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Fourth Grade Match Reports 11/12

The fourth grade team plays for the Reid Cup. All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants.

Points for all wins go to the club championship total. 

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Fourth Grade match reports for 2011/12 season are provided below: 



4th Grade vs North Sydney - Round 16 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs North Sydney - Round 16 - 2011/12

Adam Cubbage4th Grade won the toss and bowled as they needed a bonus point at Killara.

We were all keyed up to put in a strong performance against the Bears and the bowlers came out firing, bowling good lines and restricting North Sydney to just 140 at Killara.

Adam Cubbage in action for the last time this season before heading back to play cricket in Ditchling, England

Back in the sheds over lunch, we knew what we needed to do. 5 runs an over would get us home within 30 overs and with a bonus point. Nothing too difficult at Killara, despite a slow outfield. After the break, things quickly took a turn for the worse, as Gordon went into bat with an attitude to get the score perhaps more quickly than required. They soon found themselves 8-26 and a very early exit in our final game for the season. 

Some lower order resistance nearly tripled our score before the Bears were handed the win after we were bowled for about 70. A disappointing end to a very inconsistent season where the batsmen failed to fire on too many occasions.

Jack Colley (reporting on location from Maitland)Alex JacksonMichael Perry

Alex Jackson and Michael Perry had a great first season with the Stags
4th Grade vs Mosman - Round 15 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Mosman - Round 15 - 2011/12

Adam CubbageCubby’s 4ths arrived at Allan Border oval with nothing but an outright victory in mind. There was a sense of confidence amongst the side, and on a fairly good batting wicket, Shayne called “north” and won the bail toss. 

Adam "Shayne" Cubbage takes charge of the team, leading from the front with the bat 

It’s hard to believe no-one had a coin. Bowling first would provide us with out best chance at an outright win and the Stags took to the field.

Beau Saddler provided an early break through as the Mosman bats struggled against some tight bowling. The platform was set for Big Alex Lines, who took a wicket with his very first ball. Before long, Linsey had 4 wickets in 2 overs. He proved too fast and awkward for the Whales who looked like fish out of water at the crease. 

He continued to take wickets consistently while the Stags remained on the job in the field knowing that anything short of 20 wickets would not be good enough. 

Eventually Mosman were all out for 70, with Linsey finishing with the remarkable figures of 7 for 19. We were obviously very happy with our bowling performance, but keen to replicate it with the bat. The plan was to get the 70 runs, then build a first innings lead as quickly as possible and aim to have 10 or so overs at the Whales later in the afternoon. 
Mitch Kleem (52) and Michael Perry (46) provided us with the perfect platform and before long, we had reached and then passed the Mosman total. This effectively gave the incoming batsmen a license and with a very short boundary on one side the total climbed rapidly. 

Chris Retallick (52) showed his class, while Cubby (46), Shayne and Beau attacked the Mosman bowlers. After 35 overs the Stage were 7 for 237 and had a lead of 167. Shayne declared with 10 overs left to make inroads in to Mosman’s second innings. An edge found the gloves of Rinny and the Whales had lost their 11th wicket of the day. 

Alex Lines caught 7 of the Whales fishing outside off. What a day out! 

At the end of the first day, Mosman in their second innings had a deficit of 132 runs with 9 wickets in hand. We had executed our plan and felt confident that we could achieve an outright win on day 2.

Unfortunately a deluge of rain not helped by an uncovered square throughout the week meant that day 2 was washed out. With 6 points secured and most other games also suffering from wet weather, we find ourselves at the mercy of a couple of other results and a win for us against North Sydney. An outside chance at playing finals, but still a chance.

Charlie Bangs

4th Grade vs Bankstown - Round 12 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Bankstown - Round 12 - 2011/12

Tom GoochGordon 4th Grade travelled to Bankstown to take on the Bulldogs in what was to be a battle of seventh versus eighth and a possible birth in the top six for finals contention.

Tom Gooch strives for the extract yard of pace

Despite the rain deluge that came the week before, we were greeted with a wicket that was a little moist but definitely fit for a game. Openers Mitchell Kleem and Michael Perry got off to an explosive start with blows right across the ground. ‘Chilli’ Perry was dismissed at mid off trying to sky one in the air.

