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Colts Report Round 1

Colts Report v Lindfield

(Sorry, no photos available. The Colts were finished before the Webmaster could get there!!) 

Those in attendance were treated to a performance fitting of the first win for the Gordon Club in any grade in season 2005/06.

Lindfield 66 (38 Overs) were defeated by Gordon 1/70 (16.2 Overs). A truly convincing display.

(Dave Gray at pre-season practice)

In a game that was widely heralded as the most eagerly awaited game in the past 20 years, David Gray was finally given the all clear from the team doctor and, after an enforced layoff of many, many a year, Tweedie lead the newly formed Colts team to a convincing victory over a Lindfield side that put up little resistance.

Perhaps the fines that JOF was threatening 2nd Grade has rubbed off in the lower grades or perhaps it was the willingness of the new blood in this Gordon outfit, but every member of the Gordon team arrived before the first sighting of the blue and gold from Lindfield. This seemed to set the empathic tone for the day.

A quick introductory season, in which new members of the club were welcomed and Tweedie laid down the rules, quickly turned into a warm up ' with Tweedie taking the bat of course.

Much to Tiddles' delight, who remarked that 'things haven't changed much in 20 odd years'.

The only disappointing part of the captain's play was that he failed to call the coin toss correctly and the Lindfield captain took no time in strapping on the pads and marching out to bat on what was a reasonable pitch for the first match of the new season.

The first few overs would be crucial in not only setting the tone for the match but more importantly for the rest of the season. A goal was set ' keep the Lindfield side to less than 25 of the first 10. With a boundary to one side that saw a conventional gully standing on the fence, this goal may have seemed a little optimistic.

It was in fact a much attainable goal; led by a fantastic opening spell from John Emerson and Mike McDermott who kept them contained to just 22 from the first 10. Whilst John was unlucky not to have one of the openers out early ' a regulation catch behind the stumps grassed ' it was the new Gordon keeper Greg Hanlon who wrapped his mitts around a tough chance of James Ellison's bowling to remove the first of the scratchy openers.

Dave Millar, brought on to replace Emerson, was keen to charge in against an old mate from back at school. After an infuriating number of plays and misses outside the off stump it was decided the batsmen should begin his shot well before the ball was in the keeper's gloves ' unlike his previous attempts. To this effect he spooned one back to the bowler and Millar had his mate out caught and bowled.

From 22 without loss, it was quickly 3 down for very few more, with Tweedie plucking one out of the air at 2nd slip. It just goes to show that class has remained with that man for many a year ' although he quickly claimed that he didn't see the ball coming.

A lesson learnt early by the colts side was that bowling in partnerships, consistent with the line and length, not only makes it easy for the captain to set fields, but will quickly lead to wickets.

A lesson that can sometimes be all too hastily forgotten at more senior levels.

To this effect, whilst Millar was toiling away at one end, putting ball after ball past the outside edge to one batsman that frustratingly found his way to that end each over, Ellison continued to pick up wickets. 5 in total. A good catch being taken at 'regulation' gully, resting on the boundary. Had he missed it, it would have been 6!

It must be said that the combined age of 5 wickets would have only just surpassed that of Tweedie; with most of the young men a little taller than the stumps themselves. Nevertheless, 5 for 5 is a memory to treasure.

A confident shout for LBW that was taking nothing but middle stump about three quarters of the way up was turned down by the Lindfield lad much to the dismay of Millar, who had begun to get the ball to nip back and now beat the inside edge of the SAME batsman he had been bowling to for what seemed like hours. He just couldn't get bat on ball.

Bowling in partnerships was all the rage, at least from Millar's perspective, who ended up with tight 1-14 from his 10, as he watched AJ Fry, the big New Zealander, pick up the same batsman with a very questionable LBW decision the very next over. At 7 for mid 40's, Gordon looked in a commanding position and it quickly became even more so as a rank long hop was missed and bowled the next Lindfield batsmen.

At this point a little bit of casualness crept into Gordon's play 'perhaps it was the omen of Tiddles returning from 1st Grade to see how his old sparing partner was holding up, especially from those who had been kept quiet in the field. Two run out chances were missed, both had two batsmen up the one end. A little bit of thought needs to go into our fielding. Throws need to go over the top of the stumps and in many instances a throw into the gloves is just as effective as a direct hit; especially when both batsmen are arguing at one end.

Whilst AJ picked up another, and set the foundation for another large haul this season (3/5 from 7 overs), the introduction of Mark Thompson meant that Lindfield would only face two more balls before being dismissed for 66 in the 38th over.

After the lunch break, which saw many a Colts' member make the quick trip to Killara to see Simmons make his maiden ton for Gordon, Sunil Sajdeh and McDermott began to hunt down the meagre total set by Lindfield. Although there was an early hiccup with McDermott playing at a wide one and being caught behind, Sajdeh and Knight steered the Colts home in record time, punishing anything that wasn't on a good length and scampering quickly between wickets. Sajdeh (32*) and Knight (30*) was all that Gordon needed to pass the 66 set by Lindfield.

Whilst Sam Ranney was unfortunate to see little of the action on the field, he spent much of the match furiously sucking on lozenges to make sure this sore throat would hold up to the team song to be sung by the majority for their first time. Knight has always been organised, religiously carrying toilet paper, extra creams, and any matter of useless items in his kit. This week he printed the Club song in anticipation of a victory. Such foresight and planning.

As the Koola change room reverberated to the sound of the Gordon song, it was noticeable that the team had already begun to gel. If further proof was needed, the whole team proceeded to travel to Killara Oval to watch the 1st Grade side play Blacktown and sink a few cold beers in the process.

Men, University of NSW will be a very different prospect, and whilst it was great to get a win under our belt, the intensity in the field must be lifted. The two run out chances missed, whilst not costly in this instance, could prove crucial and lead to the team chasing leather all afternoon. Fielding is something that we can all improve on and with Thomo there to help each week at training, there should be no excuse for players not to be showing a marked improvement throughout the season.

Congratulations on a great start to the season. It is great to get off to a flyer, but it is early days yet. Let's keep the victories coming

Up Gordon, Get Fah You Bah!

Dave Millar


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