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3rd Grade Report Round 9

3rd Grade Report vs Campbelltown 

Campbelltown all out 244, Gordon all out 193

Well, it turns out we didn't take the six points. Campbelltown took seven.

(Elliot Richtor at Beauchamp on Saturday)

Campbelltown won the toss and chose to bat, and lost a wicket to Holmes in the first over, with Goldsmith taking a catch of very rare quality at second slip. However at 2/124 after 18 overs they were moving along pretty well. The fact that we restricted them to 244 from that position is a credit to all the guys, and particularly Danny Redrup who dismissed both of their most dangerous batsmen with some tidy work with the ball and in the field. Adam Cubbage and Elliot Richtor also deserve a mention for the way they bowled, particularly given that they were both making their debut in 3rd grade.

A chase of 245 to win should have been well within our reach at Beauchamp, but unfortunately we were never quite in the running, eventually finishing well short.

From our point of view, though, the day belonged to Elliot Richtor, for whom Saturday was a very special day ' his 18th birthday. Goldsmith was delighted to learn of this occasion, and made the early prediction that Elliot would be driving the porcelain bus for the first time as an 18-year-old at about 11pm. Elliot starred with the bat, looking like he could win us the game if only someone could play the support role he needed. Sadly he was out for 74, but he was dismissed not so much by the ball that took his off stump, but by the previous ball, which took middle.

(Danny Redrup against Campbelltown)

Elliot at first looked to have survived the blow all right, but ' inevitably ' seconds later he was in serious discomfort. Having taken a minute or so to compose himself he was immediately dismissed, but judging by the way his eyes were rolled back in their sockets as he left the field he probably should have stayed down. The game was quickly finished, and Elliot was placed in the tender care of Dean Goldsmith, who handed him a bucket of beer. Having gulped down a good deal of the VB/Extra Dry blend, Elliot looked even more uncomfortable, but the result was still perhaps a little surprising ' Goldy's early prediction proved to be well off the mark, and the recorded time (thanks to Dan Richtor) was 6:12pm.

I hope everyone enjoys some time off over the next couple of weeks ' see you in the new year.

Mark Wiese


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