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3rd Grade Report vs Mosman - Round 12

3rd Grade Report Vs Mosman

A big game for the third XI. Mosman on the fringes of the top six looking to make an impression and the Stags looking to back up from a loss the previous week to Easts.

Captain Kelly stressed the importance of keeping in the habit of winning. And win they did! It is unclear who won the toss but the Whales were batting. A slow start would have been slower if not for the assistance of the second top scorer Sundries who has hit a rich vein of form over the past few weeks and will no doubt feature in the team talks come finals time.

Adair Durie in action

Durie struck first with what was a magic delivery. Bowling over the wicket to one of the nine left-handers in the Whales line-up the ball hooped in and hit the top of off stump with the batsmen offering no shot. Next ball Durie struck again the number three going back to a length ball and being adjudged LBW.

A good piece of fielding and some terrible running saw the next dismissal. The ball went through the vacant cover region with Archie in pursuit from point; he reached the ball turned and threw to the bowler responding to Garratt's fervent cries. The runout was completed quite easily as it turned out the batsman had snapped his achillies. James Hosking was particularly aggrieved at the news after earlier informing the batsman that 'you don't get a runner for a broken heart'.

A partnership developed prior to the introduction of Elliot 'Emo' Richtor and Ling. This pairing changed the game quite dramatically as they bowled with great discipline. Emo tying up one end with his miserly medium paced noodles (1-19 from 8) and Ling (3-21 off 9) striking regularly to make short work of the Whales middle order.

Durie was reintroduced to the attack and picked up the wicket of the resilient opener. It was not what you would call an ordinary dismissal. Not by a long way. Durie pitched it short, the batman leaped up and back and looked to struggle with the pace as the ball cannoned straight into the ground then ballooned up behind him.

From the author's vantage point at square leg the ball looked set to land right on the bails. The batsmen assumed as much and in an attempt to get in the way of the ball extended a glove before realising that this would lead to his demise anyway and retracting it. Then it happened, it must have been some sort of brain explosion because he lashed out at the ball with his foot and only succeeded in making a mess of his off stump.

Holmes replaced Durie and was rewarded with a wicket holding on to a return catch. Archie was dotting it up from the other end as usual and he too was rewarded for his efforts claiming the final wicket with a ball that looked like clearing mid-on until it was realised that Josh Ling was in that position. Dinga did well to get down to it, taking it comfortably around his waist.

The successful opening combination, or the coast connection if you will, of Garratt and Makepeace was reunited with Kelly desperate for red ink to take his average above that of Hosking.

No red ink for Garratt but did he impress his (much) better half?

A steady start was interrupted when Garratt, seemingly caught in two minds, slapped one to mid off. The general consensus was that he was trying to convince his much better half in the crowd that he was a legitimate batsman, apparently the jury is still out (NB: Ben Garratt will be writing next week's report after shirking this week's editorial duties)

Hosking joined Makepeace and the two moved things along nicely until Hosking was adjudged LBW for 38. Kelly joined Makepeace with the intention of reaching the required 123 in less than 25 overs so as to assure the much-coveted double bonus point.

Makepeace fell twenty or so short of the total and Kelly who by now was off the mark and a few clean (and not so clean) hits into his 19* was joined by Richtor. Judgie was in quite a mood, unsure as to Kelly's plans regarding said double bonus point, was counting down the balls remaining on the scoreboard. A few more clean hits and the win was achieved two balls shy of the twenty-five over mark. Eight points.

The third XI is back on track and looking forward to this weeks clash with Bankstwown.

Dave Michael


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