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Fourth Grade Match Reports 06/07

The fourth grade team plays for the Reid Cup. All of the lower grades generally contain a number of experienced players and young higher grade aspirants.

Points for all wins go to the club championship.

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Fourth Grade match reports for 2006/7 season are provided below:

4th Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 15

4th Grade Report vs Northern Districts - Round 15

4th Grade finish the season in style

The last game of the season for 4th grade saw the return of Gordon's prodigal son, Iqbal Ahmed, to the captaincy position. Las had kindly relinquished the prized position to allow Inzie a final swansong for the season. For those who haven't been reading the tabloids this season, Iqbal lost the captaincy earlier this season after an unfortunate run in with a dressing room wall. Inzie was sidelined for 6 weeks and the wall copped an 8 week suspension. Las was heard to say that a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders; one could only assume he was talking about Inzie. 

Inzie is back at the helm and order is restored

With Inzie back in charge the warm-up session was full of life. A 45 metre jog followed by a stretching session which could only be described as an extra 10 minutes of sleep and the 4s were ready for the Rangers. Stuart 'Choppy' Slocombe was notably absent from the vigorous warm-up session. He was enjoying his standard pre-game ritual of a bacon and egg roll and intense meditation.

Our courageous skipper lost the toss and NDs elected to bat on a relatively flat wicket. The lads were thrilled with Inzie and let him know about it. It looked like it could be a long morning in the field for the Stags and this bleak outlook became bleaker when Choppy dropped the opener first ball of the match. Schweeens (Will Sweeny) bowled one of his text-book half-volley's which caught the edge and lobbed to Choppy. Some may say his hands were still a bit greasy from his pre-match roll. Fortunately it made no difference with Wilbur picking up the same batsmen 3 balls later, plumb LBW.

James Campbell, who had just arrived at the ground, bowled the second over. Inzie was prepared to let this late appearance from Jimmy slide, as he lives so far from the ground'two blocks on last count. Jimmy thought it was a two day game'a common error made by many grade cricketers.

 Wilbur had another catch dropped off him next over. The poor Chop who couldn't escape the action floored a tough high-ball running backwards from first slip. Many thought it should have been Shane Lin's catch (keeper) and considering Choppy was able to get to the ball with plenty of time to spare, this humble scribe would tend to agree.

The offending breakfast roll - the Moth will work Choppy hard at Curly's this off season

Mr. Punctual, Jimmy Campbell, picked up the dangerous number 3 towards the end of his spell. This was a crucial wicket as the no. 3 was threatening to take the game away from the Stags. At this stage the game was quite even with the Rangers at 2/50. Enter Iqbal.

The skipper, who's only instructions before the game was to have fun, certainly led by example as he proceeded to rip apart a depleted NDs batting order. In a superb exhibition of leg-spin bowling Inzie returned the figures of 5/19 off his 10. Even Inzie's long hops were beating the batsmen. Let it be noted here that Choppy took two catches off Inzie's bowling at first slip. Inzie was heard to remark that the ball must have been wrapped in bacon'well it may have been before Choppy caught it but not after.

Inzy was amply supported by 'Scotty' Shenal Siriwardhene who bowled a tidy spell at the other end, claiming one scalp himself. Wilbur came on to clean up the tail. With his lethal half-volleys doing the trick, he was able to pick up two more wickets and end the innings. NDs were skittled for 105 and the Stags had the pleasure of enjoying an early lunch.

Mitch Kleem opened the batting with an unlikely partner in Jules Stephenson. Many though Jules would swing from the hip but his approach was in stark contrast to this. Jules attempted to play in the 'V' early and looked relatively solid. At the other end Mitch Kleem was being Mitch Kleem, swinging hard at the ball and chasing the two bonus points.

Julian hits one through the covers as opener

 Jules fell first. A drive low to the cover fieldsman. Choppy and Mitch took complete control of the game and it seemed as though the 4s would stroll towards a 2 bonus point victory. Alas nothing seems to come easy in life and this was to prove the case. Mitch fell for 30 odd, Las was caught at slip, Shane was beaten by a well flighted full toss, Choppy was stumped chasing the 2 bonus points, Shenal was unluckily run out at the non-strikers end and Wilbur was clean bowled by a big turner. All of a sudden one bonus point had been forfeited and the 4s were 7/90.

So it was left to the hairiest No. 8 in grade cricket Richie 'Sticks' Kenner and the MOM Inzie (also fairly hairy) to hit the winning runs. The 4s got home in the end by 3 wickets. An unconvincing victory'but a victory nonetheless and a great way to end a marvelous second half of the season.

Finishing 8th on the table was a great improvement on last years performance and full credit must be given to the 4th grade stalwarts, mainly; Inzie, Las, Mitchie, and Choppy.

And so as the sun set over the Killara grandstand for another Saturday afternoon the 4th graders enjoyed some cold beverages and reminisced on times gone by. And if you happened to be driving past Killara on this particular afternoon you may of heard the voices of Falk, Cashman, Hokin, John Howard and of course the Kookaburra transcending the hallowed turf. There could only be one man'

Until next season, you stay classy Mitch Kleem.

Richie Kenner 

4th Grade Report vs Bankstown - Round 13 (Day 1)

4th Grade Report vs Bankstown - Round 13 (Day 1)

4th Grade Report - Round 13 vs. Bankstown (Day 1)

4th grade made their first trip to Killara in many a year with the goal of trying to keep their slim chances of making the finals alive with a victory over Bankstown - a team towards the bottom end of the ladder. The author was looking forward to only his 2nd game at this venue, the first being that bittersweet 2nd grade match against Parramatta where Bradley Ronald 'But What About The Dazzler' Rasool broke the 100-year record by scoring 236* in setting 3-431 declared ' and then losing the next week as they chased them 8 down. Ouch.

