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Associate Membership available for 2017-2018

The Gordon District Cricket Club is pleased to announce it is opening an Associate membership category for the 2017-2018 season. Running our club every year with the high costs of grounds, equipment and coaching is a difficult assignment. The addition of a number of Associate members will assist this process and also enable many of our supporters and past players to become an official part of the club.

For a cost of $150, Associate Membership will entitle you to the following:

  • Membership voting rights

  • Club cap

  • Club Shirt

  • Invitation to Club Sponsor day at Chatswood Oval

  • Annual Report

It is also your opportunity to attend matches at Chatswood Oval, meet the players and enjoy a session or two watching some exciting cricket.

There will also be a special T20 day at the oval on December 3rd.

With your details we will also register you in our Team App to allow you to get live scores as well as reminders for events coming up.
This is your opportunity to connect or reconnect to the club.

Please click on the following link to register as a member  



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