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5th Grade Report vs Hawkesbury - Round 4 (Day 1)

The car drive out to Bensons Lane is always an interesting one, and the presence of Craig Knight made Saturday no exception. Sunny also joined the car trip halfway down the M2, as has become tradition. It was there that a maroon Volvo, appearing to carry some form of rock group, steamed past the 5th graders, doing 1000km/hr. On closer inspection it turned out to be Higgos, Emo and Hosko's, Gordon's resident Beatles'. 

Richie "Sticks" Kenner plays his infamous late cut 

An RBT greeted the two car loads of Staggies on arrival in Richmond, and after a relieved looking Higgins departed the scene, Kenner was cleared to go through after the police officer explained that the previous motorist had actually disabled the breathalyser.

Bensons Lane had really turned it on for the Stags. A 40 degree day with a dry westerly wind blowing off the mountains. A great day to bat, said the bowlers, and Tweety agreed. A new look 5th grade saw the introduction of Steve 'pup' Colley (who I believe is actually only 15 years old), Shenal 'Scotty' Siriwardhane, Mayur Kilkarni and John Sawtell (who we are still waiting on the arrival of).

But it was the old heads Kenner and Sadjeh who opened the innings. After a slow start Sadjeh was clean bowled for 6, and this saw the introduction of 'pup' Colley. Immediately the older heads in the Hawks team started sledging the 12 year-old, but he proved to be above their childish games, batting with maturity and class well above his years. Kenner at the other end was fatiguing quickly and was struggling against a bowler affectionately know as 'The Unit'. The pair struggled to tea on a variable wicket with the score at 1/75.

After tea Kenner was adjudged caught behind for a patient, some times excruciating, 48, after leaving a hole in the Bensons Lane pitch. 'Pup' brought up his maiden grade fifty, this after being verbally abused by the Hawks captain for getting some water after the fall of a wicket. The 9 year-old fell to 'the unit' for 59, but be sure to watch this space.

It was a disappointing afternoon session as the Stags slumped from 1/109 to be 8/215 at the end of the days play. Knighty chipped in with a cameo 32 and Andrew 'see you in court' Plummer hit 16, after surviving a first ball shout for LBW.

Although Shenal 'number 5' or 'Scotty' as he is affectionately known, did not contribute with the bat he definitely enjoyed his scoring stint where he proceeded to knock up some runs off the field. I think his message tone summed up the sentiments of the afternoon. Kenner, also sporting an off field slump, attempted to join in on the action, but had no luck, much to the amusement of 'bollywood'. Oh well lads'.there's always next week!

This sentiment can definitely sum up Gordon's day. At one stage we looked set for 250 but we lost our way after tea. With Bournie and Mahaf-my-coat still at the wicket, however, and a virile, young bowling attack waiting in the wings, the Stags can definitely look to next week as a great opportunity to grab 6 points.

Until next week'stay classy Chatswood (and Bensons Lane).

Richie Kenner


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