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4th Grade Report vs Sydney - Round 4

fulton4th Grade perform well on docile new deck 

Was it worth it?

I can tell you that "yes it was".

And no I am not talking about Mitchell Kleem's 2nd publication in the Inside Cricket magazine. (This plug for Mitchell Kleem was not, I repeat not assisted by Mitchell Kleem or any Mitchell Kleem affiliates).

I am in fact talking about the 2nd weekend against the Sydney Tigers.

Let me lay the scene for you from the first week.

Timmy Fulton picks up 5-for - after running a half-marathon!

The Tigers ended the day at 7-279 off 83 overs. What the score doesn't tell you is that Adam Cubbage broke the pinky finger on his right hand (His bowling hand, amongst other things, returning the ball to the bowler!!) and that we were carrying an injured 1st grade bowler in Dylan Connell, so for 20 odd overs we had the evergreen James Catlin running around in the field, after borrowing Anthony Sherman's spare whites. Anthony was more than accomodating and happy to lend the set to Catts without hesitation.

Anyway back to the Saturday just passed. We arrived promptly at the ground to find that Cats had been replaced (probably by the selectors) by David Millar's father Tom. So we had our 11 and took the field keen to take the last 3 Tiger wickets quickly.

As it turned out we bowled 6 overs and took 2 wickets for 30 runs and thus the Tigers declared at 9-304, a gettable target, especially at Killara.

The highlight so far was the 2 wickets, which fell, both Tim Fulton. Tim had 3 from the previous week, thus giving him his first 5 wicket haul for the club, not a bad effort considering he started with the Stags at the start of last season.

shermanAnyway now it was our chance with the willow in hand. Mitchell Kleem fresh from a week off and with the 2nd interview under his belt as well as the unwavering support that he had received from Anthony Sherman from the previous weekend set about destroying the Sydney attack.

In short Mitchell Kleem (86) was the 4th wicket to fall right on tea to leave us teetering at 4-149 off 26.4 overs.

Sherman does what he does best - destroys the opposition bowlers

Then after tea Anthony Sherman, deciding that his good mate Mitch was not to get all of the glory, took the game by the scruff of the neck (no pun intended) and with Tjaard Tait demolished the attack. Anthony was out for 90 with 40 runs needed off about 25 overs. This was managed easily by David Millar and Tait (49).

A big thank you to James Catlin, Tom Millar and Dylan Connell. All 3 were somewhat instrumental in helping out 4th grade get there second win of the summer.

Congratulations to Harry Evans and Steve Colley in 2's for a magnificent partnership and to the rest of the club for getting up in all 5 grades.

I look forward to playing with the all the young boys again next weekend (Note: this comment could possibly be taken out of context, and now probably will be.)

The people's champion -Inzi.


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