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Bring on the Grand Final

Bring on the Grand Final

Semi-final cricket against a strong Sydney Uni team. The match was always going to be about consistency and determination. Tweety won the toss on a good deck and sent the opposition in. Before the Colts ran out onto the field, Tweety reminded us of the need for consistent pressure to be sustained throughout the day.

(Craig Knight during his 42 in the semi)

The Colts have played well above the standard of a good 5th grade side in patches throughout the season. During this match they needed to play at that level the whole way through the two days if they were to secure a place in the Grand Final.

At this point, it must be mentioned that the tireless Gordon club officials, especially Messer A. Falk, T. Wilson and P Stephenson, were able to secure and prepare a wonderful Chatswood Oval for play when Uni were unable to find a suitable ground.

Mention should also be made of the terrific support those Gordon players from the higher grades gave as they sat in the stands enjoying the cricket. With an icy cold beverage in one hand and a gourmet roll in the other (courtesy of Iqbal), the boys seemed at home supporting the Colts down old Chatswood way.

(James Kennedy at Chatswood)

The day got off to a great start with Lappan and JK bowling a terrific opening spell. Lappan picked up the first wicket with Evans taking a good catch down the leg side. Both bowlers bowled tight lines and restricted the scoring to less than 1 an over. At the first drinks break Sydney Uni was 1/11 from 16 overs.

It wasn't until Parfett, who in the sheds earlier had shared some strange dreams about the younger members of the Colts playing cricket, had the ball in hand that Uni really began to look in trouble. Parfett clean bowled the No. 3 bat and then had the No. 4 caught just a couple of balls later. Needless to say, no-one was getting to close to Parfett to celebrate, especially Hamo and Evans.

3/31 at lunch and the Colts were looking in a strong position. The first hour after lunch would be crucial.

And it was.

After sustained pressure with the Colts restricting the Uni run rate, it was Cubbage that picked up the crucial wicket just before drinks in the middle session. Tiddles was ecstatic when, first over after drinks, Cubbage picked up the remaining opener with a good catch to Knight at slip.

(Harry Evans takes a vital caught behind off Chris Parfett) 

With Gray off the ground after lunch due to his finger (medically diagnosed as 'old age'), Millar chose to give 'Man-Child' a bowl. Russel-Jones didn't disappoint the stand-in captain picking up two wickets with the last two balls of his first over. Cubbage picked up his third in the following over, giving rise to the speculation that the damp patches on the pitch could well have been Tiddles doing'

Or as a result of Parfett's dreams' the jury is still out on that one.

Man-Child talked himself out of the hat-trick asking for extra protection down the leg-side before bowling the ball two feet wide of leg stump. Millar took him off soon after and brought himself on to apply pressure from one end whilst Cubbage tempted the batsmen into mistakes at the other.

Millar picked up a consolation wicket with the 9th wicket falling to a catch behind the stumps before Cubbage picked up the last to have Uni out for 101.

A score we had dismissed them for previously in the rounds before ourselves being bowled out for 70-odd.

A tea break' with the now infamous pikelets' and then Sticks and Cubbage, the new-look opening pair, strode out to the middle to made inroads into Uni's modest target.

(Hamish Angus during his 15 not out)

Sticks never looked comfortable and was dismissed early for 2. Knight, whilst later admitting he had been packing it, looked confident and was reigning in the small total with ease.

It was Cubbage (7) who found yet another way to be dismissed' the 'clunk' of his helmet being misconstrued as an edge through to the keeper' that brought Evans to the crease with the score on 30 and another 15 overs left in the day. Evans looked determined to stay out there ' perhaps he figured he was safe from Parfett out there in the middle - and began to find the middle of the bat just as stumps were drawn for the day with the score at 2/64

The morning of day 2 saw the Colts in high spirits and ready to tough out what would be a hard morning session to get the victory. Evans (21) was dismissed LBW after missing a full toss. His stroke play though the backward point region is a highlight of his game and he will make an impression in the higher grades in the not to distant future.

Hamish Angus joined Knight and he too looked solid out in the centre. Whilst failing to find the gaps through the slow Chatswood outfield he provided ample support to his partner before Knight edged one through to the keeper for a match winning 42. Man-Child, whose cover drives look as elegant as anyone's, was disgusted with himself after being run out within sight of the victory post ' leaving Tweety to finish off the job.

(Dave Millar in action) 

Howitt Jnr., looking considerably worse for wears after a night out with 1st Grade, turned up for the last few overs before lunch and saw Tweety turn a comfortable 2 into a desperate lunge for the line. He was straight on the phone to Tiddles (only 50 metres away) to make sure that superb piece of action wasn't missed by anyone at the ground. Tweety's better half nearly had a heart attack as she saw her husband crash into the turf. With him creating injuries out of seemingly innocuous situations, it is difficult to imagine why he would go to such lengths to put himself in such danger.

Nevertheless, the winning run came anti-climatically ' through a waist high no-ball ' and the game was called to an abrupt halt by the Uni captain.

The Colts sung the song with gusto before grabbing lunch and a few celebratory beers with all their supporters at the ground.

It was great to have the support of Sunny and Ellison who were left out of last week's victorious side and they both should know they are as much part of the team as every player that was named in this week's side.

(Adam Cubbage at Chatswood)

Out at Blacktown next week. Bring on the Grand Final!!!

It would be great to get heaps of you out there to sing the song one final time this season.


Dave Millar


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