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2nd Grade vs Manly - Round 8 - 2015/16

Rocking up to another Chatswood flatty, the 2nd Grade side were in search for a win before the Christmas break after an outright loss to Penrith in the previous round.

Captain Cubbage was confident in the side bowling first as 2nd Grade's track record of chasing down totals at Chatswood is outstanding; in saying this we won the toss and sent the Manly side into bat. 

Anand Verma, known for his actions off the field as well. You must read below. 

After a positive warm up in the heat and a few wise words of wisdom from the warmly welcomed Axel Cahlin, the boys were ready to come out firing. 

After a consistent opening spell from Jack Skilbeck and Chris Bateup the Manly batsmen had seemed to set themselves in, well at least one of them. First change bowler Tim Ferrero picked up the wicket of a streaky opening batsmen with a genuine half volley spooned to cover for simple catch. 

When the ‘disease’ of a left hander walked to the crease, Ferrero along with the rest of the side did not want this bloke to hang around so Tim decided hoop one into his pads and dismiss him for 0 after 3 balls, leaving the visitors at 2-63. A collapse was on the cards but close chances didn’t go our way with Reagan Klemt bowling an elegant spell of consistency and patience doing his best to make the break through. 

Jack Skilbeck provides a consistent opening spell, before cleaning up the tail 

As the pitch and players roasted in the heat, pace bowling began to be no good so Cubby bought upon himself and Anand Verma to see how the spin would prove. It proved to be the right call with Anand taking the vital wicket of the Manly opener early in his spell proving that dot balls and high intensity in the field brings wickets. Cubby wasn't far behind snagging the next wicket, with a sharp catch by Anand leaving the visitors at 4-116. 

As another small partnership began to build the spin proved to be the right call with Cubby again taking another wicket. From here the Manly side began to throw their wickets away with poor shot selection as Skilbeck and Bateup easily cleaned up the bottom order for a tidy 185.

In the lunch break the 2nd Grade side were introduced to an interesting character who was known as “Mark’s Brother?” The boys thought nothing of it as he looked more harmed than harmless. 

Ferrero dismissed the left-hander cheaply and continued to apply pressure 

He worked his way to all corners of the change room whether it be the showers or behind the mini fridge, then helping himself to some of Anand’s mothers lovely food that she had whipped up for the boys. 

One corner that he then regretted moving to was the corner that Chris Bateup was sitting in. As he parked up right next to the door, perfect for his getaway, he glanced down into Chris’ bag seeing a nice mobile device sitting right on top of the bag, so he decides to lean down and pick it up. Before old mate had the chance to have a good look at it, Chris gave him a few words… and that was the end of that bloke, until later on in our batting innings of course.

As Cameron New and Steve Bristow walked to the middle in the hottest part of the day, their intent was good as they put on a gritty 35 run opening stand before Cameron was dismissed for his final grade game this season before he leaves to Rome to pursue his dream career.

This bought Axel to the crease. Yes. However, the excitement felt by the boys of having Axel at the crease was short lived when Bristow was bowled to a good length ball. Chris Spratt and Max Papworth were the next 2 batsmen in, both looking to play positively but fell to good Manly bowling.

It's almost not a proper 2nd Grade report without a photo of Axel Cahlin 

At 4-104 Reagan came in looking to steady the ship along side Axel. They both worked the ball incredibly well rotating strike on the good balls and dispatching the bad ones. Axel was dismissed for a hard earned 44 as he did his very best to bring us back towards the end of the innings leaving the Stags at 5-127. 

It was at this time in which Tiddles asked the question that no one would ever refuse, that being if anyone from our top 5 would like to go help out fielding for 5th Grade across at Beauchamp Park. Chris Spratt being Tiddles target, jumped on the offer with great excitement (as you could imagine) and was on his way! Another reason to stay at the crease. Or be a bowler.

Although Axel's dismissal bought stress to the Stags, it also bought our best mate ‘Mark’s brother’ back to the oval but this time he was caught scavenging through the vacant Manly change rooms while they were on the field. 

Bateup and Verma took it into there own hands to kick old mate off the field but some unnecessary backchat from the Manly players on the field sparked the intelligent brain of Mark’s brother, which made him throw a glass bottle into the fence, shattering glass along the boundary line. The 15 minute delay was over as our dear friend left the oval ‘calmly’ in the grasps of Tim Cubbage and we continued our attempt to chase down Manly’s total. 

Manly re-introduced their opening bowler, who had more of a slinging type action to say the least, and was brutal in knocking over our bottom order. By bringing the ball from right behind his back, afternoon sun and deteriorating pitch, the ability to pick up the lengths of the balls was proving difficult as our final 6 wickets fell for just 12 runs, falling 47 runs short of the required total.

A disappointing way to finish 2015 for 2nd Grade but a break may do us the world of good as we will come back fighting in the first round of 2016 more determined for the win we deserve to have.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Tim Ferrero


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