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5th Grade Report vs Hawkesbury - Round 4 (Day 2)

Fifth Grade Report vs the Hawks

With a great wicket presented by the Hawks it left Tweety in no doubt, the Stags would bat on. A Mahaf-a-thon greeted the Hawks in the morning session with three generations of Mahaffey's present. 'Dizzy' did not let the family down scoring a crucial 29 in putting on a 10th wicket partnership of 60, with Bournie.

(Andrew Plummer at Benson's Lane)

That took the Stags to 251, which no longer looked that attractive given the batting friendly conditions on offer, but the Hawks had to score at a clip over 4 an over. 50/50 was the call from Tweety and the lads agreed.

John Saw- 'Bensons Lane then left' 'tell (thanks to Mitch for that one) was again not present and it was up to BIC Evans to field for the day. This is why Rob is the best-in-club. He will drive all the way out to Richmond in sub-zero temperatures just to fill in for the 5th graders. A true Australian Hero.

The weather conditions were slightly different than the previous week. It was akin to stepping off the sun onto a polar ice-cap. With fielders rummaging feverishly through their kit-bags to find their sweaters and cardigans, the team-cream was left chillingly un-loved.

(Dan Mahaffey)

It was ying (Plummer) and yang (Mahaffey) who opened the bowling. The Hawks were scoring at around 1 an over and the openers were bowling great lines. Plummer beat the bat on 1000 occasions and finally claimed a pole, LBW. Much to Plummer's dismay a catch went down the ball before tea and the Hawks went to the break one down.

It was clear the Stags were going to have grind out their wickets. With a gale-force wind keeping the fielders honest, the toil began. 'Scotty' was really bending his back and putting-in-for-the-club (PIFC) and his ever growing fan base.

'Scotty' bowled the number 3 and was almost on a hat-rick when a diving Craig 'Schwarzer' Knight pushed a catch past the post. 'Sunscreen' Sadjeh kept applying himself in the field and pulled off a run-out from his specialist position at mid-off.

'John' Mayur Kulkarni's bowling was a wonderland. After a slow start he found his rhythm and was rewarded with a 'sharpish' stumping from Knight. All this left the Hawks at 4/60 and the Stags well and truly on top.

A good Hawks partnership ensued, and the game tightened up. It seemed that time would be both teams major adversary, but at the same time it meant that both teams kept attacking. It was 'pup' Colley who made the break through, picking up two relatively quick wickets. This left the Hawks a required rate of 6 and only 4 wickets in hand. At this point it was probably time to secure the draw.

It was time. Plummer was to be re-introduced for one final crack at victory. He promptly clean bowled the number 8 and soon after skittled the in-form batsman, only to be denied by a no-ball. The umps then agreed the light was not improving and decided that Plummer could no longer bowl. The virile fast bowler was devastated. It was equivalent to watching Monica Seles being cut down in her prime. Just when it seemed Plums would skittle the Hawks tail, he was put to pasture.

Anyway, it was left to a brave Bourne to battle through the last few overs of the day. And to finish off we were blessed with 6 balls from 'sunscreen' Sadjeh, which I promised I would not mention'oops.

In the end a draw. The players were exhausted from putting-in-for-club all day, especially Scotty, and some had even contracted a slight bout of pneumonia.

The disappointment however was quickly replaced by hopps and barley, as the Staggies celebrated some awesome batting performances at the Greengate. Notably Razzel and Hintdog. The The Crow Nest beckoned and the days play was temporarily wiped from memory

Stay classy Chatswood. I'm Richie Kenner?


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