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5th Grade Report vs St George - Round 1

Fifth Grade Report Round 1

Saturday morning saw the beginning of a new season for the Stags and the 5th grade side resembled that of the victorious colts team from the year before, with some notable inclusions, namely 'needles' Thomlinson who had no doubt been working hard in the gym over the off season, Dan 'dizzy' Mahaffey who had failed to locate the barber throughout the winter and new face Laurence Legg joining us from the coast. Oh, and of course there was the evergreen Andy Plummer who started the day in great fashion by managing to get intimate with some of Beauchamp's finest fertiliser during stretches. A quick shower in the change rooms and Plums was ready to roll, although the prevailing odour forced Tweety to place him at fine leg during the opening overs.

(Thanks Saints)

After the lads had managing to assemble the IKEA DIY Beauchamp sidescreens (thanks to Tweety's handy work with the Allan-key), it was time for the warm up. Again Knight and Tweety debated the correct order of proceedings'run then stretch or stretch then run, a question that has puzzled cricketers for decades. Of course Tweety's experience and inability to actually run without stretching saw him get his way and Knight was forced to bite his tongue (something he finds extremely hard).

Tweety won the toss and decided to send a young looking Saints side in to bat on a docile-looking Beauchamp track, a decision that no doubt reflected the side's bowling strength. Plummer and Mahaffey opened up and it was a slow start by the fielding side. A couple of costly fumbles saw the Saints out to a flier and Plums left cursing his luck as he proceeded to dig a hole the size of the grand canyon out of the Beauchamp popping crease.

(Jason Russell-Jones in action on Saturday)  

While Plums was busy digging his way to China, 'Dizzy' Mahaffey managed to not even leave a scratch at his end of the wicket prompting an observant mid-off fieldsman to label him 'twinkle toes' Mahaffey. The man who floats on air was solid in his opening spell and snared the opening wicket when Jason Russel-Jones rediscovered his recent AFL form by snaring a one-handed grab in the centre half forward pocket (the covers).

Gordon was unable to break the second wicket partnership as the Saints built a solid foundation from which to launch. Dave 'my humps' Millar bowled extremely well, only conceding 20 runs from his 10 overs and Andrew 'pale ale' Lappan was unlucky not to claim any wickts in his spell.

The wheels started to fall off a dilapidated looking Gordon outfit after the last drinks break until Thomlinson snared two late wickets to put the brakes on the opposition.

(David Thomlinson shows that style)

Some tight bowling by Mahaffey restricted the Saints to a modest total of 230 on a relatively good batting deck. Gordon fifth grade would like to thank the little St.George supporter who once again showed up at Beauchamp to sledge the Staggies fielders. He also managed to scare our resident fielding guru Steve Thomlinson into leaving the ground.

The lunch break saw a hungry Kenner reaching for the sambo's from the fridge. Unfortunately he had failed to check if they were actually his and after taking the first few bites was surprised to see the umpires stern face staring him down as he asked for his sandwiches back. A tasty treat may have cost Kenner his wicket but fortunately Mrs. Knight saved the day providing the hungry umpire with some of her world-famous and critically acclaimed pikelets. Thank you Mrs. Knight!

The staggies batsmen knew what they had to do, and if they didn't, well Tweety reminded them about three thousand times. 'No rush', 'Keep wickets in hand', 'No stupid shots', 'Don't get run out', 'Make sure I don't have to bat''etc.

Our resident Bollywood star Sunil Sadjeh and Kenner strolled out to the crease to open the innings and things started brightly. With the pair never scoring a 100 run partnership before, it was only the 23rd over when they achieved this milestone and the Stags were well on their way.

(Sunny against Saints)

Sunny batted like a man possessed, concentrating hard and punishing any loose ball he was presented with. Rusty-Jones was calculating his fantasy cricket points in the sheds when Kenner was caught for 65. Looking for sympathy on his way into the sheds Jason managed to provide the forlorn batsmen with, 'thanks mate, you just cost me points!'. As I have said before Rusty-Jones'team player!

Laurence came to the wicket with Sunny eying up what would have been a massive comeback ton, but unfortunately it was not to be with both batsmen holding out for 7 and 80 respectively. It was great to see Bollywood back in the runs and you couldn't wipe the million-dollar smile off his million-dollar face.

So it was left to Plummer and Knight to finish the job. This was done in style as Plummer, after a shaky start, set about tearing apart the bowling attack on his way to his maiden Gordon 50.

With Gordon requiring 1 run for victory and Plummer on 49 runs there were shouts from the pavilion for the bowler to bowl a wide but alas it was not to be with Plummer crunching the ball over the covers for which can only be described, by Plummer, as a magnificent shot.

(The winning runs)

So the staggies were home and Plummer had something to talk about at the Greengate. 6 points on the board and Tweety's magic run continues. All the boys are looking forward to the first 2-dayer against UTS next week, where we can expect to see some sterling performances from the stars of Gordon 5th grade. Until next week'stay classy Chatswood.

Richie Kenner


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