Dan shows his class at Killara

A confident side after last week's excellent performance had a different look to it yet again as 4th grade so often does, with Anthony Sherman up to 3s and Lasanga Kannangara up to 2s due to Ian 'What's a heartstring?' Higgins' achilles tendonitis. At least I can still play on my 'injury', Missy. We also lost Umayr Amir to a sprained ankle late on Friday night, so we welcomed back Shayne Lin to 'keep for his first game in a couple of years. Tim Roarty made his 4th grade debut for this season and we welcomed down Julian Stephenson who was unable to bowl due to a side strain and was playing as a batsman. This meant that John 'JB' Blake was captain, taking over from Las.

It started badly for him ' or so we thought anyway ' by losing the toss and Bankstown had no hesitation to bat first on what looked to be a very good pitch. Later on we proved that it was. However like most pitches they will do a bit early doors with the new ball and it is crucial the bowling side must extract anything out of it whilst they can. And thanks to some excellent bowling and fielding, we did just that. Bankstown were all out for a below par score of 84 in just 24 overs.

Andrew 'Plums' Plummer and Chris 'Hungry' Lee started the tremors in the Bankstown batting with superb opening spells with the new ball, both claiming 3 wickets a piece. The pitch nipped about and had pace in it, which enabled both bowlers to mix up their lengths and keep the Bulldogs' batsmen guessing. Lee picked up the first with a regulation nick to 1st slip where Dan Richtor took a smart catch low down, the start of a good day for him. Hungry then induced the number 3 to try and force one of the back foot to one that nipped back and Lin made a hard catch look easy taking it down low to his left from a thin inside edge.

Plums then removed the skipper for a duck with a sharp ball aimed at the ribs which could only he fended off the gloves and Lin took the most athletic of diving catches when the ball looked to be sailing down to fine leg for 4. Plums then bowled the other opener with one that came back in and after JB took another tricky catch, just scraping his fingers underneath the ball at gully from the bowling of Lee, Bankstown were already 5 down inside 8 overs thanks to magnificent spells from the new ball pairing.

"One for you, Dad" - Dan salutes his father

A little bit of fight was then shown as the Bankstown number 6 acquitted himself quite well, and the occasional blow from the other end kept the runs flowing, but then another sharp edge from the number 7 found the left mit of Jules low down at 3rd slip for probably one of the catches of the season, it certainly looked impressive from fine leg. Some might say luck, others pure skill, I'm sure Jules will tell you which one it was at training!

Neil Longhurst and Tim Roarty replaced the openers, the latter with instant success clinging onto a low down caught-and-bowled chance. Tim then struck again with his massive away-hoopers soon after with an edge destined to go straight to first slip, until Lin dove across one handed to claim it in the webbing, the last of his 3 impressive grabs of the day. It was then up to the Pom to finish things off, clipping the top of off with one that nipped back over bat and pad to bowl the number 6 for 30 and then knocking over the young number 11 next ball to leave him on a hat-trick next week. All round a brilliant team effort. I wouldn't class any of the 7 catches as easy and all 4 bowlers put the ball in the right place. Plummer ending with 3-25, Lee managed 3-33, Roarty 2-1 (the 1 being a comical overthrow from Plums), and Longhurst 2-16.

We then had to make sure we finished the job and not take this lightly. Any talk of an outright at tea was quickly quashed. Stuart 'Choppy Chop' Slocombe and Mitchell 'The Kleemster' Kleem opened up and looked confident from ball 1, indeed Mitch did clip the first ball he laid bat on for 6 over square leg. The score had progressed to 40 or so before Bankstown introduced their 15-year-old Green Shield opening bowler into the attack. Coming off a run-up Shoaib Akhtar would've been proud off, he surprised both Choppy and Mitch with his skiddy pace and he did remove both of them, first bowling Mitch and then trapping Choppy LBW.

Both were disappointed as they looked fairly comfortable up to that stage and had both made solid starts. Choppy's dismissal at 2-50 meant Longhurst joined Richtor at the crease who was on about 10 and looking good. Simply put, the next 30 overs or so was carnage. The pair added 170 for the 3rd wicket in that time with Richtor deservedly bringing up his first grade ton for the Stags and Longhurst almost doing the same, but falling at the final hurdle.

Longhurst pastes one to the cover boundary

After passing the Bankstown score the pressure was off and both batsmen played freely, tucking into all the bad deliveries with aplomb. Richtor comfortably outscored Longhurst and by the time the last drinks break rolled around with 20 overs left in the day Dan was in the 90's whilst Neil was in the high 50's. The plan then being to have a go for 10 overs and declare, leaving the Bulldogs a tricky half hour or so. Longers took it upon himself to go long, leaving Rico to make sure he got his ton, and a great moment indeed, with his dad being there on one of the rare occasions he manages to get to see Dan play due to work commitments. On 105 a top-edged pull ended his wonderful knock.

Apart from being dropped at the wicket in the 60s from a wild swing, Dan's knock was chanceless and it was a pleasure for the Pom to bat with him and watch the many sumptuous cover and on drives from the other end, also the running between the wickets was excellent apart from one incident where both were at the bowlers end and the ball never more than 15 yards from the wicket and any time, yet Longers managed to scramble home.

In came the skipper to accompany Longers on his long-handle mission, and inside 7 overs he'd gone from 60 to 90. The next over saw a one bounce four over long-on followed by a full toss despatched to the cover boundary. 98, 2 to go. Or so he thought, not realising he'd missed a single the previous over. The field all came up even telling him he was on 99. So did he grab the single?

What the hell was I trying to do??

No, trying to go for the glory shot over mid-off he ended up spooning a dolly straight to the fielder there. A comical end to what had been a good knock. And much delight to many members of the club, especially 2nd grade who all sent him the same text message afterwards. Thanks lads'.

