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4th Grade Report Round 8 Day 1

4th Grade Report vs St. George Day 1

The 4th graders were greeted on Saturday morning with an abundance of sunlight, and inconsequential cloud cover. The square was a little damp due to the tempest the night before. The covers had done a good enough job to make sure the game began on time. Brandy lost the toss, and Gordon were to be sentenced to a day in the field. Although the way we started, it appeared we would be batting by the first drinks break.

(Looks good Higgo, maybe you need to get your hands closer to the stumps next time!)

Josh 'Bling-Bling' Ling opened up and there was fear and loathing in Chatswood from ball one. Blinger bowled with fantastic control and tremendous shape. A pleasure to watch from behind the wicket, unfortunately the paparazzi were too busy circling the airport looking for prize shots of his girlfriend, Ashley Simpson, arriving from Orlando next week, and consequently could not capture 'Bling-a-Ling' in fine form.

In his second over, the third of the day, he caught the outside edge and was caught comfortably by Galapagos at first grip. Three balls later, in the same over, he caught the glove of the number 3 and was caught behind. The score stood at 2-6 after 3 overs, and we were looking to go on the offensive with a hard ball and a wet wicket.

Richie Paul at the other end found it a little difficult early, running into a strong cold front and was not able to build enough pressure to snare any cheeky poles. At the other end however, Blinger was bowling a superb line and length, constantly asking the batsmen questions. In his third over, he made the opener push at a wide ball and a sharp chance was grassed at short cover. He went on to score a hundred.

This leads me to Fitzpatrick. Fitzy as he is commonly known by his'associates is arguably the most annoying man registered at Gordon cricket.

You can give me all the names you want, I'll take all of them if only to get away from Fitzy. He is constantly attempting in vein to push Higgins over, or whoever gets in his way. Worst of all, he comments on a regular basis on Higgins' hair.

Unbelievable. Fitzpatrick. Hair!

If anyone can recall as far back as the beginning of the season, Fitzy was fashioning possibly the worst haircut/style in world sport. The Kevin Peterson. It resembles a skunk who as been misplaced in Vaucluse.

Back out in the middle, the 4th graders struggled to break through for the next application, and waited patiently for a loose ball, which rarely came.

Daniel 'McHaffey Meal' Mahaffey toiled hard all day with late success, eventually capturing the wicket of the centurion, held on by Richie Paul at deep, deep, deep, long mid-wicket.

Rob Evans came on for a sly 5 over spell, and bowled well. Not to the surprise of anyone in the B.I.C. fan club. He caught the edge on two occasions, falling either short or wide of the slips.

(Richie Paul on Saturday)

The peoples champion, Iqbal Ahmed, would be the first to admit he has bowled better in his time, but never the less could have easily had 4 wickets. On three separate occasions balls missed the off stump by literally millimetres. To rub insult to injury, 2 balls were skied and teased the fieldsman, only for them to fall agonisingly out of reach.

The partnership between the opener and their number 4 was finally broken by a sharp bit of work in the field by Jack 'Rabbits' Rabone, who ran hard all day to his credit.

The score rolled from 50 to 100 to 200, and before no time the score had rolled onto 5-280 at the close of play.

Icky, finally found some luck and found the edge to be well held by the Galapagos Islands at first grip. It should also be noted that Richie Paul came back and bowled a much improved second spell with the breeze at his back, and a big effort was put in by R.P.

(Rob Evans at Beauchamp)

It was a tough day for the lads. But for the love of cricket, give the 4th grade team some luck, give us something, anything. Every team feels unlucky at times, with edges going wide, and LB shouts being turned down, and losing the toss etc. But everything seems to be going wrong for the 4th grade team, every week, and nobody can fault the talent or the effort being put in week in week out. We are probably the only team in Sydney this year to be washed out 3 times. And this is only the beginning of our worries.

But all of this aside, we will be fired up for a massive run chase next week. We've got nothing to lose.

See you all at training.



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