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2nd Grade Report vs UTS Balmain - Round 2

Second Grade Report vs UTS Balmain

Coming off a convincing win in the 1st round of season 2006/07, the B Stag's arrived at the picturesque Drummoyne Oval eager to back up their solid start to the season. The Stag's would be without their courageous captain who retired hurt for the match, and his prot'g' Hosking whose excuse for missing the match revolved around an anniversary with a lucky young lady. Pre-game discussions among the ranks couldn't decide whether this excuse was worse than the actual reason for his omission, but all agreed that he'd have plenty of time to think about it next week in 5's.

(Brad Rasool shows his keeping skills)

After a dominant performance in the warm-up, stand in skipper Reginald won the toss and the Stag's would bat. On what looked a great batting wicket, the skipper stressed the importance of approaching the game an hour at a time, with an emphasis on batting all day to ensure that the guys in the sheds could watch the Swans go round later in the day. However, a lack of patience mixed with poor shot selection meant that the Stag's innings didn't extend to the first bounce at the MCG, a bitterly disappointing result for the side.

The innings got off to a slow and steady start, with honest contributions from Uncle 'Tell us a story' Livermore (32), Rod 'Rocket, yeah!' Hokin (46), and Reece 'desperately in need of a hair cut' Bombas (35) getting us to lunch 3 down for around 90 ' probably fair to say that we were just a bit off the pace at this stage' the next session would be vital. And so it proved to be with the Stags succumbing to poor shot selection more so than any great bowling feats from our opponents, as we lost the last 7 wickets before tea with the scoreboard reaching a meager 179.

(Chris Archer at Drummoyne)

Looking around the sheds, we knew that we'd missed out on a ripe opportunity to bat all day and amass a mountain of runs, but could we restrict the Tiger's to less? The short answer to this is unfortunately no. But this was definitely not through lack of effort or application. Although the scoreboard read 0/80 by close of day one, we were almost always in the hunt for a wicket, with D-Train Connell beating the bat consistently and having a sharp chance grassed at bat pad early on.

The clear difference between the 2 sides was plain for all to see. The Tiger's consistently took better options in all facets of the game and this led them to their strong position on day 1. It's fair to say that they as players knew their limitations much better than those among the Stag's ranks. The majority of our 10 wickets fell to extravagant strokes, and we too often bowled that 1 bad ball an over that released the pressure and ticked over the scoreboard. The Tiger's did not make these same mistakes.

(Nick Medcalf with an attacking field)

Day 2 came down to damage control for the Stag's, and with the exception of our final half hour in the field, we were always well in the hunt for wickets. The majority of the bowling was of high standard and the fielding was excellent, it was just never going to be our day. The chances came, but when they did they were sharp and tough, and the Tiger's showed us how to build a 300+ score on a quality-batting wicket. Archie bowled well for 2/80 off 20, with Elliot and Dylan taking the left over poles.

The declaration came at 5/320 just before tea, and the some more applied batting got us to 3/99 at close of play, with unbeaten 33's to 'Slam'n' Sam Hinton and Elliot 'brother of Dan' Richtor.

(Yours - Sam Hinton and Reggie Livermore)

So not the best of performances from the B graders, but we certainly learnt a great deal from the first 2-day game of the season, as I think the rest of the grades did. Best of luck to all grades in getting back in the winners circle this weekend!



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