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4th Grade Report vs Penrith - Round 9

4th Grade' According to Mitch

I managed to to get hold of Mike Weaver on Friday evening to arrange a lift to Cook Oval. At 6am my alarm goes off and I struggle to get out of bed. Must be the muggy weather of recent time. Although in a slight rush I manage to stop off at the local bakery and collect an assortment of wholemeal bread rolls which was to provide sufficient carbohydrate nourishment for the long day ahead.

Blake ensuring his chargers are well hydrated

I arrive at Weaves place and the lazy sod is still in bed. I remind him of our obligations to arrive punctual and eventually we get on Parramatta Road. Kleem is dissatisfied with Weaves alternative selection of music and decides to make the change from triple j to triple m. Weave manages to proceed between the white lines which gives Kleem confidence to observe the tags and graffiti scrawled along Parramatta Road.

Onto the M4 and along came the Mamre Road exit and we get to the ground. However, the interesting thing is there is no driveway leading to the ground. Instead you must proceed over the kerb. Surely the local council could look into providing the ground with this additional amenity as Weaves was very concerned with damaging his vehicle. There is no way B-Mac would get his bomb over it.

With a number of new players selected, due to unavailability, this day would prove to be a real test of character for those involved. John Blake was made captain and handled himself very well. He was very diplomatic and happy to listen to other people's opinions.

Weaves and young Colley were listed to open. Colley was unlucky and tried to flick one off his legs which went sky high to mid on and the catch was taken. Colley out for a globe.

Due to the festive season Kleem went about his merry way and proceeded to hit successive boundaries while Weaver provided a solid platform at the other end. Kleem dispatched strokes through the covers, off his legs, on and off drives, Late cuts and pulls until he was dismissed a little after the drinks break for 69 trying to flick one off his legs over fine leg.

Kleem going about 'his merry way'

Weaves at the other end managed to play some impressive strokes including a glorious off drive to the boundary and couple of pulls. He was finally dismissed for 36 trying to lift the run rate. Mike always has the team's best interest at heart.

Stuart Slocombe managed to play the stroke of the day a smashing back foot cut through point for 4. He was finally dismissed for 28. Stuart is due for a big one but in the meantime he manages to peel off 20's, 30's and 40's in good fashion.

John Blake was able to compile a useful innings of 52 while Richtor, Lawry, Lee and Mahaffey all departed cheaply. One of the stars was Emile Van Kwik (Schalkwyk) who smoked 30 odd to take the score to a respectable 245 off 59 overs.

We all knew early wickets would be the key. Chris Lee was almost unplayable, bowling deliveries which off a length seared past the batsmen's head. Unfortunately the opening batsman who scored seventy was dropped in slips early in his innings which would prove costly - but hey these things happen. Emile Van Kwik was very impressive taking 3 wickets. John Blake managed a great caught and bowled chance and got an lbw when the batsmen was hit on the full. Elliott Richtor was unlucky not to collect a wicket bowling a yorker which hit the batsmen's toe on the full. It's never easy explaining or writing about a loss as the memories begin to arise.

Weaver dispatches one to the square leg fence

In hindsight there were a few chances which should have been taken. In previous matches that I have played at Gordon we usually get over them and bowl the batsmen out but we paid dearly this time. I know myself have become quite conscious this season of making an effort at training in the field. Mick Falk is only too happy to assist in giving hundreds of catches. When you think about it, catching is a difficult art. You are trying to get a tiny round red thing stuck between your hands. The application requires constant repetition and confidence. If you make an effort during the week you can be satisfied knowing you tried your best and that's all your team mates can ask. There is enough serious talent at this club that things will start going your way and catches will stick.

Merry Christmas and have a fabulous New Year

Mitch Kleem


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