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3rd Grade vs Bankstown - Round 13 - 2015/16

The performance of the Gordon Cricket 3rd Grade side was less than acceptable at the weekend. In fact one player after the match was heard saying “I feel like I’ve been interfered with…”

Both sides were greeted with overcast conditions. Our Captain Missy thought the pitch, was a little cold and decided to have a bowl.

Will Calov took the early breakthrough... and left others in particular discomfort 

The opposition had a number of very experienced players, who we are told only started playing since Christmas. That included Darren Etteridge and Chris Gane and a couple of other veterans.

From my eyes this wasn’t reflective of a side coming second last on the table

Will Calov made an early breakthrough and hit a couple of the Bankstown bats in the groin region. On both occasions play was stopped due to the severity of the blows

Paddy Effeney continues to give his lionhearted efforts 

There were a couple of spells of bowling that the skip wasn’t too happy about , but we managed to claw things back to 4/88 and then roll the dogs for about 160. Jono New ended with 3/41 and Scott O’Brien 2/35.

The side was optimistic of chasing the total down and were keen not to leave things for the tail like previous weeks. However this was not to be, with one batsman falling one after the other.

We were dismissed for the paltry score of 60 with only two batsman making it into double figures which is very disappointing.

Jono New and Scott O'Brien make indents in the Bankstown side 

Full credit must go to the Bankstown side who’s bowlers bowled straight lines and made the batsman play.

Our side is currently sitting in 11th on the table, just six points out of the top six with two matches remaining. We will have to win both and a few sides ahead of us lose a game or two.

The boys were in a particularly good mood after their performance with the ball 

Apologies for the shortness of this report, but there really isn’t much to report about on this game. However congratulations must go to the other grades who have found some late form in the season.

Mitchell Kleem


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