Alex ‘Motor mouth’ Jackson was sent in by our captain, Shayne Lin, to absorb some time in the middle, spend some time away from the boys and to let the pitch dry a little further. Unfortunately for all, he was caught behind shortly after a brief stint at the crease.

Kris Colley was looking positive after retrieving his drivers’ licence from an ATM near Greenwood the week, before but gloved one early, giving an easy catch to those waiting behind the stumps. Colley will be looking for a big one soon which he has done plenty of times before. He has, though, apparently landed a big one away from the game.

A man of few words, we will be looking to his brother Jack to let us all in on his love life.

Speaking of which, Jack continued from where he left off the week before scoring another 50. Both brothers are keen to play their shots and are looking to hit the ball. Obviously every cricketer is striving for that right balance between aggression and not giving their wicket away.

Kleem was dismissed for 56.

Chris Retallick was given out to an LBW decision and felt rather aggrieved with the judgement. However, whilst we felt that we definitely didn’t get the rub of the green in this game, I’ve been around the game long enough to know that there are swings and roundabouts when it comes to these things.

Charlie BangsIn this game, however, if a couple of decisions went our way instead of theirs, the outcome could have been quite different.
Shayne Lin made a quick-fire 29, making striking some massive blows through third man and down the ground. But the star of the show was none other than Tom Carruthers who scored 95 in an innings that was calculated and poised.

Charlie Bangs tries to extract a bit extra from the flattening deck

The rest of the lower order all made handy contributions with a total of 277 realised with 29 overs left in the day.

Three wickets were obtained in this period for 44 runs and the Stags were on top for a big day in the field the following day.

What transpired the following day could only be described as unimaginative and boring. With 109 overs to get the runs we got in 50, the Bulldogs fell 10 runs short of the required total with 2 wickets to spare.

There are many ways to look at this. Yes, it is admirable to see a player grind away a hard fought innings in trying times, but when does this in interfere with the spirit of the game?

I remember I was at school when Mark Waugh, Phil Emery and Wayne Holdsworth conducted a coaching clinic. I was there blocking away and Waugh yelled out to me at 12 years of age ‘Hey mate play some shots’. This was coming from one of Bankstown’s favourite sons.

Something is wrong when you are bowled half volleys on what was quickly becoming a road and you are blocking it back to the bowler. The points structure for grade cricket has been set by the administration to encourage vibrant play. With zero points being attributed for a loss or a draw, there is a huge incentive to play for a result.

Getting off my soapbox now, I still feel we should have been able to take the ten wickets. In the words of Malcolm Marshall to David Boon on debut ‘Are you going to get out or am I going to have to come around the wicket and kill you.’

Our bowlers performed admirably given the conditions.

Mitchell Kleem

4th Grade vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 11 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Campbelltown-Camden - Round 11 - 2011/12

The rain had been pelting down for three and a bit hours; the ground was soaked; puddles covered the outfield; it was 1:30; not a ball had even thought about being bowled and I was ready and packed to head home.

Thanks to the relentlessly positive attitude from both skippers, however, Gordon and Campbelltown 4th grade managed to squeeze a match in on the day, and not a bad match at that.

Colley looks down the ground for early runs

The morning and early afternoon proved to be one of those typical wet cricket days. The covers were on from 9:45am until 2pm, and most of us thought that the weather had defeated us. There was the usual back and forth between players, captains and umpires. Will we or won’t we?

Having snuck a warm up in, sans touch I couldn’t help but notice, the rain started and came down steadily for most of the day. Mick “Radar” Perry had the smartphone out and was giving us regular updates. “There’s one patch of rain, and it hasn’t moved from this spot in about two hours.” Apparently the clouds had decided that they liked Killara, as they tend to do, and remained over Bert Oldfield oval as long as they possibly could.

The umpires weren’t particularly positive, even at 2 o’clock, about the possibility of play, because of the large puddles that surrounded the wicket. Despite the lack of hessian under the covers, when we peeled back the tarpaulin we discovered that the pitch had managed to remain remarkably dry. Both skippers decided it was better to make a fist of it and try to play than go home having sat around all day.

