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4th Grade Report vs Fairfield - Round 5

Fourth Grade report vs Fairfield

After 4ths first victory for the season, it was out to Fairfield to try and set ourselves up to make it two wins on the trot.

(Mitchell Kleem in action) 

The day started off well with every one arriving on time, except Kleem and Plummer (who is up for the injured Kennedy). Both excuses were of high quality, but Kleem's 'I got a flat on the M5' was the pick of the two. Plums, not be out done, told us how he got home at 5:30 that morning, he continued on to tells us why'''''.

To cut a 3-hour story into a short paragraph, he moved on from the Cargo Bar with a few numbers and a female under his arm. As he headed off to this young lady's home for a cuppa and to his surprise, discovered she lived with a group of nuns. As to what happened next, I will let Plums fill in the missing details if he so desires but he left her place in Randwick at around 4:30am filled with goodwill towards mankind.

Anyway, back to the cricket.

The deck seemed to be hard and had a healthy covering of grass. The coin fell Iqbal's way and the Stags found themselves batting. Again, a new opening pair of Stuey Slocombe and Steve Colley, who received a promotion due to his good form in fives. This move to have Colley open was due to Kleem arriving about 11 overs into the game at which time, he asked Iqbal if he could still open.

(Steve Colley in action) 

Steve was first to fall, trapped in front for 5. This young man shows great potential and he was not fazed by the daunting task of opening. Makepeace went in at 3 and joined Choppy. But the partnership was short lived when Stuey chased a wide one to be caught behind for 13. Jones came and went. On the back of some sparkling form, he was only able to last 3 balls and chipped a half volley on his legs straight to square leg. The newly appointed PG's captain and Dan 'tips' Richtor came together for a 79 run partnership and an extra 25 fantasy points each.

While Richtor and Makepeace were fighting it out in the middle, Plummer and Iqbal were arguing over a myriad of topics after which, a few beers at the Greengate and an exam or two, has still left me wondering what the hell they were on about. But throughout these friendly discussions, I was advised to take note of juicy quotes from either Kleem or Plummer. Kleem was at his usual best and came out with this one as he lit up. 'Don't you just love the smell of smoke? It's just like going to the petrol station and sniffing the petrol'.

After the departure of Richtor Kleem joined 'The Peace' and to the delight of the Fairfield boys creamed a drive straight back down the pitch which the bowler got a touch to. Makepeace stranded a few steps down the pitch for a superb 92. He had shown us just about every shot from the book plus a few never recorded and had blasted the bowlers all around Fairfield oval.

(The peace is back to form)

Iqbal and Kleem continued on with Kleem once again in great touch scoring freely. On the other hand, Iqbal decided to take up Dave Michael's batting style of noodle and run, noodle and run until what could be described as a 'WOW' moment when the fielder at fine leg took a Ricky Pointing style, one handed catch, when he dived full length to snare the ball millimetres from the ground. Iqbal's innings of 13 came to a sudden end. Cubbage joined Kleem at the crease and put on a 50 run partnership. Kleem kept the bowlers guessing as he flicked and pulled balls from out side off stump to the mid-wicket and square leg boundaries. It was only when he tried to flay one over cover that he was caught behind for 64. Lass came to the crease and stayed for a while. But as we decided to up the run rate a bit, he was caught at mid-wicket attempting a Steve Waugh slog sweep that didn't get above waist height. He was out for 5.

Lee joined Cubbage me at crease the partnership ended with Cubbage out LBW for 43. Lee continued on with some solid blows and Plummer was able to chip in with a solid 1 when he was caught and bowled.

307 was a good score on what was quickly becoming a slow and low wicket, and should prove difficult for the Fairfield boys to chase providing we bowl well.

Until next week

'Anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of'

Cubbage Wilson


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