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Colts Report vs South Sydney - Round 10

Colts Match Report vs South Sydney

Having played on the 'interesting' Alexandria Park wicket last year, the captain was quite convinced about what he would do when he won the toss. He would bat'or bowl'probably. The toss was lost (thank goodness!) and Souths decided to bat first. A worrying event as the captain was also the groundsman! What was going to happen later?

Lappan in action last year at Alexandria

Andy Lappan and James Campbell opened the bowling and immediately the ball beat the bat repeatedly, not necessarily always through good bowling ' the variation in bounce was 'interesting'. A couple of early wickets and no great urgency in the run scoring department ' survival was the key ' had the Stags in a good position, although there were a number of sundries from wides and byes (particularly from balls that ran along the ground, making it almost impossible for Hugh Selby) which was a little disappointing. After 24 overs, Souths were 4-46, with James Ellison and Tim Roarty also bowling well. James took 2 wickets and kept an excellent line while Tim beat the bat continually. After drinks, two more wickets fell and the possible score of about 130-140 moved further and further away. Sam Ranney bowled without luck, but, despite some handy slogs, Souths were dismissed in the 41st over for 91 ' not exactly par but something that would be no pushover.

Cam Crawford and Mayur Kulkarni opened the batting with alacrity. At the end of the first over, Mayur and Hugh Selby had been dismissed and there was a general scrambling for pads as 91 became 150. Cam, who batted well under the circumstances, stuck around for a number of overs but just as he seemed to be getting on top, he was well caught behind. Harry Turner showed an excellent temperament and with Tim Roarty filling in for the day, the two of them added 30 runs before Harry was bowled attempting a drive. Tim and Rod McDonald then added another 20 or so quickly which was important, as Souths would have felt that they were almost on top.

The Roarty dismissal, which will be commented on later meant there were still 28 to win. Rod and James Ellison got most of them through some intelligent batting and, although they were both dismissed, there was little to do for the following batsmen. Rod's innings of 24 was very similar to what he did last year at the same ground to help win the game. He may be one of very few batsmen who have mastered this wicket.

Stumped for words... athletic Ellison!!

So, another win for the Colts in difficult circumstances and a really good experience for some of the younger players who would not have played on a wicket like this one. As well, a good indication of the depth of young players in the Club as there were seven changes from the team of the previous week. And a two bonus points win was secured in the 25th over.

Some points of interest:

1. James Ellison bowled the lowest (in height, not unpleasantness) ball in the history of cricket to knock over one young batsman who was fighting very hard to survive. After it landed it actually had some the shine rubbed off it on the way to the off stump. No-one would have hit it!

2. Tim Roarty's dismissal. Tim tried to pull a ball from a medium pacer which did not get up quite as high as he expected. In a mixture of bat, glove, body and pad, the ball ballooned up in the air. In Tim's own words, in the corner of his eye he saw what he thought was the ball and immediately took measures to keep it away from the stumps. This was a very sound ploy except what he'd seen was the shadow of the ball! He managed to knock the shadow well away from the stumps. However, the ball itself lazily bounced once and nudged the off stump. Unlucky!

An 'interesting' day's cricket.

Mick Falk


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