We were cut down to a 25 over-a-side fixture, and Captain Lin promptly won the toss and sent the Ghosts in on a wicket that looked fine, played fine and generally was absolutely fine. What was very fine for the Stags and not so fine for the Ghosts was the first delivery, sent down by Alex Lines. Big fast bowler steams in, bowls a half volley on middle, batsman struck on pad, umpire raises the finger, batsman on his way. It was a nice way to kickstart a day that had hitherto been rather uneventful.

Mitch Kleem, concentrating on Mark O'Neil's recent coaching, looks to squeeze the knees together

Linesy looked very good in his first mini-spell of two overs. He was the pick of the Staggies bowlers, picking up two wickets in his first two overs and he finished with the figures of 2-15 off 4. Having not played for a month, Big Al looked to have picked up a yard for mine.

The Ghosts batsmen tried hard, but in the end the Gordon side picked up wickets at regular intervals, stifling the batsmen and slowing the scoring. A partnership for the fifth wicket of 48 had the stags on the back foot. The Ghosts wicketkeeper took a liking to some flighted deliveries from Alex “Motormouth” Jackson and to a lesser degree Tom “BouncersGo46” Gooch and “Radar” Perry. Once Goochy and Radar tightened up, however, runs proved harder to come by, and runouts eventuated.
There were three run outs in the innings, each one more spectacular than the last. Two were affected by Kris Colley in one over as part of a team hat-trick.

A couple of dots from yours truly built the pressure, the batsmen clipped one straight to square leg, and Colley swooped in after the unwise call of “yes” to knock back the middle stump. Pinpoint.

Next delivery, a rather nervous looking number 9 came in, was promptly struck on the pad in front of middle and was on his way, quick as you like.

Next ball, another clipped to mid-wicket. This time Colley bolts from square leg, picks up one handed and hits the middle stump at the bowlers end. Kris did end up making the song, these two runouts combining with his useful 19 runs to make up a good days work for Colley K.

Another LBW and a caught behind later and the Ghosts were dismissed for 147, and they would have been disappointed seeing as they were 6-135 with five overs remaining.

The Gordon innings was dominated by Colley the Younger, with Jack playing a very mature and well paced knock to chase down the Campbelltown score comfortably, with eight balls to spare and six wickets down. Sherman and Perry fell early, but Kleem stayed at the wicket with Kris Colley for a decent amount of time and started to build a platform.

The author, Pat Effeney, charges in on his way to 3 wickets 

Once Kleem was dismissed, Colley and Colley joined forces and took it upon themselves to chase down the score. Slowly but surely they chipped away at the Ghosts’ total. Some overs were bigger than others, but they made the score 71 before Kris was dismissed, somewhat controversially, LBW for 19.

Jack kept the score ticking along, with some lovely hitting and regular singles and twos. Chris ‘Retro’ and Lines both played useful hands but were dismissed hitting out (Lines trying to hit a glory maximum to end the game), and Alex Jackson went out with six runs to get off two-an-a-bit overs and four wickets remaining.

Jack did the sensible thing to knock a two, then a single at the end of the over, and another at the start of the next. Two runs to get, the man who doesn’t stop talking on strike. Thankfully, Jackson abandoned conversation long enough to hit a two straight back past the bowler with eight deliveries remaining to secure the victory for the Stags.

A man seldom mentioned in this report has been the captain, Shayne Lin. He took a good catch to dismiss the number six batsmen (the last man out). That was about it.

Otherwise, a real team effort was good enough to get the W on the day. A big thanks goes to Dave Millar who filled in fielding for the injured Anthony Sherman, and also lended his booming vocals to the victory song. I’d also like to thank the girl who was going to walk her dog on the field during play but didn’t at my request.


How good’s winning?

Patrick Effeney

4th Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2011/12

Pic ShermanThey say you learn more from a loss than you do from a win. The Gordon 4th grade side decided to put this theory to the test before Christmas, losing four straight.

A vintage "Pic" Sherman flick through the leg side 

After a strong win in the 20/20 contest against Hawkesbury to get our season back on track, we headed out to Whalan Reserve to take on the lowly placed Blacktown side.

At the back of each team member’s mind was that winning becomes a habit which has been something that has been a regular occurrence over the past few years.

One of the more peculiar arrangements at this ground is a pole situated in the middle of the gate on entry and exit from the field.

