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5th Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 7

Saturday 20th November, 2006: McHaffey Day

It was a dazed and confused Kenner who arrived at Princess Park on Saturday morning. After sitting an excruciating 2 hour psychology exam, he had come no closer to understanding the workings of Craig Knight's mind, a mystery that dates back to the days of Freud and Pavlov's dogs. To add to this he had forgotten the scorebook, there was no match ball and captain David Gray was not present. Was this Princess Park, or a nightmare?

(Andrew Lappan and friends appeal for a rare stumping of a fast bowler) 

Luckily Michael Bourne was present and quickly informed the team that Tweety had taken annual stress leave for the weekend. His reason: too much aggressive batting and having to captain Knight and Plummer'fair enough.

So it was Bourne's supremacy at Princess Park. And he quickly took control. Choosing to run before stretching, for the first time since Trevor Watling captained the mighty fives, Bournie then had the lads involved in an intense game of fielding soccer. What innovation!

Just when we thought he could do no more, Bourne won the toss and sent the opposition in on a wicket which possessed more grass than Ian Higgins' top drawer.

(Dan Mahaffey in action at Princes Park)

Something was wrong though. Where was Weaves? Only 20 minutes until kick off and still no sign of the recently elevated opening batsman. Rumor had it that he was somewhere in Auburn'where exactly was less clear! If Bourne was concerned he didn't show it, as he hastily went about stealing a team sheet from the opposition's scorebook.

As it turns out everything worked out perfectly, with Weaver appearing, closely followed by Paul Stephenson brandishing a brand new Kookaburra and Mr. Kenner brandishing a not so new scorebook.

It was game on. Once again Mahaffey picked up a wicket in his first over clean bowling the opener. He then proceeded to take wickets in his 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 8th overs ending his enforced 8 over spell with figures of 5/16.

His ability to swing the ball in to the batsmen and then seam it away left the Parramatta top order searching for answers which were not forthcoming. He was aptly supported by Andrew 'can't wait for Christmas' Lappan who once again was desperately unlucky to go wicketless.

(It must be out this time)

It was early on in the piece when the fifth graders experienced their first falcon of the season when Mike 'Einstein' Weaver, fielding at gully, proceeded to lob the ball to backward point in an effort to get it back to the bowler. Unfortunately young Fraga, not familiar with Weaves' abstract interpretation of geometry copped the new cherry smack on the jaw. Needless to say the 5s were hysterical except for Fraga, who was slightly concussed. Think about it Weaves!

The wickets kept coming with the introduction of Emile 'Stobo' Van Schalkwyk into the attack. Once again the youngster from Shore impressed the onlookers by bowling straight and consistently beating the bat with 'Stobo-esque' leg-cutters, picking up figures of 3-11. Fraggas held up the other end, with Parramatta going into the sheds at tea at 8-98.

It was imperative that the Stags finished the deal quickly after the break and that is exactly what happened with Shiv Ul-Haq being run-out by Bretty Marvel and Bournie picking up the ultimate fantasy cricket dismissal, caught and bowled, to finish the innings.

Parramatta all out 116.

The Stags wanted to close the deal that afternoon to cover against rain next weekend and Lawry and Weaves went about the job, taking 45 off the first 12 overs. The ball was still moving around measurably and Kenner fell victim to some astute out-swing bowling.

1-45. No problems. Weaves decided it was his day and really started to accelerate pouncing on anything short. He fell in the 22nd over for a rapid 61. Most of the 5th graders have already heard about Weaves magnificent innings, but if you would like further details go to

(Emile van Schalkwyk in action on Saturday) 

This left Boycott (batting in his new found no. 3 position) and Knight to finish the job. Both looked extremely solid and we can look forward to some big hitting from Knight next week after he dispatched the opening bowler over the roof of the pavilion in the penultimate over of the day.

Knight 31*, Sadjeh 18*, Gordon 2/142 at stumps.

A real outright chance on the cards next week at Princess Park. Tickets will be sold at the gate. No passouts.

The way it is, Saturday 17th Novermber. I'm Richard Kenner. Good Night.

(thanks Hendo)


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