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2nd Grade Report vs St George - Round 1

Second Grade Report vs. St George

Second Grades' first match report for the 06/07 season and I have the privilege of writing it. After the lofty standards set last year by the likes of Higgins (Brokeback) Stobo, Plummer and Kleem for his poetry, it is a tough ask to kick off a new season.

(Sam Hinton)

However this season Stobo has decided not to play and thus will not be writing match reports, instead he is showing his age be writing articles of events that occurred on the cricket field at a time when most of the clubs current players were in nappies, the womb, being conceived or hadn't even been thought of.

The third grade match report will be interesting with a number of strong contributors from last season in the same team, which may cause endless bickering in the change room each weekend to decide on that week's writer.

Anyway enough of the past or future and onto the events from Hurstville from the weekend.

A very strong 2nd grade side assembled in the home/away change room at Hurstville oval. For some reason, after many years, St George appear to have decided to swap change rooms. It was a surreal experience being in the 'other' change room at Hurstville this time around.

The pitch looked good, hard and with good covering of grass. Much discussion was entered into about the merits of batting or bowling first, luckily Howitt didn't have to decide as he called incorrectly and was informed that St George would be batting.

Connell got the 06/07 underway and the signs were not good as the very first ball found a thick edge, producing a fairly regulation catch for 2nd slip only for it to be grassed.

(Dylan Connell)

A few overs later another edge was found this time Uncle Reg (Damon Livermore) took a great catch low to his left, St George 1 for 20.

A good partnership followed with Gordon missing a number of opportunities. Medcalf and Archer bowled solidly but it was Rasool who made the breakthrough with a great run out in his debut as wicketkeeper in 2nd grade, St George 2 for 120.

Howitt brought himself on and with Hokin at the other end pegged back the St George innings, 2 more wickets fell in the closing stages. (I would normally use flurry in this situation however it does not suit as St George batted rather sedately towards the close of their innings). Leaving the Stags chasing 224 for victory.

Things did not start well for Gordon with Uncle Reg and Rocket (Rod Hokin) falling early. Rasool at the other end was looking good before being carried from the field having dislocated his knee cap whilst slapping the ball to the boundary through the covers. Leaving the Stags 2 ' for 30.

(Reece Bombas)

Reece Bombas joined Sam Hinton at the crease and the 2 of them compiled a masterful innings, steering the Stags out of trouble and all the way home. Hinton bringing up his hundred with a six, Bombas finishing in the 70's, the Stags home with 9 balls to spare and with 8 wickets in hand.

The team was congratulating Hinton and Bombas as they walked from the field, when the former was heard to say in the direction of Ed Howitt Jnr something along the lines of 'Pretty good value for $70,000', a reference to the fact that he felt he was undervalued in the inaugural Gordon fantasy league.

The song was sung with much gusto, a great way to start the season!!

Dylan Connell


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