Jules got a brief knock before we declared at 4-257, and despite a close LBW shout from Plums we couldn't get a wicket in Bankstown's 2nd dig as they ended the day 0-15, still 158 away from making us bat again.

A similar effort next week should hopefully see us claim an outright victory which will throw us right into the mixer, possibly being just 1 point outside the top 6 if results go our way. Hopefully the rain will not come to Bankstown's rescue, the same way that it didn't come to Australia's! Ha ha ha, simply glorious'.

'Two-Neil' Longhurst

4th Grade Report vs Mosman - Round 12

4th Grade Report vs Mosman - Round 12

4th Grade Report vs Mosman

Greetings fellow turkeys. May I begin this report in passing comment on Higgins column titled Missy's Mail. In this column Higgins takes great delight in making fun of Kleem's pursuit for the perfect female companion via rsvp. I find this hilarious and only wish there were a few other people in the club like me but I am told there is no-one. He also passes judgment on the issue of haircuts. A particularly sensitive issue to both of us. Higgins was recently seen with a new lady by his side a couple of weeks ago. Higgins, I tell you when you're batting not to chase the wide ones. This also applies off the field.

Plummer impresses his captain with 3 crucial poles

4th grade ventured to Allan Border Oval on the weekend to take on the Whales. Our inspirational leader Las Kanangara (the 10th for the year) was to keep stumps. He won the toss and elected to bowl. Las's captaincy since being at the helm has been fantastic. He provides an environment where everyone's opinion is welcome and this suits this team with the particular individuals we have.

While on the subject of wicketkeepers what does Michael Jackson and Ian Higgins have in common? They both where gloves for no apparent reason.

I feel this was a good decision by Las due to the fact the pitch would only get better as the day went on and there was a lot of dew in the outfield because of the early start. Unfortunately Chris Lee forgot it was a one dayer and did not arrive until 11:30. All the guys were pretty cool about it and went about there jobs as if nothing happened. The first wicket occurred in about the tenth over on about 50, but the opposition failed to have enough skill in taking advantage of the one less fielder.

Mitch, you and Missy aren't the only ones with average haircuts - Fitzy in Gordon colours

Enter Alistair Fitzpatrick a former Gordon player. Very reminiscent of a young Geoffrey Boycott in his heyday managed 38 off 40 overs. Their number 7 batsman managed some hefty blows down the ground to excel the run rate. In the end they were all out for around 230.

The bowlers all chipped in with Pic, Umayr and Longhurst picking up one each and Plummer taking three.

Our batting from the start showed intent with Anthony 'the Shermanator' Sherman dominating early proceedings. During his brief stay at the crease he played some lusty pull shots and shots down the ground. He was out for 39 trying to play one of his favourite cut shots. Kleem took off where Pic left while Dan Rictor kept the score moving along. Eventually Kleem was out trying to hook one which skied to square leg for 48.

Longhurst brings home the side with 75*

Five ' Neil Longhurst entered the fray and looked confident from the start. The game never really looked in doubt. Stuart Slocombe managed to hold tight while Neil kept dispatching balls to the boundary. We eventually passed them down with 3 wickets.

A good day had by all and the song was sung with great gusto. We look forward to our game against the Bulldogs this week.


4th Grade Report vs Blacktown - Round 10 (Day 1)

4th Grade Report vs Blacktown - Round 10 (Day 1)

4th Grade Report v Blacktown - Day 1

A good 1st day for the 4th Grade lads on Saturday. Gordon 9dec/305 v Blacktown 4/20. A nice position to be in, and the result of some very good batting ' three players passed 50 ' and sensible bowling late in the day. Also nice to see some spare parts of the Ferrari back together in the same team, playing again at Chatswood Oval. I'd reckon that when bits of the Ferrari are in a team, things are probably going to be OK.

The engine room of the Ferrari fine tunes his motor

Captain Michael won the toss and, after some earlier consideration of the grassy wicket, elected to bat. It was the right move. Sherman and Steve Colley (watch this space) got the team off to a great start and we raced to 60 without loss, from only a dozen overs. Sherman then chased a wide one, and was caught behind for 29. He could have scored 1000. Mitchell Kleem took up the reins, and was clearly determined to make a big score.

Steve Colley fell soon after, however, also for 29. He is a very likely prospect. Only 15, but with a temperament apparently well advanced of that, he was selective in his shot making, and looked in complete control.

If he applies himself sensibly ' and I strongly suspect that he will ' then his future is very bright indeed.

Kieran Jones joined Kleem, and the two commenced to give momentum back to the innings. Jones was the first to fall, for 52, but by then the side was in good shape. Stu Slocombe missed out, but Captain Michael ensured that his side was not going to let a good opportunity slip, and with Kleem, got a third good partnership up. Kleem eventually fell for a very well made 58 ' one of the most mature innings that I've seen him play.

Stobo has big expectations of this young pup Colley

Kanangara, among other things a very fine trampoline salesman in his spare time, looked a little scratchy early, but then found his feet, and helped Michael take the score well past 250. Michael fell for 58, Kanangara for 38, but by then a good total was secure.

Sweeney played his usual competent innings in the lower order, and Stobo got his usual duck. Again. Two innings this season, and no runs to show for it.

And this one was particularly embarrassing. A lusty swipe to the third ball he faced, a short one outside off stump. Ball skied, and catch duly taken at mid-on.

Even by Stobo's standards it was appalling.

The declaration followed soon thereafter.

Van Schalkwyk and Stobo opened the bowling. Van Schalkwyk bowled a particularly good spell, continually made the batsmen play, and was always a threat. He claimed the first wicket, with a beauty that clipped the top of off stump. A true fast bowler's wicket. Three more were to fall before the day was out, and Gordon was very well placed going into Day 2.

