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4th Grade Report vs St George - Round 1

Fourth Grade Report Round 1

The fourth grade season began with a lot of new faces in the team and expectations were high. We turned out to find a ground in beautiful condition and a rock hard pitch, it later became obvious St George had hired a team of mexican's to roll the pitch 24/7 though-out the winter. The toss was going to be important knowing that first use of this pitch would be the best time to bat, but Inzy lost his first toss as captain and we were asked to bowl.

(Harry Evans in action) 

The great man (Inzy) put us through our warm up's and inspired us with his first of many team chats, we all hung on his every word. The opening bowlers Kennedy and Amir showed good control and bowled tightly on an un-responsive pitch for no reward. It was Lee who picked up the first two wickets of the season with some smart bowling regularly varying his pace. The boys battled hard, fielded well and bowled good lines however the Saints maintained their wickets and built solid partnerships to finish 6-180.

We left the field confident of chasing the runs down besides we had the loaded gun bic in the sheds. Our run chase started terribly being 3-12 after 8 overs with balls regularly rolling. We never really got back into contention, there were some starts with Slocombe 30, Mayur 23 however more was needed from the top order. Harry Evans (no relation to Rob Evans) was keeping us in the game playing some quality shots and never looked troubled in difficult conditions. I'm sure much more will come from this exciting young talent and look forward to tracking his success.

(James Kennedy in action)

Unfortunately the boys fell 12 runs short with four balls remaining ( bic was firing blanks today). The top order must learn valuable lessons from this and ensure wickets are hard earnt all year. To be successful and have premiership aspirations the top six must get 200-250 week in week out.

I look forward to getting to know the new boys and hopefully the team will gel better in up coming weeks. I'll never tire of the Great man's charisma and seemingly endless supply of cricket knowledge, but I do miss the quality and sometimes non-repeatable humour and general chat Dave Story can bring to a dressing room. Stores if you ever get unleashed from the miss's ( not Missy, as much as he may wish ) it'll be great to have you playing and educating or corrupting a new generation of young cricketers.

Well done to 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade and all who performed well and 4th grade boys let pull our finger out and do the job next week-end, everyone should be striving to turn this season into something special!

Yours faithfully

Stuart Slocombe (Choppy)

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