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Colts vs Georges River - Round 12 - 2016/17

Colts vs Georges River - Round 12 - 2016/17

Ahh… Georges River. The second encounter between Gordon and Georges River was once again being held at Beauchamp Park. But before I get into the events of Saturday’s action, I think it is only fair that I give the viewers a glimpse of what happened in Round 4 vs the River.

Crofts leads the charge against the River! 

In short, Georges River played two ineligible players, scored 385 in 96 overs and claimed that we… yes Gordon were playing for the draw…. I still don’t understand how they thought we were playing for the draw. 

If you are reading this Dayle Carew, please call me and let me know. As a result, the game ended in a draw, Gordon protested and got 6 points and back down the river they went.

With back to back wins against Blacktown and an outright win against Easts, Colts returned to Beauchamp looking to score three straight victories on the trot. Mild, overcast conditions welcomed the two sides to the one day format. 

The return of Nick Dellis and departure of Jory Cureton meant Colts did not lose any striking power with the ball. Dylan Hood backing up after his four wicket haul and Prashan Seneviratne eyeing off another performance than Nuwan Kulasakera would be proud of.

Lovely footwork here by the 'keeper to take a catch off the quick 

Skipper Aaron Crofts lost the toss and Gordon were asked to add another 10 wickets to the tally of 125 for the season. Despite Gordon hoping to win the toss and bat first, it is always a treat for the opposing team to shape up against the firing quicks the colts side has each fixture. Danusha Seneviratne (1/17 off 6) and Nick Dellis (0/21 off 8) started off the innings satisfactorily. 

With periods of economical bowling and tight lines, Georges River managed to tick over some runs to kick of their innings. However, nonetheless, Colombo born Seneviratne was up to the task, adjusted to the conditions and took an early pole to add to wicket #126 for the season. At 1/41 off 10 overs, the River, who for 99.9% of the season barely reached 10 runs without losing at least 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 wickets, were actually in a decent position.

But… yes… they were playing the top side in Gordon and over the next three to six overs the game changed dramatically.

Prashan Seneviratne (1/7 off 6), who idolises his bowling off kiwi international Neil Wagner who possesses that infamous grunt at the end of his delivery stride, once again hit that 50 cent coin for his next 36 deliveries. 

For about a month now, Prashan has arguably been the pick of the lower grade bowlers at Gordon. His line and length, seam up deliveries catches the opposing batsmen off guard. 

Yep. That'll do it. What a great action shot! 

Yet again, the River batsmen could not hit the red kookaburra. In conjunction with Dylan Hood, they both caused a collapse. River lost 5 wickets for just 5 runs. Dylan Hood (3/17 off 6) cartwheeled the stumps down towards 1st and 2nd slips throat. In fact, Hoody was on a hat trick and this is where the drama really kicks in… 

Dylan Hood, who at this stage was sweating more than a hot curry after a night out, took the ball and headed to his mark. Little did he know that the most attacking captain at the club had set a 9-0 field for a hat trick ball. Let me just take a moment to set the scene….

1st Slip, 2nd Slip, 3rd Slip, 4th Slip, 5th Slip, 6th Slip, 2 gully’s and a silly mid off…

Andrew Harvey and Brady Morrison who have not participated in the slips cordon all year had stains running down their whites they were that scared of a potential “catch it” coming their way.

Anyway, here comes the delivery… Let me remind you that we have no one on the on side. Hoody runs into bowl, an in ducker at the chest. 

The batsman who tries to evade the deliver ducks into it and gets hit in the ribs. Just like the infamous 1932/1933 bodyline series (a tactic that the Colts side has utilised this season) the batsman crouches to the side of the wicket….the non-striker batsman cries “YES!!!” and as both batsman meet half way down the wicket… keeper Oliver Williams in true keeping style flicks his left glove off and throws the ball from bat pad down towards Dylan Hood at the stumps to eventually flick the bails off for a team hat trick.

Just when you thought attacking fields were not appropriate for this day and age, the Colts boys always prove it wrong.

