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5th Grade Round 8 vs Sutherland (Day 2)

5th Grade fall short against the Sharks

car'pool [kahr-pool] 'noun. Also, carpooling, car pooling. An arrangement among a group of automobile owners by which each owner, in turn, drives the others or their children to and from a designated place.

Saturday morning again saw Kenner's phone running hot, as both Iqbal and star import Craig Knight pestered him for a lift to Beauchamp. He knew it would be a torrid drive and it proved to be the case with Inzie discussing the many ins-and-outs of his Christmas party the previous evening and Knight giving both passengers his weekly run down on the state of play at the Gold Coast and the current Toolies situation.

Pale Ale restricting the impact of the Sharks' batsmen

Grade cricket would not be the same without carpooling.

It was pure relief on arrival at Beauchamp and not just because the covers had already been removed by the advanced party. Tweety was quickly into discussion with the Sutherland captain, attempting to forge an agreement whereby both teams would have an opportunity to win the match. It was agreed that Sutherland would bat on for another 28 overs and then declare leaving the Stags 50 overs to chase whatever runs were on the board.

The Stags were fairly confident of victory if this agreement was upheld, as the Sharks had only scored 104 runs off 45 overs the previous week.

Again it was a slow start by the Sutherland batsmen, as 'Pale Ale' Lappan and Iqbal 'Inzie' Ahmed tied down the batsmen with great control. Lapdance was the first to break through, picking up a well deserved wicket. Inzie then broke through for two wickets in two overs and the Stags were well on top.

When Emile took his second, the opening batsmen for 95, the Stags were looking the goods, having Sutherland 5-160 having already used 20 of the agreed 28 overs.

Unfortunately the total got away from the Stags in the final overs as the Sutherland captain, after having plenty of practice last week, played some thunderous sweep shots from the bowling of the people's champion.

Feeling the Sharks did not have enough runs on the board the skipper decided to bat on for one more over and it proved to be costly for the Stags with the final two balls of the innings being dispatched onto the Jimmy Catlin Hill.

Please Sir, just one more Pina Colada - Tiddles would be jealous of this tan!

The declaration was made and tea was taken, as not to lose the 2 overs for the change of innings. So the equation read 216 runs required off 51 overs, a required run rate of just over 4 an over. Not an easy task on an extremely slow outfield and a pitch that was still showing signs of life.

Inzie was promoted to open the innings with Lawry (Kenner), due to his enforced early departure to attend KJ's wedding. He was faced with about 40minutes of batting, but unfortunately he only lasted only 1 as he was caught behind slashing at a wide one.

Weaver, who struggled to find his way to the middle, fell in similar fashion 5 overs later, after crashing 2 boundaries.

This left Lawry stuck in the middle with Knight. This is always a difficult experience for any batsman, with Knight's incessant commentary explaining 'how far he missed the ball by' or 'how he missed hit that last six' wearing away at the non-strikers patience (not to mention the bowlers and close in-fielders).

Surprisingly Kenner and Knight were able to forge a solid partnership until the former was struck on the thigh pad and adjudged LBW. This dismissal started a slide for the 5th graders with Marvell falling first ball and Fraggas and Knight both holding out for 8 and 62 respectively.

Johnny Mayur Kulkarni was then run out in a suicidal quick single and the Stags were reduced to 7-131, having lost 5 wickets for only 26 runs.

Our tropical skipper Dave Gray and 'Red Ink' Bourne did their best to rescue the situation with Tweety landing some long blows over cover. But when the human 'pina colada' was caught for 20, the victory appeared gone.

The dressing room was sent into disarray when Lappan announced that he had no batting gloves. Being the only left-hander in both teams the situation appeared futile. With Emile still looking to push for victory it appeared that 'Pale Ale' would have to bat and this was the case when Emile was caught half-way down the track - forgetting to hit the ball.

The "Red Ink" Supremacy with ball in hand

Strolling out to the middle for only the second time this season, sporting a pair of right handed batting gloves, it appeared to the 5th graders that the result of this game was now in the hands of the gods.

With only 9 balls remaining in the game, 'Pale Ale' edged one to the keeper looking to work the ball behind point, and the Sharks had won the game by 28 runs.

A disappointing loss after it seemed the 5th graders would cruise to victory, and only the second loss of the season.

Next weeks fixture now shapes as a massive game. Gordon and Penrith are tied second on 36 points and both sides will be desperate to gain outright second before the Christmas break. Tickets are available at the gate or online at

Until then, you stay classy Chatswood.

Sticks Kenner


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