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4th Grade Report vs Hawkesbury - Round 4

4th Grade Report Day vs Hawkesbury

Week 1 of Round 4 and the second home game of the year on what was a scorching October day. Great relief by all that we weren't out at Woop Woop somewhere in 40 degree heat surrounded by swarms of flies but rather, we were enjoying the temperate climate of Chatswood, a mild 35 degrees and the unmistakable smell of fried rice wafting across the ground.

(The judge is back - Adair Jurie)

The day began on an excellent note when captain Iqbal, who seems to have recovered from his career threatening bruised pinkie, decided that in this sort of heat, we wouldn't be doing any sprinting. It then got even better when he had the difficult task of deciding whether to bat or bowl after winning the toss on what appeared to be the Pacific Highway masquerading as a cricket pitch.

New faces joined the team this week as Mitchell Kleem came down to strengthen our batting line up, Dan Richtor returned from injury, Umayr Amir came along to let rip at some young fourth grade batsmen and Adair 'Judge' Durie made a welcome return to the Stags after a long absence.

(Umayr Amir in action)

The new opening pair of Kleem and Stuart 'Choppy' Slocombe set out to build a strong foundation in the mid-day heat. It was Choppy who was first to melt when he held out to deep mid wicket off a low full toss for 18. Mind you, the score was 1/80. Despite the loss of Choppy, Kleem (60 odd) continued on his merry way thrashing boundaries to every corner of Chatswood Oval including over the top of the grandstand. Matt 'The Peace' Makepeace joined Kleem in the clean hitting, but was undone by a well-flighted full toss, to which he advanced down the pitch and attempted a baseball style home run only to top edge to point [24]. It was a disappointing end to what was looking a very fine innings.

As the runs flowed, Mitch got closer and closer to his century but on 98, fell to the Hawks off spinner when he tried to cut behind point to bring up his ton managing only to edge it into the waiting keeper's gloves. A special mention must go to Mitch, as there had been some talk, that he was a bit of a spinner's bunny. However, he batted brilliantly against the two spinners and was unlucky to be dismissed so agonisingly short of what would have been a well deserved century.

This brought together Keiran Jones and Dan Richtor. Both batted beautifully and each of them made a well compiled half century. Some clean hitting from the in form Jones and some well timed drives from Richtor but a mix up between wickets found both Jones and Rictor occupying the same end of the pitch and someone had to go. Richtor had turned back when he'd heard a call of 'wait' from one of the Hawks fielders while Jones had taken off for a sharp single. Jones was declared run out for 59. After the days play, the Hawks captain came into the Stag's shed and asked who had run out Jones. Richtor slowly raised his hand and the Hawks captain declared he owed him a case as he didn't think they would ever get the prized wicket of Jones.

(Dan Richtor)

In the space of an over, Richtor found himself trapped in front for a well made 54. The fall of his wicket brought the two spinners together. With Iqbal not having facing a ball as yet, he advised Cubbage to just play straight and have a look at what was happening. An over later and Inzy was trapped in front of all three pegs for 0, playing across the line to a top spinner from the Hawks captain. Lass strolled out to the crease half asleep. Only just been woken up from his afternoon nap with Umayr. Both had been fast asleep on the couches that were out on the new balcony. It wasn't long until Lass shuffled too far across the crease to be bowled around the legs by the 1st change bowler.

The Stags had gone from 3/250 to 7/260 in the space of 3 overs.

The duo of Cubbage and Kennedy were together again, and after a quick discussion about the upcoming HSC and how much study had been undertaken, they set about rectifying the situation. After a few good drives and cheeky singles, Cubbage was stumped for 27 trying to heave a leg side ball from the off spinner over the backward square boundary. Kennedy and Umar scratched around for some singles and following a sledge from Tids and a call over the loud speakers for the batsmen to tee off at the first hole, Kennedy and Umar started to have some fun. Umar was well caught on the deep mid-wicket boundary which brought the Judge to the crease. It only lasted 3 balls however as he and Kennedy both found them selves in the middle of the pitch yelling yes! yes! Wait'.. No!

It was an ordinary finish to a Stags innings that started so well with Mitch's quick fire 98 and Jones and Richtor's partnership in the middle order. The Stags were all out for 314. This then gave the stags the opportunity to have a quick 8 overs at the Hawks openers.

'The Judge' and Umayr opened with the new rock. Both bowled well but it was Adair who claimed the only wicket to fall. The Hawk's opener, who had taken an instant dislike to Cubbage in undertaking the duties of close in fieldsman, slashed at a wide one only to under edge it to the keeper who took a smart catch.

The bottom line for the Stags is that we have the runs on the board. Good luck to all the grades next week. Hopefully all 6 grades can get up.

Until the next week

'Anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of'

Cubbage Wilson


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