The Blacktown side is young, but they certainly seem like a good group of fellows. They stuck to their guns during what must have been a long day for them, and I admire that. Their captain is a good man. I enjoyed having a beer with him after the game, and he has the pleasure of playing in the same side as his son (who happened to capture four of our wickets). No doubt they are disappointed by the state of the game, but they'll turn up on Saturday determined to make a fist of it.

RM Stobo

4th Grade Report  vs Penrith - Round 9

4th Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 9

4th Grade' According to Mitch

I managed to to get hold of Mike Weaver on Friday evening to arrange a lift to Cook Oval. At 6am my alarm goes off and I struggle to get out of bed. Must be the muggy weather of recent time. Although in a slight rush I manage to stop off at the local bakery and collect an assortment of wholemeal bread rolls which was to provide sufficient carbohydrate nourishment for the long day ahead.

Blake ensuring his chargers are well hydrated

I arrive at Weaves place and the lazy sod is still in bed. I remind him of our obligations to arrive punctual and eventually we get on Parramatta Road. Kleem is dissatisfied with Weaves alternative selection of music and decides to make the change from triple j to triple m. Weave manages to proceed between the white lines which gives Kleem confidence to observe the tags and graffiti scrawled along Parramatta Road.

Onto the M4 and along came the Mamre Road exit and we get to the ground. However, the interesting thing is there is no driveway leading to the ground. Instead you must proceed over the kerb. Surely the local council could look into providing the ground with this additional amenity as Weaves was very concerned with damaging his vehicle. There is no way B-Mac would get his bomb over it.

With a number of new players selected, due to unavailability, this day would prove to be a real test of character for those involved. John Blake was made captain and handled himself very well. He was very diplomatic and happy to listen to other people's opinions.

Weaves and young Colley were listed to open. Colley was unlucky and tried to flick one off his legs which went sky high to mid on and the catch was taken. Colley out for a globe.

Due to the festive season Kleem went about his merry way and proceeded to hit successive boundaries while Weaver provided a solid platform at the other end. Kleem dispatched strokes through the covers, off his legs, on and off drives, Late cuts and pulls until he was dismissed a little after the drinks break for 69 trying to flick one off his legs over fine leg.

Kleem going about 'his merry way'

Weaves at the other end managed to play some impressive strokes including a glorious off drive to the boundary and couple of pulls. He was finally dismissed for 36 trying to lift the run rate. Mike always has the team's best interest at heart.

Stuart Slocombe managed to play the stroke of the day a smashing back foot cut through point for 4. He was finally dismissed for 28. Stuart is due for a big one but in the meantime he manages to peel off 20's, 30's and 40's in good fashion.

John Blake was able to compile a useful innings of 52 while Richtor, Lawry, Lee and Mahaffey all departed cheaply. One of the stars was Emile Van Kwik (Schalkwyk) who smoked 30 odd to take the score to a respectable 245 off 59 overs.

We all knew early wickets would be the key. Chris Lee was almost unplayable, bowling deliveries which off a length seared past the batsmen's head. Unfortunately the opening batsman who scored seventy was dropped in slips early in his innings which would prove costly - but hey these things happen. Emile Van Kwik was very impressive taking 3 wickets. John Blake managed a great caught and bowled chance and got an lbw when the batsmen was hit on the full. Elliott Richtor was unlucky not to collect a wicket bowling a yorker which hit the batsmen's toe on the full. It's never easy explaining or writing about a loss as the memories begin to arise.

Weaver dispatches one to the square leg fence

In hindsight there were a few chances which should have been taken. In previous matches that I have played at Gordon we usually get over them and bowl the batsmen out but we paid dearly this time. I know myself have become quite conscious this season of making an effort at training in the field. Mick Falk is only too happy to assist in giving hundreds of catches. When you think about it, catching is a difficult art. You are trying to get a tiny round red thing stuck between your hands. The application requires constant repetition and confidence. If you make an effort during the week you can be satisfied knowing you tried your best and that's all your team mates can ask. There is enough serious talent at this club that things will start going your way and catches will stick.

Merry Christmas and have a fabulous New Year

Mitch Kleem

4th Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 7

4th Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 7

4th Grade gets up over Parramatta

Coming off a narrow win last round, 4th grade needed a strong performance to secure 6 points and keep us in touch with the leaders . Facing a strong Parramatta team, and with some of our batsmen missing from last round, we did at least have the home ground advantage.

Another game at Chatswood and another glass surface to play on. Man of the match from last week, Inzie, won the toss and decided that we would have a shot at batting first on a flat deck [is it ever any different at Chatswood?].

Captain Courageous leads from the front

Again, the formidable partnership of the free hitting Kleem and young gun Colley set up a solid platform with a 50 partnership for the first wicket until a mix up resulted in Kleem being run out for 27. I was not there for this, but second hand information suggests Kleem looked as though he was swatting flies as he ran back trying to make his ground in poorly disguised attempt to avoid the ball hitting the stumps!

Kleem's wicket brought Choppy Chop to the crease and he combined with Colley for a lively 70 run partnership. Runs flowed freely for the pair throughout their partnership and they both made batting look as easy as a stroll through the Mandarin centre. Colley's innings ended on 70 as he tried to chip the bowler over mid-wicket only to pick out one of the tallest in the team who took a superb one handed catch.

Dr Jones and Choppy looked to keep the runs flowing after our solid start. Some clean hitting from Jones and some well-timed drives from Choppy moved the score along to 2/133. Then, much to the Doctors disgust, he was run out backing up too far when Choppy Chop hit another clean drive only for the bowler to brush it back on to the stumps leaving Jones stranded on unlucky 13.

Choppy was caught soon after for 40. Captain Courageous joined Tips and continued his aggressive form. Although this may have been a case of showing off to someone in the crowd, he produced a fine innings of 57 which included some sparkling shots. After a partnership of 45, Tips fell 3 short of another half century out caught.

