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Colts Report vs UNSW

Colts Report vs UNSW

With University exams and a spate of injuries within the club, the Colts were looking a little undermanned and a couple of Rocket's pommy mates and the ever faithful Rod MacDonald were called upon to fill in for the weekend. This wouldn't stop Macca from enjoying his Friday night, messaging Millar at 4am to confirm a lift to the ground in just a few hours time.

(James Ellison in action)

The toss was lost, almost a formality these days, and the UNSW captain chose to don the pads and have first use of a great looking batting track. After a warm-up that involved more introductions than actual physical activity (much to Macca's delight), the Colts took the field with Clifford and Skins sharing the new rock.

Skins bowled an inspired first spell conceding only a handful of runs in his first 5 overs and picking up the important wicket of the UNSW captain. It was a display that wouldn't have been out of place in 3rd grade and set the Colts towards victory.

Clifford unfortunately struggled to find his rhythm and was replaced by Ellison after a few overs. Now a high school graduate, Ellison bowled tight consistent lines that troubled the New South bats and, in partnership with Ranney, kept a lid on the run rate.

Ranney looked a little rusty - delivering 6 full tosses in the first over ' but confused the New South batsman into playing all 6 gently to cover. After that he found his length and restricted them to only 20 runs from his full allotment. It was a great spell and was unlucky not to be awarded a bagful of LBW's by the UNSW umpired.

(Skipper Dave Millar in action)

After Ellison exhausted his age restricted overs, JRJ was thrown the pill and continued to starve the New South batsmen of runs on a top quality batting strip.

The problem came towards the end of the innings with 12 overs that needed to be found. Clifford was expensive early and Millar was dispatched to the fence on numerous occasions before Skinner had taken a marvellous catch running around from mid-off to take a one handed specky at mid-on (who knows what Ranney was doing at mid-on, but he was nowhere to be found). Unfortunately, Skins pulled a quadricep in the process and was unable to back up his first spell. Hence the dilemma.

Millar took one end and kept it fairly quiet ' even bowling a maiden in the 50th over ' and Clifford took the other before being replaced by Ellison for his final two. A few loose deliveries saw the New South batsmen creep over 200 and a few dropped catches and a handful of missed run outs meant that UNSW posted a score of 6/233 - well past what we should have got them for.

It was going to be a hard chase and the Gordon batsmen needed to get off to a good start ' Weaves didn't let the captain down.

In true Weaves fashion he chanced his luck and played a well constructed one-day innings. A couple of cheap early wickets fell - Ben 'Rocket's mate' Linfield bowled for 6 and JRJ caught playing at a wide delivery for 14 ' before Tom 'The Pom' Stretton settled into his innings and began to dominate the bowling.

(Jason Russell Jones in action)

The pitch remained true and the two men continued to pile on the runs and frustrate the New South bowlers as they consistently found gaps in the field. Weaves (92) was unselfishly dismissed trying to secure a bonus point and Stretton (78) fell a couple of runs short of the target which left Selby to get the Colts across the line with 6 overs to spare.

The only thing to tarnish the day was the way in which the UNSW captain failed to really congratulate our boys after a comprehensive victory by all 11 players.

It was a real team effort. Everyone stood up to be counted. It was a dominant display that will hopefully be repeated this week against the grand finalists from last year.

With the news that all of the other 5 grade sides had defeated Wests, the song was heartily sung and the boys retired to the Greengate to celebrate in style.

Congratulations to all those involved in such a successful weekend and thanks to Tiddles and others for the generous bar tab that assisted all those in enjoying their Saturday evening. Let's hope this weekend brings much of the same!


Dave Millar


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