Small things, small minds. (Editor’s note: This is to stop motorbikes etc from entering the playing field and ripping up the grass.)

One of the great appeals of grade cricket is seeing former team mates and friends around the traps. Low and behold Stuart Slocombe former personal trainer and Gordon lower grader was now turning out for the Warriors. Yes that’s right all 150 kilograms of him. Stuart was quick to point out that he’d given away the personal training thing and was living around the corner these days at Kings Langley.

Back to the cricket and Captain Shayne Lin elected to bat with the hope of putting runs on the board. Sherman and Kleem went out to bat keen to get the side off to a solid start.

Kleem back from sabbatical continued his disappointing start to the season was first to go for seven. ‘Pic’ Sherman and Michael “Chil” Perry progressed things nicely until Shermsy was out for 29. Jack Colley chipped in for a handy 28.

Kris Colley was at the crease for a brief period but will be looking for big score in the coming weeks. Chil was dismissed for a handy 20 cameo but the star of the show was Chris Retallick with a very fine 70 not out.

The oval was very slow and sluggish with plenty of two’s and three’s on offer. I suppose this really emphasises the importance of fitness. Likewise Killara has been a little on the slow side too.

Pic Sherman Jack Colley Michael Perry

Anthony Sherman, Jack Colley & Michael Perry apply their trade against the Warriors

Retallick was well supported by captain Shayne Lin with a couple of big zacs and the lower order players all chipped in, including Ben Armstrong, Tom Gooch. Did I miss anybody? A total of 222 was defendable.
Turning 34 on February 17, Kleem has realised how out of touch he is with what interests the youngsters these days on TV. Nowadays the younger generation aren’t interested in watching Discovery and National Geographic.

Kleem asked the younger brigade if they’ve seen manhunt. This show is about an Australian man who joins tribes from Africa on hunting expeditions. The blowpipe is used. This is where a poisionous arrow is used in a hollow piece of bamboo to shoot down monkeys and birds in trees. Quite fascinating.

A newcomer to the side Charlie Stobo, and son of the great Richard Stobo, proved a real handful with the opposition batsman. He is a real competitor and seems to have plenty of ticker.

Yours truly was responsible for a truly magnificent run out where one stump was thrown down from side on. Kleem will be looking to consolidate his position at mid on and hence giving him the title of the Allan Border of the side.

Wickets fell very quickly in the innings and the Stags were well on top from the start. Young Wack Jacko (Alex Jackson - a good little Grammar boy) is building with confidence with each game and is starting to really understand the importance of flight and getting the ball above the batsman’s eyeline.

With continued application and consistent rhythm hopefully he should keep improving. Another space cadet in the field he joins Kleem on the quest for discovering new planets in the solar system in between balls.

All the bowlers performed well with Charlie Stobo 2/30, Ben Armstrong 2/14, Tom Gooch 2/24 and Jacko 1/24 .

A niggling partnership from Blacktown ensued and some dropped catches. It was then decided enough was enough and dismissed Blacktown for 119 14 under the 133 mark, giving the side a bonus point.

Mitchell Kleem

4th Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Penrith - Round 7 - 2011/12

We arrived at Killara hoping to turn around the start of the season. Despite the rain throughout the week and overcast conditions, captain Shane Lin won the toss and elected to bat. Openers Mitch Kleem and Anthony Sherman played posiively, dispatching the loose ball to the boundary. Mitch kleem (20) was the first to fall at 1-45 after setting up a good foundation. When Anthony Sherman (25) lost his wicket at 2-57 it seemed as if the team was in a good position.

MItch Kleem hits a four thyrough covers

However the middle order having kept their form from the previous games built a collapse which soon saw the score at 7-67. The pitch did give some assistance to the bowling side, although there was no excuse for for such a collapse. Someone needed to steady the ship and this was done by some good aggresive batting by Shane Lin (39) and Adam Fleming (10) keeping the scoreboard ticking over at the other end. Their partnership of (51) was vital as the score was now looking respectable at 118. With Gordon soon all out for 123 we knew that it was going to take some good bowling to knock over the Penrith side.

