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Changes happening this season with our communications

With the pressures put on the administration and communications of a Premier Cricket Club, we are always looking for ways to provide a constant flow of information as well as making it easy for the administrators to carry out the many functions needed to be managed in running our club.

Our 15 year old website has served its purpose and will be upgraded during the season to give it a simpler 2018 look and feel as well as using it only as a communication tool rather than trying to make it handle other functions that more modern systems are much better designed to manage.

While our TEAMAPP and social media outlets deliver a valuable service in providing instantaneous information and score updates, we need a good administration system to handle the myriad of functions involved in running our club.
With this in mind we are pleased to announce the launch of our new club management platform which is called Revolutionise sport. 

The new system will provide us with a database of members and supporters and provide us with a range of functions as follows:

  • Membership management through online registration and processing payments
  • An email and SMS communications tool that can be segmented into specific groups, such as teams, supporters, officials etc. The system will allow us to track those who are engaging in our communications and answer their feedback.
  • Auto-reconciliations for easier management of our expenses that can be exported to our accounts package for easier reporting
  • Booking of club events such as the Golf day and other club functions
  • An online shop for the sale of our club merchandise
  • Sharing of task management to keep up to date with projects
  • Better statistical data for our decision making
  • Security of our database

So you will start seeing communications from our internal email system. Make a point of reading them and allowing our club to expand its community footprint.

Paul Stephenson


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