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Colts Report Round 2 vs Randwick

How To' Beat The Heat

The Colts stepped out onto a scorching Beauchamp Oval knowing that taking off the covers and setting up the sight screens would safely constitute a solid warm up. 'Inzi' sprints wouldn't filter down the grades this week. In fact, most of the Colts were ready just to sit in the stands and watch as the top order to full advantage of another piece of highway masquerading as a pitch.

(Andrew Lappan at Beauchamp)

Unfortunately, the Pommy captain from Randy-Petes Gold stuck with Her Majesty at the toss and the Colts were out in the field. Short spells for the quicker men were going to be the order of the day and Lappan (who at the start of the day was on a total for 4 fantasy points from 3 rounds) continued his tight lines from last week from one end, whilst Skins honed in on the stumps from the other' but allow me to digress.

Much has been said recently about the friendliness of the Australian cricket team towards the Poms and pinpointing this as a reason for why they lost the Ashes. Personally, I don't believe that was the case. The Aussies played hard on the field and then shared a beer or four off the field. Cricket was most definitely the winner and, unfortunately, this time the Aussies were outplayed.

Those same qualities are found in each and every member of the Colts team. Already the team is beginning to gel. The guys are ready to get stuck in and support their mates. Lift themselves and those around them. Continue to set high standards. Retain their spots in the team. Put pressure on those in higher grades. Enjoy their cricket.

I'm sure you will all agree, there is hardly a better feeling than coming out, playing well and beating Randwick-Petersham. They are a good grade club and play hard cricket. I, however, wouldn't be jumping at the opportunity to provide any of them with a character reference. Jim Cattlin, who is giving up his time this season to provide assistance at Beauchamp, was left no alternative but to manage scoring, updating the scoreboard, organising drinks and a variety of other tasks whilst the Gordon boys were out on the field. There was no voluntary assistance offered by the Randwick-Petersham captain or his team.

Incidentally, I was very pleased with the way that the boys handled numerous decisions that went against the Colts in the first session of the day. Although there were a few choice words (nothing like Lappan's outburst last week), everyone kept their composure and continued to plug away.

With umpires from the opposition adjudicating on LBW's and catches down the leg side, decisions can often appear to favour the batting side ' especially when Skins had numerous deliveries that appeared very adjacent' but back to the game.

After the quicks had been denied many good shouts for LBW and a couple of catches as well, it was the spin combination of Ranney and Marvell that began to apply the pressure. Ranney continued to bowl tight lines, but failed to pick up a wicket. It was Marvz that struck twice before the long break ' good catches to the opening combination of Weaver and Legge - and Skins picked up a third to put the Colts in a very respectable position with Randy-Petes 3/108 from the 40 overs.

(Sam Ranney in action)

After the break it was the Lappan and Marvz show with the 'Moon Tan' Lappan breaking his pre-Christmas wicket drought. As he constantly assured his captain, once the first comes, the rest just follow. And they did.

Marvz took a specky in close on the off-side and then was granted an easy one the following over ' both from Lappan. He then chose to do it all himself in his final over, knocking poles every which way, before coming off for a spell. Marvz was then given another opportunity by his skipper to clean up the remaining wickets.

As skipper of Colts, leading (and collating) the Fantasy League, rumours must be rife around the club at the moment. Marvell, already well over 200 points and only into his second game, is priced well below market value ' at $40,000 ' and is looking a considerably better buy than that one-hit wonder priced (appropriately) at $70,000. A trade for Craig Knight ($30,000), as he ships off to Perth, during the Christmas trading period would certainly be on the cards.

I thought I should lay my cards on the table.

Kelly (captain), Kenner, Knight, Bombas, Longhurst. Hugh potential, PG's games, 1st grade one-dayers, proven wicket takers. An outstanding top 5.

(The Millar fantasy league captain Matt Kelly)

Medcalf, Cubbage. Match winners and (hopefully) PG's superstars.

Rosen. Surely plenty more catches this season.

Archer, Ling, Thomlinson, Mahaffey. Lethal with the ball in their respective grades. PG's potential as well.

Only $850,000 and nearly all have had strong performances yet again this week. Keep it up boys.

Pity Marvell wasn't around when the fantasy teams were being picked. I don't have the added incentive to bowl him from one end all day' but I digress.

JRJ, eager to get his hands on the leather and prove to the selectors that he should be picked in 5th grade or higher, bowled a sustained line and length and was rewarded with two quality wickets and the miserly figures of 2/9 from 7 overs.

Marvz, the man of the moment, took yet another catch off JRJ, before picking up the final couple of wickets and taking a well earned rest in the sheds.

Randy-Petes were bundled out for 186 and everyone had forgotten about the heat. The constant stream of wickets was a sure fire way to put the discomfort behind us.

Weaver (20*) and Legge (8*) saw the Colts through to stumps and have set up a good platform to build on next week. 0/28 chasing 186. The job isn't over. Not by a long-shot. But good inroads have been made.


Dave Millar

The Webmaster apologises to Dave Millar for not running last weeks report vs Hawkesbury. Simply an oversight.

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