The Umpire and Choppy both keep close watch over the young fast bowler Emile

The in-form batsman BIC or Robbie Williams combined with the captain to post a very quick 53 run partnership of which BIC contributed 15 and was caught trying to lift the run rate. Cubbage-Wilson joined the man of the moment and within a few balls, Iqbal charged the spinner only to miss it by a good 2 foot and was stumped for 57. At this stage the score was 7/310.

With about 15 overs to be bowled in the day Lass (3*) and Cubbs (22*) thought of having a bit of a look at the bowling for an over or two then let lose with about 10 overs to go. However, a message from the captain and we had 3 overs before a declaration would be made. This brought about cheeky singles and some lustrious blows to leave the score at 7 dec. 337. We left ourselves 6 overs to bowl at the young Parramatta openers.

The spearhead of our attack, Judge, opened up from the Nursing Home end and broke through early with both the opener and first drop back in the sheds. At the end of the day he finished with 2/14 off 3. At the other end Plumer toiled hard without luck and was replaced by the captain for the last over of the day as is fast becoming tradition. El Capitano picked up an LBW when he turned towards the umpire and ever so quietly asked the question as the batsman shouldered arms. The ump agreed with him and the batsman was sent on his way. Parramatta 3/30 odd at stumps and things were looking good.


Week 2 was the day after the Stags luncheon which didn't seem to affect 4th grade to the same extent as other grades with only Captain Iqbal being able to attend lunch, he was the only one looking a tad worse for wear. The thought of Parramatta being 3/30 seemed to relax the team a bit and to arrive at the ground the full of confidence.

Plummer toils away on a flat Chatswood deck

Plummer picked up an early wicket but then to our surprise and to Parramatta's credit, they put on a superb159 run stand for the 5th wicket of which the opener made 109 and the captain 97. This partnership showed that fortune favours the brave and riding your luck is what it's all about given both batsmen were dropped on numerous occasions. It was throughout this partnership that we lost our intensity and allowed them well and truly back into the game.

It was Plums who finally got the break after toiling hard throughout the day, dismissing the opener and the number 5 batsmen. But runs continued to flow and slowly another partnership formed until a fatal mistake of trying a quick single to square leg to where yours truly was fielding. With all three stumps to aim at, Cubby was just able to clip the side of off stump and at 7/270 with plenty of overs to go, the game was still in the balance.

Emile, Inzi and Las congratulate Cubbage on his direct hit

The man of the moment then provided another 'Brilliant' bowling change to bring himself back on and wrap up the last 3 wickets giving him 4 for the match. Parramatta all out for 301.

All the bowlers worked hard all day in the heat,

Plummer (3/88 off 16) was our break through man,

Emile (0/53 off 13) with his second week in the field bowled well with out luck,

Frago (0/32 off 11) worked hard with tight lines, and was unlucky not to have some poles next to his name but took two crucial catches.

BIC (0/16 off 4)

Cubbage (0/30 off 7)

A win's a win but a stronger fielding performance will be needed for next week.

Cubbage Wilson

4th Grade Report vs Fairfield - Round 5

4th Grade Report vs Fairfield - Round 5

Fourth Grade report vs Fairfield

After 4ths first victory for the season, it was out to Fairfield to try and set ourselves up to make it two wins on the trot.

(Mitchell Kleem in action) 

The day started off well with every one arriving on time, except Kleem and Plummer (who is up for the injured Kennedy). Both excuses were of high quality, but Kleem's 'I got a flat on the M5' was the pick of the two. Plums, not be out done, told us how he got home at 5:30 that morning, he continued on to tells us why'''''.

To cut a 3-hour story into a short paragraph, he moved on from the Cargo Bar with a few numbers and a female under his arm. As he headed off to this young lady's home for a cuppa and to his surprise, discovered she lived with a group of nuns. As to what happened next, I will let Plums fill in the missing details if he so desires but he left her place in Randwick at around 4:30am filled with goodwill towards mankind.

Anyway, back to the cricket.

The deck seemed to be hard and had a healthy covering of grass. The coin fell Iqbal's way and the Stags found themselves batting. Again, a new opening pair of Stuey Slocombe and Steve Colley, who received a promotion due to his good form in fives. This move to have Colley open was due to Kleem arriving about 11 overs into the game at which time, he asked Iqbal if he could still open.

(Steve Colley in action) 

Steve was first to fall, trapped in front for 5. This young man shows great potential and he was not fazed by the daunting task of opening. Makepeace went in at 3 and joined Choppy. But the partnership was short lived when Stuey chased a wide one to be caught behind for 13. Jones came and went. On the back of some sparkling form, he was only able to last 3 balls and chipped a half volley on his legs straight to square leg. The newly appointed PG's captain and Dan 'tips' Richtor came together for a 79 run partnership and an extra 25 fantasy points each.

While Richtor and Makepeace were fighting it out in the middle, Plummer and Iqbal were arguing over a myriad of topics after which, a few beers at the Greengate and an exam or two, has still left me wondering what the hell they were on about. But throughout these friendly discussions, I was advised to take note of juicy quotes from either Kleem or Plummer. Kleem was at his usual best and came out with this one as he lit up. 'Don't you just love the smell of smoke? It's just like going to the petrol station and sniffing the petrol'.

After the departure of Richtor Kleem joined 'The Peace' and to the delight of the Fairfield boys creamed a drive straight back down the pitch which the bowler got a touch to. Makepeace stranded a few steps down the pitch for a superb 92. He had shown us just about every shot from the book plus a few never recorded and had blasted the bowlers all around Fairfield oval.

