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3rd Grade vs Blacktown - Round 10 - 2012/13

Adair1st game back after Xmas and the forecast was for a stinker! Not ideal. It could have been worse I suppose. We could have been playing away.

Anyway….it was not as hot as was forecast. The day started well on the sight of the covers being used to protect the wicket overnight laid out in a less orthodox manner than we are used to (well done 5th grade). 

This lowly website editor learned a great deal from Adair this day... far too much to put in just one caption. 

This process is always a chore, but it was a good lesson for some players who had endured this task under the Lin/Sherman regime on how best to manage these monstrosities. 

The wicket looked good, which can be explained by the fact it was prepared for Tuesday but not used and, as a consequence, we had the most prepared wicket at Killara in years. 

The same cannot be said about the outfield. It is pretty average and resembled the oval’s primary use as a dog exercise area. Unfortunately, due to the heat, there were numerous dog droppings around the ground which would normally be picked up by our diligent manager. No surprise Missy and Taity didn’t dive too much on this given day.

Gordon won the toss and, on the advice/request of our most experienced quick Durie, we decided to bowl in humid and overcast conditions. Not so sure another experienced player in Livermore was too pleased about this, but Adair proved again his opinion at times needs to be ignored as he proceeded to take none for off 60 odd rocks. 

However, we did manage to bowl and field well in the initial overs, which can be attributed to good straight bowling from Durie and Stickland. 


With the pressure building, wickets started to fall and at 7/140 it looked like we could be chasing no more than 170. Unfortunately, an ex Gordon player had other ideas and ensured the Warriors reached a very competitive 219 after their allocated overs. 

Atkinson, who after the match was reported to say "the only reason I made runs today was 'cos that bloke kept bringing out my towel... even when I didn't want it" 

Gordon did not start well, losing Livermore and Tait in the first 5 overs. A good partnership between Higgins and Atkinson saw the chase back on track. However, as was the case with most of the innings when a good partnership was building, we lost a wicket and our pursuit was further made difficult by some good bowling. The difference ended up being Mark Atkinson. 

Atko held the innings together whilst others fell around him. He kept the score ticking over and late cameos from Howitt & Perry allowed the target to be reached inside the 2nd last over. The winning runs were struck by Durie which was a nice touch given the family had arrived at Killara to ensure he got home safely after it was known he had brought 15 bottles of wine to the game to taste test.

The win sees 3rd grade remain in 3rd place with every game important from here on in. We bowled and fielded well, but our batting is not up to the standard it should be. Too many players were bowled and there were too many small starts which made life difficult in our run chase.

SticklandWell done to Senior who had to score with Taity for most of our innings. At one stage I heard Taity say he had missed 4 balls in that over.

Thank you to Adair for his astute management of drinks and to the band of parents who kept the other grades scores posted and our scoreboard updated in the closing overs.

Yes, Dan Stickland, a solid performance from this young lad in the higher grades 

And finally, the following items of interest arose from just one day at Killara Oval:

  • Will Phillips is much better with the opposite gender than Jack Richardson. It has been suggested Richo chat with BMac to learn, quite simply, how to chat to ladies whilst on the circuit. Furthermore, Will has moved into the Smith residence and I have been advised he has yet to clean the Merc or house!
  • Tjaard Tait had a good time in Bali. What goes on tour stays on tour!
  • Atko thinks he is some kind of champagne connoisseur and showed admiration for Reg's likeness to Mike Jagger.
  • Atko, I think, may have finally learnt the words to the song!
  • Dan Stickland has an English accent.
  • Ed Howitt (Snr) does not pick up dog poo if over 30 degrees and would prefer not to score with Taity.
  • Ed Howitt (Snr) brings his own special drink to the game because the cordial is not good enough for him.
  • 4th grade have no idea how to put covers on a trolley.
  • Adair's family love him very much and seemed proud that he broke his record for total number of wine bottles produced for the after match experience.
  • Adair coming to cricket is not day care for GDCC 3rd grade.
  • If enough work goes into a wicket, it can be very good!! If enough dogs control a park, they can ruin it!
  • Matt Kelly’s 3rd grade run scoring record is in serious jeopardy.
  • Ed HowittTiddles has dinner with the president frequently and at the same place. I suspect diners, who are none the wiser, may think they are an item, especially if Tiddles wears his peach T-shirt (Tids…payback for your picture of me being cleaned up).

It's only fair the previous comment and this photo go along side each other 
  • Tiddles never wears a hat.
  • Reg took a catch!
  • Borgy pulled up a chair right in front of the shower, out of the view of the captain and too close to Reg. This will not happen again!! The captain must see everyone.
  • Max Newman does not sit where all keepers should sit in the dressing room (in the corner).
  • Taity had no room on his couch. Mick Perry decided it was a two seater.
  • Howitt can still wrench balls from outside off to behind square. Atko advised him, mid pitch, these shots were not in the MCC coaching manual.
  • Missy is a very good fielder and will bowl an over before the season ends ( after Max Newman).
  • Borgy needs to pitch the ball up in the last over of a one dayer.
  • AdairMick Perry enlightened our younger players on how ping pong balls could be used in Asian countries. One particular player was quite surprised and googled this phenomenon. Riverview may not be the same.

Adair Durie, looking more at home with the ball in hand than the bat in the previous snap 
  • Vaughan Richtor is happy Els has moved out as his dogs can now have his bed and use the pool without distraction!
  • The “NO mobile phones during play” rule will be re-inforced. Adair…..did you hear that?
  • Killara Oval was once a venue for bare knuckle fighting, known as “Binghams Ring”.(refer plaque in north western side of ground)
  • And…ex GDCC player Stuart Slocombe makes Perry and Howitt look like greyhounds! He did however score double the amount of runs that Perry and Howitt accumulated together.




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