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2nd Grade Report vs Fairfield - Liverpool - Round 6

livermoreSecond Grade Report vs Fairfield  

The second XI continued their good start to the season with a complete performance against Fairfield Liverpool at Rosedale. With Chad Soper returning to Second grade the bowling stocks were strengthened and the team looked threatening with both bat and ball.

(Reg Livermore in action)

The pre-match warm up went to plan besides the most critical. The toss was lost and the stags were in the field on a hot day and a pitched that looked more like the Hume Hwy. Super Soper and JC took the new ball and bowled with great control. Chad picked up a wicket in the 3rd over with a regulation catch to Elliot Richtor at gully. This was the first of many for El, at least he caught this one with a hint of technique. JC was unlucky not to pick up a wicket in his opening spell but produced many deliveries that troubled the batsman and had numerous appealed turned down.

Chris 'Patty' Archer took the ball and bowled unchanged for the rest of the day with an enduring 26 over spell of class. Patty showed why he is involved in the Sea FM cricket clinics picking up 6 wickets and turning the game to the stags. Archie is a perfect example someone who puts in 110% and how with hard work come the rewards. Well done Patty! Arch was well supported by Henry 'H C Bomb' Carmichael who bowled tight to build pressure. JC returned to pick up a wicket as did Sweeney. Super Soper also took a second wicket to finish with 2.

archerThe bowling effort was well supported in the field, particularly considering the trying conditions. The standard of catching in the reserve grade has set the standard for the club and is making life easier for the bowlers. Although we still need to address our energy levels over the whole day as we have periods of high energy and some with low. Some would say a little like a night out with Ricky. Speaking of Ricky, he self proclaimed himself Man of the Match honors with a great set of ALF marks in the field finishing with 4 catches (Harry Evans couldn't believe this considering his display in PG's against ND's last year) and 5 not out. Well done Els.

(Chris Archer in action)

With half the job done, the message from the captain was to get to stumps without loss and reassess for the following Saturday. Reg and Bear Grills took to the field and came off an hour later with the stags in a commanding position. Reg was unnaturally the enforcer and played attacking cricket whilst taking minimal risk. Bear '1 of 2 in the whole world with this name' Grills played a mature innings and played himself in. Bear played within himself and the boys got us to stumps on day 1 at 0-67 (Damon Livermore 48*, Blair Lindsay 14*).

The next Saturday rolled around and it was even hotter with JC nursing a rather large head ache and sleep deprivation the stags new the job at hand and the bowlers were enjoying their well deserved break. The roles reversed in the morning session with Blair taking the attacking roll and Reg the supporting. The boys took the score to 97 before Blair was caught at gully for a well complied 34. I am sure a big score is just around the corner. Harry Evans took off from Blair and continued his good run of form with some beautiful stroke play which would have made Roger proud. Harry is on the move and hopefully will soon be out of 2nd grade so that others can get some runs. Harry 'as normal' rode his luck but played a very attacking and aggressive innings that was fully of majestic boundaries and dangerous running. Harry was out for a well made 68.

evansMeanwhile Reg was doing everything required of himself in trying conditions whilst grinding the opposition into the ground. Ian Higgins strolled to the crease with the umpire asking why he had blood shot eyes; Missy was quick to point out that he was a champion at Play Station 3 and offered free tutoring. These two took us passed the required total with Damon Livermore bringing up his 9th century for the club. His knock was one that showed the younger guys in the team just how to apply them selves when they bat and wait for the balls in their areas.

(Harry Evans in action)

A great knock from Reg and a well deserved hundred. Ian was unfortunately out to a full toss which he didn't pick up and was adjudged LBW for 17, the author was then out next ball LBW and might have well, just not have picked it up. Man of the match Eliot Richtor took us tea with a majestic 5 not out.

A fantastic effort for the whole team with a comprehensive win and a good platform to build on for next week. Well done to Archie's 6 wickets and Reg's 116* for putting us in such a strong position. Still areas of improvement but we showed that we have the potential to match it with all teams in this competition. A complete performance'Up the stags!

Stay out of trouble..

Hamish Angus


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