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5th Grade Report vs Sydney Uni - Round 3

Fifth Grade Report vs Sydney Uni

The Stags travelled across the harbour bridge to take on the students in Round 3. St. Pauls was the venue for the eagerly anticipated showdown and the ground looked in fantastic knick. One often feels as though he is playing country cricket when playing at Sydney Uni, such is the ambiance which the campus exudes.

(Rob Evans showing why he is best in club)

Jason Russell-Jones had the unfortunate experience of almost being run-off the harbour bridge by fellow teammate Andrew 'the voice' Plummer. Rumour has it that Plums was attempting to show off his prized wicket from the previous evening. Others speculated that he was dropping his cousin off in the city. Anyway we'll leave those ramblings to the team at Who weekly and move on to the game.

Our evergreen skipper David Gray lost the toss and the students had no hesitation in padding up and heading out to bat. A fast outfield and good batting deck was all the motivation they needed. The ultimate odd-couple once again opened the bowling with Plummer and Mahaffey having no early success. Dan 'dizzy' Mahaffey bowled some great lines, only conceding 6 runs in his first 6 overs.

But it was up to grade newcomer, Nick Cheadle, to claim the first scalp of the day, a fine leggie spinning between bat-and-pad. Needless to say Tiddles was a smiling wreck at the sight of yet another young Staggie wrist spinner strutting his stuff in the Gordon colours.

This wicket failed to stem the Students momentum and it was up to Michael Bourne 'supremacy' to stem the tide as he took 3 quick wickets in his first four overs. It was off Bourne's bowling, that 'the voice' Plummer suffered one of his many life threatening injuries. Over the space of five overs Plummer managed to chip a fingernail, bruise his wrist and lose complete feeling in his right forearm, not to mention take two spectacular catches. Plums truly was the life-blood of the party.

The students now stood at 4-124 after 31 overs and the Stags were confident of a quick kill. This was not to be as Uni's number 3 cut loose taking 80 runs of the Stag bowlers. Although 'Rusty' Jones and Plums chipped in with a wicket each late the Students finished on 5/241 after their 50 overs, a very defendable target.

(Evans and Russell-Jones during their 5ths wicket partnership)

The lunch break was spent crammed in the very cosy change rooms shooting the breeze with fellow Stag players Bourne and Sadjeh. It was interesting to hear their take on life and the match at hand and it was also extremely relieving not to hear from Plummer and Knight for the first time in the day.

Tweety promptly informed the batsmen of the required run rate, 10, 20 and 30 over targets, expected wind direction, maximum and minimum temperatures, and a brief family history of each Uni bowler, before the confused openers Sadjeh and Kenner strode to the crease.

Once again the equation was simple. Keep wickets in hand so BIC can win the game for us later. Unfortunately the top order had other ideas in mind with Kenner and Knight falling early to loose shots. Sunil 'Bollywood' Sadjeh tried hard and was set to explode before he was run out in a horrific miscommunication with BIC. 'The Voice' fell first ball to another controversial LBW decision and the Stags knew they were in for a long afternoon, especially in the pavilion.

As BIC and 'Rusty' promptly set about rescuing the team from 4/49, 'The Voice' entertained the masses with a 2 and a half hour speech about the subtleties of cricket. Other topics that were addressed by Plums included umpiring, West Indian cricketers' social habits, beverage choice, all GPS cricket and rugby results of the past two decades and a thorough review of his life in the fast lane. Plummer was even heard to say, at the rare occasion when Knight got a word in, 'geez Knighty, you really can talk, can't you?'.

Anyway more important things were happening in the middle. BIC and Rusty had given the Stags a shot at victory, dragging us within 120 runs of our target. Just when it seemed that both would explode and bring us home they both lost their wickets in quick succession, Rusty for 30 and Bic for 43. This left the Stags with an ever mounting run rate and the young (Cheadle) and the old (Tweety) at the wicket. The equation was too much for the Stags and they fell 50 runs short of victory.

A disappointing loss for the Stags in a game they could have easily won. They say cricket is a game of inches, and this clich' held true for the Stags on Saturday with several crucial chances falling agonisingly short of fielders. Who knows, if these had gone our way it may of been a different story'but in the end it was the top-order who had themselves to blame, for not setting the required foundation.

Tweety was philosophical about the loss in the sheds after the game, and The Voice once again mesmerised his team mates with an extended match review which touched on the true meaning of life. One final quote ensued from our resident Richie Benaud, 'boys'it was the loss we had to have'. Not to sure about this one Plums, I know I would have loved to have won the game.

Until next time'stay classy Chatswood.

Richie Kenner


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