(The peace is back to form)

Iqbal and Kleem continued on with Kleem once again in great touch scoring freely. On the other hand, Iqbal decided to take up Dave Michael's batting style of noodle and run, noodle and run until what could be described as a 'WOW' moment when the fielder at fine leg took a Ricky Pointing style, one handed catch, when he dived full length to snare the ball millimetres from the ground. Iqbal's innings of 13 came to a sudden end. Cubbage joined Kleem at the crease and put on a 50 run partnership. Kleem kept the bowlers guessing as he flicked and pulled balls from out side off stump to the mid-wicket and square leg boundaries. It was only when he tried to flay one over cover that he was caught behind for 64. Lass came to the crease and stayed for a while. But as we decided to up the run rate a bit, he was caught at mid-wicket attempting a Steve Waugh slog sweep that didn't get above waist height. He was out for 5.

Lee joined Cubbage me at crease the partnership ended with Cubbage out LBW for 43. Lee continued on with some solid blows and Plummer was able to chip in with a solid 1 when he was caught and bowled.

307 was a good score on what was quickly becoming a slow and low wicket, and should prove difficult for the Fairfield boys to chase providing we bowl well.

Until next week

'Anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of'

Cubbage Wilson

4th Grade Report vs Hawkesbury - Round 4

4th Grade Report vs Hawkesbury - Round 4

4th Grade Report Day vs Hawkesbury

Week 1 of Round 4 and the second home game of the year on what was a scorching October day. Great relief by all that we weren't out at Woop Woop somewhere in 40 degree heat surrounded by swarms of flies but rather, we were enjoying the temperate climate of Chatswood, a mild 35 degrees and the unmistakable smell of fried rice wafting across the ground.

(The judge is back - Adair Jurie)

The day began on an excellent note when captain Iqbal, who seems to have recovered from his career threatening bruised pinkie, decided that in this sort of heat, we wouldn't be doing any sprinting. It then got even better when he had the difficult task of deciding whether to bat or bowl after winning the toss on what appeared to be the Pacific Highway masquerading as a cricket pitch.

New faces joined the team this week as Mitchell Kleem came down to strengthen our batting line up, Dan Richtor returned from injury, Umayr Amir came along to let rip at some young fourth grade batsmen and Adair 'Judge' Durie made a welcome return to the Stags after a long absence.

(Umayr Amir in action)

The new opening pair of Kleem and Stuart 'Choppy' Slocombe set out to build a strong foundation in the mid-day heat. It was Choppy who was first to melt when he held out to deep mid wicket off a low full toss for 18. Mind you, the score was 1/80. Despite the loss of Choppy, Kleem (60 odd) continued on his merry way thrashing boundaries to every corner of Chatswood Oval including over the top of the grandstand. Matt 'The Peace' Makepeace joined Kleem in the clean hitting, but was undone by a well-flighted full toss, to which he advanced down the pitch and attempted a baseball style home run only to top edge to point [24]. It was a disappointing end to what was looking a very fine innings.

As the runs flowed, Mitch got closer and closer to his century but on 98, fell to the Hawks off spinner when he tried to cut behind point to bring up his ton managing only to edge it into the waiting keeper's gloves. A special mention must go to Mitch, as there had been some talk, that he was a bit of a spinner's bunny. However, he batted brilliantly against the two spinners and was unlucky to be dismissed so agonisingly short of what would have been a well deserved century.

This brought together Keiran Jones and Dan Richtor. Both batted beautifully and each of them made a well compiled half century. Some clean hitting from the in form Jones and some well timed drives from Richtor but a mix up between wickets found both Jones and Rictor occupying the same end of the pitch and someone had to go. Richtor had turned back when he'd heard a call of 'wait' from one of the Hawks fielders while Jones had taken off for a sharp single. Jones was declared run out for 59. After the days play, the Hawks captain came into the Stag's shed and asked who had run out Jones. Richtor slowly raised his hand and the Hawks captain declared he owed him a case as he didn't think they would ever get the prized wicket of Jones.

(Dan Richtor)

In the space of an over, Richtor found himself trapped in front for a well made 54. The fall of his wicket brought the two spinners together. With Iqbal not having facing a ball as yet, he advised Cubbage to just play straight and have a look at what was happening. An over later and Inzy was trapped in front of all three pegs for 0, playing across the line to a top spinner from the Hawks captain. Lass strolled out to the crease half asleep. Only just been woken up from his afternoon nap with Umayr. Both had been fast asleep on the couches that were out on the new balcony. It wasn't long until Lass shuffled too far across the crease to be bowled around the legs by the 1st change bowler.

The Stags had gone from 3/250 to 7/260 in the space of 3 overs.

The duo of Cubbage and Kennedy were together again, and after a quick discussion about the upcoming HSC and how much study had been undertaken, they set about rectifying the situation. After a few good drives and cheeky singles, Cubbage was stumped for 27 trying to heave a leg side ball from the off spinner over the backward square boundary. Kennedy and Umar scratched around for some singles and following a sledge from Tids and a call over the loud speakers for the batsmen to tee off at the first hole, Kennedy and Umar started to have some fun. Umar was well caught on the deep mid-wicket boundary which brought the Judge to the crease. It only lasted 3 balls however as he and Kennedy both found them selves in the middle of the pitch yelling yes! yes! Wait'.. No!

It was an ordinary finish to a Stags innings that started so well with Mitch's quick fire 98 and Jones and Richtor's partnership in the middle order. The Stags were all out for 314. This then gave the stags the opportunity to have a quick 8 overs at the Hawks openers.

'The Judge' and Umayr opened with the new rock. Both bowled well but it was Adair who claimed the only wicket to fall. The Hawk's opener, who had taken an instant dislike to Cubbage in undertaking the duties of close in fieldsman, slashed at a wide one only to under edge it to the keeper who took a smart catch.

The bottom line for the Stags is that we have the runs on the board. Good luck to all the grades next week. Hopefully all 6 grades can get up.

