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Ken Oates Tribute to Dick Guy

A nice list of tributes about Roley. Interesting to me to hear about his formative years as a cricketer. Also to hear the descriptions of his bowling style and his canniness in the contest between bat and ball. I saw it a thousand times from backward point or mid off but one took it for granted. Like that’s just what Roley did. Yet was it that simple? There he was taking on the bowling responsibility from one end for most of the days play. Imagine the effort to do that and to succeed bowling leggies. What strength he had in body and mind at what is the elite level of the club game.

And his sunny personality and generosity meant socially he treated all people on an even keel whether they be inside or outside GDCC. No question his loyalty was always with his colleagues within the club and on the field of play. If you played in a lower grade he was the first to ask how you went.

I reflect nowadays, as a new arrival in Sydney, how lucky I was on a Friday night drink in August 1967, in a Woollomooloo pub, to meet Peter (Henry) Fellows who strongly urged me to come play cricket at GDCC. Living in Double Bay it didn’t make geographic sense but it was the correct thing to do, as things panned out. Lifelong friendships don’t grow on trees but are commonplace at the GDCC. That’s all to do with the people who pass through this unique cricket club, and of which, Roley was a leading and shining light and in many ways influenced the shaping of the place at least in the last 50 years. 

He put in a herculean effort for the welfare of his cricket club and the sport at large, i.e., NSW and Australia. All done In the days before big money became available. How noble is that! May he RIP.

I hope he has a great send off at the Funeral on Tuesday. I shall be thinking of him, his family and the larger GDCC family during that time. I know we are rightly sad with his loss but we were his friend and I am so pleased to have got to know him as the outstanding person he was.


Ken Oates


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