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5th Grade Report vs Hawkesbury - Round 10

packmanEmphatic win over the Hawks

Saturday, 17 January. Alarm goes off and my day begins. Bensons Lane is my location and a date with the Hawks. Being a Bensons Lane virgin, I took off early and, along with the rest of the 5th grade team, turned up on time as usual, to be told that we were on the 3rd grade field ' like I said, Bensons Lane virgin. So we swapped it up and found out we liked the new one better because we'd be playing right next to the legendary 1st Grade side.

The skipper, when he got his chance to bat, smokes one through the infield

We got off to a great start, with skipper Tim Packman losing the toss and being sent in to have a bat.  We wanted to have a bowl too.  But that didn't matter, because our openers Tom Cockburn and Ben 'Cannon' Cannon got us off to a great start of 0/31 off the first six, before Ben was dismissed after an aggressive 20 which had some sweet pull strokes.  This brought Andy 'Elton' Coleman to the crease, who finally got around to converting starts into something of meaning in a well constructed 48.  Tom was looking pretty good, but ended up getting bowled after a bit, for 18 with the score at 101.  Adam 'Pinky' Cubbage came in and hit a good 27 before deciding to run himself out half way down the pitch.  Our last three batsmen really put the foot down with Paul Campbell (29), Tim Packman (32*) and Gordon debutant Paul Dietz (30*) scoring a good 100 off the last 15 and hitting some sweet bombs in the process.  21 was hit off the last over, going 6, dot, 1, no ball, 4, 2 and 6.  We also knew that when we bowled, we needed to reduce the number of sundries that were conceded by the Hawks - 36 in total.

So we headed off to have a bowl, looking to defend a pretty solid 266 off our 50 overs, knowing that if we limited the previously mentioned sundries, held our catches and were tidy in the field overall, it would be a tough ask on a slightly slow pitch with a very slow outfield.  The bowling didn't start off well with Deva 'Lucky I'm writing this as otherwise I'm only ever referred to as 'Diva'' Nirthanakumaran chucking 'em all over the place, but at the other end, Dave Leiboff bowled the spell of his Gordon career with great line, length and swing in opening spell of 8 straight overs of 3/18.  His first wicket was a screamer taken by former wicketkeeper Ben Cannon in the deep, diving forward and to his left. 

deitzSkipper Tim Packman brought himself on for a couple of tidy overs and to beat the bat on several occasions, even if he eluded the scorers.  Paul Dietz was brought on to bowl his pace and bowled very tightly, striking in his first over before going on to finish with a tidy 2-27 off his 9.  From the other end, Cubbage bowled well, grabbing 2-46 off his 8 overs of beautifully flighted leg spin. One wicket was a plain ridiculous take by Paul Dietz at second slip and the other was a flighted delivery that beat the bat of an older player who had come down the track. 

After performing with the bat, debutant Dietz performs with the ball

Michael Manners (1-21 off 8) and Deva Nirthanakumaran (2-26 off 7) then came on to clean up the tail.  They ended up on 142, giving us a bonus point.

Overall, it was a good and comprehensive win, dominating with bat, ball, fielding and sundries (we had 28).  Another win for the fifth grade team who are on a roll, and will be looking toward the post-season with great hope and expectations.

Deva Nirthanakumaran



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