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3rd Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 7 (Day 1)

Third grade report v Parramatta day 1

Merrylands, it sounds much further away than it actually is. Which is lucky as the captain refused to leave his humble abode without his morning carb hit of pasta mixed with the previous night's Mexican meat mix.

(Elliot Richtor in action against Parra)

Twenty minutes later a desperate call from Garratt 'are you still picking me up? You said yesterday in your email that you would pick me up, bit you're not here yet!' Again twenty minutes later and team strike force had arrived much to the relief of the waiting Holmes, Archer and Lee who at one stage thought it might be eleven on three.

El Capitano Kelly lost the toss and the thirds were bowling. The deck was flat and hard and the boundary towards the grandstand was short. The openers struggled with no balls and rhythm early and Parramatta capitalised racing out to 0-70 from the first ten.

Richtor was called upon to slam on the brakes very similar in fact to the breaks he was slammin' to on Thursday night. The missus was in bed sick so Els got involved on a boy's night out. So involved in fact that he booted mid step in the middle of the df at one of North Sydney's most popular hangouts. Ever the stylist he insists that not a step was missed and he avoided the tap on the shoulder from the boys in black.

Els (3-15 from 8) grabbed the first wicket, the more aggressive of the two openers bowled after a deflection off the pad then his glove the, ball hitting the stump with just enough force to dislodge a solitary bail. Els also grabbed the next two wickets both cleaned bowled. He was accurate to the point of precision but then sprayed them like his third double JD and coke on Thursday, keeper Higgins less than impressed with the twelve or so byes down leg side.

(The miserly Anthony Sherman against Parra)

The germinator then stepped up to the crease and while bowling in tandem with Archie managed to remove four of the Parramatta batsmen finishing with the miserly figures of 4-36 from 17 overs. Archie (2-88 from 24) was toiling away at the other end all the while and was rewarded with two wickets after taking some stick early on.

One of the dismissals was a regulation catch at deep mid off. Garratt at deep mid on saw Lee wasn't interested and ran around then in and at the last minute threw his hands in the air and managed to pull the ball in. A great catch but there are some questions as to the efficiency of BG's depth perception.

Garratt then finished off the innings with a classy runout assist, succeeding where Michael had failed earlier in the arduous task of returning the ball to Higgins at the keepers end.

(Chris Archer at Merrylands)

A good fight back from the thirds led by Els, Archie and the germinator had contained Parramatta to a total of 236 including a staggering 44 extras. With Kelly unable to open after being belted on the point of the knee off an Archie full bunger the dream team of Garratt and Sherman was reunited at the top of the order.

With ten overs to play in the day the boys were looking merely to finish the day none down and launch an assault on the total next week. BG after learning that second grade had batted and he faced the possibility of two straight weeks in the field wasn't going to miss out on the chance to capitalise on his recent good form.

22 balls later and after two consecutive sixes over the cover boundary, one bouncing off the bike track and onto the roof, the other just going a bloody long way BG brought up his fifty. Unfortunately two wickets did fall late with Sherman and Hosking both being adjudged LBW.

The day finished with the stags at 2-71 in response to Parramatta's 236. A concerted effort from the boys this week should see the six points come down old Chatswood way.

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