Quote Ken Wilcox (coach of the Colts side) on the team app; “Absolute Classic – setting 8 slips with no fielder on the leg side – forcing the batsman to hit the ball on the leg side where there wasn’t a single fielder and then running him out” – K.Wilcox 4/2/17.

Manus Chauhan (1/8 off 4) and Aaron Crofts (2/8 off 3) finished proceedings with a couple of clean bowled deliveries to cash in on the fun that was being had at Beauchamp Park. River… all out for an abysmal 80.

Certainly good viewing from mid-off! 

FUN FACT #1 Gordon Colts have taken 135 wickets this season in 12 games of cricket. 

With lunch called, it was time for the Colts weekly debrief during the interval. Usually this consists of what controversial things Brady Morrison or Matt Keane did during the week away from the cricket fields. 

But as captain I think it is only fair that our readers are not exposed to some of the teenage activities that go in this side. However, I will say one thing…. It certainly lifts the teams morale. 

Looking for a bit of swing... and well out of the danger zone here! 

FUN FACT #2 Manus Chauhan is the leading fielder in the Metropolitan Cup with 7 slips catches.

The chase began at 1:00pm with Brady Morrison and Andrew Harvey given the opportunity to score two 40 not outs each. Despite some early blows by Brady and typical leg side wide bowling by river, Brady was caught at short cover for just 6. 

Runs were being scored thanks to the wides column and Oliver Williams and Andrew Harvey went about getting the score close to 40. Oliver eventually fell to a short pitch delivery for 5.

At 2/38, Captain Crofts came to the crease with Harvey to see the side to victory. 

Gliding it through point for the winning runs 

After a cautious start, Crofts eventually punished 6 boundaries and a six to win the game to end on 39 not out. Andrew Harvey who played a tight innings of 18 fell short just prior to the winning runs.

A 7 wicket win to the Stags over the River sees Gordon outright first still on 58 points.

A game that Gordon was expected to win and a game that once again showed that attacking is the only way to win games of cricket. Thanks again to our excellent manager Jenny Williams for taking photos, scoring and delivering the subway.

Lovely shot that! And great work by Jenny with such fantastic photos! 

Also, special thanks to Ken for his pre-match chat and for watching us again this week.

Skip out!! 

Aaron Crofts

Colts vs Sydney University - Round 13 - 2016/17

Colts vs Sydney University - Round 13 - 2016/17

On Sunday, the leader-leading Gordon Colts came up against a strong 4th placed Sydney Uni outfit. The team was full of confidence considering our position on the ladder arriving at Beauchamp Oval. 

There were good batting conditions out there on Sunday in a big clash against Sydney Uni 

Due to the heavy storm the night before it took a big effort prior to the game to remove the covers with all the water on them, ensuring no water finds its self on the wicket. 

Eventually when it came to the toss, Captain Crofts won the toss and decided to bat. 

Openers Brady and Andrew got us off to a steady start before Brady was dismissed with the score on 21. Some good bowling from the Sydney Uni attack counteracted by some strong bating in the middle overs from Aaron and Oli got the score to 76 before both fell to good bowling. 

That's some lovely placement there by Danusha 

A small collapse followed but resistance from Sahil (27) and Danusha (32) lead to a defendable score of 148, no easy chase against a strong bowling attack on a slow outfield. 

How about these indiviudal displays of brilliance!

After a good lunch Danusha and Aaron took the new ball and two tight opening spells followed which restricted the opening bats from Sydney Uni and their scoring options. Dylan then came on and bowled in a good partnership with Manus who got the breakthrough with the score on 28. 

Plenty of pressure on the Sydney Uni batsmen as the Colts line up for the kill 

Wickets quickly followed with Danusha taking two in successive balls, twice throughout his 10 overs leaving him with 4 for the match and easily the pick of the bowlers. Some missed chances from Gordon gave Sydney Uni a sniff at the win coming down to the last wicket needing only a handful of runs to secure the win. 

With only 4 runs needed to win, the Sydney Uni number 11 came back for a 2nd run but great fielding from the skipper Aaron Crofts saw a direct hit run out from mid on to win the game. 

The close win secures Gordon’s place at the top of the table with a couple of games left before finals. 

