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Covers Duties 2017/18


The covers duties for the season 2017- 8 will be announced when the teams are finalised in late September, 2017. A new roster will be set up. For information the approach last season which is likely to be repeated is shown below:

As you are all aware, covers duty is a vital role we have to endure each season to ensure we get on the paddock each Saturday as well as adhere to SCA competition rules.

Over the years, we have always used one of two methods – each team looks after their own oval prior to match day or we have one team doing all the grounds. Although the covers always got done one way or another, it has usually been the same players from each team who come along each Friday which isn’t sharing the load fairly.

This season we are going to trial a roster system to ensure EVERY player has his turn.

We are going to roster on 4 players each Friday to do all 3 grounds.

Here is how it will work….

Make a note of which Friday you are rostered on and meet at Chatswood Oval by 5.30 at the latest. If you want to arrange an earlier time or a different ground to meet at amongst your foursome that is fine. It is up to every player to either turn up on that day OR, if you can’t make it for whatever reason, it is totally YOUR responsibility to find somebody else to take your place.

We realise that everyone has either work, UNI or School to juggle but, with plenty of notice, we expect you to make whatever arrangements are necessary to fulfil your covers duty on that day.

We also realise that there are players who live some distance from Chatswood but we are only asking for one [or two at the most] Fridays throughout the entire season so it’s not a huge hardship to make the trip for that day.

There will undoubtedly be the odd week where rain is predicted midweek so I will be calling on your foursome first up to help out wherever it’s possible.

Gents, It’s generally been agreed that this is the fairest way of making sure everyone gets to enjoy the pleasures of putting down covers.

Please let me know of any legitimate reason why you can’t do the day you’re rostered on for ASAP so I can re-work the roster.

Thanks guys for your help and please, let’s make this work so the load is shared fairly.

Roster for 2016/17

23/09/2016 Grade Rd 1 Nicholas Andreou, Anshul Baruah, Tym Crawford, Manus Chauhan
30/09/2016 Grade Rd 2 James Brown, Rahul Krishna, Dermott Beattie,  Chris Spratt
7/10/2016 Grade Rd 3 David Burk, Axel Cahlin, Will Calov, Adam Cubbage
14/10/2016 Grade Rd 3 Sam Baker, Steve Colley, Aaron Crofts, Stuart Bromley
21/10/2016 Grade Rd 4 Chris De Krester, Nicholas Dellis, Max Papworth, William Phillips
28/10/2016 Grade Rd 4 Ash Doolan, Jack Doolan, Josh Doyle, Reagan Klemt
4/11/2016 Grade Rd 5 Cameron Eccles, Patrick Effeney, Matthew Wright,  Stephen Bristow
11/11/2016 Grade Rd 5 Stan Gaynor, Tommy Gohl, Tom Hamblin, Andrew Harvey
18/11/2016 Grade Rd 6 Darren Jayasekera, Matthew Junk, Matthew Keene, Max Newman
25/11/2016 Grade Rd 6 Matthew Keevers, James Kennedy, Mitchell Kleem, Corbin Edgar
2/12/2016 Grade Rd 7 Ben Leighton, Shayne Lin, Angus Dowey, Adam Wasyluk
9/12/2016 Grade Rd 7 Liam McElduff, Harry Middlebrook, Nick Miller, Jack Skillbeck
16/12/2016 Grade Rd 8 David Monaghan, Brady Morrison, Cameron New, Jonathon New
6/01/2017 Grade Rd 9 Vikrant Nehru, Scott O'Brien, Oliver Zannino, Kevin Huang
13/01/2017 Grade Rd 10 John O'Neill-Fuller, Nicholas Prell, Matthew Chamberlain, Jory Cureton
20/01/2017 Grade Rd 11 Elliot Richtor, Chad Soper, Dan Smith, Adam Cubbage
27/01/2017 Grade Rd 11 Michael Roberts, Scott Robertson, Danusha Seneviratne, Prashan Seneviratne
3/02/2017 Grade Rd 12 Sahil Sharma, Hugh Sherwood, Harrison Rees, Damon Livermore, 
10/02/2017 Grade Rd 13 Patrick Rice, Lachlan Stewart, Dan Stickland, Manus Chauhan
17/02/2017 Grade Rd 13 Chalie Stobo, Dom Thomson, Ryan Tullia, Anand Verma
24/02/2017 Grade Rd 14 Samuel Watts, Liahm Williams, Oliver Williams, Stephen Bristow
3/03/2017 Grade Rd 14 Fraser Wilson, Anthony Sherman, Sam Baker, Nicholas Andreou
10/03/2017 Grade Rd 15 Axel Cahlin, Rahul Kristna, Chris Spratt, Stuart Bromley

Covers instructions

As mentioned above, it is a requirement by SCA (Sydney Cricket Assoc.) that covers MUST be put down the night before a grade match, if not penalties apply (e.g. loss of points for the round). YOU don't want to be responsible for the club losing points and your club mates not getting on the ground on the weekend. In addition, the Club may require that covers be laid additional nights before a match in order that you and other players can play. You will be advised by your captain when covers are to be laid. 

It is important that they are laid in the following sequence and securely so they can withstand wind and rain.

NO SPIKES are to be worn when laying or removing covers.

Remember 'folding the covers neatly onto the trolley makes it easier to roll the trolley and for next time!

Chatswood Oval

1. Hessian on strip to be used - lay it FLAT
2. Small green cover over hessian (use a peg at each corner ONLY if needed to hold tight)
3. Long white cover, which covers the run-up's. Pegs at ends
4. Square white cover, pegs around edges noting wind direction to ensure that edge has most pegs
5. Use trolley as extra weight if necessary

Beauchamp Park

1. Hessian on strip to be used - lay it FLAT
2. Small green cover over hessian (use a peg at each corner ONLY if needed to hold tight)
3. Long blue cover over green cover to protect runups
4. Square white cover overlapping blue cover and remainder of square or favoring side where strip is
5. Pegs around edges noting wind direction to ensure that edge has most pegs
6. Use trolley as extra weight to straddle the overlapping covers seam
7. NOTE ' trolley and trolley cover need to be removed from the ground during play and left ON the ground after play with gate locked.  

Killara Park

1. Hessian on strip to be used - lay it FLAT 
2. Small green cover over hessian (use a peg at each corner ONLY if needed to hold tight)
3. Square white covers (2) overlapping using double covering over strip to be used and to the edge of the turf of the entire square (to allow water runoff)
4. Pegs around edges noting wind direction to ensure that edge has most pegs.
5. Use trolley as extra weight for overlapping edge plus benches from side storage of grounds man's shed.


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