Until the next week

'Anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of'

Cubbage Wilson

4th Grade Report vs Sydney Uni - Round 3

4th Grade Report vs Sydney Uni - Round 3

4th Grade Report vs Sydney Uni

Down old Chatswood way, the 4ths had the pleasure of a their first home game at the picturesque ground of Chatswood Oval. With a good vibe coming out of the Gordon camp in search of our first win of the season, as stand in skipper, Jones informed the team that the now acclaimed Ahmed 'sprinting' session would not be undertaken but rather, a light jog and a few fielding drills would do the trick.

In between dodging the morning traffic and viewing the pitch, Jonesy decided that, if he won the toss, he would bat. Yet the luck of the coin didn't fall his way as Uni's skipper Greg Matthews said his team would have a bat.

(David Thomlinson in action)

With early assistance from the pitch, the Uni openers struggled against the swing of Lee and the pace and bounce of Sawtell yet were able to survive the early onslaught and they were then able to pounce on some lose bowling. After the 10th over, the signs were not looking good for the young stags as Uni raced away to be 0/80. The introduction of Dave 'Tomo' Thomlinson (1/40 off 10) and James 'Keno' Kennedy (0/37 off 7) enabled us to slowly peg back the students as Tommo managed to sneak one around the legs of a sweeping opener. From then on they both bowled beautifully without luck but kept the scoring rate down.

Replacing Kennedy was Cubbage (2/44 off 10) who had been copping some flack due to the high expectations from punters keen to get valuable fantasy points. He was able to bowl tight lines and find a bit of turn in the wicket. At the other end Mayur 'insert nickname here' Kulkarni (0/60 off 10) was also introduced and bowled well, resulting in a mixup with the batsmen, as Uni's No. 3 punched the ball down to deep mid off only for Mayur to stick out his hand on his follow through then stroll to the stumps and remove the bails. Students 2/136. Cubbage picked up 2 quick wickets to have the Students at 4/170 with ten to bowl.

(James Kennedy at Chatswood)

With tight bowling from Kennedy and Siriwardhane at the death, our young team was able to restrict the Students to a very gettable total of 260 on what seemed like a great wicket.

After an sumptuous lunch and numerous stories of Matty Makepeace's trips through Europe, Stuart 'Choppy' Slocombe (36) and Lass Kannangara (23) set about chasing down the total. Both played fine knocks but to Lass's disappointment, he was out missing a full toss on the first ball from the newly introduced Uni leggy. Choppy continued his sparkling form playing some lustrous drives but was undone by a jaffer that seamed in through the minute gap between bat and pad. Makepeace, Mayur and Shenal all fell cheaply. With wickets falling around him, Jones took it upon himself to resurrect the Stag's innings, with some mighty blows that cleared the pavilion and landed on the train tracks which required 2 new balls. Soon after Jones fell for a well made 46. Lee was then at the crease showing solid defensive techniques but fell to a rising bouncer that he top edged down to deep fine leg.

This brought the two youngsters Cubbage and Kennedy together at the crease and together, they set out to chip away at the total. Both batted well as Kennedy unleashed some of his signature cover drives and the pair combined for a 65 run partnership to bring the Stags within reach of the total. Kennedy lost his wicket falling to a topspinner from the leggy and was caught and bowled for 35. Dave 'Tomo' Thomlinson then joined Cubbage and after some long hits, held out to deep mid-on. With one wicket, 18 balls to be bowled and 25 runs to get, the game was still there to be won but, to the delight of the students, Cubbage (41 n.o.) and Sawtell had a mix up only for Sawtell to find himself short of the crease.

(Adam Cubbage at Chatswood)

It was a disappointing end to what was a good game of cricket. The Stags had every opportunity to win but for the second time this season, fell agonisingly short. We now look forward to next week when hopefully we will be back on winning terms.

Until next week

'Anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of'

Cubbage Wilson

4th Grade Report vs UTS Balmain - Round 2

4th Grade Report vs UTS Balmain - Round 2

Fourth Grade Report vs UTS Balmain

It was an impressive 4th grade outfit that graced the hallowed turf of Ryde oval on Saturday morning. Some wondered why they were playing cricket on the biggest football weekend of the year, but nonetheless captain Iqbal ensured everyone was focused on the task at hand with his ritualistic 'sprinting' session.

There were several new faces in the side. John Sawtell was playing his first game for the club and Sticks had joined the team, much to the joy of Kannangara who was no longer the only player in the team under 5 foot.

(John Sawtell in his first spell for the club)

Captain Inzie inspected the pitch and decided it was a definite bat first pitch and upon winning the toss that is exactly what he choose to do. After smarting from a 13run loss last week, it was crucial for the top order to get off to a solid start.

Alas it was not to be as Kenner fell early.  Las joined Slocombe and proceeded to consolidate as the UTS bowlers enjoyed the early conditions.

'Puppy dog' Kannangara fell after a composed looking 14, falling from a slower ball from resident rocker and labour MP Peter Garrett. Apon entering the change rooms it was clear that Las had markedly improved his four letter-word vocabulary over the winter.

(James Kennedy at Ryde) 

At the first drinks break UTS were slightly on top with Gordon at 2/50. The spinners were introduced into the attack much to the joy of Choppy and Jonesy who proceeded to dispatch the ball to all corners of the Ryde Oval. It looked as though a match winning partnership was emerging until Choppy, after dispatching the left-arm spinner for a one bounce four, left an arm ball which pitched off and hit middle. Needless to say Choppy was bewildered as he returned to the sheds with 43.

Shenal was trapped LBW for 4 and it was time for captain Inzie to enter the wicket. Jonesy continued the carnage knocking up his 50 in quick time. After returning a first ball duck the previous work, it looked as though he was a man on a mission, showing minimal respect for the UTS spin attack as he cracked numerous 6s. Unfortunately, when trying to clear the ropes again he held out for a well-made 64.