James Brown

1st Grade vs Sydney - Round 12 - 2016/17

1st Grade vs Sydney - Round 12 - 2016/17

Congratulations to Dan Stickland for making his 1st grade debut, well deserved plenty more matches to come. #577 TBC

After a tough previous weekend where the top graders suffered two losses in two days a big performance was required to get back on track leading into final series. 

Ash Doolan had a number of fans back in the sheds during his rescue job. But none as big as his mum on our mobile app. 

The weekend’s opponents was a strong Sydney only a couple of points behind the mighty Stags. 

Col was spruiking how this is a 12 point game, even after it was explained to him that just because they are close to us on the table doesn’t mean there are more points up for grabs. 

50 for Kennedy. And this webmaster remembers an equally important 50 in Colts back in the day. All runs through point and cover. 

The facilities at Drummoyne were expertly prepared by the cream of the crop of green options. The pitch was flat, outfield lush and a big two days of hard cricket was ahead for two teams vying to be active in early April. 

With the overcast conditions our on field captain wasn’t too keen to make a decision on what to do first and that privilege was quickly taken away and we were asked to bat first. 

The first 45 min of our innings didn’t go to plan; with the score at 4-40 a big fightback was needed. Thankfully this was provided by Tym (82) and Ash (99) put together a 118 run partnership to get us back into the game. 

Congratulations Stickland! Such a great achievement. Well done. 

The lower order continued to pile on the runs with JK (53) making his first 1st grade wifty. Rumour has it he is the first left hand number 10 to score a 50 with a long blade cricket bat for the club. Finishing score of 337 on a slow outfield felt like 400+. Great effort men. 

Day two the temp forecast for the day was looking at getting to temperatures only seen in the red centre and with the pitch looking pretty flat it was going to be tough going for the Kings of the North. Unfortunately we lost JK to injury only 4 overs, however the other quicks toiled with no reward on flat track offering no sideways movement. 

Mason Crane takes yet another 7.
Surely Paul Stephenson can photoshop an Aussie bag on that Beastwear gear? 

The Tigers openers were looking very comfortable at the crease but the energy levels of the Stags never wavered and the pressure was always in the back of their mind. It was only a matter of time until our spinners got hold of the ball and what a combination of bowling these two produced. 

Mason (7-53) and Junky (2-17) worked perfectly together and a change of action even saw Junky spin 3 deliveries off a straight bringing the downfall of their two premier batsmen. 

Great to see Matt Junk working in partnership with Mason. And a fantastic dismissal of Dan Smith that started the Tigers' fall. 

Mason is just getting better and better with shouts of “get him on a plane to India” heard around the ground. I think they could organise the Australian citizenship out for him quite easily. 

As one of his supporters noted on Twitter, Sidney is his middle name. It seems his natural home.

From 1-90 at lunch to all out for 146 the second session saw total control from the Stags. Great win!

Cam Eccles

5th Grade vs North Sydney - Round 11 - 2016/17

5th Grade vs North Sydney - Round 11 - 2016/17

Saturday Week 1, I hopped into David's car, the famous "shagon wagon" as he calls it, and squashed myself in between the game ball and 11 bear traps! I realised later on that they wouldn't be needed.

We arrived at the ground questioning if we were in the right sheds, however concluded we were judging by all the white pants, crinkled shirts and packed lunches (kids cricket).

Sam Watts 10 wickets for the match!

Anyway to the game, obviously the gravy train rolls on as the Burk wins another coin toss and utters "we will have a trundle" to the North skipper who replied "on this road no worries!", lol. 

Sam extremely pleased with this choice was feeling very towie to get the ball in hand after a girl from the night before left him wanting more on the dance floor.

Soon enough we had the top 5 in our sky rockets easily enough for a staggering 38 runs!  

Then a cocky kid came to the crease and offered me some smart remarks, friendship and half of his home made sandwich (on debut). Which I replied I already have a sandwich and 6 points at tea thanks champ!  

To sum it all up, it was a great couple of days for the Stags where we bagged 10 points and Sam took home the biscuits with 10 poles for the match. 

Will Reg ever get to 10,000 runs?

