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5th Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 9 (Day 2)

A slow going draw for 5th Grade

Day two of the Penrith clash saw the introduction of the nominated players. Shanal 'Scotty' Siriwardhane was in for Fraggos and Hamish Angus (specialist bowler) replaced Brett Marvel.

Penrith were resuming at 3/8 chasing 215. The going was very slow to start, as the Penrith batsmen moved along at two an over. Stobs and JK (James Kennedy) both bowled tight lines and beat the bat on numerous occasions but unfortunately no edge was forthcoming.

Look Guys - No hands! - Stobo magic on display

It was a frustrating session for all the Stags players. The addition of Angus into the team definitely livened things up, though. With constant banter coming from his specialist position, mid-off, all the Staggies fielders were kept on their toes, especially Dougie Harris. At times of extreme boredom the Stags could always count on young Hamo to scream 'up the gays!' or 'good talk Dougie!'.

While the Stags fielders were trying their hardest to entertain themselves on the field, the Penrith batsmen were doing their best impersonation of Lawry and Boycott. 'Suncreen' Sadjeh, still recovering from his earlier encounter with spray-on sunscreen in the dressing sheds, noted that both batsmen displayed excellent techniques and sound running between the wickets.

It was 'Scotty' Siriwardhane who finally made the break through, taking the 4th wicket 27 overs into the day. The new batsmen was dropped first ball by an ever alert Dougie at first grip, but he made up for his indiscretion by catching the same batsmen off the same bowler (Scotty) several overs later.

... and after consultation with Captain Tweety, the sleeve gets rolled up

Tea saw the score at 5/83 and the Stags still well and truly on top. Stobo resumed after the break bowling in front of his family, strategically positioned on the Stobo Hill ' formally Jimmy Cattlin Hill. Stobs did not let the family down, picking up the crucial wicket of the Penrith number 3 who had toiled hard for his 28.

The game was far from over. With the gritty Penrith captain striding to the crease the Stags knew it would not be an easy kill. Stobs and JK both had numerous LBW shouts turned down as the Panthers started building momentum.

Talk started to circulate around the mid-off/mid-on region that it was time for a bowling change. Both Hamo and Sticks started to loosen up as it seemed inevitable that one of the two most underrated bowlers at the club would get a trundle. Alas rain started to fall at Beauchamp and the players were sent scuttling from the field. Angus and Kenner would have to wait.

After a brief rain delay, play continued with Penrith at 6/120. Bourne was toiling away at one end, restricting the runs while JK was having no luck at the other. The Penrith keeper reached his 50 and it seemed the game may slip away from the Stags. Enter Stobo.

With a seemingly harmless push on the onside, the batsmen set off for what seemed a fairly regulation 2. Stobs chased hard and delivered the return right over the bails, whereby the batsmen, having hesitated earlier, was caught short of his ground.

But Stobs was not finished yet. In the following over, the Penrith captain lofted a drive over covers. With seemingly no chance of the ball going to hand, Stobs set off from his position at mid-off and with the ball continuing to tail away from him made a Glenn McGrath dive and clasped the ball between his finger tips. A clear contender for catch of the season and what at the time seemed like a match winning effort.

Knight goes up one of numerous LBW appeal

At this point Penrith were 8/165. 12 overs remained in the day. A relatively achievable run rate of 4 an over. It was obvious that Penrith didn't think so. With 6 points on the line the instructions were clear'don't let Gordon win.

Adam Cubbage was on fire, constantly beating the bat. Both batsmen were tied in knots, and when the number 10 played back and didn't offer a shot the Stags were sure they had their 9th wicket. The appeal was miraculously turned down. Cubbie had come to the end of his spell. A desperately unlucky 0-29 off 15 overs.

The new ball was taken in one last attempt to steal the match, but with 5 slips in place and two bat pads, the batsmen were still not interested in playing shots. Kenner, at bat-pad, was focusing hard on the batsmen's knee roll (as instructed by Stobs) and tried everything to entice the batsmen to try for victory, but they wouldn't have a bar of it.

An extremely disappointing draw ended with the batsmen offering no shot. Loud celebrations came from the Penrith camp upon securing the 0 points. The Gordon lads were less satisfied with the result'both teams will now be leap-frogged on the ladder.

Not the best result to take into the Christmas break, but the 5s can hold their heads high knowing that they attacked all day and never stopped putting in for the club.

Until 2007, you stay classy Chatswood.

Sticks Kenner


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