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How To Scrap For Position - Colts Report

How To Scrap For Position - Colts Report

Late changes in higher grades left the Colts a player short for the trip out to Whalan to play Blacktown this week. Tiddles had been on the phone all of Friday trying to rustle up another player but was unsuccessful in his quest. Millar assured him that Blacktown would win the toss and bowl and that we wouldn't need the 11th player until next week.

(Another LBW from Skins)

Whilst Blacktown did win the toss and bowl, the Colts could have done with the 11th player after throwing away a good start to be dismissed for a tick under 200. Legge and Weaver (29) provided a solid start to the innings and it wasn't until the later was rapt on the pads that Blacktown even looked like they were in the game.

At this point in the season, the Colts had only lost 8 wickets and 5 of them were adjudged LBW by their own team mates. It is about time that Tweety had a good word to the Colts about how to umpire. We could never ever be accused of cheating.

Marvz (1) quickly followed Weaver after being troubled by one of the quicker bowlers in the Blacktown team and Legge (47) guided a ball directly to mid-wicket to have the Colts in a precarious position a few overs before tea.

Skins and 'The Pizza Boy' Harris set about rectifying the situation and saw the Colts to 3/130 at the break. Not much to report from the tea break. Most of the team stayed within the confines of the dressing sheds as there were numerous warning signs about concealed used syringes. This, however, didn't stop Skins, who cited that 'you can only catch HIV once'. He brought back most of Mt Druitt's food supplies to an ever-so-grateful team. A real team player  even when struggling with the demands of Falk's delicate palette.

Although this was the first time Skins (20) had batted out in the middle, he blasted balls to all parts of Whalan Reserve before lobbing a simple catch to mid-off after the break. It was a disappointing end to his innings and set in motion the next couple of wickets to fall. Harris (40) checked a shot to mid-off and Selby (6) was unlucky to be given out after jamming the ball into the ground before popping up to 1st slip.

This brought Millar and Falk to the crease and they set about creating a platform for the lower order to compile some much-needed runs. However, it wasn't to be with Millar (28) blasting a short ball to backward square and then Ranney (0) confirming that he isn't in the team for his batting.

Clifford, a late - but important - inclusion into the Colts, saw out a couple of balls before Falk (9) was fired by Skins. 6 LBWs!!!


It was 3 groups of 3 quick wickets each that kept Blacktown in the game and prevented the Colts from gathering momentum and putting a respectable score on the board. Too many cheap wickets fell to lazy, misguided shots and cost the Colts posting a formidable target.

A tight spell of 18 overs by the Colts saw Blacktown close out the day at 2/28, with Ranney picking up the two wickets to fall.

It would be great to see everyone at training this week, working hard at their bowling and fielding. Whalan is a big ground, the outfield will be fast and the pitch will more than likely be rolled, cut and will provide little for the bowlers this coming week. We need to work hard to wrestle back this game and continue our push for points.


Dave Millar


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