For an added bonus we shall have Damon Livermore for at at least one more game as he got caught on the fence whilst knowing he had only 2 runs to tick off to achieve the huge milestone of 10,000 runs for the Stags. It almost seems like he doesn't want to leave?

Thanks for your time,

Jack "The Big Cat" Doolan 

Colts vs Easts - Round 11 - 2016/17

Colts vs Easts - Round 11 - 2016/17

As the sun rose on a crisp Sunday morning in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, the Gordon Colts side led by Aaron Crofts were met by Eastern Suburbs. It was 1st vs 3rd in a vital match for both sides. Skipper Croft lost the first battle and the Colts were in the field, the smell of freshly made cappuccinos and soccer mums walking around in their active wear were abundant. 

Jory and Danusha opened the bowling and bowled tight areas, Danusha snicking off a kid who looked like he hadn't passed primary school yet. 

Prashan then came on with immediate impact clean bowling their captain and Number 3 in his first few overs. 

James Brown coming back from an ego boosting private school game continued where Prashan left off and provided excellent flight and drift. Did Shane Warne just come out of retirement? The only thing missing was a sloppy rig and streaky blonde hair.

James Brown bowling with superb flight and control. 

After Oliver Williams nearly killed Jory with a ball ricochet into Jory’s sunglasses leaving an attractive scar under his eye, the Eastern Suburbs outfit were struggling at 6/64. They needed a big partnership to get them out of trouble and fortunately due to good, tight bowling Eastern Suburbs were skittled for a measly 106 with Jory picking up 3 at the end.

Eastern Suburbs 109 (Jory Cureton 3/11 off 9, Prashan Seneviratne 2/9 of 6, Danusha Seneviratne 2/20 of 10, James Brown 2/22 off 10, Aaron Crofts 1/19 off 7)

Colts openers Fraser and Andrew strolled out to the middle looking positive and attacking play guided Fraser, who also came back from a time-wasting school game, to a solid 28. 

However wickets were falling at the other end, although Aaron Crofts halted the flow of wickets by providing great strokeplay, including a monster dinger into the stands (can report no crowd catch was taken). 

Prashan and Jory batted until stumps with Gordon finishing day 1 at 5/76 chasing 106 for first innings points; a nervous run chase indeed.

Day 2 arrived in approximately 161 hours and Trumper Oval spectators were about to witness one of the most entertaining cricket matches since the first tied test in 1960.

Jory playing his shots at Trumper.

Prashan and Jory were ticking the runs along nicely but within a blink of an eye Jory, Danusha and James were incorrectly given out in one of the worst umpiring displays on a cricket field. Independent umpires do make mistakes but to have 3 going against us within 20 minutes is unheard off. 

But such is life and Prashan after given a healthy promotion from 11 to 7 was really proving to the rest of the team he can hold a stick, batting out of his skin with the tail. 

Gordon needed 13 runs off the last wicket and the stress was showing, fingernails were getting bitten off, hair loss was real and the posh Eastern Suburbs felt like a chamber of immense pressure. 

Dylan Hood playing his first game for the club, definitely a very good rig-based selection, strutted onto the wicket looking calm, definitely provided a boost to get the boys closer to the target. The famous Dylan Hood cut shot, the solid Prashan defence and that Eastern Suburb bowler who bowled legit 8 no balls guided us to first innings points.

Gordon 108 (Fraser 28, Crofts 26, Prashan 11, Dylan 10)

With a lead of only 2, Gordon's bowling unit needed another repeat performance of their first innings and that was initially happening with Jory bowling the kid from kindy...these Poms have no mercy. 

A partnership was on the verge of getting away until on the stroke tea, Shane Warne (James Brown) bowled a flighted delivery only for the batsmen to hit to the leaping Fraser Wilson, a spectacular mark, reminiscent of the “Leo Barry you star” 2005 AFL Grand Final iconic moment. 

With good vibes heading into the next session, it was Dylan Hood cleaning up the tail with the help of James Brown. They took 7 between them due to some brilliant controlled bowling.

Good catching by Colts, Danusha taking this one in the deep.

