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Colts Report vs Randwick-Petersham Green - Grand Final

Back - to - Back!!!

Oh what a team. The day had finally arrived the boys had been waiting for all year. Having gone through the main draw undefeated, and a great victory in the semifinal, there were those that thought, you just had to lose at some stage. Well this just wasn't the case. The pitch looked fantastic, however the opposition, knowing they would win the toss with one Mr Millar projecting the coin into the air, had a tough decision. They were well aware that they needed to bowl the Colts team out if there were to have any chance at victory. Just two weeks earlier the Colts had dismissed Randwick for 72 on a similar looking pitch.

The Metropolitan Cup... and assorted others

The wise old figure head of the opposition more commonly referred to as 'Grouch-o' (not a real terrifying nickname) made then the only appropriate decision and sent Gordon into bat. It was a warm day and the Gordon players had stuck to their standard pre-game routine the night before. They were all fairly tired. But this was no deterrent on their undying spirit and will to win.

Mike Weaver who has had an exceptional season in the lower grades, was full of confidence striding out to open and Cam Crawford certainly looked the part with his armband strategically positioned. The two started very positively, there was certainly some life in the pitch but the boys diffused this magnificently and created a solid foundation for the rest of the team to build from. At this stage Dave Millar, who for the 15th time for the season had told us this was an important game, (yes, now it finally was an important game) was nice and relaxed.

That was about the last time for a few hours that Dave was a relaxed individual. For while the remaining batsmen didn't by pure definition of the word 'collapse' they came very close to it. It is true that the batting has never really been tested all year, but full credit to the Randy Petes boys, they bowled consistent lines, and waited patiently for a mistake. There were a few loose shots, some unlucky dismissals but all in all, the boys knew they could have posted more than 182, that was the eventual innings total.

At this stage tea was called and it is fair to say it was the best tea of the year by far. With co-ordination from Mr Millar, some delightful treats from the lads, it was a spread to be proud of. Twas just a shame it couldn't be enjoyed more.

This is a rare shot of Skins NOT playing through midwicket

With four sessions to bat for and only 180 odd runs required the ball was surely in the Randwick-Petersham camp. The Colts team were not used to this and decided in very quick time to do something about it. Cam fired the boys up with a speech Al Pacino, or Mel Gibson would have been proud of. But as the saying goes it was deeds not words that were going to be required for victory.

Andrew Lappan is not your typical fast bowler, for one he wears glasses, none the less, the kid can bowl, and for the last three weeks he as terrified and ripped the opposition top order to shreds. He did exactly the same thing on Saturday. Skins isn't exactly a typical fast bowler either to be fair, and after 4 overs was suitably stuffed and retired to 2nd slip (one wicket under his belt and a massive batting performance to boot ' Ed.).

James Campbell was the star with the ball. His left arm swinging, dipping, cutting, sliding, ripping, balls caused all sorts of trouble for the batsmen, He finished his spell with 3 beautiful wickets. Co-incidentally three is also the number of drinks that James can handle. More on that later. Dave Millar also picked up a cheeky wicket. Sam Ranney was unlucky not to pick a wicket. But oh well.

This sudden rush of wickets in very short time left the opposition in disarray to say the least. The Colts were going for a SB (Season Best) and trying to bowl them out for less than 72. The day was called to a close when it was determined the light was to dark. Randwick Peterhsam 6/28. Dave was happy again.

The covers were then placed in expert fashion. There has been some speculation that Skins needs a lesson in how to peg down covers. However, these claims are totally unjustifiable. And if Today Tonight would like to issue a lie detector test he would be more than happy to step up. Dave asked for the covers to be 'rigid' (still not sure what that means exactly) and rigid they were.

James Campbell in fine form with the ball - pity about his efforts off the field

Day 2.

The covers blew off in the middle of the night.

This unfortunately meant the Gordon boys were denied the opportunity to finish the game in style. Mike Weaver unfortunately wasn't there for the presentation, not being a very big fan of resorting back to non-daylight saving hours, he launched a silent protest. He just forgot to tell anyone.

However such is life and the Gordon Colts were deemed Premiers for the 2006/ 2007 season. Dave took it upon himself to inform the dog walkers at Beauchamp Park, and put the white spray paint to good use on the field. Just a shame Dave can't spell. Gordon Dave, not Gondon. Stick to Maths buddy.

While the man might not be able to spell, he did lead a young team through the season undefeated in his first year as captain to claim back to back premierships. Not a bad effort at all. Everyone who has played under him this season has enjoyed their time immensely. Congratulations Dave. Great work.

All that was left now was to retire to the Greengate for some refreshing Lemon Squashes and a casual game of chess. Somewhere along the way however something went wrong. Drink spiking is a growing problem in Sydney and the Colts team were victims of this on Sunday night. Thus hear Endith this lesson, as after 9:00pm no-one has any recollection of anything really.

Finally good luck to the Thirds in their grand final this week, a great display last week that you can defiantly back up this week. Good Luck.

A great season, with a great finish, and a great bunch of blokes.


(It should be noted that Ian batted with maturity well beyond his years to ensure the Colts posted a defendable total. With wickets constantly falling around him, he chose the right balls to dispatch to the boundary. A clever and powerful display of hitting ensured that the Colts were in with a big chance. He then backed it up with the ball taking an important first wicket to set the match up for the taking ' Ed.)


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