Penrith got off to a good start with one of their openers showing some good intent and scoring some quick runs. Charlie Bangs (1-51) bowled very sharp with the ball hitting some good areas shaping away from the batsmen. With the score at 1-43, the total of 123 did not look that far away. The wicket at 2-63 brought upon by some rapid, accurate bowling by Alex Fleming (4-24) and Alex Lines, (2-26) lead to a cluster of wickets bringing the score to (5-77). Fleming and Lines were both desperately trying to show they could bowl faster than one another. May it also be mentioned that none of these wickets could of been possible without pic's work in the slip cordon, as he was seeing the ball as good as ever grabbing four catches in total. 

The bowlers failed to maintain the pressure on Penrith as they passed the total with three wickets in hand. With another thirty or forty runs on the board the game would have been completely different. Hopefully the batsmen can do some work over the week and find some form in the last game before the Christmas break, which will be a T20 against Northern Districts. 

Tom Carruthers

4th Grade vs Wests - Round 6 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Wests - Round 6 - 2011/12

Fourth Grade returned to Killara in a rain enforced one day game, looking to improve on what was a disastrous performance the week before at Sutherland.  Welcoming back some key players, the mood was light until Captain Rin obviously lost the toss to send us into the field.

Despite an early wicket, some ill disciplined bowling allowed Wests to score freely at all times during the innings creating numerous partnerships and always scoring freely.

Mitch Kleem back in action

Flemball was the pick of the bowlers, constantly catching out the batsman with his lack of pace and subtle variations.  Goochie also chimed in with 3 cheeky poles.  

277 for victory was always going to be a tough ask, but has been the case during the year, the middle order failed to deliver after a solid, but unsubstantial opening partnership.  Unfortunately, we are not going to win games of cricket collapsing from 0/45 to 7/64 every single week.   Chappo batted calmly for his 29 being the last man out, but there needs to be more value on wickets especially when starting an innings. 

We need to improve in all aspects before Christmas in order to push towards finals; however we know we have the ability to become a top 4 side by season’s end.

Alex Lines

4th Grade vs Sutherland - Round 5 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Sutherland - Round 5 - 2011/12

Compliancy is the only word that can be used to describe the game against Sutherland. We thought we had the game won within the first 15 over’s which technically we had but it is never over till its over.

Julian Stephenson happy to be taking more wickets in 4th grade

This is something I have learnt from watching one of the greatest sporting nations to exist and I don’t mean Australia, I mean New Zealand, the Kiwis whatever you want to call us. We do hold the rugby world cup, the rugby league world cup and any other cup that is played for - apart from the four nations now after a somewhat remarkable win to Australia over England Sunday morning. So I think I do know what I’m talking about. It’s that you have to keep fighting till the end. Never give up, never expect it just to happen no matter what the score or who the opposition are as things can happen, and happen they did.

Let’s get to the game.

For me it was a very early wake up at 6.30am as Sutherland is about as far away as Sydney is from the land of the long white cloud. I don’t know if I took a wrong turn leaving Castle hill but it ended up being a 70km trip to Sutherland oval where I just managed to arrive before 9am. With the inspection of the pitch done before warm up it was noted that Shane really needed to win a toss otherwise we would find ourselves batting on a pitch that the groundsman’s was still preparing up until play. It was green, not too soft but would be more difficult to bat on now than later in the day when the sun dried it out. We welcomed 6 people into 4th grade this week with many players being out either doing a uni exam or winning poker tournaments in the Philippines, then deciding to spend the cash there and find a bride. The new players we welcomed in or back into the team were Mitch, Iqbal, Max Newman, Paul our English import, flemmo@bowlolgist (Adam Fleming) and Tom Gooch.Tom Gooch

Warm up started with a game of touch with a small pink rugby ball and a field that included dog poo in the middle as we couldn’t be bothered moving the field. As usual any out markers are just a guideline to Shane so when his team run out by 10m its still play on as they are just there as a guidance. Shane’s team won which is a sad thing to say.

Tom Gooch watches his ball

With that over there was a solid warm up in the already sweltering heat. Shane was called to the middle to do the toss which he again lost, however the coin did land on the side rope of the pitch and for some reason the umpires called a re toss which ended up with Shane winning it and us sending them in .The plan was to bowl full and swing the ball to make the most of what was in the pitch. What happened next happened so fast, some thoughts turned to who we should go and watch once we won or maybe the team lunch at sizzler was on again.