The Tigers were back in front with Gordon at 5-160 at the halfway stage of the day. Inzie set out to continue the pain for the UTS spinners and managed to heave two balls into the construction site. Ahmed was looking good, this could be his day. Chris Lee at the other end pushes into the off side for a cheeky single, Inzie hesitates and then takes off. A diving Inzie comes up millimetres short of his ground. A disappointing end to a promising innings.

'BIC' Evans chops on for 2 and it is left to 'binga' Lee to bat with the tail. Kennedy holds up an end briefly before he is caught behind. Sawtell comes and goes and our perennial number 11 'chickens' Thomlinson comes to the wicket. Binga manages to land a couple of telling blows before he is cleaned up for 35 and the Stags are all out for 226. Thomlinson denied what would have been a glorious century.

(The boys survey the damage done by Rob Evans)

The Stags bowlers are afforded 7 overs at the UTS openers but no breakthrough is forthcoming, UTS 0/20 at the end of play day 1.

Day 2 saw Kennedy arrive at the ground still drying tears from the Swannies excruciating 1 point loss in the AFL grand final. With Inzie complaining of stiffness from his 'marathon' innings the previous day, it was time for the 'Tim Packman' sprint session, which saw some impressive performances namely from the 'puppy dog'.

The stags knew that early wickets were crucial in defending a modest total on a good batting deck. Sawtell and Binga both delivered, claiming an early wicket each and putting the Tigers under the pump at 2/30.

(The stags slip cordon)

Unfortunately our courageous skipper somehow managed to get his little finger jammed between the ball and his knee cap. Those who saw the incident were left gob-smacked at how such a bizarre sequence of events could actually happen'but it is Inzie. The injury to his spinning finger saw Inzie leave the field and Gordon's reliable 12th man M.J. Falk enter the field.

A frustrating partnership ensued. Kennedy bowled a great spell, building pressure at one end with consecutive maidens, but it was Shenal 'number 5' who reaped the rewards claiming two caught behinds in quick succession.

At 4/100 the match was in the balance. UTS's captain was now at the wicket and after having a polite conversation with Inzie yesterday felt he had something to prove. And he proceeded to prove his point beyond the balance of probabilities smashing the Stag bowlers in a match winning 60. When he eventually held out to specialist cover fieldsman Falk, UTS were only 40 runs shy of victory. Bic claimed his second wicket in as many overs, before he was rushed from the field so he could attend his wedding that afternoon. Only BIC could play cricket on his wedding day, but that is the level of commitment he shows to his club.

Just quietly the Stags had snuck back into the game, with only bowlers left to bat and 40 runs still required for victory, stand in captain Jonesy was geeing up the lads for a come from behind victory. 'Needles' bowled well in the absence of Inzie and was unlucky not to snare a couple of wickets, but unfortunately the game slipped away from the Stags as Peter Garrett landed the knock out blows to bring the Tigers home by 4 wickets.

(Shenal Siriwardhane or No.5)

Another disappointing loss for the Stags 4th grade team. It was clear that we came up short in all aspects of the game and the 4 wicket loss was a fair result. Inzie was quick to remind Kenner in the car trip home and several 1000 times at the Greengate that the game would have been different had he not bruised his pinkie. Maybe so, but I think his comment that the 4s are a one man team was a bit over-the-top'after all BIC didn't hit runs in this game.

But seriously, next week is make or break for the Stags 4th grade. Hopefully our courageous captain can recover from his debilitating injury to lead his side to victory. Until then'stay classy Chatswood.

Richie Kenner

4th Grade Report vs St George - Round 1

4th Grade Report vs St George - Round 1

Fourth Grade Report Round 1

The fourth grade season began with a lot of new faces in the team and expectations were high. We turned out to find a ground in beautiful condition and a rock hard pitch, it later became obvious St George had hired a team of mexican's to roll the pitch 24/7 though-out the winter. The toss was going to be important knowing that first use of this pitch would be the best time to bat, but Inzy lost his first toss as captain and we were asked to bowl.

(Harry Evans in action) 

The great man (Inzy) put us through our warm up's and inspired us with his first of many team chats, we all hung on his every word. The opening bowlers Kennedy and Amir showed good control and bowled tightly on an un-responsive pitch for no reward. It was Lee who picked up the first two wickets of the season with some smart bowling regularly varying his pace. The boys battled hard, fielded well and bowled good lines however the Saints maintained their wickets and built solid partnerships to finish 6-180.

We left the field confident of chasing the runs down besides we had the loaded gun bic in the sheds. Our run chase started terribly being 3-12 after 8 overs with balls regularly rolling. We never really got back into contention, there were some starts with Slocombe 30, Mayur 23 however more was needed from the top order. Harry Evans (no relation to Rob Evans) was keeping us in the game playing some quality shots and never looked troubled in difficult conditions. I'm sure much more will come from this exciting young talent and look forward to tracking his success.

(James Kennedy in action)

Unfortunately the boys fell 12 runs short with four balls remaining ( bic was firing blanks today). The top order must learn valuable lessons from this and ensure wickets are hard earnt all year. To be successful and have premiership aspirations the top six must get 200-250 week in week out.

I look forward to getting to know the new boys and hopefully the team will gel better in up coming weeks. I'll never tire of the Great man's charisma and seemingly endless supply of cricket knowledge, but I do miss the quality and sometimes non-repeatable humour and general chat Dave Story can bring to a dressing room. Stores if you ever get unleashed from the miss's ( not Missy, as much as he may wish ) it'll be great to have you playing and educating or corrupting a new generation of young cricketers.

Well done to 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade and all who performed well and 4th grade boys let pull our finger out and do the job next week-end, everyone should be striving to turn this season into something special!

Yours faithfully

Stuart Slocombe (Choppy)

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