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Colts Report vs Penrith - Round 9

An outright victory over last year's finalists

The past two weekends have seen the Colts side play Penrith for the 5th time in the past two seasons. Whilst last year's final saw the Colts amass 450 odd runs to secure the premiership, this game saw a 5th consecutive win over the boys from the far west and 10 points to put the Colts 11 points clear on their table.

Marvell destroying the opposition bowling

Millar, who practiced his coin tossing skills over the summer break, lost his 7th toss from 9 attempts this season. Much to his delight, and surprise, the Penrith skipper chose to subject his boys to the 35+ degree heat by choosing to field first.

Without a second opening batsman, Millar went back to the sheds to get his whites on and head out to the middle to take guard. Alas, no whites. A quick trip home (something that can't happen if Colts move to Killara) to obtain the whites and a couple of cheeky throwdowns saw Millar and Kulkarni open the batting for the Colts.

When Kulkarni was dismissed for a well made 38 and with the score at 60, the platform had been set for another big score for the Colts side. 'Two Dads' Russell-Jones came to the middle and, with the opportunity to bat for a long time, made the most of the opposition wilting in the sun to compile a solid innings.

Millar was dismissed for 74 and Marvell took up the fight with Two-Dads, belting ball to all corners of the ground. If he removed the open-faced glide through 1st/2nd slip which gets him in a bit of trouble, it will not be long before he will post his first hundred for the club. It would be great to have this man in the Colts side for the finals, although with his skills, he may be needed up the grades.

Two-Dads was dismissed for 44 and Marvel for 78 but with Skinner at the middle punishing the wayward bowling, the Colts were 4/300 before Skinner (43), Ellison (3) and Wigham (14) were all dismissed trying to lift the run rate. Millar declared at 7/311 telling an eager Lappan that he would be of more use with the ball than the bat. Turner was left in the middle after making 1*.

Eight overs were left to try and pick up a couple of Penrith wickets. With Lappan the more senior bowler, Reed was left to earn his strips bowling up into a breeze that miraculously seemed to pick up as the Colts entered the field. 2 wickets to Reed and 1 to Lappan saw the Penrith side finish the first day at 3/8 from the 8 overs. The Colts were in a strong position.

Immaculate pitch work by Millar and Lappan

With the wind swinging around to the other end, Lappan wanted to change ends at the start of the second day. How could his captain refuse? This gave Charlie 'Duck' Turner the chance to bowl an over so the bowlers could swap ends. He made the most of this opportunity taking a key wicket in the first over of the day. Needless to say, he received a couple more overs before the gale-force wind got the better of him.

With the wind behind Lappan, the ball was being delivered with some serious heat and he was often too good for the batsmen to get an edge. Reed took a third wicket to have figures of 3/7 from 8 overs. However, with the wind ever increasing, Ranney was put on from the north end to bowl into the gale.

Skinner picked up a couple of good wickets with a long spell with the breeze at his back and Gordon had the Penrith side on the ropes. With a couple of full tosses from Ranney ' obviously a plan all along ' that were bunted to mid off and mid on, the Penrith side was dismissed for a touch over 100 with 41 overs left in the day.

At this point it should be mentioned that it was in fact Marvell that made the full toss a wicket taking ball in Colts ' Ranney does not want the credit. It should also be noted that Russell-Jones has been dismissed in his last 4 innings by mishitting (or even missing) full tosses.

Tea was taken and Millar sent their boys back in with a promise to assess the situation after 20 overs.

Snr should consult Lappan and Millar for help

Turner and Ellison were given the new ball and Turner made the most of his opportunity picking up one of the danger men to a terrific catch by Two-Dads. Ellison was troubled by no-balls and full tosses and was soon replaced by Ranney who again picked up a couple of wickets to end up with 5 for the match. Luckily for Ranney he only has to take a couple of steps to deliver the ball because he was chafing so badly he had the gait of a cowboy when he walked.

Reed was given an opportunity to bowl with the breeze at his back but was unfortunately nowhere near as effective as when he was bowling into it. His first innings effort really set up the match for the Colts and it was a shame it didn't continue in the second.

However, it wasn't helped by Two-Dads showing that he was human when he dropped two catches in two balls straight after the drinks break. After taking a screamer off Turner earlier on, he asked his captain if their was a spot on the field with a hole deep enough for him to hide. Unfortunately, the outfield at Beauchamp is in top condition and he was left to cop the ridicule of his 'mates'. He has now gone to Fiji or somewhere for 3 weeks. This may or may not be related.

Lappan replaced Reed and struck immediately by removing the stalwart opening batsmen then removing the off-stump of the next man in. Although he claims he hates hitting people half his age, he managed to unsettle the No. 11 batsman when hitting him flush on the shoulder. This is not an isolated incident. There are many cases of 'Pale-Ale' Lappan replicating the feats of the slightly more tanned West Indian bowlers of the 80's. The batsmen he is hitting weren't even alive in the 80's!

"Pale Ale" Lappan excited about the win

Marvell got a few overs into the breeze and took two vital wickets to finish off the match and the Colts collected the full ten points with 5 overs to spare.

A great performance by the top 5 batsmen (none of whom got less than 38) followed by a dominating performance by the bowlers, which was supported by the fielders, has given the Colts a commanding lead on the table.


Dave Millar


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