Jules Stephenson coming off 5fa against St George again did the job for the Stags claiming a wicket an over for the first 4 over’s before he got a brace the next and was on another hat-rick that was again denied. Jules bowled the perfect line his whole ten over’s for a very well deserved 6/16 off 10 straight overs. It must be noted that once Jules saw the pitch in the morning he decided that his knee would hold up to bowling after deciding during the week that he would just play as a bat. He was well supported by flemmo@bowlologist who bowled some good lines and earned himself a wicket thanks to a leaping Max Newman at midwicket who timed his jump to perfection and got some great hang time to take a mark overhead. Gooch replaced flemmo@bowlogist and brought instant reward with a wicket to a catching short cover.

Michael Perry

At 8/81 it was all the stags. However it was noted that we had to stay up for the challenge as anyone could put on a partnership and that’s what happened as we ended up relaxing a bit too much as we tried to finish them off.

'Chilli' Perry in the delivery stride

Conversation turned to why Shane’s company Channel 9 was not sponsoring 4th grade as they could cover every game and beam it live around Sydney on Channel 9 each Saturday. 

Michael 'Chilli' Perry and flemmo@bowlologist then combined to try and take the last 2 wickets quickly. Flemmo had the remaining batsmen running for their helmets as he sent down some sizzling balls at pace. Word going around grade clubs is that he is faster than Alex lines.

Sutherland ended up all out for 87.

How do I talk about what happened next.

We lost Mitch early to a run out, 1 for 4. Michael ‘Mickey D’ Dalrymple and Michael ‘Chilli’ Perry then combined to try continue their good form in the middle and take 4s home. Until Chilli was fooled by a slower one to be bowled. 2/40. Mickey D was joined by Max Newman before both of them followed each other in quick succession, as well as the Englishman Paul. At 5/57 it was tight and game on.

Enter our captain, our leader, the inspiration, tactician. First ball bang 4. it must be difficult for Shane to bat in a shirt as he loves to stalk the picket fence shirtless, looking for any eyes that may wonder his way whether it be from a nice woman or man passing by who knows. Andrew Crosland looked to support Shane with the odd boundary and a few singles before Shane lost his wicket, who must of thought he was facing Alex Lines or Andrew Chapman, wanting to dominate the bowlers to the end. 6/79.

The author watches his ball through point

Then it was all over on 86. One run short.

A very disappointing finish to what should have been a good win against one of the teams in the top 6. It must be said though we have been playing very well so it was disappointing to come to such a halt but we will bounce back. Overall there were too many lose shots, and not enough patience on a track that had quickened up but was still doing enough. We need to stand up now take some pride in our game, pride in the Gordon club and come out bloody hungry next week against Wests.

Michael ‘Chilli’ Perry

4th Grade vs St George - Round 4 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs St George - Round 4 - 2011/12

Adam CubbageThe Gordon fourth graders travelled out to St George this week to take on the ladder leaders. The day started with the usual rubbish banter. This week’s topic was Andrew Chapman murdering 50 beers and 80 rums, losing his phone and blacking out, a standard weekend for Chappo. The topic then quickly moved on with the boys eager to learn about my heritage and the Chinese culture, Alex “Linsey” Lines has suggested an end of season trip to the Great Wall to gain a deeper understanding and respect for other cultures.

Adam Cubbage does some damage with the ball in hand 

On to the game. The wicket was very flat and the weather was hot, perfect day to get out in the field. Kris Colley was nominated by the team to bring the sun cream each week but decided not to show, ensuring the whole team would be burnt; Linsey does not like Kris very much anymore.

After losing the toss we got our wishes and had first crack at the St George batsmen. Jules Stephenson, making his comeback after a couple of years out of the game, started up with Pat Effeney. Pat had the early success with two wickets in his first over caught behind and then to Cubby at 1st slip. As the day continued on, the St George batsmen went into their shells. Before the break Jules made the breakthrough claiming the Saints skipper and then a wicket the very next ball to be on a hatrick, the first attempt for the day. At drinks we were in a good position taking 5 wickets for not many runs.