Side Note - Afternoon tea was delightful, some roast chicken, herb bread, donuts, lollies, watermelon, all the good stuff, however it was clearly not as good as our afternoon tea.

Eastern Suburbs 126 (Dylan Hood 4/15 off 4.4, James Brown 3/18 off 9, Jory 2/33 off 7)

Now it was getting late in the day, the sun was setting, the wind chill coming across, the equation was ...Gordon need 125 of 17 overs to practically burgle 10 competition points. 

All the hours of watching the Big Bash would be coming down to this, it was time for our batsmen to peg back the ears and go downtown. 

A change in the batting order promoted Brady to open with Fraser and he got us off to a great start before Fraser chopped on. Next was Jory, coming into the crease with the attitude of “it’s six or it's out”,..... we’ll see how that goes chief. 

98 runs later and oh boy what a partnership, it was boundary after boundary, including one 6 that was caught by Mr Oliver Williams in the crowd, congratulations to Oliver $10,000 coming his way. Brady and Jory seemingly destroying the Easts bowlers to all parts of the field and was a wonderful partnership to watch, was this were Marcus Stoinis got his hitting inspiration from?

More importantly the required run rate was at run a ball when Matt Keane came to crease to produce one of the most exciting 2 ball innings ever in cricket. A disrespectful 6 first ball over the sight screen was met with loud cheers from the Gordon faithful before being out next ball. 

10 points! What an superb performance!
And well kitted out in Beastwear gear!

It was now Skipper Aaron and Brady (who reached his 55) finishing it off for us, giving us the valuable 10pts to go outright first on the ladder. 

What a performance, what a game, what a sport. This is why we play cricket, to shake hands with a defeated, devastated opposition with a massive smile and a "thanks champ".

Gordon 3/127 (Brady 58 Jory 46)

Danusha "Big D" Seneviratne

2nd Grade vs Mosman - Round 10 - 2016/17

2nd Grade vs Mosman - Round 10 - 2016/17

After a shaky victory to the Julio’s, some cricket was actually played…

The Stags won the toss and bowled under sultry skies. They started well but a number of dropped catches gave Mosman a massive reprieve. 

Chad Soper remained not out at the end of the innings. 1st Grade for this International in Round 11 

The score rose steadily as more catches were shelled. Anand Verma finally took a brace, as did Chad Soper, as Mosman finished on 5-246 from their 50 overs.

What could have been! But wasn’t.

Gordon started steadily but then the top order collapsed with only Scott O’Brien of the top five batsmen making any real contribution.

Corbin Edgar and Chad Soper then added some respectability with a good partnership but when Corbin was out for a swashbuckling 73, the end was nigh.

All out for 208 with Chad remaining 27*. A disappointing result but I know the lads have had a good week of training and are ready to take on the Bears with animosity. 

Go the Stags.

Max Papworth

3rd Grade vs Mosman - Round 10 - 2016/17

3rd Grade vs Mosman - Round 10 - 2016/17

The Stags third graders were keen to kick on from last week’s win and continue the late charge for the finals with a good result against Mosman.

After a game of touch football, with the bottom 6 having another convincing win, we lost the toss and a rather strange decision from the Mosman captain deciding they would bat first.

Jack Skilbeck bowled superb for his three wickets. 

With what seemed to be ideal bowling conditions early on, Nick and Jack struck and had Mosman reeling at 3 for 7. After being dominated from the get go you'd think the Mosman batters would grind it out, work the singles and cop all the abuse that would come their way. Instead they would look to keep going over the top and take risks, which would not please our slip cordon. 

One batsman in particular was able to get a hold of us and put away some big shots, in which his reply to our constant chat was “appreciate the shot mate”. We weren’t able to appreciate many more of his shots as Jack continued to bowl consistently good lines and he finally chopped on. 

Going into drinks taking 4 wickets for not many we all believed that we could bowl them out for cheap runs. We were able to this through our three quicks Jack, Nick and Pat, who all bowled extremely well and took three wickets each. When the quicks weren’t taking wickets by themselves, they were backed up in the field with some good catches from Cubby, Darren and Michael. 

Nick Miller in action! 

This must’ve been the most clinical we have been all season with our bowling and all credit goes to the three quicks. We happily rolled the whales for a mere 100 runs. 

