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Colts Report vs Randwick-Petersham

Colts Report vs Randwick-Petersham

How To' Comprehensively Destroy Randwick-Petersham

Pic complained that my article last week was too long. I understand. He finds it difficult to read.

So this week I will keep it short. Just for Pic.

We won.

1/196 chasing 186.

Weaver made 109* and Marvz backed up his four wickets with 58*. Legge, the only wicket to fall, made 21 good looking runs before being trapped LBW. In a Colts game.

It was a great win and the boys have consolidated their position on the ladder at this early point in the season.

Oh, and Pic, the grass needed mowing.


Now, for all those who are still with me here is the rest of the report.

The day started terribly. Beauchamp, like Killara, is a dog walker's paradise. Apart from all the unnecessary time it takes to clean up after them, and ensure another Sydney Uni/Greg Matthews debacle doesn't occur, sometimes you wonder if the dog has more brains than their owner.

Sometimes you don't even need to wonder.

(Tim Fragogiannis at Beauchamp)

Some bloke decided that he should padlock the large gate shut so that his dog wouldn't escape. Top bloke he was.

Then his wife had a go at me because I had left the small gate open whilst taking out the stumps to the ground. Then the dirty big mutt chased balls thrown across the pitch (I'm not talking about the wife' although she could have done with a collar as well). Hardly the dog's fault, but the owners need to be put down.

A quick trip home to get an oversized pair of bolt cutters (don't ask why I own them' I just do) and we were finally able to get the trolley off the ground and the game underway.

Legge looked solid and scored freely until being fired by Selby (another LBW in Colts). Weaver, up the other end, had put away a couple of his 'get out' shots and was punishing the ball to all areas of the park. It was a big turn around from the previous match.

To be honest, the rest of the match passed by very quickly. There were three things to note.

1) Skins is a good team player: a trip to the chicken shop saw more chips and dips and sauces than was good for the cardiovascular systems of all the Colts batsmen. Thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thanks mate.

2) Marvz is a classy bat: he dispatched balls to all parts of the ground will little effort and was a great calming influence on Weaver.

3) Weaver is a wealth of strange knowledge: after coming off the ground with his first century at Gordon and a second Colts win for the season, Weaver let the boys in on a night out on the town with Pic (I'm sure he has stopped reading by this point anyhow). The story involves a large amount of booze, women and a none-too-sober Pic at the start of play on a Saturday morning. And a subsequent tribunal hearing after the Gordon team narrowly lost. Weaver is a vault of information' with the door slightly ajar.

Well done Colts on a fantastic thrashing of Randy-Petes. A great one to get under the belt. Congratulations Weaver, well batted mate. A much improved performance with the willow.

Again I must stress, winning at Beauchamp and belting out that song so close to the opposition is an awesome feeling.


Dave Millar

P.S. Thanks to Knight and Tiddles whom helped with covers on the Friday night. It was much appreciate


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