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Colts report Round 11

Unbeaten record broken'

Sydney Uni 8/115 (47) def. Gordon Colts 77 (40.3)

It was a disappointing loss made even worse by the fact we had the best conditions throughout the game.

The first time another team's song was sung at the end of the game. It cut through the Colts like the proverbial knife through hot butter.

(Andrew Lappan who took 4 for 21)

To be honest, the whole day was a complete shambles. The pitch at St. Andrews had more weeds than my garden. The outfield was slower than NRMA's roadside assistance. Sunil can vouch for that; being nearly two hours late to the game due to a flat battery.

After a delayed start, the Colts were first to have ball in hand thanks to Her Majesty yet again grinning at Tweety from the strip below. It wasn't too long until the combination of a soft deck, some good bowling channels and some awful shot selection left the Uni boys reeling at 3/6. Lappan and Parfett were replaced by Millar and Ellison and continued to apply the pressure having Uni 3/25 from 21 overs at the break.

Ellison (0/22 from 9 overs) continued after the break and Millar was replaced by Hamish Angus ' one of the Green Shield players so successful this year under BMac's careful guidance ' who continued to apply the pressure but was a little expensive in the circumstances. With Uni at 4/55 from 30 overs the Colts were in a prime position to tighten their grip on the Competition and stake their claim at the top of the table.

Ranney replaced Angus (1/15 from 5 overs) and was unfortunately taken to by one of the batsmen. It was a shame because Sam was bowling with good drift and turn but the ball was holding up on the soft pitch and he was always going to be a target.

Ranney (0/23 from 4 overs) was replaced by Lappan (4/21 from 9 overs) who struck immediately with a scooped ball to midwicket and stuck again later in his spell with a terrific catch by another Green Shield player ' Angus Sinclair. Parfett (1/10 from 10 overs) and Millar (1/17 from 10 overs) were tidy from the other end with Millar and Lappan finishing the innings with tight spells to allow Uni to make only 8/115 from their allotted 47 overs.

It was the Colts game. There would be no better chance to beat Sydney Uni than on this occasion.

The chase didn't start well. Sajdeh's (5) day got no better after earlier car trouble, guiding a ball straight to a backward point before Crawford (0) fell victim to another simple catch. Angus Sinclair (7) , who partnered Sajdeh, looked compact and composed but was unable to get the run rate up to a comfortable level before being dismissed pushing a ball to midwicket.

Sinclair looks like a player for the future at Gordon. He has the temperament and the skill to be a solid batsman. Perhaps it was the amount of cricket he has played recently or being overwhelmed by the age of those around him but he never looked switched on or determined in the run chase.

His dismissal brought Harry Evans and Hamish Angus ' the other two Green Shield players ' to the crease. Both of them looked comfortable out in the centre but were unable to pierce the field with any regularity. Evans (11) departed after handing midwicket another straight forward catch. Ellison (2) was runout at a point in time when the Colts were in desperate need of consolidation leaving them 5/53 needing 4 an over to win.

(Hamish Angus in action)

This quickly turned to 6/54 as Millar (1) was promoted above Tweety and then adjudged LBW to a ball he feels pitched well outside leg stump.

Tweety came in and then Angus (16) fell leaving the score at 7/60 and needing 5 an over to win.

The top 5 batsmen were all caught pushing forward at balls and playing too early on a deck that was still holding up. It was disappointing the better shot selection wasn't displayed.

Until this game, the bottom order has never been called upon to do anything other than umpire or score. It was a shock for them that they were to don the pads and gloves if the Colts had any chance of getting over the line.

Lappan (8) and Tweety (4) began to resurrect the game however Tweety was dismissed for the first time in the season after being caught behind. Nevertheless, Parfett (3) came to the crease and was caught trying to loft a ball over midwicket before Lappan was dismissed next ball giving Uni the victory.

It was a disappointing loss. We had it there to win.

Or lose.

And lose we did.

Little was mentioned in this article about Evan's wicket keeping. It was a near faultless display in all aspects with a good catch down the leg side early in the innings and a run out down the bowler's end at the finish. Lappan bowled well and should be commended for his tight spell at the end.

(Harry Evans in action)

A better performance next week with the bat will be required if we are to beat the top of the table UTS-Balmain.

Winning has turned into a habit for this Colts team. Let's hope that this loss can be quickly erased by a stellar performance next week.


Dave Millar


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