Going into bat the bonus point win was up for grabs and from the get go both Cam and Shane looked in good touch, scoring runs frequently. With Shane looking for some quick runs against the off spinner he was the first to go. 

Their off-spinner continued to bowl well and took some key wickets of the top order. The middle order all got starts, and looked in great form however, by going after the runs in boundaries wickets continued to fall. We eventually got to the total 7 down and snared the bonus point. 

Wicket for Pat and cuddle for Cubby!

Cam looked really good up top for his 25 playing some really nice shots, and looks to be getting back into form. 

Even though we may have only won by 3 wickets it was a comprehensive win for third grade and one that will hopefully build our momentum for a late finals charge.

Chris "Krusty" de Kretser

1st Grade vs Mosman - Round 10 - 2016/17

1st Grade vs Mosman - Round 10 - 2016/17

Allan Border is a great place to play cricket. Although the sheds are tiny and the wicket was slow and low, everything else screams class. The groundsman clearly wanted some overs for himself this weekend. 

There was a bit of wildlife around the area having a tan, but nothing of note for a match report of this calibre.

Warm up touch almost played second fiddle to cricket this week. The result hasn’t really changed all season with the Balds fluting the Hairs, even with Richtor having a typical GFD. 

This is getting ridiculous... 7 fa for Mason.

The internet says ‘it was a sought after style, to a style that was widely ridiculed and today should be largely avoided'. Yes, I am talking about Charlie’s mullet. Charlie’s salad, shaved symmetrically around the ears is a force to be reckoned with. 

This late 80’s early 90’s hair style unfortunately hasn’t been backed up in true form as his father Richard did, wearing a belt to play his cricket in…fast bowlers! In his attempt to bring back the mullet into fashion, he has developed some interesting nick names, especially that of ‘flapper’. You will have to ask Ash Doolan about that one, he has been in some great form off the field recently, not just in the sheds.

Mosman’s home of cricket has been a happy hunting ground for the Stags in the last few years, piling on the runs and taking some exciting wins away from the opposition. 

Two seasons ago, Smithy was the match winner, taking the wicket of his now-teammate, with two balls to spare. The 2017 edition wasn’t so close. 

Mosman won the toss on a Gordon prepared wicket and chose to bat. Flapper and the Praying Mantis (Kennedy) took the new ball and the later got us started with a couple of wickets before lunch. However, the main destroyer was Mason ‘Willie’ Crane who took 7-93 off 22 overs and you can imagine Tiddles was losing his mind. 

Tiddles doesn’t play favourites…unless you’re a leg-spinner. An outstanding spell of bowling saw the Stags batting at tea.

Another fifty for the skip Steve.

We had a few skippers out on the field as Mosman rightly pointed out. At times I wasn’t sure who to ask where to field or if Axel could have a bowl. But we discovered, the more skippers the better, as their former skipper ran down the wicket after being told ‘he had nervous feet’ and had an air swing, only to be stumped by skipper Doolan off the bowling of Willie Mason. That was a highlight.

Some glorious shot-making led by skipper Colley (65) and Richtor (not sure if he was a skipper) ensured we were in a strong position ending day 1 at 3-165 chasing 226. Richtor (57) was dismissed early on day 2, bringing skipper Doolan to the crease. Crawford (61) and Doolan (28) took charge and punted some 6’s to rub salt into the deep wounds of the Whales, passing the score 4 wickets down. The lower order came out batting aggressively looking to move the game forward and Willie (52) did exactly this. 343 was the total and we had 49 overs to bowl. 

After not picking up early wickets, the bowlers toiled hard, especially Dan Smith and Matt Junk on wicket not offering much. A great couple of days for the Stags with plenty of emotion and the loudest team song sung to date. 6 points. Up the Staggies!

Tym Crawford

4th Grade vs Mosman - Round 10 - 2016/17

4th Grade vs Mosman - Round 10 - 2016/17

The Stags arrived to the sight of a very green deck at Killara Oval and unanimously decided to bowl. However, Stu Bromley had other ideas.

Upon his return from the middle he declared to the team that he had decided to bat!