After the break a long partnership set in. We were unable to make a breakthrough for 20 odd overs; however it cost us little with St George only scoring at 1.5 an over. It also must be noted during this time Chapman was as useless in the field as his banter off the field. At tea we had St George 5/100. The plan after tea was to go hard to ensure we could break the partnership and get stuck into the tail.

Catch!!Straight after tea Jules struck twice in two balls to be on another hatrick. Again another failed attempt but two very important wickets. The St George number 3 decided after batting for 50 overs it was time to get a move on taking a liking to Linsey smashing us around.

The proof?? Or more confusion?? Was there a dropped catch from the hat-trick ball? 

Linsey now hates cricket and has decided to take a mid season break to the Philippines to make some money and find Taity that special someone.

Cubbage was the next to break through and it was his turn to be on a hatrick. Despite all the rubbish that has been going on twitter, a catch was never dropped with the ball falling short of Pic Sherman at first slip. Pic would have probably dropped it anyway. The lesson learnt here is that whatever the 4th graders tweet is not true unless it’s about #murderingmanyrumz.

Anyway the last wicket fell the ball after with Saints out for 180. Jules was the pick of the bowlers taking 5, Cubbage with 3 and Effeney toiling hard for 2. For Paddy’s efforts, the team has decided to chip for a new pair of sunglasses; if you have seen the current pair you will understand.

We went out to bat for the remaining 14 overs with the goal of batting through to stumps. Micky Dalrymple and Pic opened up starting well, until Pic was dismissed. It was this time, at about 5:15, I couldn’t handle Chapman’s face and decided it was time to leave. The arguments began over who would captain the side for the last 15 mins. At stumps we finished the day at 2/69 and in a strong position to take the points.

Day 2 banter was all about the trip into Balmain. The two Barker boys in the team, “Retro” Retalick and “Crosy” Crosland bantered about the exam they had to study for on Monday, Cubbage kept pushing for a promotion up the order, Chapman continued to talk rubbish and Michael “Chilli” Perry was making us all laugh about his tales of the Kiwis beating the Kangaroos in the Four Nations.

Michael DalrympleThe Kiwis ended up losing to the Poms so we may not see Chilli this week at training with the depression of losing the rugby league grand final, the getting knocked out of the Four Nations and on top of that he is still a kiwi. Poor guy.

Mike "Micky Ds" Dalrymple looks to go straight down the ground 

On to the cricket. Jules and Micky “D” started solidly. Micky was out caught for 42 getting some good time in the middle before heading off to the mines in a couple of weeks for Uni. Retro joined Jules and a partnersip grew. We were looking comfortable at 3/150 when Jules was dismissed followed by Crosy.

The discussion then turned from the team lunch at Sizzler to the fact that Chappo averages 6 this year and we may be in some trouble. Chapman walked to the crease and blocked every ball until the target was reached. Retro was dismissed after the total was passed for a well made 50, the dismissal was an interesting one; the less said the better.

In the end it was a very comfortable win against strong opposition, putting ourselves in a good position after 4 rounds with 3 good wins. The talk after the game was to stay focused and not let complacency creep into our games. It a big 6 weeks until the break and its crucial to perform well in the first half of the year. The boys can now look forward to watching Cam Eccles #kickone in the 20/20 game.

Next week we have another tough game against the Sharks with many players unavailable so its time to step and give it a good crack and repeat last years 5/5 against them.

Shayne Lin


4th Grade vs Easts - Round 3 - 2011/12

4th Grade vs Easts - Round 3 - 2011/12

Adam FlemingSaturday morning started normally with my standard 10am wake up, however the strong beam of light that protruded into my bedroom got me thinking, I do not want to field today. Upon arriving at the ground my thoughts were mirrored by the rest of the team, with numerous insults and threats being thrown at Captain Shayne “Rin” Lin.

Adam Fleming bowls a 'steady' line whilst Shayne "Rin" Lin waits for the catch

With that in mind Shayne decided that he would again lose the toss for the 3rd time straight this year, after having a year of Rinny winning ever toss, losing the toss has been a hard thing for the team to swallow. With his head down Rinny had to inform us all that he had indeed lost the loss and we would be fielding, as the 4th grade team is a hard team to impress, Rin was subjected to some concentrated ‘banter’ for the next half an hour.

