket Alliance is also part of Macquarie University's commitment to the Elite Athlete University Network across Australia and our desire to provide a pathway for athletes to combine their sport and academic endeavours".

As part of the arrangement, the Academy nominates players with the necessary academic and cricket credentials to apply for a Sporting or 'Cricket' scholarship with the University. There are different levels of scholarships depending upon the representative cricket level achieved by the player.

The scholarship applicants are then assisted by career officers at the University to help them with their education goals in year 12 to meet the standards of admittance to the various degrees available.

Enquiries in regard to Gordon/Macquarie scholarships can be made to Paul Stephenson at


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