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Colts Report vs Penrith

How To' Strike Concern In Your Captain

The Colts made the trip out to Penrith to face the team they defeated in the Grand Final last year. Both teams were depleted of regular players and had to look far and wide in order to get 11 on the paddock. Needless to say, the quality of the Gordon juniors who were called upon was top class and they all contributed well throughout the day.

(Tim Fragogiannis in action)

After most players negotiated the RBT just off the M4 (and thankfully Ranney was instructed to take an alternate route), the warm up consisted mainly of observations by the Poms of just how far away from the motherland (Bondi Beach) they were.

Millar lost the toss' again' but maintained that he would have sent them in anyway.

Lappan struck early. 3 times. However, the Penrith side adjudged that a catch to gully wasn't out, nor one to a diving Selby in front of 1st slip. Ironically it was an LBW that was cause for the Colts first celebration of the afternoon. Frago bowled well but without luck before age restrictions resulted in Dan Lake being called upon for 1st change duties. He didn't disappoint his captain, taking a wicket with his 2nd delivery.

Millar took what can only be described as a bizarre wicket with his first ball after a huge shout for LBW. The batsman was sure that he had hit the ball into his foot and loudly vocalised his opinion. The Penrith umpire adjudged this to be the case and in doing so was then forced to give the batsman out as the ball had ballooned off the batsman's foot into the 'safe' hands of Sam Ranney. Only in Colts.

(Andrew Lappan in action)

In order to recreate last year's atmosphere, the Penrith side had decided to bolster its middle order with some of the senior grade players (not Clary Dent... but those in Colts last year will get the picture) who had been successful with the willow the previous day.

It took a while for the next break through, but ManChild picked up the captain and his batting partner in the space of a few deliveries to swing the game back in Gordon's favour. After their departure, wickets began to fall at regular intervals and the Penrith side was dismissed for 147. Ranney, Frago and Millar shared in the spoils.

35 overs were left in the day to secure first innings points and without any recognised opening batsmen, ManChild and one of Rod's Poms took up the challenge. Unfortunately, Ben fell to a well struck, but misguided, lofted drive through the covers. Marvz joined JRJ out at the crease but neither were able to get on top of the bowling; both falling to their captain and opening bowler.

When 'Tom the Pom' Stretton, coming off the back of a solid 78 to secure victory against UNSW last week, and Frago fell cheaply, the Colts looked to be in trouble at 5/60 and the captain gave instructions to Selby and the young gun Jono 'I've gone through 6 growth spurts and I'm only 14' Wigham to be there at the end of the day.

A platform was built and the ball began to find the boundary with regularity. Both batsmen saw off the senior grade spinner who had picked up 5 wickets the previous day. A highlight was Selby getting down on one knee and putting him well over the deep backward square fence for a maximum score. In fact, the smoke coming from Wigham and Selby's bats was only matched by a group of guys doing burnouts behind the local bottle-o.

With 55 runs to get from 8 overs to secure the points before the day's end, Wigham began to pump the ball to all corners of the ground, showing skill and power well beyond his years. Combined with Selby, they reduced the target to just 4 runs from 8 balls before the fun and games started. They were cruising to victory for convincingly than the cops on constant patrol around Rance.

Wigham, trying to secure the points with one clean hit, was cleaned up by the Penrith captain and began to walk off the ground. Millar left his seat to join Selby out in the middle, only to be informed that it was a no-ball and that Wigham could return to the middle. Millar added one run to the score and sat down again.

Wigham, trying to secure the points with one clean hit, was cleaned up by the Penrith captain and began to walk off the ground. That's right. D'j' Vu! This time there was no infringement by the bowler's front foot and Wigham was on his way.

Millar, hoping to see off the last ball of the over and give Selby the strike in the final over, blocked the ball to gully but was called through for a run. Despite being over half a pitch short, Millar survived due to an errant throw.

A couple of byes saw the anti-climatic end of an enthralling run chase and the first innings points for the Colts through some top class batting by Wigham and Selby.

Whilst the trip out to Penrith this coming Sunday will conflict with the desire to be supporting the Australians reclaim the Ashes, it is comforting to know that the bottle-o across the road from Rance is open well before the bakery and supermarket.

With first innings points under the belt and a few lower order wickets in hand, it will be a good opportunity to get in some batting practice and enjoy a solid bit of Pommy bashing. (in good fun of course)


Dave Millar


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