Charlie Booth, sponsored by SURA, makes the most of his opportunities out there at Killara Oval... but had to wait after Stu chose to bat 

Liam McElduff (30) created a steady platform for the team but the Stags struggled to form partnerships. 

Charlie Booth whacks the ball to all areas at Killara!

The Stags looked to be in a bit of trouble at 5/105 until a young and handsome Charles Booth crafted an elegant and mature 77 showing his fitness and strength throughout the innings. His innings helped pull the Stags out of the deep water to a total of 259.

Stu and the rest of us reflected that from 5/105, reaching 259 may have demoralised the Whales a little and we certainly felt this total was out of reach of the Pod in the sheds next door.

The slow scoring Whales gave the Stags extra confidence and a win for the Stags looked imminent.

Resistance late in the innings from Mosman created some tension and brought them back into the game. Pat Rice saved the day and took 5 Whale scalps with tight stump to stump bowling. 

Pat Rice developing into a great bowler for the Stags!

The Stags song their song proudly and at the top of their lungs, making sure the Mosman Whales heard every last word.

Harry Rees

Colts vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2016/17

Colts vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2016/17

At a pleasant sunny Beauchamp Oval the Stags turned up looking for redemption from their last round loss. A solid warm up as always from the boys and a quick look at a green grassy pitch which the skipper had hopes to bowl first on. 

Great captains knock by Aaron Croft (42).

Unfortunately it wasn’t the ideal start, being put into bat against Blacktown side. But the resilience from Brady Morrison and Andrew Harvey saw us on top early and looking solid for the 50 overs to come. The thick outfield really demoralised the batsmen as quick singles and hard hits had us running two’s and ones all day.

Similarly a great throw from the boundary while running a three had given an unfair farewell to Andrew Harvey. While Jury Cureton welcomes what became the hottest cricketing day of our lives and wasn’t keen on any singles today. The pitch played all sorts of havoc on the players, at least for Jory which had one pop up from good length to his throat. While our experienced skipper had plenty of shots up his sleeves and ran hard between the wickets, wickets fell and pressure grew at the other end.

Long awaiting runs came from the ‘Big Dog’ Danusha who played alongside our skipper and both took us past the 30 over mark. Trouble against the spin had both the batsmen in all sorts as we saw the end of a solid top order innings by skipper Crofts. 

Danusha helped carry the Stags late in the innings (44).

Vikrant Nehru and Danusha then maintained the runs and kept ticking the strike over, all though every run had us drenched in sweat. The plan was simple, Vikrant wanted the spinners downtown (as I have no respect for them) and Danusha attacking the pacers with ease.

The time came when acceleration was needed and we managed a solid score of 204. Unfortunately with a couple of overs to spare which wasn’t the ideal way of finishing the innings but we took it with our middle order collapse.

Brady and Jory put on a display for the fantastic camerawork by Jen Williams

The heat had the pitch hard and we saw plenty of bounce, the Beauchamp pitch looking and playing out better than Chatswood oval on even its best day in the second innings. 

The author, Vikrant Nehru, looks to make an impression with the bat 

Matt Keane and Jory Cureton had the time of their lives as both the bowlers bowled smartly attacking the stumps and an odd one sniffing past the nose of the batsmen just so they know who’s on top. 

Blacktown having no reply of our solid bowling attack as Jory and Vikrant Nehru took out the top order batsmen with ease.

The retaliation of the Blacktown batsmen was no use as the Stags showed why they are on top of the table. Danusha and Manus Chauhan taking out the middle order nicely in time for a bonus point win. 

Prashan cleaned up the tail with excellent figures of 3 for 3 off 3, dismissing Blacktown for a mere 101, great day to be a Stag don’t you reckon?

Prashan wraps up the tail, ensuring a bonus point.

An excellent comeback for the Colts who are now alone at the top of the table, showing we are looking for improvements from each game. Also on another note, the great turnout on training days boys, have seen the whole team practicing together which is awesome. 

Credit to the skipper, never misses training day although he might miss leg day quite often.

Vikrant "Vicks VapoRub" Nehru

The Colts team huddle


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