However with that behind us all and the jokes aside, we came out onto the ground in the usual high spirits expecting early wickets that we had seen from Killara this year. With that in mind Lines after 2 weeks of watching Pat Effeney and James Kidd take the wickets, decided that he himself would take 5 this week.

Having Easts 4/10 of 8 overs was the desired start with Linesy having figures of 3/10 and ‘steady’ bowling from Fleming of 1/0 of his 4 overs.

However seeing the new batsman Chapman walking out for Easts I feared that the innings was far from over, knowing the damage that a Chapman can do to a bowling team.

The only way to combat a Chapman is to bring another one on to bowl. This was one of the standout moves of Rinny’s captaincy this year. Tom Gooch and I managed to stem the run flow with Goochy picking up a wicket. Some loose fielding allowed a partnership of about 30 runs in 25 overs. However, some quick wickets from Cubbage before tea allowed ourselves to proceed to tea with Easts 8 down for 80 odd, from 45 overs.

After tea everybody was well and truly over watching Easts bat, we came out switched on and upbeat to finish this innings off quickly. Lines, being easily subjected to peer pressure, was subject to some choice ‘banter’ from myself and Fleming from mid off and mid on. This got Lines as fired up as possible for him, and he proceeded to clean up the last 2 wickets with Easts bowled out for 87 from 50 overs.

As Colley and Mike padded up for chase down this low total, Rinny stressed the fact that if we bat our natural way we would chase the total down and have 6 points by the end of the day. While on the way to a decent start Mike was fired out LBW. This bought another mini collapse to our struggling top and middle order as we slumped to 5/40, however Kris Colley, being the rock of the innings, was still out there scoring at an Easts’ run rate.

Andrew ChapmanWith the hopes of the team resting on Shayne, you could say that the dressing room was a little on edge, considering that it wasn’t after Christmas and it being common knowledge that Shayne doesn’t score runs until after Christmas.

Andrew Chapman displaying good form with the ball in the early season

However with his team needing him and numerous hash tags of #cubbageforcaptain circulating on twitter, Shayne stepped up and blasted 65 from 40 odd balls including some huge 6’s onto the top of the pavilion and even ruining the tennis game of some old ladies, as the constant call of heads was shouted out in their direction.

Kris even managed to hit some clean balls and end up at 47 not out, proving that he may be of some use in the T20’s. With the 6 points secured and a declaration overnight in mind Shayne was caught on the boundary ending his entertaining innings, Cubbage headed out with direct orders to go for it, so in try Cubby style he blocked and left the remaining balls of the day. Day 1 finished with Gordon hitting 6/167 from 29 overs and an 80 run lead.

With the declaration made overnight before the beginning of Day 2, Easts came out to bat facing a modest 80 run deficit, however we became instantly worried when Chapman came out to open for Easts. This move highlighted Easts strategy for the day, which was to edge anything on the stumps and play and miss at everything just outside off.

In a day of cricket which many of us will want to forget, Fleming and Linesy again started brilliantly has we had Easts 3/20, however steady slow partnerships and few wickets in clumps didn’t allow us to bowl Easts out until 4:52pm. Even Cubbage had economical figures of 3/58 from 25 overs, along with the standard steady figures from Flem of 1-9 from 9 overs and Linesy and Goochy bowling very well for 2 and 3 wickets respectively.

With 28 minutes to chase down 80 “Rin” and Sherman opened up to do some damage, however Rin ran Pic out and then followed shortly after – along with Crossland – leaving the game now well and truly out of our grasp. The game was called off and the hot topic for most of the afternoon GDCC poker was less than 2 hours away.

The general consensus at the end of the game was to drink the memory of Day 2 away and everyone delivered that night, especially Moth coming up with the idea of the night for Taylor. As soon as beer entered Rin’s mouth he was straight onto twitter to #thefirststupidsayingthatcameintohishead, as after the poker night we headed off to the Crowie. To quote Cubby’s “check in”, we were all murdering a fair few rums.

And what was a great night for team and club bonding took place and was then re-capped on Twitter the next day, along with the 4th Grade plus Taity’s standard hash tag of #cubbageforcaptain. Of course this bonding was let down by the Barker contingent of the team who, just as at school, failed to keep up with the dominant Knox component of the team.

Andrew ‘MB/MVD’ Chapman


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