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5th Grade Report vs Fairfield - Round 5

Fifth Grade Report vs Fairfield

Sunglasses were required to view the pitch at Beauchamp on the first Saturday and not just because Thomlinson and Lappan were removing the covers. It looked as though the council had produced a top-grade batting deck. A Beauchamp special. Tweety's thoughts'.bowl. It must have been a slip of the tongue at the toss which saw Sadjeh (Boycott) and Kenner (Lawry) striding out to open the Stags innings.

(Michael Bourne in the dark at Beauchamp)

Anthony Wilson has had much to say about the Stags opening pair, and much of the dribble rang true on the first morning, as the openers made a cautious start. Lawry, who struggled to find the fence early, was the first to fall for 19.

Boycott and Knight continued, as quality spin bowling tied the two batsmen down at both ends. 'Bollywood' finally attempted to break the shackles and was caught at square leg for 38 (Tiddles, I swear it was an aggressive stroke). Knight fell soon after, bowled round his legs for 25. This left BIC and John 'Mayur' Kulkarni at the wicket.

Rob Evans proved that fortune favoured the brave as he tempted the Lions fielders with some lusty driving. 'Bevans'' luck ran out, though, and he was caught for 33. Johnie Mayur looked the goods but was also struck down, just when he looked set to unload, for 31, proving that there is room for squares. Tim Fraga''your guess is as good as mine' took the strain and looked cool and composed in top scoring with 43. Bourne was not impressed with Fraggas though, as he fell just 2 runs short of the 50 partnership, costing Bourne crucial fantasy points. Bourne is the king of the 50-run partnership (he averages a 2.65 run contribution).

(Rob Evans at Beauchamp)

It was up to Bourne and Gray to see out the days play, as the dismissed batsmen fought for couch position and a share of Thomlinson's rug. Tweety, feeling that the side had lost faith in his aggressive nature, pumped two 4s off the last 3 balls of the day. Botham or Gray? 'Mullet' Wilson seemed confused! (it seems that Wilson has been visiting the same hairdresser as Mahaffey)

Gordon 6/228 at stumps. A relatively slow run rate, considering the quality of the track. But contrary to popular opinion, it was the batsmen's inability to capatalise on their starts which cost the Stags a 300 plus score. Never-the-less, the 5th graders believed in victory.

The second Saturday brought gloomy skies and the possibility of a wash-out. Tweety looked nervous. More nervous than normal. An intense session of dressing room cricket ensued, with the 'have-a-go' gear receiving a thorough work-out. BIC clearly dominated the morning session. Sorry BIC, no fantasy points on offer there!

(Mayur Kulkarni at Beauchamp)

As the mizzle continued to fall, tutorials took place in the change rooms. Pull-a-string bowling techniques were discussed, as well as the rock-and-bowl and Bourne's juggling. After a quick visit to the pristine food court of Chatswood Chase (the pros of playing at Beauchamp), it was decided that play would commence at 3pm.

Tweety quickly declared, ensuring red ink and leaving Fairfield 229 to score at exactly four an over.

'Twinkle toes' Mahaffey was unable to bowl from the northern end, as he was sliding on delivery. It had to be BIC who would take the new ball and success came immediately dismissing the danger man in his second over.

A great bowling partnership followed with Andrew 'never gets wickets before Christmas' Lappan and Rob 'always takes wickets no matter what time of year' Evans cleaning up the Fairfield top order. Evans snared 4 and Lappan 2, and Fairfield were 6/75. A victory loomed, and it seemed all the Stags had to do was 'think about it' to secure the 6 points.

With the light fading fast and memories of Plummer at Bensons resurfacing, Tweety introduced the tweakers. The move proved a masterstroke as 'John' Mayur stole a cheeky 2 wickets and 'frequent flier' Thomlinson snared 1. Bowling into a stiff breeze Thommo clocked an average speed of 12.3km/hr as his hand grenades confused the Fairfield batsmen. After the match Thommo was heard to say, 'I don't think I've ever bowled slower than that, even in the under fives'.

(Sunny shows his fielding prowess at Beauchamp)

So at nine down, the match seemed like a mere formality. The lads were getting worked up, except for the perennial skipper David Gray who's comments included, 'everyone settle down', 'lets regain our composure' and of course, 'think about it'.

No doubt the skipper knew what was coming. The number 9 and 11 opened their shoulders, hitting and hoping'with surprising success. The spinners came in for a severe belting with one ball almost collecting the devious Buno's Holden Commodore.

With Tweety's heart rate rising about 200 and Mick Falk preparing to substitute field, even though no one was injured, it seemed that the game could slip away from the Stags. Enter BIC. With a subtle leg cutter that left the number 11 searching for the ball (BIC's recollection, not mine) Evan's claimed his Michelle Five-for and more importantly the 6 points. The team song was sung with gusto, and the dressing room floorboards were given a fair work-out. It must be noted here that Kenner will be attending choir practice this week after an unforgivable slip up which left conductor Knight dazed and confused.

A win against the competition leaders is always morale boosting, but as they say you haven't broken serve until you hold, and this will be the case against Wests this week'

The 5's must hold serve.

Full credit must be paid to Fairfield, who never gave up on the victory and fought all the way to try and grab the 6 points. It was refreshing to see such an aggressive attitude and it made for great cricket, on a day that promised so little.

Gordon may have claimed the 6 points but cricket was the winner.

Until next time'stay classy Chatswood.

Richie Kenner


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